American Baby Company Waterproof Embossed Quilt-Like Lap Pad

American Baby Company Waterproof Embossed Quilt-Like Lap Pad

The Waterproof Lap Pad has a top and bottom layer made of soft polyester material and a middle layer made of 100% waterproof vinyl. Each pad measures 18″ x 18″. Machine washable with like colors and use non chlorine bleach if needed.

Main features

  • Top and Back 100% Polyester; Middle Waterproof vinyl
  • 100% Waterproof protective flat lap pad
  • 2 per pack each measures 18″ X 18″
  • Lap pad can be used on lap when feeding to help protect clothing
  • Super value and functional too

Verified reviews


does not launder well

I’m a new mom and bought several different kinds of lap/bassinet/crib pads to compare. This particular pad does not stand up to repeated washings and low heat drying. the fabric gets scratchy and pills. It is also not as absorbent as the carters keep me dry pads. I keep two pads on my changing areas and after 3 launderings- this pad leaked onto the second pad. The carters keep me dry pads have held up to repeated washing and drying and absorb all the wetness on the topside and the backside of the pad stays miraculously dry.*my pottery barn changing pad cover thanks them for that!

Thelma Martin, GA

life saver

My daughter’s diaper leaked every time she pooped, as a newborn. She also frequently peed on the changing table. I had TEN of these. I kept one in her bassinet, on the changing table, in my diaper bag, and one at each of the couches. Highly reccomend.

Mari Coldspring, TX

Great changing pads

I use these on top of my cute changing pad, and they absorb well. I wash them on hot frequently, and they’re holding up. Great for the price.

Bobby Ruleville, MS

Very practical.

I certainly like the lap pads and use them to change my baby everywhere I go so my baby is on a clean surface. Helps protect my clothes when I need it. Great size and has multi uses. Works super in strollers to help protect the lining.Bought Grammie some for her house too.

Leticia Suisun City, CA

Waterproof, smaller size than I realized

These pads are waterproof, and do the job of saving my sofa, bed, or whatever surface from a diaper leak.Most of the reviews here compare these to Carters pads and talk about pilling, pilling, pilling. Pilling doesn’t matter. (These do pill heavily, even after just a few washings.) I don’t care about pilling. If the pad is waterproof consistently after several washings, that is what matters. These are adequate pads in that they remain waterproof through washings.To me what makes these different from the more expensive Carters pads is the size. These are square, with each side the length of the shorter side of the Carter’s pads. So, these can go under baby’s head or baby’s bottom, but are a little shaky at going under both. During a diaper change, there is no extra length at the bottom, unless I put the baby’s head off the pad. I have to do that, because with a boy, there will be an occasional waterfall. That opens the possibility of burping up a little onto my sofa or whatever.Overall, these are a solid item and exactly as described. They are waterproof. Still, I wish I had read the description, and realized the exact size.

Zelma Richeyville, PA


These did get extremely pilly and actually pretty gray and dingy in the wash. For a few $ more, I’d get something a little nicer than this. Especially wouldn’t get it as a gift.

Kathy Jonesville, KY

Does the job, but pills after a few washes

I have 4 of these, that I use to protect the pretty nursery changing pad cover, and the changing part of our pack & play on another floor. They do the job of protecting these things from baby accidents, and initially they looked “pretty” too (love the pattern, and the fact that they are square), but after a few washings/dryings, they are massively pilled and look older than the month that they are. I don’t see them lasting around here more than a few months. Disappointing, overall.

Bernice Bagdad, AZ

They serve their purpose

I got these to protect the bed/anything else on which I change my daughter’s diaper. Although a bit on the small side, they work perfectly well. They do pill after being washed but so what. They still work!I’m not using them as blankets. They are white, and not blue as the description says. After several months of use and several washes, they are still quite stiff. That could be either a positive or a negative, depending on the user’s personal tastes. As I’ve already mentioned, they are a bit on the small side, but I use them so often that I’m going to order some more.

Stella Half Moon Bay, CA