American Baby Company Jersey Knit Crib Sheet, Lavender

American Baby Company Jersey Knit Crib Sheet, Lavender

This ultra soft 100% cotton premium jersey knit sheet provides longer lasting wear and is available in a variety of solid colors. Fits standard 28″ by 52″ crib and toddler bed mattress. Our sheets are form fitted with 9″ deep pockets and elastic all around to keep the sheet snug, smooth and secure. These super soft and cozy sheets are machine washable.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Measures 28 inch x 52 inch x 9 inch
  • Machine wash cold with like colors with gentle cycle
  • 9 inch deep pockets with elastic all around
  • Fits up to 6 inch thick standard crib mattresses

Verified reviews



Was very glad to find a back up battery for my older Kodak pocket video camera. Haven’t opened it yet.

Iris Altonah, UT

Soft, Pretty Sturdy, and Cute to Boot

I am happy to report that after a year of use, these sheets have not frayed, lost any elasticity, shrunk, or faded. They’re very soft and fit our Sealy Ultra Rest mattress perfectly. Just ordered a couple more colors and could not be happier.

Evelyn Hartsville, TN


Ive been looking for dark and vibrant colors for my sons crib and im glad to find these. I was worried if they would be an odd size or something and maybe not fit and be too small but they fit great. I have the davinci kalani crib from target and its a larger sized crib so these sheets will fit any crib you should have. The fabric is soft and well made.

Christian Manassas, GA

gets out of shape after washing

out of the box it was great. the color was good (i got pink) and matched our decor. it is deep enough to fit deep mattresses and material is very soft. however, after i washed and dried the sheet in preparation for my baby’s arrival, the seams became uneven and bent out of shape. i had to stretch the sides, but even then the sheet seams arched across the entire length of the mattress on both sides. to prevent that from happening i would refrain from drying in a dryer, but when you have a baby who has time to wait for crib sheets to air dry?

Aline Wannaska, MN


Fits well but isn’t very soft, also shrank a bit and these were air dried with no heat. I’d recommend another brand if possible.

Cecile Wayne City, IL

Not the color I was expecting

The material and fit were just fine, but the color was more like a light yellow than a cream like what is pictured. I’m not sure I’ll even be able to use it because it doesn’t match the color theme in the nursery.. but returning it seems more of a pain then what its worth.

Suzanne Branchland, WV

The Turqoise is lighter than appears in the photo

These have a nice texture and seem thicker than some other jersey sheets we have, but the turquoise is lighter than it appears in the photo and won’t work for us.

Doretha Lindon, UT

OK for the price…

We have been using this sheet as our “back-up” for about a month now and I consider it serviceable for that purpose. I like that it fits snugly, but not too tightly and that it seems to be sewn well. What I don’t like it is that it is thin (not a big deal) and the “rectangle top part” (it is three-piece construction, and I am not sure how to describe the part of the sheet that is on the top as opposed to on the sides) is smaller than the actual top of the crib mattress, so you see seam lines about 1/4 to 1/2 inch in from the edges. I have a standard mattress, so that shouldn’t be the problem (Colgate Classica I Foam Crib Mattress). Again, not a huge deal but it does look ugly with all those lines showing.

Audrey Breeding, KY

Very Thin

This cover is very thin, almost see through. It is very soft & a lovely shade of pink but rather disappointing in it’s thickness. I’ve decided to keep it as my desperate spare cover rather than go through the returns process.

Tracy Blairsden-Graeagle, CA

Great feel but misleading color

This sheet feels great, but the color is very misleading vi was very disappointed and it wasn’t what I was looking for. The color is very faded and lighter than it appears online.

Francine Parsonsfield, ME

Tried these sheets in multiple colors–very soft!

**Before I begin, I am going to say that I am going to write the same review for all of the colors I purchased in this sheet set since the reviews are the same although the colors are not. It’s impossible to address the actual color in a review since people see things very, very differently!**I tried several colors of these sheets trying to find the best match for our nursery. I think the sheets are extremely soft and look like they are well made. Of course, I won’t actually know if they are durable or not until we use them for a while. I love that the sheets have elastic all around and that they are 100% cotton–two qualities that seem surprisingly difficult to find yet which are recommended by some of the baby books I have read. I followed another reviewer’s advice and bought portable crib sheets in one color and regular crib sheets in another to make it fast and easy for making the two cribs. I did find that the side seams appear to be in a weird place and do stretch across the mattresses in an odd manner as someone else commented. I do wish that the sheets didn’t have these seams at all since my Type-A personality wants everything lined up nicely and that is nearly impossible with these sheets! (I’m sure it’s good practice for when our baby arrives in two weeks anyway!) All in all, I like these sheets and I’m glad I found them and made the purchases.We wound up keeping the Blue sheets and the Celery Green ones. The colors of those are pale and pastel-like. The Butter Cream color is a pale yellow. The Turquoise is a very bright hue. The Royal is a dark, dark blue that blends in with an espresso-colored crib. The Maize is a very bright yellow.UPDATED 10/18/13: Just wanted to write an update now that our baby is just over a month old. These sheets are still soft after multiple washing but they DEFINITELY shrink. I dried them on too hot a setting, I’m sure, so I can’t say if they would shrink otherwise. However, definitely be aware that they don’t fit the same way a month in as they did upon purchase.

Althea Alpine, TX

stains dont come out

Everyone knows that babys get their crib sheets, clothes and pretty much everything dirty. My kid gets milk, pee and drool on many items. I washed this sheet many times and the stains dont come out. Not a fan

Concetta Avoca, AR

nice fit

This sheet fit great on our crib mattress and held up in the wash. It’s very soft and comfortable. Would buy again

Janelle Royalton, MN

Color a little off

Overall, this product is okay – not bad, not great. I ordered the turquoise color – it’s a bit greener than the photo posted on Amazon. It almost matches my baby’s nursery, but the color pictured on Amazon would have been much better. The other thing I didn’t like is there are seams on the sheet where most sheets don’t have seams. Ideally, these seams should line up with the edges of your mattress and not be so visible, but they don’t line up. This might bother some people. Despite the weirdly placed seams and the color, it wasn’t a big enough deal to me and I was too lazy to ship it back. Not my favorite of all our sheets, but at least it’s nice and soft.

Manuela Worth, WV


The quality of this product was completely fine but my problem is with the color choices. The item I ordered was labeled as cream but when it arrived it was very much a yellow. I would have returned it if I didn’t need it right away as a back up crib sheet. Otherwise, the sheet is soft.

Dorthy Rush City, MN

Soft and a good value

I like this sheet so far. It fits my crib mattress well and is soft. It would be perfect if the color was a little darker, so if you are looking for a more teal crib sheet this isn’t the one for you.

Jade Cresson, TX

stays on and doesn’t rip

These sheets are top notch. They fit perfectly, but do not rip at the corners like other sheets I have tried.

Nettie Lisle, NY

Fits crib mattress perfectly

I have a standard crib mattress (Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams White Crib Mattress) and this fits perfectly. It has been washed several times and I do not see any fraying or wear.

Marquita Verona, MO

grey jersey seet

Nice, soft texture. Definitely thicker than the bargain version but still not what I’d call luxurious. Worth the price. And I like the shade of grey – dark enough that it doesn’t look like it’s just dirty white but not true charcoal.

Krista Glendale, RI

Fits Well

I ordered one of these sheets after trying two others that were just a bit small for our crib mattress. This one fits beautifully, even after washing and drying on a regular cycle. The material is nothing luxurious, but it is nice and soft. If you have had problems fitting other sheets to your mattress, give this one a try!

Robyn Hull, IL

Soft Jersy Knit – Solid Red

As stated by another reviewer, this is a bright red sheet. That is why I got it. The picture is a deep red, so I was very happy when it arrived and is bright and vibrant. The fabric is soft.

Nichole Roscoe, MT


The crib sheet is pretty, but the dye has a bit of an odor. I had to wash it twice before using.

Selma Prospect, OH

Nice & Deep & Soft

Both my kids are in toddler beds with crib mattresses, and it’s quite a workout to put on the baby sheets. I just wanted to find some more solid colors and got these due to the low price. I was pleasantly surprised! These are the easiest sheets I’ve had to put on, they have deeper pockets and very stretchy. The material is very soft, and it washes well.I don’t fault them for it, but just to note- I bought the Fuschia for my son, because the picture looks red. Monitors/pictures aren’t always calibrated right so I learned it definitely was fuschia and not red. It’s a hot hot pink. I also bought the baby blue, which looks baby blue.

Jo Bellevue, MI


I love this crib sheet. It stays well. It’s soft. And it’s the perfect color to match my sons Superman themed nursery.

Callie Gassville, AR

Fits well, soft ‘warm’ feel to jersey

This sheet fit a regular-sized crib mattress nicely. We found the jersey has a soft brushed ‘warm’ feel to it, unlike a cotton sheet which can feel chilly to a baby on a winter’s night. Cheerful, clear yellow blended well with our little jungle-themed crib bedding of greens, yellows and oranges.

Teri Farmingdale, ME

So comfy and cozy

This sheet is great, I ordered it for my daughters crib and it is so soft and cozy-she loves to sleep on it.

Fannie Lewiston Woodville, NC

Great Soft Sheets

The first sheets I bought elsewhere shrunk, so when I launder this sheet, I make sure to dry it on low. So far, it fits great, is nice and soft, and in a great color (Go Texas Longhorns!).

Beatrice Fossil, OR

Great color

I love the color, which is hard to find in stores. Good quality and washes well. It’s a good buy.

Summer Land O Lakes, FL

Crib sheet

Royal blue was just what i was looking for, the jersey knit is soft. I washed it before I put it in my sons crib, it held up just fine, hopefully it will continue to hold up with future washes. Fits mattress well, I plan to buy more of these. UPDATE, I just bought two more of these, make sure you do not wash them with other items the first time. You can wash more than one sheet but do not add other items, as the blue color will wear onto other fabric. I will update after my son has actually used them.

Krystal New Carlisle, IN

Knit crib sheet

I may be jumping in too soon with this review, because the baby is not here yet… so it hasnt actually been used? but, as new… it is very very soft! and it is similar to another knit sheet i have purchased years ago… it is NOT like others in that the elastic is across the entire end of the sheet… NOT just a little piece on the corners! really makes a difference in the fit & how the sheet stays in place… but even better is that it makes it so much easier to put the sheet on the mattress….. when you slip it on one end… it will pull the stretch to put on the other end & pop in place! no fighting with the sheet corners, no need to hold the mattress up … it is a great sheet… as i said tho… the wash & wear aspect is not known yet. the ‘feel’ as new is so very soft!

Pamala Texline, TX