American Red Cross Nasal Aspirator

American Red Cross Nasal Aspirator

Nasal aspirator. Features hospital style design, over insertion guard for safety, and an easy clean plug. Officially licensed product of the American Red Cross. Carded. Made in China.

Main features

  • Nasal aspirator
  • Features hospital style design, over insertion guard for safety, and an easy clean plug
  • Officially licensed product of the American Red Cross
  • Nasal aspirator features hospital-style, bulb syringe design
  • Over-insertion guard for safety
  • Easy-clean plug
  • Age Grade: Birth and up
  • U.S. only; not available in Canada

Verified reviews


Best aspirator EVER!

We had an extremely old purple version of that my mom gave us and had for years. We were complaining about how none of the ones we had fit in our infant’s nose. She pulled this one (her old purple one) and it worked like a charm because of how it slims at the tip. She ended up giving us hers but it didn’t take long for our dogs to find it and eat up. I quickly searched for a new one. It’s kind of pricey, in my opinion, but we couldn’t find one in stores, so we paid for this one. It was worth it.

Julia Waterford, NY

Not enough suction

I bought this as I learned the ones from the hospital (which work amazing) will grow mold in them as you cannot open it to clean. I decided to try this one since it is from a reputable brand and the bottom opens for easy cleaning. It was extremely difficult to squeeze and it hardly had any suction power at all. I will keep looking for a better nasal aspirator. I would not recommend this one.

Chris Floral City, FL

Nasal Aspirator

A couple of months after my son was born, one night I just happened to notice a little black spot on the tip of the hospital aspirator. I decided to stick a Qtip in the tip and was horrified to discover black mold/mildew !!! How long had I been putting that in my baby’s nose ?!? I immediately threw it away and was determined to find something that could be properly cleaned. I did some research online but could not find anything with good reviews. So, when I was at the grocery store I noticed this $2 one with a plug and bought it out of desperation. I have to say, I was very pleasantly surprised. Of course, it does not work as well as the hospital one, but I would rather put a little more effort into it and be able to ensure mold/mildew is not growing in the tip. When you open the plug on the bottom, you can easily clean it and you can see all the way down into the tip. You just have to make sure the plug is securely closed so you can get good suction. I would definitely recommend this !

Margarita Dietrich, ID

Works fine when used properly

I don’t have any problem with this product. It sucks out snot from baby noses, yay. I like that the bulb opens so it can be thoroughly cleaned. It’s not difficult to use at all, but *key tip*: use the tip to lift up baby’s nostril a little and insert perpendicular to her face (90′ angle rather than pointed up her nose). That way the vacuum actually pulls snot from the nasal passages instead of uselessly sucking air.

Patsy Ordinary, VA

Best Nasal Aspirator out there!

This is the absolute best nasal aspirator on the market, IMO. It’s easy to clean and suctions great! I like that the fact that you are able to thoroughly disinfect it with the plug opening on the end. We own 4 of them for our very snotty baby. They withstand hot water, unlike other aspirators we have tried. I clean often and allow to dry fully on a bottle dryer with the plug side open to ventilate. If there are ever any little boogers that get stuck inside, because it will happen, I use a rod cleaner that is intended for sippy cup cleaning and it comes out with ease.

Lashonda Kahului, HI

Bad Enough to Make Me Not Want to Donate to the Red Cross

It’s hard to use, and then you finally do use it, it doesn’t work. I suppose the plug on the bottom, designed to help you clean it, would be a useful feature if it were at all possible to get the thing dirty in the first place.Get the same one they gave you in the hospital, a basicBulb Syringe Aspirator, if you want something that actually works. You can also find them at some drug stores.

Frances Sadler, TX

I would give this less than 1 star if I could

I would give this negative stars if that was an option. I can’t believe this piece of junk is still being sold. There’s a reason it’s so cheap– it doesn’t work. Save yourself the wasted 5 bucks and look for something better.

Juana Landisville, NJ

I would give it ZERO stars if possible

This thing is impossible to use. You can hardly squeeze it at all. Trying to use it on a squirming baby is pointless as it provides little to no suction. A total waste of money.

Penny Dearborn, MO

Buy Something Else

The other reviews are exactly right. This is impossible to squeeze – and when you finally do manage to compress it, it has no suction. I might as well have thrown my money out the window.

Andrea Vilas, CO

Worst thing I have ever bought

I have been using the one from the hospital, which we love, and when it finally broke, i had to replace it. Bought this one from CVS. It was horrible! Useless piece of crap. I use all my might and could not squeeze this aspirator. It is just like a hard piece of plastic that does nothing. My husband had a hard time using it too. Even if he can squeeze it, he couldn’t get the snots out of our child. Can’t believe they put this on the market. If there was a zero star, i would give it a zero! Don’t waste your money. Found one on Amazon which everyone says it’s exactly like the one that came from the hospital.

Janice Piermont, NY

Easy clean out feature makes it less effective

I bought this at Target and you can’t really see in the picture but on the bottom of the bulb there is a little tab that you can open for more effective cleaning. This feature makes the actually bulb less effective. I squeeze from the bottom not the sides for maximum suction and having that there significantly diminishes the suction power… so far I’m still looking for a better nasal aspirator, I wouldn’t buy this again.

Carolyn Latah, WA

but the BEST nasal aspirator

A little hard to squeeze, but the BEST nasal aspirator!!! Really gets everything out, without having to go in there 500 times.

Carly Cranks, KY