Angel Dear Cuddle Twin Set, Brown Puppy

Angel Dear Cuddle Twin Set, Brown Puppy

“Share and share alike” Angel Dear’s new Cuddle Twins are a perfect gift for a new born. Two identical blankies are housed in an adorable, reusable box.

Main features

  • Perfect for newborn twins
  • Two identical Angel Dear Blankies
  • Polyester machine washable
  • Babies and mom’s love them

Verified reviews


marketed for twins; also good gift for a single infant

Bought “a bear and a spare” as a first “lovey” for my grandson. If he gets attached to it as we expect, he will definitely need an identical “back-up”, so this gift-boxed set of two is perfect. The front of the box reads “Cuddle Twins”, and the back and the sides also talk about being a twin, which I did not expect, but oh, well. I did quite a lot of research to pick out the perfect attachment item for my grandson, and the Angel Dear brand got many, many high reviews. It also comes in many styles and colors. I got the brown bear, and it is adorable. My son dragged around the same teddy bear for YEARS (or the identical replacements we had to buy whenever he lost one), but I like the idea of a little soft blankie with a cute animal head. It will be easy to hold, easy to pack in a diaper bag and easy to wash. Not too big for a newborn; not too small for a toddler. I’ll let you know how he likes it later.

Kris Elmo, UT

really cute and soft

Love that these come in a package of two. They are very soft and the bunny with the floppy ears is adorable. My little girl is only 2 months but she already loves looking at the bunny and chewing on it some!

Josephine Chili, WI

Best Lovie Ever!

This lovie blanket is the best thing ever for babies/toddlers!!! My son has loved his froggy blanket since he was a newborn and it is the only thing he wants for naps and bedtime. Now he just turned 1 this month and his “Froggy” is still his favorite thing to cuddle. He won’t take binkies and won’t suck his thumb – this frog is all he wants for soothing when we put him to sleep. It’s ultra soft and my son loves the little tab things to chew and suck. I originally bought just the one for him when he was tiny, but I recently purchased this “twin pack” of frogs so I could have a few back-ups when his is in the wash or to have a spare in the car. Out of all the stuffed animals, blankets, and cuddle toys we have in our house, this thing is the only one he’s attached too! It’s so cute. He just lights up every time he sees his lovie! Great for teething too and has held up nicely. Washes great. Definitely recommend buying a few spares just in case. Best purchase ever!

Mabel Corona, NY


My twins loooovvvvveeeee these. They have used these since they were a few months old. They love the little ridges and for the bunny its ears.

Carmen Uncle Sam, LA

I adore this!

I was shocked at the speedy delivery (less than 3 days) and am totally in love with what will become our daughter’s duckies when she arrives. They are the perfect size and so soft and light weight. Absolutely sweet and adorable and I love that there are two for when one becomes lost or too tattered.

Ladonna Mount Pleasant, TN

Adorable and washable little lovies for our little one.

These little guys are adorable. We bought extra to be able to rotate them through the laundry! We have the owl, but there are so many to choose from.

Madelyn Railroad, PA

The BEST baby blanky!

And I’ve bought a lot!Since she was 4m, she always tried to cuddle with her blanket, and I was concerned about her covering her face with it, and can’t breath…I tried a few blankies, and either they made noises (crinkle, rattle, squeak! ummm I’m trying to get a baby to go to bed?), the stuffed animal part was too heavy and she’ll hold it up while half asleep, only to have it come crashing on her face, the placement of the stuffie was in a weird position, so not enough ’blanky’ to actually use, not soft enough, etc etc.Well the pink bunny is absolutely PERFECT! She took to it RIGHT away, nap time, bed time, car ride, her blanky is there. The ridges on the blanky, the ears of the bunny, it’s just perfect to chew on, suck on, toy with.Only negative is that it starts to look dingy after just a few months… Even the wash don’t brighten them.. And it loses soft of its softness…My daughter is a year old…and so far I’ve bought her SEVEN of these blankies, the matching nap blanket, and the matching pillow!She does have reflux though, and so these go through the wash.. A LOT! Love them!And she looks absolutely adorable cuddling them too!

Ruth Chisholm, MN

Spare is a must!

I love that this set has two of the same so you can have the "primary" lovey and the "spare" for emergencies/ grandma’s house/ whatever. My autistic brother always needed multiples in case one toy couldn’t be found; I just wish they had these 7 years ago!

Viola Midway, AR

These are the best.

My daughter had the bunny for naptime at day care and the lambie for bedtime at home. Both were given to us as gifts. I bought these ducks for her Easter basket this year. Now she needs both a duck and her regular lovie for sleep. My older daughter has used hers every day for 4.5 years and it still looks great–unlike the Restoration Hardware one that has lost its ears or the homemade one that became unstitched. These are the best.

Edwina Cadiz, KY

Floppy ears are cute and baby loves to pull on them!

My daughter loves the bunny ones because she can pet the ears and also pull on them! She also has the giraffe and likes them both. Machine washable and just toss in the dryer and voila….they are like new!

Jasmine Bayonne, NJ

so soft

I love this lovey for my little guy – He likes the elephant especially because he can eat the nose and ears. 🙂 I like this lovey because the animal head is one of the corners, not in the middle like most I have seen.

Thelma Moosup, CT

Best loveys ever!

These are the best loveys ever! I have 8 of them they are amazing and soft and my son cant get enough of them. They wash well and dry well and don’t loose color and or shape. I love all their products and have rattles, the pacifier holder, curved pillow. seriously these loveys are very light and cuddly my son holds 1-3 at a time sometimes. Best buys!

Nan Willis, MI

son loves them

my son loves these monkeys. it’s great to have two so that one can go in the wash and the other is still available to be chewed on. 🙂

Marla Masury, OH

The best!

Super soft and cute. My baby’s favorite "blanky". I would love to give this as a gift, too! (2 pack is a must for when one "goes missing"!)

Autumn Crayne, KY

Our 6th and 7th Monkeys…

My son was given his first Angel Dear Monkey when he was an infant. We sent it to daycare with him and it promptly made it a favorite to snuggle and nap with. He also carries it around when dealing with separation anxiety. As he looses them every now and again, and I like to keep a few in rotation to allow for washing, we are ordering two more…

Jeannie Clifton, TN

Cute and perfect for twins!

These are great for our twins. They are really soft. We have the brown monkey set. The packaging is super cute and it would make a great gift. I also think it’s more affordable to buy them in this set rather than singles for some reason.

Cara Racine, WI

Two Monkeys

These monkeys are quite fluffy, durable, and convenient. Our baby loves them. I love that there are two of them, so we can wash one while he’s sleeping/napping with the other -OR- keep one in our diaper bag.

Antoinette Sleepy Eye, MN

Great Blankets

They are small enough that the little one isn’t carrying around a huge blanket, dragging it through the "mud". My little one is 8 months and holds it whenever he nurses and sleeps. It has been great. I also highly recommend the two-pack in case you "lose" one or need to wash one.

Michelle Bell Buckle, TN

Good deal!

2 year old daughter loves this blankie. She has 5. This double set is a good deal compared to buying a single one at a time.

Claudine Hygiene, CO


Love love love it!!! Our son immediately took to it. So glad we got the two pack! VERY soft material and it has these little notch things that he loves to play with.

Rosalind Sutersville, PA

Two is better than One

A wonderful Lovey gift to give & receive. One stays with the baby & the other in the drawer. When it needs cleaning, the one in waiting comes out for duty. Babies love them!

Teri Roseglen, ND

Love these!

I have twin girls, and these are their "loveys." We ended up buying one set for daycare and one for home, because they adore them! The girls love fuzzy blankets, but they liked to bury their faces in the blankets and that just scared me too much. They do the same with these, but these are small and thin enough that it doesn’t scare me. The girls use them every time they sleep!

Robyn Forest City, IA

BEST Lovies!

my daughter has 3 – pink zebra. learned the hard way and bought the extras for her. and now my son has these 2 adorable grey zebras. they took to their angel dear lovies so quickly! even the church nursery knows the lovies now and make sure that we don’t drop off my son without that lovie. that’s how much he loves it! haha. i always recommend these to friends!

Anne Linneus, MO

A perfect “lovie”

I love this line of security blankets, I had the giraffe ones for my first daughter and the second one loves the pink poodles! It’s easy for baby to hold and cuddle with these! She won’t fall asleep with out it!They wash well and stay soft, even the 3 year old ones are still in great shape! Makes a great gift as well, I’d highly recommend these!

Elda Mojave, CA

Best “loveys” for baby — and you really do need to buy at least two.

We received several loveys as gifts at my baby shower, but my child eventually bonded with his Angel Dear brown puppy lovey. No other lovey would do because "Lovey Puppy" was so soft. When Lovey Puppy was accidentally torn to shreds by my mother-in-law’s golden retriever, my child was devastated.Angel Dear no longer seem to sell the brown puppy lovey (I’m not sure why, because it was so cute), so I took a gamble and bought the twin pack of Angel Dear "Brown Bear" loveys from Amazon. When the package arrived just a couple of days later, he was so happy! Though the loveys were bears, not a puppy, it was the same color and felt soft, just like his Lovey Puppy did.Now we have two Lovey Bears, just in case one gets lost or needs a "bath". They wash up nicely in the washing machine, which is good because they do get stinky after awhile. We’re also careful to keep them out of reach when grandma’s real doggie comes to visit.If you’re considering these as a shower gift, these loveys are adorable, and the package is soooo cute. It’s also very forward-thinking to purchase the twin pack. New moms probably won’t think of this, but they’ll discover the benefits soon enough. (3-packs are also available for purchase with the cute name "A pair and a spare".)

Lila Patch Grove, WI

Cuddle Set

These are a wonderful gift! My son has about five of these now and loves them. He sleeps with them, takes them everywhere, and loves to chew on them while teething. They were a wonderful comfort my little guy when transitioning into his crib from the cradle and offer security wherever he goes. We have several because being white they do get dirty fast since my son is constantly carrying one with him. They wash easily though and hold up well.

Reva Phillipsburg, MO