Angel Dear Robot Blankie Security Blanket, Fuchsia

Angel Dear Robot Blankie Security Blanket, Fuchsia

Snugly soft Chenille security blanket they will carry everywhere. Very nice to the touch, you will want one for yourself. New Monster blankies bring humor and a fresh take on cuddly to our beloved signature gift collections. 14″ X 14″

Main features

  • Perfect newborn gift
  • Soft and cuddly
  • Machine Washable
  • Babies and Mommy’s love them
  • Measures 13″ x 17″

Verified reviews


A great lovey for baby

Our one month old son has responded very positively to "Robbie" the robot lovey. The only problem is that his two year old sister likes it too, and keeps stealing it!

Tasha Whitharral, TX

Love these lovies

I got this one as a gift for a friend but my baby has the hippo monkey and dinosaur. She LOVES them. They are small enough to carry in my purse too. So snugly and lovable. I am pretty sure we sleep at night because of these blankets.

Marcella Luckey, OH

His "Lovey"

We ordered this after our son formed an attachment to the cow-version of the same product, and we knew we had to make sure we had a back-up for when the cow needed washing. They’re both for soft and sweet, and he loves them. They wash well and have put up with a lot of being dragged around!

Laverne Arnold Afb, TN


Someone told me to get a Lovey for my son before he started daycare, as a security blanket. I was doubtful, but actually, he is quite attached to it and likes to sleep with it, and it seems to bring him comfort. I have ordered three of these now, one for daycare, one for home, and one for my parent’s house. The robot is really cute, too.

Lorena North Franklin, CT

So soft and cute

A little different from the standard animal in a nice bright color. We have 3 of these, one for home, one for daycare and a backup.

Mindy East Dubuque, IL

love love love

Our baby dropped his out of his stroller on one of our walks. Luckily I found a replacement here. So cute. He loves his robot blanket.

Pam Riverside, NJ

Nice blanket

I bought this as a backup to my son’s current "lovie" and it serves its purpose. It’s made well and is very soft.

Gayla Key Biscayne, FL