American Baby Company ZZ Crib Rail Cover, Blue

American Baby Company ZZ Crib Rail Cover, Blue

Our soft durable 100% cotton percale crib rail cover measures 47″ x 22.5″. Helps protect baby from splinters, paints and cracks. Not using a bumper? Our fashionable Celery Zigzag crib rail cover adds a touch of decor plus functionality to the crib. Machine washable cold; tumble dry low for best results.

Main features

  • Measures 47″ x 22.5″
  • Designed for use on convertible and traditional cribs
  • Protects baby from splinters, paint chips and cracks
  • Attaches with velcro for ease of use and adjustability
  • Machine washable cold; Tumble dry low

Verified reviews



My crib has a larger rail, so those plastic cover things couldn’t fit, and most other soft covers didn’t fit. In fact, I had taken the bumper and just tide it over the railing to prevent damage – not pretty but it worked.This thing is great! Not only is it attractive and not super bulky, it fits the wider rail! Hooray! It Velcros to itself along the bottom, so it’s made to fit any type of rail. Although it’s not bulky, it is still thick enough to prevent tiny razor teeth from damaging our crib. So glad we found this!

Carla Lemon Cove, CA

Nice, soft…not overly plush

Very muted grey with barely there white polka dots. Great for a grey, elephant themed room. Nice finishing touch for a crib!

Amparo Bellmont, IL

Very nice crib rail cover

I got this for the crib I have at my house for when my niece brings over her daughter, and being that I have another grandson on the way, I figured this would come in handy. It is pretty thick, but not too thick to be harmful to a baby if they start to chew on it. It also has Velcro all the way up the cover, so it attaches very easily. It’s also machine washable, so you can just throw it in the washer when it gets soiled. It also looks very nice on the side of the crib. All and all I really like this crib railing cover.

Delia Ladson, SC

One big Velcro strip

We have twins, but only my son has been pulling himself up and trying to eat his crib. We bought a rail cover for his bed months ago. My daughter is starting to move around more though, so I figured we should protect hers before it gets destroyed as well.The thickness and quality of this rail cover are pretty nice. It’s thick, but not so thick as to fill the mouth of a baby, and feels sturdy enough to block teeth marks. The way it attaches is with one looooooong piece of Velcro that runs along the entire length of the cover. As you can see in the product photo, it makes for a very clean, ‘fit’ design. You just meet the Velcro together between each rail. That said, its easy for it to come undone between rails, or easier I should say. Especially the ends of the cover seem to ‘catch’ a bit more as you’re reaching in or out. Our other cover has several tabs that fit underneath between a few rails. Nothing to catch on.She’s still not able to pull herself up and tug on it, so it remains to be seen if she can pull it off, or if its a non-issue after all. I’ll edit this review if long-term findings differ from the perceived issues.

Rhonda Piffard, NY

Has potential but…

This is a cute product and I think it’s a very clever way to keep baby from chewing on crib rails (and it adds another cute element to the crib bedding without having a bumper). But, it is too short! It doesn’t nearly cover the entire crib rail. The velcro works pretty well but my baby did eventually pull it off. Possibly a good buy if it fits your crib better than it fit mine. Measure before you buy!

Lea Coldwater, MS

About 7″ short on the crib rail

It is a good concept, but not sure why it is needed. Overall, it is about 7" short on the crib rail, thus not protecting it overall along the full length from chewing etc. And then it is kind of too loose to move around and thus not providing any grip or support to your little one when (s)he is trying to stand up.It may provide some decorative value to the overall setting, but seem to provide too little value for actual use.

Dona Beemer, NE

Simple idea, seems to work okay

While certainly not necessary, it is nice to have something to cover the crib rail to protect against teething. We have a white crib, so this matches nicely.Attaching it is easy, as is removing. I’m pretty sure that over time the little one will probably figure out how to pull on the cover and remove it from the rail. Washes okay (cold water, line dry so far).I’ve gotten several complements on it, as it coordinates with the zig-zag crib sheet from this same company. (My sister-in-law, who is super with the sewing machine, couldn’t believe people buy these instead of making them! It really is a simple idea and construction. But we’re not all as crafty as she is.)

Janelle South Woodstock, CT

crib rail cover

Nothing worse than spending money on a nice crib only to have it chewed on. What I like about this rail cover is that it drapes down farther than most. The shorter ones seem to spin around leaving the rail exposed again. This rail cover also offers a little more decor value.

Trina Great Bend, ND

Cute but short and impractical

This is incredibly cute but it doesn’t go all the way to the ends of the crib rail, it leaves about 2-3 inches on either side, meaning my son can easily still gnaw on each end. I also liked it because it’s wide and velcro, since our crib rails are wider than normal, the tie on one’s don’t work but I am worried the velcro with not be strong enough against my little man and he’ll eventually pull it off. All in all, I probably would not buy this again.

Enid Wrightsville, PA

Great crib rail cover!

This product is great and does what it says. My son, who is 6 months old currently, may not be standing in his crib yet, but i do want to be prepared. Unfortunately, with all of the furniture on the market being manufactured in China lately, I don’t want my son to start chewing on his crib rails when he finally does get that age. The last thing I want him ingesting are Chinese chemicals. This crib rail cover will help keep his little mouth off of the wood rails.The grey dot fabric is very neutral, which I like. The one thing I wish it had were some loops to attach some teething toys.

Minnie Burnside, KY

Works and Nice to Look at

Rail cover works. The velcro holds it in place. I thought this would be a lot thicker and plusher than it actually was. Not a bad thing. I just didn’t know what to expect so I thought it would be almost like a bumper or a cushion. It provides some padding over the rail. But I think the main purpose is to keep baby from chewing on the wood of the crib. And for that, it works. I like that it is cotton, and easy to put on and take off. I can wash it whenever it is soiled or when I just need to put something extra to get a full load in the washer. Make sure to fasten the velcro to each other or put the cover in a large laundry mesh bag so it doesn’t damage other items in your laundry.

Abbie Hartford, VT


My favorite thing about this cover is definitely how it looks. It’s a nice and sweet accessory for the crib. It actually matches well with my pottery bar bird theme. Grey/white dots is very versatileIt’s a crib rail cover. It’s not going to change your life. But it looks nice, will cushion some head bonks, and overall is a very nice product.

Marta Ashland, PA

Neutral color, too short for a crib

The grey rail cover is neutral and would complement a similar color schedule but also work well against many colors. The fabric is soft and it the cover is easy to affix. The length is somewhat of a problem if the intention is to prevent teething on the side of the crib or to soften the edges of the crib. For really little ones, the cover will stay affixed, but toddlers could figure out how to pull this off quickly.

Melody Hampshire, TN