Angel Dear Ring Rattle, Green Froggy

Angel Dear Ring Rattle, Green Froggy

Angel Dear Ring Rattles are great for tiny little fingers. Pair with our blankies, napping blankets or curved pillows.

Main features

  • Great for tiny fingers
  • 100% poly microfiber cashmere soft
  • Surface wash
  • Matches our blankies, curved pillows and napping blankets

Verified reviews



Great little toy for my baby learning to grasp things; he has the matching blankies and pillow, for $6 i couldn’t resist.

Elisha Badger, CA

great produce

I love all of the Angle Dear products. I have bought several things and these hold up so well. My son LOVED them and they are now in storage ready for the next one. They were washed several times and still so soft and cute. Highly recommend all their products.

Jennifer Deweyville, UT


It is cute for sure. I thought it was a good for when she had less motor control and would hit herself in the head with some of her other rattles. Nothing wrong with it as far as construction goes. Just didn’t do anything for my daughter. I like it way more than she does it seems.

Susan Esparto, CA

Sweet soft rattle

Such sweet rattles, and very soft. Perfect size for my son’s hands (at 3-4 months). He likes to chew on it and shake it around, and he doesn’t loose his grip on this rattle like he does with others.

Lilly Oak Hill, FL

We Love Froggy

Someone gave this to us when my daughter was about 6 months old. She’s been sleeping with it ever since. She loves this toy. She’s recently learned to throw her toys and she gets very very upset once Froggy is beyond reach. I’m about to order a second one so I can wash the first one since it’s starting to get a little grungy. I like that the rattle is very quiet, the fur extremely soft, and it’s the perfect size for her to grab. It’s comforting for her without being too big to be dangerous in her crib.

Marisa Pine Hill, AL

Love it!

This is the best rattle. I love the different colors and animals you can get. I have ordered a few of these. Great quality and a great baby gift.

Gwen Gallatin, TX

Super-cute soft rattle

I bought this rattle for my 4 month old son because he started taking a real interest in grabbing for things and liking rattle sounds. But I was concerned that with a hard rattle he would just bash himself over the head with it as he isn’t very coordinated yet!This rattle is perfect for addressing those concerns. It is a pale blue color, and the fabric is very soft. My baby finds it very easy to grab the rattle by the ring or the ears. He often ends up wearing it like a bracelet, although I have no idea if that is intentional!I love how I can just leave him with it and not have to watch him every second to make sure he doesn’t damage himself. I think there are lots of other animals in this range and I am sure that they are equally good. I have washed it with the regular laundry and it was fine, although I didn’t put it through the dryer cycle just in case.

Enid Wyatt, MO

I love all Angel Dear products!

This was another great Angel Dear Purchase. I have two of them love them since they are soft and my LO loves to chew suck and play with these.He got them around 3-4 months and loves to pass them from one had to another every night I see him doing it in the crib. Very good item to start as a security item when transitioning baby to crib. it’s small enough I felt I could leave in the crib with him at night without issue and very easy for him to hold. Easily washes in the cold water and dries in dryer doesnt loose color or shape. Great buy, as all Angel dear products are, their loveys are simply the best as well!

Maude Norcross, GA

Baby loves this rattle!

This is a great little baby toy. I keep it on the changing table as a distraction for my baby. She can hold it with both of her little hands and loves to play with it. Bonus for mommy – maching washable!

Leah Waikoloa, HI

So cute, but defective (probably just mine).

I bought this rattle along with the Angel Dear Blankie (Blue Elephant) for my baby. After handing this to my then 2 month old for the first time I noticed that the stitching in the head had broken and stuffing was spilling out. This is probably just a defect in my product; however, a children’s toy should be 100% safe and this was not.Had the rattle been safe I would have loved it because (PROS):- The blue color is great, its soft and not overpowering- The fabric is incredibly soft- The rattle sound is audible but not annoyingly loud (I loved this)- The ears, trunk, and ring give baby numerous spots to hold onto.Cons:- Really besides the seam breaking apart I really like this toy and wish I felt safe giving it to my child

Ester Toughkenamon, PA

Not so entertaining

This rattle may be a nice toy, but I find it’s not entertaining for my baby at all. My daughter ignores this rattle completely. I would say it’s well made toy and maybe other children find it interesting, but just doesn’t work for my baby.

Simone Fort Mitchell, VA


This rattle is cute but my baby has no interest in it. It doesn’t rattle much and little hands find it difficult to grasp. It’s soft but there are better rattles out there that are more effective I’m sure.

Felecia Treadwell, NY

soft and cute

this is very soft has a nice rattle sound and a cute frog. its still too wide for my 2mos old to grab so he hasn’t shown any interest in it yet. but i think (hope) he does. so not 5 stars. seems good (better) than other things he could put in his mouth.i.e. plastics etc…

Jennifer Oceanside, OR

So cute!!

Totally recommend these for your little baby! They are soft baby can grasp rattle easily and don’t have to worry about her hurting herself with hard rattles

Dionne Mc Caskill, AR