Angel Dear Monster Blankie Security Blanket, Yellow

Angel Dear Monster Blankie Security Blanket, Yellow

Snugly soft Chenille security blanket they will carry everywhere. Very nice to the touch, you will want one for yourself. New Monster blankies bring humor and a fresh take on cuddly to our beloved signature gift collections. 14″ X 14″

Main features

  • Perfect newborn gift
  • Soft and cuddly
  • Machine Washable
  • Babies and Mommy’s love them
  • Measures 13″ x 15″

Verified reviews


great “lovey”

My son loves this and it’s super cute. It washes well and stays soft, plus it’s really easy for an infant to grab and hold onto.

Sue Albany, WI

Its amazing!

I got a duck one from friend as a gift and I love it. Then I found this in Amazon even make me happier and my baby love the monster orange ears shaking make him laugh!! The best product for baby because it is soft and safe for my baby put in his mouth without fuzzy falling off!

Laverne Rowena, TX

Our kiddo’s favorite

Love this lovie. We got two (this one and the robot) for our son who adores them. They have to be present at naptime, and I like how easy they are to wash.

Theresa Kaysville, UT

Great quality for the price

My son loves this lovey and falls asleep with it every night. It’s fairly big, very soft, and well-made. I like that it’s different from the standard cutesy dog or duck ones. The monster is too adorable!

Cathryn Orestes, IN

Baby Loves It

My daughter loves this lovey. She chews/sucks on the "ears" while playing and rubs the soft blanket part when she’s trying to go to sleep.

Lenora Harpersfield, NY