American Baby Company Percale Cotton CRADLE Bumpe, White

American Baby Company Percale Cotton CRADLE Bumpe, White

Our cradle bumpers are made of high quality, 220 thread count, 100% cotton percale, 1.7 ounce firm polyester filler and 6″ height protects baby’s head from crib rails. Cradle bumper is 6.5″ X 110″.

Main features

  • Bumper:Shell 100% Cotton; Inner 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Bumper: Outer fabric 100% cotton percale, filler 100% polyester
  • Superior 100% percale cotton crable bumper
  • 6.5″ high to help protect your baby’s head from the cradle rails
  • Soft pastels to enhance any room decor

Verified reviews


Not what I was looking for

We ordered this one by mistake looking for the breathable bumpers. These are padded bumpers and I wouldn’t recommend them since they’re not breathable.

Norma Brooksville, ME

Good Value

I got this bc we were transitioning my 22 month old son from a pack n play to a todler bed and he always had his head in the side of the pack n play. This bumper keeps his head from being comletly smashed in the rails of the toddler bed (which was a convertable crib I got used from a friend) The bumper does NOT go all the way around the bed though which is fine for me. (It only fits 3.5 of the bed walls) The ties are kind of in a weird location on the ends. (There is a tie on the top & bottom of the ends vs having two side by side on the top, botttom or both)

Melissa Joplin, MT


What a JOKE! This item is VERY deceiving and is NOT for Cribs. It should be Labeled Better. Big Disappointment~

Selma Canyon, CA


Cute, nice coloring. This product is not shoddy, but certainly not well-made. It looks like polyester – like something someone might pick up at the local K-mart. Beware of the measurements, they are deceiving. It fits an 18 x 36 inch CRADLE. As of 3/15/11 this product is tagged as a crib bumper, and appears when you are searching for a “crib bumper”.

Trina Selby, SD

Too Tiny

This is not a typical sized baby bumper. It’s way too small…I would say that it would fit in a pack n play, but it does not fit in a standard crib, unless I don’t have a standard crib like I thought I did (which I suppose is possible). Personally, I think the thing is just too small and now as I’m writing this I’m reading in the description that it says cradle bumper which means I totally missed that and ordered the wrong thing…lol.Ok, so my rating is based on the actual bumper itself. It’s well made, soft without being overly plush and easy to tie around the crib. Hopefully, you won’t be a ditz like me and order it for an actual crib, but for a cradle…it would be great! haha

Elva Waldport, OR