Angel Dear Blankie, Green Frog

Angel Dear Blankie, Green Frog

Angel Dear Blankies are sweet, charming characters, machine washable and cashmere soft. 14″ square with just the right simple details to sooth and delight.

Main features

  • Naptime buddy
  • Cashmere soft
  • Machine washable
  • Perfect newborn gift

Verified reviews


Wish it was organic – polyester is not good for children (or adults)

Cotton vs. Polyester:Polyester is produced entirely from chemical sources, a polymer produced from coal, air, water, and petroleum products. Cotton/polyester blend is commonly used for beddings. Although easier to care for, it takes away the ‘coolness’ from cotton and also added a “pilling” effect.Cotton fibers are harvested from seed pods of the cotton plant. 100% Cotton fabrics are highly recommended for they are natural and cool. Cotton fibers absorb and release perspiration quickly, thus allowing fabrics to “breathe”. Being highly absorbent with wet strength, it can withstand frequent washing at high temperature.It’s the best fabric for babies and children because they cause less irritation to a baby’s delicate skin.

Lawanda Macksburg, OH

…need multiples of the same kind.

As the other reviews state, you need to have a few of these, and in case it wasn’t obvious, of the same kind!We have the owl and the elephant, and perhaps it was just by the order we introduced them, but our 8 month old daughter loves her owl when she sleeps. Brown isn’t exactly the most appealing color, but it’s soft and the owl head gives her something to gnaw on as she settles down.Well, when the owl was in the wash, we tried to sub in the elephant. You would have thought that the elephant was leaking acid the way she cried and tried to get away from it. Another owl is already in route.For whatever reason, this blanket really helps settle her to sleep.

Vicky Hatton, WA

Overprices on Amazon

This is a nice thingy, but it is overpriced on Amazon. I found identical blankie much cheaper in a local store.

Casandra Arena, WI


I REALLY don’t get the rave reviews. This is my 4th child and I have had quite a few of these type’s of blanket toys. This one is small, cheap and flimsy. I really hate to be a Debbie-downer but the only reason I gave it 2 stars is because it is soft.

Karyn Fabyan, CT

Love these

My daughter received one of these when she was born and loves it. Great quality and so cute. Many options for the type of animal or "thing" it resembles if you look on the company website. Amazon does not offer them all, but has more than enough to choose from. Great size for babies/toddlers. Prices mostly comparable to the brand’s website, but amazon offers better shipping, returns and customer care. Now is our "go to" baby gift.

Kristi Groton, NY

cute but smaller than expected

I got this as a baby shower gift and it was smaller than expected but the quality of the product is good, very soft. I think my baby will love it, I can’t wait to give it to him.***UPDATE 1 YEAR LATER: Monkey blanket is still as good as new after many washes. Baby sleeps with it every night and still loves it.

Muriel Cass Lake, MN

My son LOVES these things

I received an Angel Dear Bunny and an Angel Dear Giraffe as gifts for our son before he was born and my first thought was, "What are these silly blankets with an animal head for??" Then we had our son he wasn’t feeling well so my friend suggested letting him cuddle with a blanket and OMG, he was instantly hooked. We now have a monster as well, and my son sleeps with one every night and we seriously don’t leave home without one of these. I’ve since bought these for my friends when they have babies and I recommend them to everyone. It’s just such a sweet, soft little blanket for your child to cuddle with.

Emma Sycamore, SC

A word of advice: get at least three

I don’t know what it is, but every baby I know who has one of these adopts this as their go to security object. My 13 month old son loves this blanket. If there were only room for three of us in the life raft, I think I’d be waving to my wife and son and this damn blanket from the sinking ship. I’d be tempted to try to enumerate all the great things about this, but frankly, I have no idea why babies love these. It’s soft, but I’m guessing there’s more to it than that, and we’ll just have to wait until somebody makes one of those speaking gadgets for babies that they had for the dogs in “Up” before we’ll really know what the deal is.But I can say this: for the love of God get at least three. You’ll need some in reserve, because eventually one will get barfed on or lost and you’ll be really glad when your child’s security object needs are still able to be met with nothing more than a quick little switcheroo. You may need to rotate in the second and third string blankies for a while to get them all smelling like you. That way, when the need truly strikes, the blankie you call in from the bullpen will not smell like the factory. My kid doesn’t seem to care, but I’ve heard that some babies are not so easily fooled.

Iva Waterville Valley, NH

bought two more

A friend gave this to us when our daughter was born. We used it as a transitional object & our daughter sleeps with it every night. This lovey is so soft, so adorable, and our daughter loves to snuggle with it, so we bought two more just in case we ever lose one (or two).

Mamie Milan, MN

Cute but small. Nothing amazing.

I know the description states the size and I did read that. However, these should NOT be advertised as blankies. They are a lovey. Nothing more special than the $5 lovies you’d find in store. Soft and cute, yes, but overpriced. Not even blanket “like” for a newborn.

Vivian Hailey, ID

It’s everything I hoped it would be!

I purchased the Angel Dear blankie for my son when he was about 5 months old. I wanted to get him a lovey that was lightweight enough for him to sleep with without my having to worry about it being a SIDs risk. I know that the advice is to wait until a year old before putting anything in the crib with your baby, but he was having trouble adjusting to sleeping with his arms not swaddled (and swaddling is also a SIDS risk once your baby can roll over).This blankie was a major help in teaching my son to sleep with his arms unswaddled. Before we got it, he’d fall asleep with his arms out but wake himself up by flailing within 20 minutes or less. Hugging the blankie helped him have something to do with his arms and he was able to stay asleep longer without flailing and waking himself up.The reasons I chose this blankie were the fact that it was so lightweight and the zillions of glowing reviews about it. As a first-time mom, I was still nervous about having anything in the crib with my little one, so at first I only gave it to him at the beginning of the night. When I went to bed, I’d sneak into his room and take it away. After a few weeks, I saw that he was capable of pulling it off of his face if it ended up there and felt reassured, and he’s slept with it all night ever since.We now have three of this blankie, one for his crib, one for the diaper bag, and a backup that we keep in his closet just in case. We rotate them all and wash them regularly.He loved this blankie from the start, and would hug it while he slept at night. Up until about a month ago (when separation anxiety started in earnest), he mostly only used the blankie in the crib. Now at 11 months old, he wants to hold it sometimes when he is awake, too. He chews on the little nubs and will crawl around with it hanging from his mouth. When he sees the one we have in the diaper bag, he pulls it out and hugs it.This blankie was definitely a great investment! I won’t hesitate to purchase one (and a couple backups) for my next baby when he or she comes along.

Thelma Booneville, KY

Soft and sweet lovey/security blanket

I am shocked by the people out there who gave negative reviews to this product simply because they didn’t realize its a lovey blanket…not a blanket blanket! I mean, read the product description…it clearly states 14 inches! Its for helping a baby soothe themselves to sleep. Its a bonding/security item. And please remember that babies are NOT supposed to be put to sleep with a large blanket covering them!!That said, these security “blankies” are soft and adorable (we bought two of the brown bear style), and they seem well made. The ears are sewn on very strongly on the ones I have, and although other reviewers mentioned the ears fall off, this has not been a problem for me. The only reason I gave it 3 stars, is that it is clearly machine made in China, and made of polyester, so it doesn’t absorb scents very well because of the synthetic fabric. Now I knew this before I bought it, but they are inexpensive, so I thought I’d give it a try to see if it would help my frequently night waking 8 month old baby sleep in her crib. She has yet to get attached to it, and I’ve been trying for a month now. We hold it between us when we nurse, at nap and bed times, etc. But as yet, she doesn’t much care for it…and it doesn’t help her fall back to sleep in the middle of the night. Now she may just not be a “lovey” loving type of baby, but I think if it absorbed a mothers scent better it might be more effective in helping her self soothe. I wear it in my shirt during the day. I will likely be trying a similar item called a Peppa Bonding Doll which, although more than twice the price, are made of natural materials like cotton and wool so they absorb a mom’s scent better.

Ester Andrews, SC

Best Lovie Ever!!!

This lovie blanket is the best thing ever for babies/toddlers!!! My son has loved his froggy blanket since he was a newborn and it is the only thing he wants for naps and bedtime. Now he just turned 1 this month and his “Froggy” is still his favorite thing to cuddle. He won’t take binkies and won’t suck his thumb – this frog is all he wants for soothing when we put him to sleep. It’s ultra soft and my son loves the little tab things to chew and suck. I originally bought just the one for him when he was tiny, but I recently purchased the Angel Dear “twin pack” of frogs so I could have a few back-ups when his is in the wash or to have a spare in the car. Out of all the stuffed animals, blankets, and cuddle toys we have in our house, this thing is the only one he’s attached too! It’s so cute. He just lights up every time he sees his lovie! Great for teething too and has held up nicely. Washes great. Definitely recommend buying a few spares just in case. Best purchase ever!

Queen Ashland, IL

Poor quality

I am so sad to be giving this a 1 star review. My daughter has a dog blankie that was a hand me down, bought in 2010 that she loves. It is thick and durable. The quality of Angel Dear products has diminished to the point that this new one was washed once, before she could use it, and it now has a hole in it. This one is thinner and feels cheap compared to our 2010 doggy. What a shame. I am hoping Amazon will honor a return even though it’s been washed.

Jodie La Pryor, TX

A must for all children!

My daughter loves this!I got this at a festival and had is personalized with my daughters name on it! It is incredibly soft and very easy for my lil girl to hold on to. Love it!

Chelsey Mission Viejo, CA

So sweet and soft!

All of the Angel Dear lovies are very sweet. The reasons I love that my son’s lovie is this Owl: 1. These are easy to find – so we werw able to purchase a few back-up (good thing, we already lost one!) and 2. The way these guys are made, they are fairly thin in the blanket part. This is wonderful because I feel comfortable putting this in the crib with my son (with pediatrician’s OK). He loves to sleep with it directly over his face. Other lovies would be too thick for this to be safe, but with this owl, it works. Finally, 3. the Angel Dear lovies are really easy to pack into a bag or stuff into a car seat with your baby. They are small and packable! Plus, there are so many choices!

Sarah Port Jefferson, OH

Baby loves her luvie

I bought 2 of these, the puppy and the raccoon. My baby loves them and can grab and pull them easily. They are a nice size and wash and dry well. I keep one at home and one at daycare and everyone at daycare comments on how much she enjoys her puppy luvie. Would def buy again!

Rosanna Philo, CA

Perfect baby shower gift

This really is the perfect baby shower gift, even if the mother doesn’t realize it until later. I say that, because I received the monkey blankie as a shower gift, & though I appreciated it, I didn’t really think twice about it. Now, I’ve think I’ve bought about 7 of the exact same one. My son is now 3 and does not sleep or go anywhere without it. At about 9 months old, he named it "Bobby," and now, though we’ve lost quite a few, we always keep 2 "Back up Bobbys" on hand, haha. Think about how many children are attached to a blanket or a stuffed animal. This is the best of both worlds. My youngest son now has the frog. They are cute, come in a variety of different colors & animals, and are very economically priced. LOVE THEM!

Audrey Richland, MO

Adorable “lovey”

I ordered 3 of these blue lamb “loveys” for my son when he was beginning sleep training (Kim West’s Sleep Lady method). I am very pleased with the quality – very nicely made. The material seems very breathable (in case it’s anywhere near his face) and it’s very soft. I’ve washed all 3 of the lambs I ordered several times and so far they have been durable. My son is very attached! I would recommend this product.

Leah Arcadia, FL

Yes! Buy more than one!

There certainly is no shortage of excellent reviews for this item, but thought I’d chime in anyway. Why? Because it really is THAT awesome.First gave this to my son when he was a little under three months old. Already, he was grabbing it and hugging it. We quickly made it part of his bedtime and nap routine. He’s sleepy- we put in his binky and hand him this giraffe blanket and he knows it’s time for sleep. Now (he’s 5 months) he immediately grabs it to his chest and rolls onto his side to pass out. One suggestion, and I believe someone else said the same: ONLY give it when it’s nap/sleep time. Probably goes without saying, but it’s worth mentioning. Then, it becomes a conditioned response- “Oh, I have my blankie. Must be time to go to sleep.”They wash well, and just make sure, if you buy several, to always wash them together so they wear at the same rate. This may not seem important now, but it will in the future.

Amparo Vian, OK

One in every car

We have over a dozen of these lovies. There is one in every vehicle that my daughter (who is now 2) travels in. They wash well.

Deborah Wolfe City, TX

My favorite lovie

Very soft. Perfect size for tiny hands to grasp. Washes well.I bought one for my daughter four years ago and she still has hers. He is still just as soft and has been through everything. She absolutely loved it.I had to buy one for this baby.I also recommend buying two in case something happens to the first.

Helga Westminster, SC

The best “lovey” out there

I don’t know what it is about this brand, but it is by far my daughter’s favorite. We had received one as a gift when she was born and now that she’s 8 months old, she is attached. We had to find the brand and order another one so we can always have one ready to go. My only advice is to buy at least 2 of these things – you will NOT want to find out what happens when one is missing and your little one needs to go to sleep!Definitely plan on buying these for our friends as gifts in the future – something about this brand is magic!

Reyna Bluemont, VA

So soft!

I had to buy this as a replacement for the one I left in a hotel room. It’s so soft and a year size for my toddler!

Dolly Pierron, IL


Angel Dear is the way to go. They last forever and are very soft. And they don’t have a RATTLE in them like most of the other ones do. Not sure why something to sleep with would have a rattle. We have backups of each Angel Dear that we have in case they get dirty or lost because our children love them so much

Dolly Lynden, WA

loves it!

Soft, high quality. We have several that we rotate and she lovest them. Plan on getting another type for our new baby.

Leila Shawnee, WY

The best lovie!

We received ONE of these blankets for my daughters baby shower eight years ago. While my daughter wouldn’t be caught in public with it, she still loves to have it at home. The ears are almost gone, and it’s not quite so pink anymore, but it’s special to her.Did I happen to mention we got only one? Well the other reviewers aren’t kidding, get another one. We bought one backup, and after Grandma and grandpa lost BOTH in two days of them dragging her around San Francisco while I was on a business trip (BOTH of them, in two days, REALLY?) we had to purchase two more.They are super soft, affordable compared to many other lovies, and really cute. Highly recommended. I’m pregnant now with #2 and really having a hard time deciding which one we’re going with this time… Too many cute choices!

Dionne Elgin, MN

My son’s favorite

My son is only 6 months old but he loves his giraffe Angel Dear blankie. He attached to it around 3 months. He loves rubbing the soft blanket against his cheek. It has been very helpful while sleep training–hugging his blankie helps him go back down when he wakes up in the crib. I also like the small size of this–larger blankets worry me as he could get tangled in it. Will be adding these to all my baby gifts from now on!

Marisol Santa Teresa, NM

very cute and soft

This is a cute and soft product for a lovey. Unfortunately my son did not take to it, I might introduce it earlier to our next baby.

Marva Readsboro, VT

Loves to chew on it.

My son loves to chew on his blankets, so I bought him this to chew on instead. He loves it. He likes to grab it and chew on it and have it in the nook of his arm and lay there with it. Whenever I put it near him he grabs at it and chews on it. He loves it. It is nice and soft. Goes in the washer easily and doesn’t get messed up at all in the washer or dryer still nice and soft afterwards.I do have to watch him this this toy though because he likes to grab it and put the whole thing on top of his face and then has a hard time getting it off. He is 4 months old right now and likes to put everything in his mouth and sometimes while doing that with this toy it covers his whole face.

Rocio Melbourne, IA