Angel Dear Curved Pillow, Light Brown Puppy

Angel Dear Curved Pillow, Light Brown Puppy

Angel Dear Curved Pillows are versatile lightweight pillows with the sweetest faces. Machine washable with removable covers. Angel Dear Curved Pillows measure 17″X16″X4″.

Main features

  • Poly-Microfiber
  • Perfect for strollers, car seats and travel
  • 100% poly microfiber cashmere soft
  • Removable, machine washable cover
  • Matches our blankies and napping blankets perfectly
  • Not intended to be left in crib

Verified reviews


The perfect size for my son’s little head!

We bought this pillow because it matched my son’s lovey. We’ve been saving it for him for months because babies are not supposed to have pillows. At 11 months old, we decided it was safe to put it in his crib.He seems to love it and looks so comfy sleeping with his little head on it. Sometimes he even hugs it (along with his lovey) as he sleeps. So far, we love this little pillow.

Constance Ty Ty, GA

Cute comfy pillow…

Bought this for my baby when he was 6 months old. He started to like it a lot more at 10 months old when his interest in plush animals grew. It’s too high for him to rest his head on, but he likes to hug it and kiss it (or bite its ears) before falling asleep. I think it’s great that they have a raccoon design as the raccoon is not a common animal for a plush toy.

Patti Ruleville, MS

Too small!!!

I bought this pillow to use as an extra pillow for my almost 2 yr old son when traveling.. But when I got it out of the box, it was so tiny!! This was more like a stuffed animal toy than a pillow. Plus, like other reviewers mentioned, the Velcro on the side of those pillow was very rough and sharp. If I had decided to keep the pillow, I would’ve been concerned that my son would scratch his face on the sharp edges of the Velcro. I returned this item the same day I got it in the mail.

Millie Cleghorn, IA

Cute, but gets hot

Cute pillow, but it is a little warmer than expected. I was looking forward to my son finally having something in his crib (18mths) for a little extra comfort. A few times he has woken recently during naps sweaty from the material on the pillow. It’s so cute and cuddly, but I wish part of the pillow was maybe the traditional cotton/pillowcase type material.

Hannah Grenville, SD

4 month-old enjoys

My four-month old enjoys this bunny pillow. We use it in her crib only when she’s in there to watch the mobile while we get dressed etc. It’s a nice low height lift for her small head. She loves to yank on his ears. It’s very soft. We’re thinking of getting another!

Kelley Andover, MA

Perfect Toddler Pillow

This was the first pillow I bought for my daughter when she was 18 months old. She is 2 now and she still uses it when she goes to her grandma’s house over night. It was the perfect first pillow for her as she was learning to get used to sleeping on a pillow. Now at home she uses a regular square pillow, but she still loves this pillow. It’s gotten a little flat with months of use, but it doesn’t seem to bother my daughter. I also like that the cover is washable– overall, a great product!

Mary Aberdeen, ID

Cute & She Loves It!

After effectively transitioning my daughter from a crib to a toddler bed, I started seeing signs that she needed a pillow. She started cuddling with stuffed animals and other things and ended up sleeping awkwardly on them.So, I searched for an option that would fit well for her needs. This pillow is a great idea. It’s shape is perfect so that my daughter ca cuddle with it and feel more secure in her new bed. It’s incredibly soft, and loves taking her naps on it and even sleeps more soundly with it because she’s comfortable! I’m very grateful to have bought this product. She loves the puppy, and pets him all the time. She’ll crawl in bed early in the morning to cuddle and the puppy pillow is right there next to her. I am pondering buying another for her to nap on in daycare. I highly recommend to all parents!

Michele Maryville, MO

My son doesn’t go a night without his doggy pillow!

I looked for ages for a toddler sized pillow that was safe for my son. He was 12 months when I found this one, and until I did he was sleeping with a couple of his stuffed animals. When I put it in his crib, he immediately snuggled up with it, and he now sleeps with it every night. He loves his pillow!A nice plus, is that the cover comes off and is washable. This is important when he gets sick and gets boogies, throw-up, or diaper explosion fall-out on it… and it didn’t shrink in the dryer either.

Leticia Onaka, SD

I like it but my son doesn’t use it

Good quality pillow. Easy to wash the cover. Nice color and it looks very cool. Unfortunately, my son doesn’t think so and still prefers to sleep without a pillow. I hope it will change as it is a very cool pillow.

Savannah Sandy Creek, NY

Love this

Bought one of these and I love it. It’s actually really soft than I had expected. Cant wait for the baby to born so I can use it 🙂

Glenna Weston, WY

Great product

This is a great pillow and nice and soft. I like that you can get different animals and they are pillow cases, so you can wash them separately. It is exactly what was expected and seems to be good quality.

Geri Fontana, WI

My daughter loves this pillow! SO soft!

I gave this to my daughter shortly after her first birthday when I felt it was safe (before that I was concerned about SIDS so she had nothing in her crib) and she loves it! It’s SO soft. It goes perfectly with the little Angel Dear blanky. My daughter loves it and it’s the perfect size for her. 5 stars!

Francisca Lairdsville, PA

Great nursing pillow for petite women or toddler pillow.

This is the second Angel Dear curved pillow I own. The first was a baby shower gift 4 years ago. The fabric looks great still, the velcro has deteriorated over time, but that’s with numerous washings over the years. My daughter still sleeps with it. I loved using it as a nursing pillow because it fit well under my arm. The Boppy I had was huge and didn’t work for me, as I’m only 5’3″ and felt like it was way to big for my short frame. As she grew bigger, it made a perfect toddler pillow because it’s not too big. Other pillows lifted her head at too high an angle, where this one fit her small head better because it had been squished enough from my nursing that it was just right. I buy these for gifts, that’s how much I like them.

Grace Roach, MO

Why Velcro?

I really want to fully love this pillow, as my daughter seems to really like it, but the velcro on it is really sharp. Also be sure to wash it before using it, my husband through it in the crib without first washing it (which i was not aware of) and my daughter had a reaction to it. This would be 10 star if it had a zipper instead of velcro.

Margret Cleveland, NY

My son loves it

My son is crazy about those pillows. this is his second one. he eats with it, sleeps with it, hangs out with it. you dont see him without it. though I wish the washing was easier but still this is awesome!

Lea Depew, NY

Love it!

I give this a 5 star rating because it’s perfect for my LO who has reflux for me to prop him on this sometimes when doing a dream feed or when I just want to prop him a bit when he is playing, changing etc. He loves to cuddle in it. Now that he is old enough I do let him sleep with it, though this is not recommended by the company. My only tiny complaint is the velcro that is used on the back to close the seems together since you can take it off and wash it (it washes very well) the velcro is very prickly. So if he was to rub that on his face it could scratch him. It’s just important to inspect it and make sure the velcro is closed well.

Keisha Huntingburg, IN

Perfect baby pillow

This pillow isn’t just cute, it’s the perfect thickness for a baby. Our baby has been using it for a few months (he’s 8mos now) and it’s starting to be a bit of a “security blanket” or “lovie” and not just a pillow.

Margaret Battle Ground, WA

Toddler loves it

I bought this as a first pillow for my 19 month old daughter. She loves it! As soon as she saw it, her eyes got really big and she was all over it. It’s a great height for her and also very soft and plush. It’s a lot bigger than I expected too! I think it’s bigger than 9.5 inches if you follow the curve of the pillow and don’t measure from tip to tip. The only downside is the velcro. I’m not sure why they didn’t use a zipper instead because the velcro is a little pokey. I imagine it will get worse the more use it gets.UPDATE: Removed one star because within a week of use, the Poodle’s nose started to unravel. Not a big deal as it’s just cosmetic but didn’t expect that to happen so quickly. I’m sure it doesn’t help that my 19 month old likes to pick at it.UPDATE#2: It’s been about 4 months since I bought this item. My toddler is still in love with it and aside from the nose unraveling, we haven’t had any issues! The velcro got softer after a few washes and it’s still attached just fine. I’ve also washed the pillow portion once and it didn’t lose its shape or anything. Great product!

Callie Martensdale, IA

Angel Dear Curved Pillow, Brown Owl

sympathetic product; good material is soft and padded currently has and uses my son who is 1 year old, he likes, just the only thing you buy this product escoji owl and actually wanted was the cat form but so confused and ended up buying this confusion was mine, however the product is good.

Helga Sedgwick, ME

So cute

My baby loves sleeping on this cute pillow, and I love how the dogs face is sleeping too! Super cute pillow

Julianne Elko, MN

Five Stars

Purchased this almost a year ago when my son turned 1. He loves to sleep on this pillow.

Rae Woodside, NY

Good for cuddling

This puppy "matches" the actual pet of our grandson so he likes to "care for" and cuddle with this look-alike. Nice materials make him a comfy toy

Reyna Williston, OH

very cute, good for tummy time

So charming! Bought the raccoon for my 3 month old to help with tummy time, and it made a big difference! He doesn’t like tummy time, but laying on this helps hold him up, and the other big trick is to put him on this near the edge of the bed, and then I sit on the floor next to the bed, so that we’re at eye level. This pillow and that trick made all the difference!I agree with others that the velcro is rough, and the quality of the velcro and sewing is not amazing, but it’s just so cute I don’t care!

Bobbi New Castle, AL

good toddler pillow

it is my baby girl’s first pillow. it is very cute and soft. she is willing to sleep on it

Jana Geneseo, IL