American Baby Company Percale 3 Piece Toddler Sheet Set, Blue

American Baby Company Percale 3 Piece Toddler Sheet Set, Blue

Our 3 piece toddler sheet sets come in several colors and are the perfect match for your toddler. Creative solids and patterns match any decor and high quality fabrics make these toddler bedding sets a great find. Made of 220 thread count 100% cotton percale, each set includes one flat sheet (fitted on one end), one fitted sheet and one standard pillow case. Fits all standard toddler beds.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • 100% cotton percale
  • Fits all standard toddler beds and standard crib size 28″ X 52″ mattresses
  • 3 piece 100% cotton percale toddler bed sheet sets come in several colors to help decorate your toddler’s room
  • Each 100 % cotton percale toddler sheet set includes one top sheet fitted on one end with elastic, one fitted sheet, and one standard pillow case
  • Durable and practical for the Toddler’s room

Verified reviews


3-Piece Toddler Sheet Set

I like these sheets a lot, even though I’m giving them only 4 stars. I’d give another half-star if that were an option. The reason I took away a star is that when washed and dried or slept on, these sheets look like paper that you’ve wadded up and then tried to flatten out by hand. In other words, they really need to be ironed in order to look their best. Nothing wrong with that, but the simple fact that I’m buying toddler sheets suggests that I don’t have time to wield an iron if I don’t have to. That isn’t being a Mommy Martyr. It’s just stating a fact. I’m not wasting time ironing sheets when I can spend it playing with the toddler who uses these sheets. Also, the pillow case is more like a sham-pillow case (you put the pillow in through the back instead of the top). No turning the pillow over for the cool side. Maybe toddlers don’t do that, anyway. That’s just a mention. That wasn’t enough to dock a star.Now on to what makes these sheets pretty darned awesome: there’s the bottom sheet that’s fitted, which is expected. But then, the TOP SHEET has a fitted pocket, so you don’t have to do hospital corners! That’s a HUGE deal when you’re dealing with a toddler bed that has rails or bars on two of the three sides down at the foot. That genius pocket keeps the top sheet right the heck in place, no matter how thrashy my daughter is in her sleep!Where do I have to go to get that fitted pocket on top sheets in twin and big-people bed sizes? It’s just brilliant, and makes this sheet set worth it!

Hilda Hodge, LA

Like sleeping on wool

Do you hate your kids? No? Then don’t buy this sheet set. These sheets are so rough. No amount of washing or dousing in fabric softer can cure it! I mean, I get chapped hands from folding them….plus:They shrinkThey are very thinThey fade in washingGreat concept, but very poor execution.

Lacy Bedford, VA

Sheets are Rough – Love the fitted top sheet

My son recently moved into a toddler bed and I have been looking for sheets with a fitted top sheet so it will not come untucked and get tangled up (waking him in the middle of the night). I agree with other reviewers who comment that the fabric is a bit rough, but with fabric softener and a few washes, it seems to be "ok". My son hasn’t complained about the feeling, so it will do for now.

Maricela Manchester, VT

great sheets. fitted top sheet makes us all sleep better

most toddler sheets are 100% synthetic and over priced. these are nice reasonably priced sheets and I love that the top sheet is fitted at the bottom. We were able to teach my 2 yr old to cover herself up at night without help from mom and dad and now we are all sleeping better. She used to wake me up because her feet were sticking out of the blanket but no more.

Barbara Newllano, LA

Good set

This is a great set at a descent price. I like that the top sheet has fittes ends. That makes it so much easier. The pillow case is perfect because it can be used for a toddler pillow of an asult pillow. Loved the material

Annabelle Lanesboro, IA