American Baby CompanyJersey Knit Fitted Portable/Mini Sheet, Celery

American Baby CompanyJersey Knit Fitted Portable/Mini Sheet, Celery

Our 100% Cotton value jersey knit fitted mini crib sheet provides comfort for the next generation. Fits standard 24″ x 38″ mini crib mattresses; 5″ deep pockets with elastic all around provide a snug and secure fit for baby’s comfort. Machine washable cold with gentle cycle , tumble dry low for best results

Main features

  • 100% Cotton Jersey
  • Measures 24 inch x 38 inch x 5 inch
  • 5″ deep pockets with elastic all around for a snug and secure fit.
  • Fits up to 3 inch thick standard size portable/mini crib mattresses
  • Machine wash cold with gentle cycle , tumble dry low for best results

Verified reviews


Soft and cozy

This sheet fits my Graco pack n play well and feels soft and cozy against the skin. I was initially concerned about previous reviews that these sheets would be “too thin” but I also purchased a quilted mattress pad/protector and they are great together. It is holding up so far in the wash, so the quality seems good. Given the choice, I would definitely purchase these over the Graco pack n play sheets which feel rougher and not as soft. About the color, it is a little more “minty green” than sage despite the picture. Overall, I think it is a good product and would buy again.

Jo Monmouth, OR

These sheets fit the Graco Pack ‘n Play in Lively Dots

We travel with our baby frequently and I was looking for a couple of soft sheets to go over the mattress pad and mattress to make the PnP more comfortable for baby. These sheets are perfect!It IS a very snug fit. The Graco PnP mattresses fold accordion style and when you stretch this and the mattress cover over the mattress, it’s going to fold up (hello…tight elastic stretched over something that bends…common sense!), but when you stretch it out in your PnP (where it should fit snugly) it will not make the mattress fold up. It fits very snugly over the mattress and is very smooth. We bought two of these in white and they’re super soft and our baby loves them and is just as comfortable in her PnP when traveling as she is at home in her crib.I also highly recommend the American Baby Company porta-crib mattress pad to go with this item!

Melody East Palatka, FL

Shrunk after 1 wach

As soon as I got this I tried it on the pack n’ play mat. It fit perfectly and I wondered why the other reviews said it was too small. It wasn’t until I washed it once that I saw what they were talking about. After one wash, the sheet shrunk to the point where I can’t use it. I should have spent a few extra dollars and got the name brand sheet. I will buy the name brand sheets in the future.

Leigh Laona, WI

Very thin

Very thin material- fit the 3 inch mattress pad right now – but may shrink after wash. May not be very durable after wash.

Ursula Keymar, MD

Do not buy these. WAY too small

These fit horribly. Way too small. The mattress bowed because these were so small. I already washed them or I would send them back.

Christine Leola, SD

Too Small!!

So, the dimensions say it is 24" X 38" X 5" … my portable playard mattress is 24x38x3… This sheet is WAY TOO SMALL!!! It does not even fit the mat that comes with the playard!! I am sticking with the graco sheets. Cost a few extra bucks but they fit!

Roxie Batavia, IA

If you own a Pack n’ Play…

This is an essential purchase for anyone who owns a Pack n’ Play. You also need to purchase the LA Baby mattress these sheets work with. Our daughter naps in hers every single day and the dinky pad they come with just doesn’t cut it. The sheets are ultra soft- perfect for what they are needed for.

Gwen Helena, OK

Does NOT fit a portable mattress

These are dangerous. They absolutely do not fit a portable mattress and are a suffocation hazard. I bought one because of the price and figured I would try it out but I returned it immediately. Pack n play sheets work much better.

Jana Uriah, AL


Heed the warnings about these sheets shrinking…I washed them according the directions on the tag and still had MAJOR shrinkage. Thankfully i was able to stretch them enough to fit over the mattress but just barely. If i could have returned them i would have. Thank goodness i only got the 3" mattress, I would have never gotten them to stretch over the 5". With a name like American Baby Company I expected a quality product, instead i got crap. DO NOT BUY THESE SHEETS!!!! Only got 1 star because I can’t give it 0 stars.

Alyssa Jeffersonville, GA

Does Not Fit Graco Pack N Play

I got this sheet for theGraco Pack ‘N Play Playard with Reversible Napper and Changer, Roman, which has a 37″x26″ pad.When this mini sheet was brand new out of the packaging, it -barely- fit over the pad. And then it shrank since I washed it in hot water and dried it on high. While I can still fit the sheet over the corners of the pad, the long sides of the sheet will not tuck under the pad, so the elastic is exposed. If your PNP has a smaller pad, then this might work for you, but for me, it will end up being an extra cover for my changing pad instead. Definitely a disappointment.The material is soft, but very thin. You can see through to the color of the PNP pad underneath. Also, note that the sheet is actually a jersey material, not your typical bedsheet material.

Thelma Hayfield, MN

Doesn’t fit

I washed this when I got it and I’m not sure if it shrunk or if it came too small but this won’t fit over the Graco Pack n Play mattress. Pretty disappointed. It’s soft though…

Milagros House Springs, MO

This is a play yard/pack n’ play sheet.

Please note: This sheet will not fit a regular sized crib. I didn’t realize this until I opened the package… I must have been rushing when I ordered it and did not notice that the title says “Mini Crib” sheet. That being said, this sheet did fit the smaller sized crib that my son used at daycare. However, after weekly washings the elastic began to rip away from the fabric, and it started to look tattered after about 4 months of use. Like I mentioned, I washed it once a week. So just wanted to share. Hope this information is helpful to someone.

Irene West Chesterfield, MA

America Baby Company Cotton Knit PackNPlay Sheet-Blue

I recently purchased this sheet for my grandson’s new Graco PackNPlay. It was delivered in excellent condition and quickly. I took a chance purchasing this item as when I wrote to the company to see where it was made they never responded to me. When I opened the packaged I was extremely disappointed to see that this product was not made in USA. It says 100% cotton on the tag, but because it was made in China we will not be using it. I have to give it a 5 star rating, because it does fit the mattress and it is 100% cotton as described.

Marci Snowmass, CO


This had seams, shrank and really doesn’t fit well. For a couple bucks more i bought a Carter’s that had no seams, thicker fabric and better elastic. The Carter fits deeper around the pad for a more secure fit. This is not the place to save a couple bucks.

Essie Agenda, KS

Do not fit Graco PNP bassinet pad

These do NOT fit the Graco PNP as some other reviewers said. That’s the only reason I bought these because I’ve been struggling to find something to fit it. I have the PNP that you can use the top portion as a bassinet for a newborn (ie the 4 panel pad that wraps around the PNP when you store it). These sheets are way too small and you have to really struggle to pull them even close to the edge. Wish I’d kept the packages so I could return them.

Rosario Mcgregor, MN

Too small, organic sytle of ABC much better

TOO small. The Organic ones of this brand are much better and fit perfect to the mattress. Although this should fit the same as the organic ones, it didn’t, so I wasn’t able to use it. It made the mattress bubble up.

Jannie Georgetown, KY

Soft and Stretchy

I purchased these sheets for our Graco Pack ‘n Play playard with a bassinet.Fit: Small but StretchyWe don’t have a mattress for the bassinet. However, the sheets fit the mattress board very snugly because the sheets are not very deep. Therefore, I don’t think that they would fit properly, if at all, if we were to actually have a mattress. To provide extra cushioning I just wrap a few baby blankets around the mattress board and then put on a mattress pad (American Baby Company Waterproof Portablethat keeps everything in place and free of any leaks. This works very well for us and our baby seems comfortable.Quality: AcceptableAlthough I appreciated the softness of these flannel sheets, they are very thin. Between regular spit ups and diaper leaks I end up washing them at least once a week. After 3 months of use there is now one tiny hole on them. However, for the price I think they are a good buy because they do not pill and are, hole aside, still in pretty good shape given the number of times I wash them.

Melba Bremen, ND

They fit!

These actually fit my graco pack n play. Walmart brand did not. They are very thin though (which is why i gave it 4 stars), but enough that my son isn’t just sleeping on the pack n play padding.These actually fit my graco pack n play. Walmart brand did not. They are very thin though, but enough that my son isn’t just sleeping on the pack n play padding.

Evangelina Morrice, MI

Fits Baby Bjorn Travel Crib Light mattress

Despite the reviews which said it wouldn’t fit the mattress, I took a chance and bought it. The Baby Bjorn travel crib mattress is 24" x 41" x 1.2" and this ABC sheet was listed as 24" X 38" X 5"; I’d hoped the sheet’s depth would make up for the shorter length, and it does. I’ve washed it twice and it still fits the mattress snuggly. We used it for two weeks while travelling abroad. The sheet never pulled out nor ever looked to be on the verge of coming undone. I do have the Baby Bjorn organic sheet made for the crib, but I was also very pleased to find a cheaper spare sheet.

Cheri Shushan, NY

great product

i liked the first one so much, i bought a 2nd. washes great. great material quality. does not stretch or shrink. it’s cushy. makes a real difference on the mattress.

Tanisha Alta Vista, IA

Not a great fit for our 3″ mattress

Nice soft sheet, but after washing it does not fit our 3" Colgate mattress very well. It pulls the mattress ends towards each other and the seams do not line up. Would probably be fine for a thinner mini crib mattress, but not the thicker ones. Purchased babyletto sheets that fit perfectly.

Tracey Landrum, SC

Doesn’t Fit Graco Pack N Play Well

Although the sheet is soft, it is a bit too small for my Pack n Play (forest friends on the go, purchased in spring 2012). It makes the material covering the mattress bunch up so it isn’t quite smooth. It’s a good price and still useable, but I wouldn’t buy again.

Tabatha Williams, SC

Does not work with the Delta Portable Crib Mattress

The product is exactly what it claims to be – a portable crib sheet in t-shirt material. The fit is quite tight and when you place it on the mattress that comes with the Delta Portable Crib, it is too tight and prevents the mattress from lying flat. We replaced the Delta 1″ mattress with the 2″ L.A. Baby Portable Crib mattress and the sheet works great.

Terra Dane, WI

Good product

While these do feel thin they do hold up well. These could be a bit more soft. There are not a lot of options for mini cribs and but I am glad these were available. The color holds up well.

Loretta Middletown, CA

a little thin, and a little small.

We ordered these sheets for our 3 in Dream On Me Ultra Firm Mini Crib Mattress. They fit, but just barely. They creep up a bit on the sides instead of staying nice and tucked under the edge of the mattress. They are also pretty thin.You get what you pay for. These were ok. Not great, not terrible. Just ok.

Denise Delanson, NY

Great for mini crib

Love the feel of this sheet and it fits well for the mini crib mattress. You do have to stretch it a little but works well.

Marcella Rowe, VA


These fit the Pack N Play perfectly, but there is absolutely no give to these sheets, they are tight! The price of these can’t be beat!

Dawn Quechee, VT

Good quality sheet

I like the sheet. It’s soft and not too thin. My only complaint is that after it’s washed and dried, it’s very tight on the mattress.

Jeanne Nokomis, FL

For the money…great value…

This is a good value cotton knit sheet for pack and play units.Dries relatively quickly. I usually wash, put in dryer for a few minutes, then hang to air dry.No pilling as of this writing.Affordable. Soft colors.

Christina Arapahoe, NE


You get what you pay for in this case. These sheets will function fine, not sure how long they will last though.

Selma Anchor, IL