American Baby Company Waterproof Embossed Quilt-like Portable/Mini Protective Mattress Pad Cover, White

American Baby Company Waterproof Embossed Quilt-like Portable/Mini Protective Mattress Pad Cover, White

The Waterproof Sheeting Pad is flat. Fits standard Portable/Mini Cribs. The pad has top and bottom layer made of soft polyester material with embossed Quilt-Like pattern and a middle layer made of 100% waterproof vinyl. Each pad measures 24 inches x 38 inches. Pad is machine washable with like colors. Use non-chlorine bleach if needed.

Main features

  • Front & Back: 100% Polyester; Middle: Waterproof Vinyl
  • Imported
  • 100% Waterproof flat Portable/Mini crib mattress protective pad
  • Measures 24″ X 38″
  • Helps protect Portable/Mini crib mattress
  • Easy to use and practical too

Verified reviews


COVERED in fuzz after washing

I was excited to get this after reading all the positive reviews, but after I washed it according to instructions, it was positively COVERED in fuzz. Velcro-like, stringy clumps of linty fuzz. I hoped that tumbling it on low would remove them, but no. So I tried washing it again — no luck. Those stringy lint balls are stuck all over like velcro, but they like to come off in bits on anything else that touches it now and then — like the sheets I washed it with, or my clothes as I folded it.Other than that, this is a thin, flat pad that feels like a piece of plastic encased in thin linty material that has some sort of embossed print that makes it slightly quilted. It fits on the Pack ‘n Play mattress board, leaving some space around the edges, and is thin enough that it’s easy to stretch a sheet over top.

Rosalind Olivebridge, NY

Has a nice feel to it!

I really like this porta-crib sheeting pad. It’s soft, durable, and just the right size…perfect fit! The only thing I would like to see changed is perhaps having a strap of elastic at each corner to keep it in place while putting the sheet on the mattress and pad. We’ve not experienced any soiling of the sheets or mattress pad so I can’t really speak on that part! I think it is a great value for the price, though! We’ve been using the product for 2-3 months.

Belinda Hamburg, AR

Mattress Pad

We haven’t had any accidents yet using this, so I can’t speak to its absorption/protection qualities. We got it to add a little cushion to the uncomfortable “mattress” that comes with the Pack and Play, which it did help alot with (along with the super soft sheet we got -American Baby Company Heavenly Soft Chenille Porta-Crib Sheet – Celery).The pad is thin and easy to wash. Its also small enough folded up that sometimes I stuff it in the diaper bag and use it as a travel changing pad. I recommend!

Sallie Birmingham, NJ

Fits Perfectly!

We bought this for our Graco Pack-n-play. Fits perfectly! When baby spit-up/had accidents, it didn’t affect the little “mattress” at all! 100% absorbable, and we just put it in the washing machine. The only complaint I have is that after you put it in the dryer (we had a brand new dryer at the time), little fuzzballs would accumulate on it. But it didn’t affect the baby, since we had a sheet over it anyway.

Jocelyn Andersonville, GA

Waterproof sheet

Lived up to its description. Have not had any situations yet to test quality but seems to be basic sheet.

Samantha Pecks Mill, WV

Life Saver!

I can’t say enough about this product. It comes in different sizes. I have all 3 sizes and use them every day over the changing table and under the crib sheets. They are especially great to place over the changing tables. If one gets dirty, I have several others to replace it with and just toss the dirty one in the wash. Some days I go through 3 a day, so stock up so you have extras.

Yesenia Las Cruces, NM

Not very comfortable

I got a pad similar to this at a thrift store, and use it a LOT, so I wanted more. These were a little disappointing, as they are thin and not very soft. They are a little "crinkly" feeling and not entirely comfortable to lay your skin against. Waterproof-wise, they work, so we keep them around as backups.

Kendra Bosler, WY

Emergency use only.

I only used this pad when I had to … when my other two pads were getting washed!I did’t like the way it fit the porta-crib, wasn’t thick, and it kinda streched out of shape.I suggest purchasing this pad instead:American Baby Company Waterproof Fitted Quilted Porta-Crib Mattress Pad Cover

Irma Pownal, ME

Fits the Mini Crib

Works well. Survived a major spit up today, even. Is in the washer now. The only negative, I wish it had elastic on the corners to secure it in place on the mattress.

Stella Littleton, NC

does the job well

i originally bought this for the pack & play mattress, but when I saw I didn’t need it for that, I just used in the regular crib under the crib sheet & it works great. Can easily wash – love it. great price, too.

Angelica Penland, NC

no elastic to keep in place !

it’s my own fault I guess for not doing a little more research but I was sad to discover that these didn’t have elastic to keep them in place.. . . .they do the job, but I do wish there was something to help keep them flat on the mattress

Rebekah Mount Morris, MI

Don’t even know its on

I like that it doesnt make too much noise under a sheet great for my baby in case he leaks.

Jade Bulpitt, IL

pleased with purchase

Fits fine. have yet to test waterproofness. Does add comfortable layer. Not too thick or thin and is the right kind of soft.

Tara Tortilla Flat, AZ

Fits graco pack and play well

Tis cover fits the graco pack and play we have well and sits smoothly under the sheets too. S far we are very happy with this purchase.

Elsa Wallace, WV

great pad

I bought this to go with the Dream On Me porta-crib 3″ extra firm mattress and the American Baby Company Jersey Knit fitted sheet. It is great, my son has never peed out or anything but he drools and sweats alot so it’s protected the matress from those. It doesn’t add a whole lot of padding. So if you are looking for padding that will cushion, this is not the pad you want, it also does not hook to the matress, the sheet is what holds it on. I was a little disapointed when I pulled it out of the package and it wasn’t super padded but when my son slept all the way thru the night in a pack and play because of the matress and accessories, I was over my upsetness. So, it has been perfect. As long as it does it’s job and keep the matress protected and my son comfy and happily asleep, Im good. No need to go over priced!

Alyce New Sharon, IA

cheap fabric piled up after 1 wash

cheap fabric piled up after 1 wash. Get them in a colored variation so they don’t look so dingy. The white ones do not look good after washing.

Jennie Hansville, WA

Tina Eckelberry ….tell what i think of my new mini crib sheet…wonderful

it fits perfect in her mini crib.washes so perfect with no wear and tear. Im am very happy with this sheet and i will be buying more

Daphne Des Allemands, LA