American Red Cross Door Finger Guard – 2 Pack

American Red Cross Door Finger Guard – 2 Pack

The First Years American Red Cross Door Finger Guards are ideal for preventing kids from getting their fingers pinched in doors. The guard prevents doors from swinging a lot, and can be used on interior doors too. The material used for these guards can’t be picked and don’t pose choking hazards for kids. It’s easy to install and doesn’t require tools.

Main features

  • Helps prevent little hands from getting caught in closing doors
  • Suitable for any interior door
  • Non-pickable material does not pose choking hazard when not in use
  • Easy to install and remove, no tools required
  • American Red Cross licensed product

Verified reviews


Works, but could be better!

This product is very simple, but it works! I wish that the wedge was a little bigger so that it would hold the door open a little further, but other than that, it’s great!

Janie Foreston, MN

So simple!

These little guys are great for crawlers and walkers. It takes 2 seconds to put them over the hinge, and protects the babies/toddlers from hurting their little fingers. So simple and so effective.

Lynnette Ovapa, WV

No closing doors

These locks will keep a toddler from slamming doors. It takes a bit for parents to get used to having the around though. Pretty simple product but good for keeping the doors open.

Delia Twin Mountain, NH

broke the door off the hinge

these products are horrible. if you have a kid that likes to swing doors, they will immediately cause the door to come off the hinges. this product did it within 5 minutes of install.

Georgia Preston, MO

Stops door at BOTH ends

These are great because they stop fingers from getting caught at both ends of the door. We all think about the latch side, but it’s easy to forget that little hands can get smashed in the hinge side, too. This is the perfect solution. We have been using ours for over a year, and they still work great. Some of them have been cracked from an adult trying to close the door, but they still work fine. They just get a crack at the top. I recommend these to everyone I know with toddlers in their life.

Tabatha Cable, OH

Good for saving slamming doors

Even when I’m not worried about my little guy getting to the doorways, I use these to keep the doors from slamming when I have the windows open. It works great for that! One bit of advice–use them on the middle hindge of the door, as the force of the door trying to close can cause the door hinges to come loose if you put this on the top hindge.

Gladys Ribera, NM

Great product, get it!

THis is a great product. I got 4-5 packs for all the doors in my house. it goes on the hinge of the door, so it prevents little fingers from getting pinched both at the hinge of the door as well as the opening of the door. It’s in expensive and very useful.

Taylor West Chester, OH

Finger smash is not played here

My 21month old loves to slam doors and most of the time his finger will be in it. Not now with this guard his fingers are safe.

Teri Greensboro, PA

Broke our door frame

My triplets just turned three, and one of the recently got into the habit of slamming doors. In doing so, he smashed his brothers fingers in the jam, so we purchased these in the hopes that wouldn’t happen again. Instead, when he went to slam the door, these finger guards slammed into the door jam, and the wood split the door frame. Hands may have been saved, but now we have to pay to fix the damage in our rental. There has to be a better option out there…

Antionette Scottsville, TX

Works well, but not perfect

These do a great job of keeping the door from closing (and therefore pinching little fingers) and are easy to install and remove. The one issue I see though is that since they are not solid they do bend and with a hard enough slam or with repeatedly closing the door too much too often they look like they will likely start to crack based on the way they are bending. They do only allow the door to be closed half way, so these are only a good solution if you plan on keeping the door open while these are in place.

Kristy Brookhaven, NY

Works but can be Dangerous

This works when you don’t want your child’s finger to get stuck in the hinge. but if the door is pushed hard against the guard, then it can swing back pretty fast which can be dangerous. my daugher was trying to push the door to close and she gave it one big push and the door almost knocked her down!

Mandy Winfield, PA