Angel Dear Napping Blanket, Light Brown Puppy

Angel Dear Napping Blanket, Light Brown Puppy

Angel Dear Napping Blankets are great for snuggling. Pair with our napping pillow or blankie.

Main features

  • Great for naptime and travel
  • 100% poly microfiber cashmere soft
  • Machine washable
  • Matches our blankies and curved pillows perfectly
  • Measures 29″X29″

Verified reviews


LO loves this blankie

I read lots of reviews and finally decided on this blanket for my LO and I am glad I did, he carries it all over and uses it for nap / bedtime and occasionally just to drag around the house with him 🙂 I bought 2 that way I would always have one when the other needed washed. I think I might buy a couple more just to have back up. There is one problem with these blankets is the stitching needs to be repaired, I have had 2 incidents where I had to repair his blankets… but they are still worth the money!

Kelley Enterprise, AL

Love these blankets beyond belief!!!

I absolutely love these napping blankets (and blankies!) by Angeldear. Obviously, they are super cute but they are also extremely soft, durable, wash well and, most importantly, my daughter loves them! We literally have 2 of the napping blankets and 3 of the blankies. We are never without one!!! She sleeps with the napping blanket during the day and with the smaller blankie at night but likes to carry them around with her throughout the day. This is going to be my go-to gift for all baby showers going forward!

Norma Ferndale, WA

super awesome blanket

All I can say is soft almost like velour. Perfect creation. Couldn’t get much better. This blanket is a must have. I ordered 2 more

Cara Caribou, ME

Bunny Foo Foo

My daughter started using the Angel Dear small lovies when she came home from the hospital. One was given to us by a friend before her birth. I bought this napping blanket and it is the only one of this kind we have but it is an essential at bedtime. It washes well!

Janet Lakeport, CA

Soft and Cuddly

Another beautiful angel dear product. This blanket is soft and cuddly, the colors are nice and it’s sure to be a favorite for many years.

Alisa East Templeton, MA

Love it!

My son is turning into Linus with his little blanky. We have two Little Giraffe blankies that he loves but I was looking for a cheaper substitute to add to the mix so I could wash them more regularly. I tried a few options and he wasn’t at all interested but he loved this one from the moment I took it out of the box. It’s super soft, washes really well and it’s really cute, too. Its a lot bigger than the Little Giraffe blankies, but it’s not a bad thing. He has a lovie and we can cover himup with it. We’ll probably add a couple more until Linus grows out of this phase.

Bonita Jackson, WY

Super soft and cuddly

My daughters love all the angel dear blankies – they are super soft, and durable- they survive many washes without falling apart or fading much.

Brenda Iron City, GA

Blue Hippo Baby Blanket

It is soft and cuddly. Our grandson loves his hippo and the little hippo head helps keep the blanket in place

Marquita Pelham, NH

Great size for toddlers. Very soft!

My son received this elephant blanket as a gift with his name embroidered in white which is very pretty. It is a very sweet gift. I have just bought one to give to a friend’s new son and will likely embroider the name in light brown to match the elephant’s eyes as I think it would show up better. The fabric is very soft. My other son was given the tiger and now they each have their own blanket. It is much larger than the blankie and can be used as a blanket at naptime or bedtime for toddlers.

Bobbie Hardy, VA

Our Son LOVES this!

My son has been teething and loves to chew on fabric. He absolutely loves his hippo blankie. From the moment I gave it to him he snuggled it and chewed on it. He can’t even nap without it now. It’s also incredibly soft, totally adorable, and easy to wash. A must have for a little one!

Graciela Long Branch, TX


I have to say, my daughter is OBSESSED with these “lovey” blankets! We have both the small sized ones and also the napping blankets and as she has gotten older she has fallen more and more in love with the big ones! Now she wont sleep in her crib with out it! We have 2. the giraffe and also the zebra. So similar colors and patterned.. this way when 1 is dirty she still has one to sleep with.I would HIGHLY recommend both the napping and the little angel dear snuggly blankies. ~ we use the small ones also for the car and leave the big ones at home.. but we put the big ones in the stroller with her too.

Tina Sussex, VA