American Baby Company Organic Cotton Quilted Multi-Use Pad , Natural

American Baby Company Organic Cotton Quilted Multi-Use Pad , Natural

This waterproof flat quilted multi use pad cover has a top layer made of organic cotton interlock. The middle layer is 100% breathable polyester. The back layer is waterproof breathable polyester. The cover measures 15″ x 33″. Multi purpose, can be used as a protective pad on a cradle, on a bassinet, on a changing table pad, as a traveling changing pad, or as a lap pad, This can be machine washed cold with like colors, mild detergent, gentle cycle and use non chlorine bleach when needed.

Main features

  • Face:100% Organic Cotton; Middle: 100% Breathable Polyester; Back: 100% Breathable Waterproof Polyester
  • Imported
  • measures 15″ x 33″
  • Machine washed cold with like colors, mild detergent, gentle cycle

Verified reviews


Organic pad does wonders!

We love using these pads in our Graco Pack N Play changing station, to line the bassinet, as a pad for a quick change, anything really! I was quite surprised with the quality of the product for the relatively low cost for an organic product. We are a family that tries our best to go organic and we especially love these products from the American Baby Company. We own several pads, sheets, etc and have never been let down with their quality. These have held up well in the laundry and definitely create a protective barrier when accidents happen. I just wish they’d offer more colors!

Blanca Piney Point, MD

Super absorbent

I orginally bought this to use as a crib pad, not realizing how small it is. The measurements are listed in the product description but I didn’t even look, lol. So rather than return it, I use it as extra protection at night for my daughter who is a very heavy wetter. She lays directly on this, and it saves me from having to change sheets in the middle of the night. It’s incredibly absorbent, and super soft. Unlike some other pads we’ve used, this one doesn’t crinkle and make noise when she moves around. Great product.

Linda Camden, NY

Nice but shrinks

I debated about this organic pad or just a cotton pad as I didn’t want something coated in plastic but this pad is very nice and it is nice to support the organic movement. Haven’t had major blowout yet so not sure how easy it is to care for but nice and soft yet not too soft.UPDATE:It’s a nice pad but I like to use hot water and dryer so it shrunk so much that it is tough to put back on the mattress.

Marion Hayesville, IA

Use these everyday!!

I love these! We use them everywhere, for everything – when I’m nursing, on top of his changing pad, underneath the Boppy pillow in case of any leaks, etc. They are very soft, absorbent, and wash/dry well. I have 5 and have constantly rotated through them all day everyday for the past 6 months. I highly recommend this product and love this brand (we have been very happy with their other products as well)!

Gladys Tangent, OR

a must have!

We use this for on the bed/couch to put under the baby – for obvious reasons! soft and organic and washes well so far.

Rhoda Glen Campbell, PA

We love these!

These are so great. Baby sleeps in our bed and we put these under her, so no accidents. They are very soft and not plasticky like other waterproof pads. At first I thought the shape was odd, very long and thin, but now I appreciate it because it protects from both spit-up and leaky diapers, and she fits right between us on the bed.

Eleanor Provo, SD

Very high quality, infinitely superior to non-organic version

LOVE this pad/cover. The organic cotton top is thick and SUPER soft – MUCH MUCH softer than the non-organic version from the same company. Paying just a little bit more and upgrading to this one is a no-brainer. It has also held up well in the wash.The dimensions of this particular item are a bit strange – it’s very long but also fairly thin. It covers most of my changing pad, but is a little too narrow. I wish they’d make one a bit larger.I also recommend the smaller size burp/lap pads from the same company. We use all of them all the time.

Madeline Mars Hill, ME

nice but wasn’t what i expected

Its very nice and soft, no gassing smell, just pure and natural. however i was purchasing this for my changing table pad, as i thought this would work for some reason.when i opened the box, i notice that this is just a pad and not a cover that would have wrapped around the corners of the changing pad.though i won’t be using it for that purpose, i still think its worth holding on too, i will be using it for a quick pad for diaper changes in the bedroom by the bassinet stand, so i don’t have to run around the house, if he tries to surprise us with a mess on the bed, i can just lay this down and be covered.

Staci Pueblo Of Acoma, NM

Super Handy, Wash Well, Soft, Waterproof

I bought several of these in both sizes. Smaller size is good for diaper bag. I place on crib mattress and use as a diaper changing area. Wash VERY well. No stains thus far and still soft after many washings. The larger size is nice if you don’t mind spending the extra money. These are super handy to have around and I use them throughout the day, every day. My daughter has pee-ed mid-change and the pad absorbed all the pee while keeping the surface beneath it dry. Would highly recommend!

Mariana Pilot Knob, MO


I like this bigger size one. I take it everywhere for my little one. She’s doesnt like to be confined in a swing or car seat unless she has too. She’s almost 3months so she isn’t crawling yet so I don’t not use this mat for that. I use it bc it’s softer than the grown obviously and it’s waterproof and ok if she spits up on it while rolling back and forth. I thought I remember seeing that they make a smaller one. I wouldn’t bother my little one is pretty long and she has room to use it as a portable changing pad too.

Kathi Woodburn, IA

Edges curl after wash, surface stays damp…

I wrote the same review about their Lap & Burp pad: I love the soft cotton surface, and that the waterproof bottom is flexible and not "crinkly," however after the first wash (and yes, I followed washing instructions) the edges began to curl which means that the pad will not lay flat. Kind of annoying. Also, once the surface is wet – it stays damp so you end up wanting to replace it asap. Again, kind of annoying. All-in-all I am looking to replace these, perhaps something made of wool.

Darla Florala, AL

Versatile Product

This product is great–just big enough to use as a changing pad anywhere in the house or on the go or to use as a liner under baby on any surface. The fabric is very soft and has already withstood many washes without pilling or deteriorating. Highly recommend.

Stella Milford, MI


Really love these pads, they are great for setting baby down somewhere soft and protecting surfaces. They do pill up a little bit with heavy use/frequent washing, but they’re still soft and cottony and I haven’t noticed any degradation of the waterproofing factor.Note these are not mattress size- they aren’t made to be mattress pads. If that’s what you’re looking for, try elsewhere.

Nanette Emma, IL

Buy more than one!

I should have listened to the other reviews and bought several of there. I use it on top of my changing pad so I don’t have to keep washing the cover – I wash this instead. I have washed it many times already and it’s holding up great. It’s very soft – my baby loves laying on the changing table because it’s so comfy! Would definitely recommend getting a few of these.

Mina Stewartstown, PA


We bought two of these and they were wonderful to put under his bassinet sheets. Great for many uses. Stays so soft even after several washings. We have the mattress pad too- just as wonderful. Very absorbent.

Dorothy Redlake, MN


I purchased a changing pad cover on Etsy that would have been a pain to wash every time it got dirty. This fits on top of the pad wonderfully and is super easy to clean. Just pop it in the washer. It allows the decorative Etsy pad to be seen, but remain clean. This is also great for "nakey baby time." When our daughter was a few months old, we would lay her on this naked to allow fresh air to her diaper rash. This was great for that as well!

Rachelle Saint Maurice, LA

Nice pad, has many uses

I actually bought this while pregnant and had it on our couch in the event my water broke at home! I now use it on the changing table to extend the time between having to wash the decorative changing pad covers. It’s soft and waterproof, and has held up through many loads of laundry. It would also work great as a portable diaper changing pad. You could throw it in the diaper bag or keep it in the back of the car. It’s much nicer than the reusable pads the big box baby retailer sells.

Johanna East Lynne, MO

NON- ORGANIC polyester layers, small in width but good for mini bed

The product says ORGANIC, well, only the top layer is organic. Underneath is two layers of polyester plastic. Be aware this is not 100% organic, so the polyester could very well have dyes or petrol-chemicals that leach.That being said, from what I’ve gathered polyester is the safest of the synthetic cloths so we decided to keep it for our mini co-sleeper. We double layered organic sheets on top for extra protection – and more separation between the baby and the non-organic mattress.

Jeannette Dryden, ME

Great for co-sleeper

We’re using this as a waterproof mattress pad on our mini co-sleeper. It’s just about the right size, and has worked like a charm.

Suzanne Scandia, KS

I need at least 2 more of these things

They work for everything. I but them on the changing table, I use them as travel changing pads, they go on a pillow when I am feeding the baby, and they have stayed very soft for many many washes. I asked for two on my registry but I feel like I could use 2 more. These are just a nice, versatile, multi-use pad that keeps the baby mess contained.

Debra Conewango Valley, NY


Soft, holds up in the wash and works for what it is. We put it on the bottom of the bassinet, use it on the floor for changing, and sometimes the bed. I don’t have any complaints.

Hillary Elkader, IA

Would recommend

I use these on the couch, so I’m not having to clean up spit up. They could be just a little bit bigger.

Lakeisha Florence, MO

Serves Purpose, Needs to be cleaned often

We use this pad as a portable changing pad around the house as well as a wet barrier in the crib. So far we haven’t had any major leaks in the crib to need the pad, so we haven’t tested its function for the wet pad.For the changing pad function, it is the perfect size. I knew choosing organic cotton versus the plastic versions I would be trading ease of use. Since the cover is just cotton, it soaks up messes and then you have to put it in the wash, instead of a plastic fabric that you could just wipe off. I’d rather our baby’s bare bum on the organic cotton myself, but I could see others might not be avoiding plastic as strongly as I am.If you don’t care about plastic, then get another more wipeable one. If you are looking for pure natural fabric, then this one is great.

Michell Pownal, VT

fits perfectly on Pack and Play changing station

The cover is very small, this is not a cover for a crib mattress or the pack and play mattress. It does fit beautifully on the Graco pack and play changing attachment, so if there’s messiness I don’t need to take the whole changing station off and wash the cover. I can just throw the pad cover in the washing machine, and since there are two in the pack, I’ll have one in reserve. It can also be kept in a diaper bag for changes, or in the car for when the baby needs to be changed on the back seat. It’s a good thing to have.

Gilda Lake George, NY

Smaller than I expected but works well

It was smaller than I expected but that was my fault for not checking the measurements. It worked well for my 5-6 month old baby as he could lie on it at night and it would catch any diaper leaks. Love that its organic. They wash up very well. I recommend, though probably a bigger size might be more useful for a longer period of time.

Kellie Annandale On Hudson, NY

Versatile & Effective Waterproof Pad

We ordered this pad to use to waterproof our changing table pad and it’s working out great! We really wanted organic cotton and waterproof – this is exactly that and at a very reasonable price. Great purchase and we will likely order more of these in the future.

Jacquelyn Grove Hill, AL