American Baby Company Organic Waterproof Quilted Pack N Play Playard Size Fitted Mattress Pad Cover, Natural

American Baby Company Organic Waterproof Quilted Pack N Play Playard Size Fitted Mattress Pad Cover, Natural

Our Organic waterproof fitted quilted playard mattress pad cover measures 27″ x 39″ x 4″ The top layer made of organic cotton interlock; Middle layer is 100% breathable polyester; Backlayer is waterproof beathable polyester. Machine wash cold with like colors, mild detergent, gentle cycle and use non chlorine bleach when needed.

Main features

  • Top layer-100% Organic Cotton interlock; Middle layer: 100% Breathable polyester; Back layer-Waterproof/Breathable Polyester
  • Measures 27 inches x 39 inches
  • 4 inch deep pockets with elastic all around for a snug and secure fit
  • Free from harmful chemicals; no dyes
  • Machine washable cold, tumble dry low

Verified reviews


Helps Cushion Stiff Foam Mattresses

I bought aDream On Me 3″ Foam Play Yard Mattressto replace uncomfortable play yard boards. While the mattress does offer better support, the foam is rather stiff and its outer plastic cover is noisy. This fitted mattress pad cover eliminates both problems. It has a quilted polyester middle layer which adds cushy softness and helps stifle any noise. Because the cover has 4″ pockets and is fitted all around, it easily accommodates the 3″ foam mattress. I like that it is waterproof and machine washable. Washed and dried as directed, I have not had any shrinking issues.Because of those problems, I questioned whether buying the foam mattress was a smart choice. After pairing it up with this nice mattress pad cover, however, I am very happy. Baby sleeps well in the play yard now.

Chelsea Trevorton, PA

Fits Graco; soft and fluffy

This waterproof mattress pad is soft enough to use as a sheet, fits the Graco Pack n Play mattresses, and is much nicer than the Graco sheets. I’ve tried it on both our inexpensive and fancier Graco play yards & it’s fine on both.It’s got a quilted top made of a soft t-shirt type knit cotton, quilted about average mattress pad thickness, with a waterproof base layer that goes against the mattress. It’s not going to make the flat pad inside a pack and play suddenly as soft and cozy as a pillowtop mattress, but it will give you a bit of extra cush.The pocket bottom (it goes under flat playard mattress the way fitted sheets go along the sides of a regular mattress) is deep enough to hold the pad on snugly, but you will want to pull it in and smooth it if you’re using the straps to fasten down the pad to the bottom of the playyard, as depending on the position of the straps on your model, these may somewhat interfere with the full depth of the sheet pocket. Otherwise it could bag a bit, and if you’re a paranoid first-time parent obsessing over every wrinkle in the sheets (like I was), you want them TAUT!All in all, great quality, very soft, and I’m glad for the extra layer of protection keeping the pack and play nice for its limited life (this way, it will be new and shiny looking when it’s time to go on craigslist).

Alisa Powderhorn, CO

Excellent fit and it’s really waterproof!

I’ve come to find over the past few years that a lot of fitted sheets and mattress pads for the pack and play are just too tight to fit on the fold up mattress that comes with the pack and play without making the mattress buckle and become a lumpy uncomfortable mess. I was pleasantly surprised to find that this mattress pad did not have that effect on our Graco pack and play mattress. In fact, it has to be the best fitting fitted pack and play mattress pad that I’ve ever come across. I did find that adding our pack and play sheets from Carter’s made the mattress buckle, so I’m going to look into the jersey knit sheets from American Baby Co. and see if they offer a better fit. I suspect based on customer reviews of those sheets that they might be perfect with this mattress pad.I was delighted to find that the soft, quiet (No crinkling!) water proof backing on this mattress pad is absolutely water proof. Our potty training toddler was kind enough to test this mattress pad out for us while it was covering a cushion on our couch and the waterproof layer certainly did it’s job when an accident happened.Overall, I’d recommend this pack and play mattress pad and am actually considering buying a second one to have on hand when this one is in the wash.

Janna Gifford, SC

Will improve your pack n play

We actually purchased the 3 inch foam Dream On Me Pack N Play Mattress for use in our pack n play because the "mattress" that comes in it is basically a hard board. This mattress pad fits over the Dream On Me quite well. The sheet is slightly harder to put over it, but it’s a small price to pay for the comfort of my son. If you don’t purchase a separate mattress for the pack n play, this product is an absolute must. It will help provide some cushioning to the otherwise uncomfortable standard "mattress" and it is also water proof. Great product!

Tia Noatak, AK


The playpen bottom is a bit too hard especially for a wobbly baby, so the mattress definitely ads a bit cushion. But it’s not very thick.When I travel I take pack n play but kids were always waking up on a harder surface. For them to sleep good I had to put regular comforter folded in half anyway so I would skip that cover. The quality is great but it’s too thin for me to be worth buying.In my opinion it’s good during the daytime play, but honestly my first son didn’t have it and didn’t spent that much time in a playpen anyway so I think for the price this purchase is not necessary.

Cecilia Needham Heights, MA

Doesn’t stay on well if you secure the pack-n-play mattress with the velcro straps

This pad has a good three to four inch overlap on the back of the pack-n-play’s mattress, which is great until you try to use the velcro straps to secure the mattress into the pack-n-play itself. Then you have to hike the pad’s elastic back so far that any child prone to tossing and turning will pull it right off.So if you’re willing to live an unsecured life, this is a good mattress pad. It’s thick and soft without being squishy in a way that poses a suffocation hazard (though i’d not use it with newborns). It fits well, it isn’t loud, and it’s fairly waterproof. However, if you’re the type to always fasten the safety straps, you’ll find this quite frustrating.

Brandy Woody, CA

Works with Graco Pack ‘N Play

We have three Graco pack ‘n play units (our house and both grandmas) — aGraco Day 2 Night Sleep System, Ardmore, aGraco Pack ‘N Play Playard with Reversible Napper and Changer, Forecaster, and aGraco Pack ‘N Play Playard with Bassinet, Kensly. We have gone through *a lot* of pack ‘n play mattress covers and sheets. This is a nice mattress pad cover that works with any of these systems.It adds just enough padding and softness that the little mattress doesn’t seem so uncomfortable. It also provides good coverage to protect the mattress. Washes easily and no shrinkage so far.Organic cotton (if that’s important to you), but made in China (the name “American Baby” is a bit of a misnomer). So far, so good. Would recommend this as an addition to any pack ‘n play.

Natasha Cross River, NY

Fits dream on me pack n play mattress

Perfect for my pack n play. I’m using this with my dream on me 3" foam pack n play mattress and it fits perfect!

Sierra Cookeville, TN

Nice mattress cover

Nice cover for our Pack n Play which can cover a 4 inch mattress pad. A four inch pad seems pretty thick for baby’s playpen. The cover itself is only about a half inch thick but by itself is better then the plastic layer that comes with the pen. 100% Polyester, washable and can be put in the dryer.

Guadalupe Bowersville, OH

surprisingly thick

This pad is surprisingly thick, and is sized as stated for the small rectangle pack and play. From the stitching, it looks and feels durable. But of course, only repeated and extended use and verify that. Would recommend you double check the size of your pack and play mattress.

Corinne Kelford, NC

Perfect for our Pack-n-Play

This is exactly what we were looking for. Something that fit tightly, was waterproof, and added just a touch of padding. We use it in our Pack-n-Play whenever we travel. Baby has had no complaints, and neither have we.

Vanessa Mesilla, NM