American Red Cross Car Child View Mirror

American Red Cross Car Child View Mirror

The American Red Cross and The First Years have joined together to offer a collection of infant and toddler wellness and safety products that parents can trust. Helps to observe child in rear seat at a glance. Fits most standard rear view mirrors. Attaches easily to rear view mirror. Displays view of back seat, swivels as needed.

Main features

  • Helps to observe child in rear seat at a glance
  • Fits most standard rear view mirrors
  • Attaches easily to rear view mirror
  • Displays view of back seat, swivels as needed
  • American Red Cross licensed product

Verified reviews


Works great for us

I was looking for another child view mirror to replace the one I was using (an Eddie Bauer one from Target). The previous mirror allowed for forward/backward and side-to-side adjustments based on a hinge and swivel set-up, but the forward/backward hinge wore out after a few months; whenever I would accelerate or brake while driving in normal conditions (i.e. no jack-rabbit starts or short stops), the mirror would swing forward and backward and my son would no longer be in view — annoying, needless to say. This mirror works great for us. It was super easy to install and once I have the mirror set to where I want it, is rock-solid. While its reflection isn’t crystal clear, it is more than clear enough and is on par with all the other safety mirrors I have seen and used. I highly recommend it, and for the price, isn’t it worth a try?

Shelly Mountain Ranch, CA

Works great!

I use this with the Munchin mirror. This mirror is useful when I am sitting as a passenger and don’t want to turn my head around to see my little one 🙂

Marilyn Mc Ewen, TN

Only for certain type of rearview mirror

This will not properly go on my 1999 Chevy Camaro. This is more for regular type rearview mirror. my camaro has lamp combired with the mirror which makes it bulkier and makes it slide/pop off. But I was able to have it attached with additional wide angle mirror that I have. It works ok but think of low def. Compared to your mirror, well think of your rearview mirror as high def then this will be regualr tube tv…from the 70’s. You won’t see the detail of tattoo your kid has but you’ll see that he has a tattoo…or a smudge. I do like it that it goes behind your mirror so it doesn’t obstruct your rearview mirror.I’d give 5 stars if they made better mirror.

Alison Lakemore, OH

Way better than the Safety First mirror

This mirror fits my 99 Honda Civic just fine. It’s still a grainy image, but the Safety First mirror I bought made me nauseous just to look at it. Definitely the better option! For $3, I don’t expect much – but this is definitely worth the price.

Tia Badger, IA

Not impressed.

The idea of this mirror is awesome, the mounting mechanism is great. The downfall of this product is the mirror itself…it’s very low quality. It’s so blurry and almost like a funhouse mirror…it’s pointless. If it was a clear mirror, it would be great. But it’s such a poor quality that it’s pointless to even use it. Too bad, the idea is a great one!

Selma Hillisburg, IN

Cheap & Does The Job

This is a great, inexpensive item that does what it says it does. Couldn’t ask for more. Just bought another one for my second car.

Dolores Delmont, NJ


this think fell off my car and i almost got into an accident. it doesn’t stay on well and isn’t safe. i would not recommend this stay away

Cleo Winston, OR

Simple, lightweight and easy to install

This is a great backseat mirror. Very simple and easy to install. It has a rubber strap at the back that conforms to whatever size your auto mirror is. Also very easy to adjust the angle – up, down or sideways. The mirror is lightweight because it is not made of glass but plastic.Got it for a very reasonable price.

Kelly Searsmont, ME

Couldn’t Be Mounted on the Rear-View Mirror in My Car, But Made a Nice Visor-Mounted Mirror

This inexpensive item consists of four pieces: (1) a plastic clip with a socket, (2) a plastic clip without a socket, (3) an elastic band to hold the clips together, and (4) the plastic convex (wide-angle) mirror itself (which measures about 4.5″x1.5″ and has a ball on the back of it). Items #1-#3 are already connected to each other in the package, so it should be a simple process to attach the clips to your rear view mirror with the elastic, and then attach the mirror to the socket.I would guesstimate that the clips can accommodate standard rear view mirrors with a depth of up to 3/4″. Unfortunately, my car has a electrochromic one similar toCIPA 36500 Wedge Base Auto Dimming Rearview Mirror with Compass, Temperature and Map Light; it is about 1″ in depth and furthermore has buttons underneath the “lip” that the bottom clip could interfere with. So this product couldn’t be mounted on my rear view mirror.Fortunately, I discovered that it can be mounted on sun visors. To reduce side-to-side movement, I chose to install one clip through the hole toward the far end (i.e., toward the middle of the car, where the visor can be attached to or detached from the ceiling). See Customer Image. To install this way, simply: (a) remove the elastic band from the clip without a socket, (b) push the “fingers” of the clip without a socket through the hole of the visor, (c) “thread” the elastic band through the hole, (d) re-attach the elastic band onto the hook of the clip without a socket, (e) stretch the elastic band and secure the clip with a socket to the free edge of the visor, and (f) attach the mirror to the socket. The advantages of installing on the visor are: (i) it does not interfere with forward vision, as would occur if the mirror is located under the rear view mirror, and (ii) it is a little closer to your head, so that the image is slightly larger than when mounted on the rear view mirror. As a disadvantage, when the visor is rotated too far outwards, the secondary mirror might reflect the sun into oncoming drivers’ eyes.In terms of optical quality, since the mirror is wide-angle and plastic, you’re not going to get a “high resolution” image. However, it’s good enough to see if your child is sleeping, has gotten food all over the back seat, etc. Buy this from!

Denice Gwynn, VA