American Baby Company Organic Cotton Quilted Waterproof Sheet Saver, Natural

American Baby Company Organic Cotton Quilted Waterproof Sheet Saver, Natural

American Baby Company Organic Cotton Quilted Waterproof Sheet Saver, Natural Organic cotton is soft and durable Organic Sheet Saver with ties Dimensions for sheet saver Organic Sheet Saver with ties The waterproof flat quilted sheet saver pad cover with ties has a top layer of ultra soft organic cotton interlock. The middle layer is 100% breathable polyester and back layer is waterproof breathable polyester. Easy to use Measures 14 inches x 28 inches and ties securely to the crib slats to help protect the sheet from drools or messes. Machine wash cold with like colors, mild detergent, gentle cycle. Use non chlorine bleach when needed. Recommended for newborns An excellent product to have for newborns 0-4 months. Can be positioned at the top of mattress for drooling babies or in the middle of the mattress when messes occur in the middle of the night. Helps keep sheets clean Sheet savers help keep the sheet clean when things happen like spit ups, drooling or messes. Simply remove the soiled sheet saver and replace it with a clean one, this saves from having to change the sheets each time. Only the sheet saver is soiled and can be easily changed in a snap. Positioning at top of mattress Positioning for placement on crib mattress on sheet American Baby Company organic sheet saver can be used under the baby and on top of the sheet. Place where the infant sleeps to help protect the crib sheet from getting soiled. Easy to change and washable. Features and Benefits Organic cotton top layer Breathable polyester middle layer Back layer waterproof breathable polyester Helps keep sheets clean Easy to use and easy to change Machine washable cold

Main features

  • Face:100% Organic Cotton; Middle: 100% Breathable Polyester; Back: 100% Breathable Waterproof Polyester
  • Imported
  • Measures 14″ x 28″
  • Machine washed cold with like colors, mild detergent, gentle cycle

Verified reviews


great for little babies

i did something silly, i thought this was supposed to be a full-sized crib sheet. i was looking for an organic one because my baby sleeps on her face, literally-and i didn’t want her licking all the bleachd fabric and such…when they came in the mail i was angry that it was only enough to cover the head area. it turns out to be much better that i love it, don’t have to change the sheets as often, and it ties instead of clips so it really won’t come undone accidentally.true, a full-sized organic sheet saver would be nice, maybe one day.the one downside is that as the baby gets bigger and rolls around more, they can maneuver themselves around and suck on the sides and labels. not really a big deal, i just worry that a litle face could maybe poke around underneath it. probably not, i’m sure.

Noelle Dover, KS

Too small and strings are too short

Our daughter spits up and drools a lot, so we bought this to save her sheets from nightly washing.Pros:- The fabric is very soft and absorbent while the backing keeps sheets safe.- Most things shrink a lot in our washer and dryer but this has come out just fine and without any shrinkage.- The sheet saver does keep the sheets clean as long as the baby doesn’t travel too far down her crib.Cons:- The cover is a bit too small since our daughter travels in her sleep and he head doesn’t stay in the same position.- The strings that hold the cover in place are too short and too thin. It is very difficult to tie it on securely around the slats or our crib.- The strings have become a safety hazard when our baby isn’t swaddled since she can reach out and grab them.

Lelia Mc Elhattan, PA

useless product

This sheet saver didn’t even fit my crib so was totally useless to me. It isn’t wide enough to tie unto the crib and I have a standard crib so not sure what the problem is. Needless to say I don’t use it.

Isabel Stirling, NJ

useless piece of fabric

I laughed out loud when I opened this. It is a small SMALL piece of fabric with some ties on it. It covers about 1/4 of the sheet. What are the chances that my son will wet/throw up./whatever perfectly in that spot? Some people say to get two, but why dont they just make it bigger and charge more? It seems silly to me. Not happy at all with this. Sending it back for sure!

Octavia Lanagan, MO

Very small

I actually ordered this by accident thinking I was ordering more of an organic sheet saver I already had. It is nice and soft but very small (my son is 6 weeks old 14lbs and barely fits on this) and useless for bed sharing because we tend to move around a lot switching sides to nurse etc. I will find another use for it, I’m sure….but I wanted to make sure everyone knew how small this one really is.

Eva Sapphire, NC

great product and quality

great product and quality. it saved couple of time the changing of the crib sheet. would recommend it to save laundry.

Nelda Corning, CA

Very good

LOVED these sheet savers. As the name states, these saved us many a sheet change. They pilled up a tiny bit with many washings, but stayed soft and held up great. We still use them around the house for when we need a waterproof surface, even though baby is past the sheet saver stage.

Sallie Greensboro, AL

Used for a different purpose

This would have never stayed put in the crib…maybe I’m just lucky but I have actually never had any problems with soiling/wetting the crib sheet. I cut the ties off and use it on top of the changing pad. I also bought a couple of the American Baby quilted lap and burp pad..this one is my favorite because it is larger and covers most of the changing pad.

Katie Valley City, OH

Didn’t work well as a sheet saver

To give you an idea of the size of this, it is the same size as my changing pad. In fact I am using it now as a changing pad saver. I found this to be too small to protect the crib at all, particularly with a wiggly 4 month old. I also didn’t feel comfortable that it was truly safe in the crib with her. I would rather just change the sheets, even in the middle of the night than take a risk with this product.

Dianna Highlands, NC

Love these just wish they were slightly wider

I LOVE this company! Everything I own from them has exceeded my expectations. I purchased two of these but really think I’ll need to purchase at least one more once our son is sleeping in his crib. “Why”? I think two need to be on the mattress at all times, and we will need at least one preferably two or more to have as back-ups for overnight swap outs in case if we encounter any blow-outs or excessive drooling. I washed these and they are so soft after just the single wash. I also dryed them on the lowest heat setting and they still fit perfectly across the mattress. Mine are actually a vanilla/off white cream color which I prefer because it’s a much nicer match to our chosen bedding. These are super soft as well, making our son’s mattress all the better. Combined with the American Baby Company Organic Mattress pad, our son’s bed is now wonderfully warm and inviting…just as it should be. Two enthusiastic thumbs up for another fantastic product!

Louise Middlebranch, OH

Purchased for baby shower!

I actually used it myself for my baby and recommended to a friend who is pregnant – and purchased this one for the baby shower. It is of great quality!

Rosalinda Comstock, NY

Essential piece of baby bedding.

The sheet saver has been a great product for us. We didn’t invest in a ton of crib bedding, so I wanted to make sure that every piece we purchased counted. This product looks beautiful and feels nice. It ties tightly to the crib rails and doesn’t come loose when double knotted, so there are no concerns about baby getting caught in loose bedding. It keeps the sheets dry even now that she’s almost 2 if her diaper gets too wet in her sleep. I am very happy with it and it is worth the investment.

Louise Hudson, MI

Nice but too small to do anything with

Like everyone else we are disturber at how small this is . The strings do not reach in our crib which is a standard size. It would work great in a bassinet. We have a 15 month old who has a tendency to roll all over in the crib so unless I had about 6 of them it is an ineffective sheet saver. It is good quality. It is soft. It is durable. It is pleasant to sleep on. It is easy on a baby’s skin. Unfortunately it is just too small so we will not be using it.

Mae Burlington, IA

works great

not super absorbent, but will stop a leaky diaper, or a lot of drool. it is only about 8″ wide, so you cannot get the top and bottom covered with just one of these… hopefully your baby only messes at one end at night (we use it for drool, only had 3 leaking diapers at night in 4 months… 2 were within the last 3 weeks!)

Merle Elkhorn, WV

Great solution for protecting sheets!

Good quality and is a lifesaver in the middle of the night when you can just replace the sheet saver instead of the entire bedding. My baby seems to leak a little out of his diaper at night, despite trying multiple brands of diapers. I would recommend buying two and having an extra to switch out for those middle-of-the-night leaks.

Emilia Braddock, PA


I ended up returning these. they were nothing that I could use. Small, flimsy. not for me. not so say that someone else may like them i suppose.

Melanie Caldwell, TX

Held up well

I’ve used this for 3 years now and its held up nicely. I bought it with my first son and now I’m using it with my second. We haven’t had many accidents but a few and the mattress is spotless so it does its job.

Muriel Central City, IA

Doesn’t cover much area in the crib

I expected something a little larger than this. It seemed so small when I took it out of the package that I measured it. It is NOT 14" x 28" as the package says (the description says 29", which is even more wrong). It was barely 14" x 27" (you would have to pull it tight to get it to 27"). I had to work to get it to tie to the slats properly and I am guessing it should be tight, but it was not as easy as I expected for a standard crib.I understand the point of this–to save sheets because your little one spits up or wets the bed–but they aren’t supposed to have pillows in the crib with them and this is pretty fluffy and almost like a thin pillow. Mine sleep with a pillow as it is, so I’m not overly concerned about it, but mine are over 12 months now also.It doesn’t cover much area, so if you are concerned about diaper leaks and you have a baby that is a mover, this one cover isn’t going to work. You would do much better to have a full mattress pad with a second sheet under it (a quick pull off in the night and you are set with a clean sheet). My babies have been big movers since they were just a few months old, so I would have had a hard time figuring out where to put it when they were smaller (they are big enough now that their middles tend to be pretty close to the middle of the crib most of the time, but I still would need 2 of these to cover the whole possible area).Really, not worth the money as you are better off with an extra mattress pad and sheet (I got all my crib sheets for $2-$3 on clearance and the mattress pads were around $10). If this small cover isn’t in the "leakage" area, you are going to need to change the whole sheet anyway, so you might as well just be prepared.

Katheryn Gadsden, SC

Not 100% Cotton

The title of the product is deceptive. This is the size of a changing table pad and is not 100% cotton. The top is 100% cotton. The middle and bottom layers are polyester. It has ties on the ends to tie it to the crib rails. It is a good product to have if you have a spitter or a baby who has constant night time diaper leaks. It won’t cover the entire crib surface, just a small section. It will save you from changing the crib sheet constantly, though. The quality is just okay. It isn’t very pretty, though it is functional. It looks a little on the cheap side.

Earlene West Greene, AL

Soft Soft Soft

This is very soft with a high loft quilt. It is for a basinet or changing table…I use it as a changing pad. The softness is awesome for bare baby skin! I like it the best of all changing pads I’ve used across five babies.

Kirsten Florence, KS

Shrunk more than it should but great

This fit perfectly on the crib mattress out of the bag but when I washed it, it shrunk a good inch or two. The size still works but still, the manufacturer might want to take shrinking into account when they cut the original prewashed size of the item. OR, sell it prewashed and shrunk if they’re worried people will pull it out of the bag and think it’s too big before they’ve washed it.

Tracy Herlong, CA

Exactly what I was looking for!

I can’t speak to how waterproof, etc. this is (yet), but I can say this is exactly what I was looking for. My little guy is due in a few weeks. We plan to have him "room in" with us for a while, and we bought a Rock n’ Play sleeper for him to use instead of a bassinet. I wanted a crib pad that would protect the RNP (seems much easier to wash a mattress pad than to clean a RNP!) and this fits the bill exactly!

Laurie Bowen, IL

Tiny. I guess that’s ok if your baby never moves.

I probably should have looked at the dimensions of this before selecting it, but I was extremely surprised by just how small it is. This is basically an absorbent fabric pad that you can tie to the bed corners to put it in place. I’m sure it could probably do the job it’s advertised to do, but the problem is that it seems really too small to do that job consistently if you have a baby that moves at all. It’s probably fine for younger infants who’ll only be turning over and we’ve been using it as a changing pad (it’s fine for that), but it’s really too small to be practically used otherwise (without having to buy a second one at least).

Christina Gunlock, KY


These are great for when the baby spits up, you don’t have to change the sheets in the middle of the night.

Ernestine Vallecito, CA

So Far So Good

I’ve been using this Sheet Saver for about 2 weeks now. It’s stayed tied in place so far. My son hasn’t wet it yet so I can’t vouch for the water proof-ness yet. It’s soft enough for his face to lie on, though. I like that and I like that if there is an accident, I don’t have to even take him out of the crib. I just untie this, slip it out from under him and let him go back to sleep… or, tie another one under him or at the other end of the crib and move him down. I also like the natural color alot.

Tabatha Demorest, GA

Should be called the 1/4 sheet saver

Do make sure you pay attention to the dimensions. This sheet saver is actually only about 1/4 of the length of a standard crib sheet. This will do a great job of either protecting the head area (from spit-up, etc.) or covering the bottom area (diaper blow-outs, etc.). but it is not wide enough to actually cover both areas at once. This sheet saver would be ideal for smaller babies who are not yet moving around much, because otherwise, there’s no guarantee that their bodies are going to stay on the limited space the sheet saver covers.The cover itself is nice. It’s soft, and the added waterproof feature is definitely appreciated. I personally, have just started using it as a diaper changing pad and it has done a great job for that. I’m not sure that it will get much use in my crib though. It just doesn’t cover enough area for me to justify its use on a regular basis.

Melisa Harriman, NY

Better than the others

I originally bought 2 sheet savers from Sheet World, as they were made in the USA, nice cotton, and have long ties. Well, those weren’t as liquid resistant as this product, so I was doing more laundry. This sheet saver has truly saved my sheets when my son’s cloth diapers have wicked onto the linens.

Lynnette Sumner, ME

Necessary for baby!

This product was necessary for a couple months when my son was 3-5 months old and would have blowouts while in the crib. We put it in the middle of the crib and that covered enough area to protect the sheet. This saved on lots of loads of laundry!

Iva Bellvale, NY

Less laundry!

My baby isn’t even 2 months yet, and this sheet saver has already saved me a couple of times! I bought a couple so that if one gets messed up, I have another to put on to (hopefully) last us until morning. Baby did a massive spitup, and none of it touched the sheet. I love this product.The whole thing has a little stretch to it, so you can tie it tight to the sides of the crib. Definitely read the measurements before buying so that you know what you’re getting. If you’re having a baby, put this on your registry, and if you’re not, buy this for a friend!

Janette Simpsonville, KY

Very nice, SMALL quilted, waterproof pad

I think the product’s name is a little misleading, which led to confusion, which led to some bad reviews. Those reviews wouldn’t be so bad if it had been more clear what it is you are receiving. Basically, you get a small, quilted waterproof pad. It’s a good size for a changing pad, or a bassinet but it is not crib sized. It has ties on each corner.The fabric is very soft and absorbent. No strange smells. Good quality. It’s great to have these little waterproof pads on hand. You can place it on your changing pad, in the bassinet, or just lay it under baby’s head to catch drools/spit ups so you can just change these out instead of changing out the entire crib sheet. You’d need 2 to catch drool and pee at the same time. You should already have a waterproof mattress cover – then you put the crib sheet on – then you put this product on where your baby’s head would be and it’s just to catch the spit-ups/drools. It’s waterproof so it won’t leak down to the sheet. Then instead of changing out the sheet all the time, you change out this little pad instead. This is better than just putting a towel down because it’s waterproof, it’s soft, and you can tie it in place so it doesn’t move/bunch up into baby’s face. It’s not a must-have, but it’s nice to have for any situation where you could use a waterproof pad. Crib sheets are a little expensive – they are not absorbent, they are thin…so it’s nice to have this nicer, thicker, softer material up under their head anyways.I really like this product. I think it is very handy and useful. It would be nice to have an option of different sizes.

Francine Wasco, IL