Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor, White

Angelcare Baby Sound Monitor, White

Angelcare Sound Monitor It’s tough being a parent. You can’t help but worry about your baby every minute of every day, even when your baby is sleeping soundly. The Angelcare AC420 Sound Monitor is a great sound monitor at an affordable price. You’ll find the sound quality is crystal clear, and it also comes with a rechargeable mobile Parent Unit. In fact, everything you could possibly need to enjoy the experience of parenthood. Product Dimensions:3 x 6.7 x 8.5 inches

Main features

  • Full Color Digital Display – The easy-to-read screen on the Parent Unit clearly displays features such as Nursery Room Temperature and Sound Lights
  • Temperature Display – The greatest concern for moms and dads is baby’s safety, sleeping alone in the nursery. Your Angelcare AC420 baby monitor displays the temperature in baby’s room on the Parent Unit so you can see if it is too warm or too cold.
  • Portable & Rechargeable Parent Unit – Carry the Parent Unit with you from room to room for peace of mind
  • Nursery Night Light- A gentle little glow to guide you when you walk into baby’s room
  • Crystal Clear Transmission- This system operates on the 927 MHz and 2.4 GHz frequency bands

Verified reviews


No batteries!!!

The description says that batteries are included but I didn’t get any batteries. VERY DISAPPOINTING! Now I have to spend an addition $10+ to get batteries for it when I just spent $60! And Angel Care customer service was absolutely NO help at all and didn’t give a crap that their product didn’t have all the pieces to function. I can’t even say if the thing works or not because I haven’t found any batteries for it in any of the stores around here. It works as long as it’s sitting in the cradle but it has to sit in there just right. If it moves slightly it turns off. Then I have to jiggle it around until it gets power again and then wait 15 mins for it to find the monitor in the baby’s room again. It’s very frustrating and I will probably end up returning it.

Carey Lafayette, OH

Excellent quality and value

First of all, this is a beautiful monitor. I will highlight the what I feel make this monitor worth purchasing.I have compared this monitor with several others and after purchasing another slightly inexpensive one (Graco) and observing several others, I have observed the following:1) This monitor is beautiful. The monitor itself looks like a little angel with a halo. It is stylish and unobtrusive-that is, it doesn’t take up much space. The outside is a glossy, smooth white that is easy to wipe off. What is especially cute is that the ring around the monitor is a nightlight that is very handy. The little “wings” are the “on/off” button and the “out of range” notification.2) This monitor WORKS with little static.I can’t tell you how many monitors I’ve tried or seen that promise that they work without static, but ultimately give you nothing but static with some sounds thrown in. Personally, I don’t want to hear the sound of my baby’s breathing, the sound of the humidifier in the room, the sound of the neighbors arguing, etc. I want to hear my baby when she cries. That’s what this monitor does. It tunes out the extra noise and all you hear is the sound of your baby-down to the smallest grunt or whisper. The clarity for this price range is outstanding. Also, I have had no issues with static.3)Volume levels adjustable, channel control handy, temperature reading accurate.The volume is adjustable. I have read previous posters who noted there was a volume issue and I would contend that they may have forgotten to turn up the volume. You must turn up the volume when you initially get the unit as (at least mine anyway) appears to have been shipped starting at the lowest volume. There is also the ability to change channels of the receiver in the event that there is some sort of interference, which I have yet to encounter-and I have a lot of electronic devices in our home. Also, the temperature reading is accurate and reliable. We keep the baby’s room closed during the day and she is with us, so sometimes her room is a little warmer or colder than the rest of the house. It’s nice to be able to see the temperature and know that we either need to open up the door or she will be all right. During evening, when the temperatures drop, we can see at a glance if the room temp is okay.4) Rechargeable!Okay why they are still selling some monitors that work on battery alone is beyond me! This one comes with rechargeable batteries and electric chargers-so you can rely on your unit to work, even in the event of a power outage (thankfully!). One set of batteries is included, the second set is not.Cons:People have noted that there is only one monitor. Personally, if I wanted several monitors, I would have purchased one with more. However, it would have been nice to have been given the option to expand the set. However, the company does offer sets that come with the extra monitor, so if that’s something you’re interested in, do check that out.Overall, the value and quality of this monitor for the price cannot be beat. It is a good monitor that does the job admirably. It does not have video capability, but it is basic and operates with clear sound. This is a great buy.

Sharron Davisburg, MI

Happy with one, but not with two – cannot both run on the same channel

I’ve had this monitor for 2.5 years, as I first got it with for my older daughter. I have been pleased with the unit, that is still working after 2.5 years, had no downtime, has a clear transmission, and did not fail on us so far. It is easy to use, I do not find it difficult to change the channel (or do not have to refer to the manual like other users), and yes indeed the visual indicator is a bit flawed as you have to sit level with it but overall, the unit has been very functional for me.Comes my second child. I have purchased a second unit and was hoping to run them both on the same channel, so that we could use the parent units indifferently and have parent units in different rooms – something that I have always found would be useful. One unit for each parent in short. Well it turns out that if you put both units on the same channel, each nursery unit communicates with only ONE parent unit – not the both of them. And it’s not the unit that it came in the box with – it’s the one that is the closest. When I tested them I had the original nursery unit in my daughter’s room ; the original parent unit in the master ; the new nursery unit in the master ; and the new parent unit in the kitchen. The nursery unit in the master would communicate with the parent unit in the master ; and the original nursery unit with the new parent unit in the kitchen. And it changes depending on the range… so you might take a unit with you thinking you will hear what’s happening in the room where your newborn is, but really you’re monitoring an empty room because it switched…The only reason for me to purchase the same monitor was to be able to have one parent unit for each parent, otherwise I would have gone for a less expensive monitor (the v tech, that has good reviews). I am disappointed.

Robin Hetland, SD

Whoever invented the “snooze” button for a monitor is a genius!

I love this monitor. Using it for baby #2. It doesn’t pick up every little sound, I have no issue with interference, no white noise and best of all- it comes with a snooze button! So when my little guy wakes up in the middle of the night and to play for a few minutes, or fuss for a few minutes, I hit the "snooze" and in a few minutes it turns back on. Sometimes he’s more upset and I head upstairs- usually he’s gone back to sleep. Genius! Great for when your child is learning to self-sooth. Instead of my stomach being in knots listening to every squeak trying to figure out if he’s settling down or just getting started- I get peace and quiet for just a few minutes and then reassess. I’ve recommended this to MANY friends.Reason for lack of star- I unplugged the receiver in the baby’s room once to take it on vacation and the monitor gave us no indication the base had been unplugged. We thought maybe it had a battery, but it didn’t register any sounds. Made me a little nervous for a power outage.

Odessa Spring Glen, NY

Similar to the one we’ve had for 2 years…

We bought this hoping that it would be as good as the one we bought two years ago for our then newborn son. Well fast forward 2 years and we have another son on the way. We bought this to put in our 2 year olds room and moved the more expensive and feature rich one into the newborns room. The other one has the sensors that sense movement and help combat SIDS but notifying you when movement isn’t detected.This unit is every bit as good as the other unit. It’s just missing an extra mobile unit and the sensors.Range is awesome, knowing the room temp is HUGE, and being able to lock the mic off until a noise is made is the best feature of all. I hate white noise.Buy this with confidence. We’ve never had issues with interference with ceiling fans and the such like some have complained about.Good luck!

Lynne Kilbourne, LA

Best for the price!

The best for the price! No static! Say what? That’s right, you can have a great baby monitor for a good price that doesn’t have tons of static.

Vera Maysville, AR

Very good monitor

After much agony, I finally picked a monitor and have been quite satisfied with my choice. The pros really outweigh the cons and I feel good sleeping at night knowing I can hear my lil’munchkin.PROS:No static and we have tons of wireless systems at play in the houseReception is clear, I can hear every soundTemperature of nursery (although the reading is generous and off by 2-3 degrees according to the other thermometer in room)Easy to use and set upLight on baby monitor is great for those night checkupsHas a unique warning beep (diff from power beep) to let you know if yout LO has unplugged the cord from the base lolCONSParent monitor battery only lasts 2 days & that’s with turning off when not in use (it charged longer than required before 1st use too)Horrible beep you can’t turn down when battery dying

Valarie Glenpool, OK

Great Basic Monitor

We have used this monitor for 5 months now and have not had any problems. The sound is very clear and is very reliable for the price. It is also lightweight and small to use when travelling to Grandmas. However, we are about to shell out the big bucks to purchase a video monitor since our son is sleeping in his own room now and we would like to be able to see him as well as hear him. But if you are in need of the basic monitor for a great price, there are no complaints on this one!

John Tampa, FL

good middle priced monitor

We were using an old monitor that was given to us and it was working just fine until we bought a new house. The AC in this house and fridge and other mysterious things were interfering with the monitor and we had to just turn it off. We haven’t had one issue with the Angelcare monitor. It is incredibly clear and picks up the smallest noises in our sons room. I am very happy with our purchase.

Rhea New Britain, CT

Simple reliable unit

So far a reliable unit. The remote receiver charges quickly and picks up faint baby sounds, without static. The transmitter is placed several feet from the sleeping twins. Good unit for the money.

Blanca Lake Monroe, FL

Works through concrete walls

We have thick concrete walls, so I was worried about this working well. No problems here… and in the event you do loose a connection it clearly notifies you with its beeping.I wish there was a way to change the temperature to Celsius… Seems like a simple thing to add to the programming, but not a deal breaker. Also, if you’re one of those rare people who might want to know about its travelability, it’s not dual voltage, but you can run it off of batteries without needing the AC Adapter.

Earlene Rindge, NH

Great Value

We have been very pleased with this monitor. The signal is great. The temperature is fairly accurate. Glad we chose this over other pricier options.

Nora Chefornak, AK

Angelcare baby sound monitor = better than bacon

Normally I wait to use this type of product for awhile before writing a review. However, the events of this evening prompted an immediate review of this baby monitor. To sum it up, I am completely satisfied.Tonight, for the first time, I had the opportunity to use this baby monitor with our 1 week old newborn. She was asleep in her crib upstairs, and my wife and I were downstairs watching a movie. My wife went upstairs to take her contacts out, and a few minutes after she went into the bathroom, I heard a strange sound come through the monitor. Then, another sound – similar to the first, but longer. I yelled up to my wife to ask if she’d moved the monitor or gone into the baby’s room. She replied that the baby just farted and pooped.There you have it folks. The sound detection on this baby monitor is sensitive enough to pick up the sound of a baby farting and pooping, and broadcast it across my house, distortion free, in amazing clarity, with no interference. If it can pick that up, I’m confident it will pick up any amount of moaning, squealing, crying, or other such sounds originating from a baby. 🙂

Caitlin Wolf Lake, MN

Great range!

Used this at my parents house that is almost 5,000 sq. ft and didn’t have ANY static issues at all! It was awesome. We loved it so much we are actually buying the movement monitor due to our little one turning into a tummy sleeper. He hates sleeping on his back.

Lea Marietta, NC

Love the features!

We don’t use the monitor much, but every once in awhile if we want to go outside. Has a great range on it and love that I plug in both monitors and not eat up the batteries!

Holly Cocolalla, ID

Excellent Monitor

This monitor does exactly what its supposed to do, so – no complaints. We can walk anywhere in the house or in the yard and can still hear what’s going on in the baby’s room. You can adjust the sensitivity to your preference (we had to tone ours down a bit, because the bathroom was next to the baby’s room and it would pick up everytime the door was opened or closed). My favorite part is the thermometer because we have a northern facing room so there are some temperature fluctuations throughout the day so I like that I can keep an eye on the temp in there as the day progresses.

Eliza Raymondville, TX

Works very well!

We use this when our granddaughter naps at our house. It works very well. Sensitive and has good range. There does seem to be a slight delay with the sound activation (maybe a second) from time to time, but not a major problem. That’s why 4 rather than 5 stars.

Rena Glasgow, PA

Does the job in most situations

In most cases, this monitor works fine and does the job. The only exceptions:1) When I’m drying my hair or showering while baby is napping, the volume is not loud enough for me to hear his cries or whimpers, and it is not sensitive enough to pick up his small sounds for me to just watch the sound indicator.2) It’s hard to see the volume/sound indicator unless you’re looking at it straight on.To use overnight or while in another room doing fairly quiet activities, this will work great for you!

Marlene Shirley Mills, ME

Best monitor EVER

We LOVE Angelcare. This monitor is so great. The nightlight is perfect for my boys and the light is a soft light so its great for night! Also the reach on this monitor is FOREVER! We live in an end unit of a townhouse and we tested its reach, we can go around the surrounding townhouse buildings, and in and through them and still have a clear sound. I love the volume option. And the temp is nice for summer and winter when you live in WI and have freezing and hot humidity. All of my neighbors and friends have now bought this monitor as well because when my baby is napping and we meet in the yard my monitor is the only one that doesn’t have to sit in the just the right spot.

Janine Guthrie Center, IA

best monitor

bought this monitor to replace one i got at my baby shower.. wish i would of gotten this one first.. works great.. sound crystal clear

Alice Sodus Point, NY

Great baby monitor

I have owned this monitor for 2 years and it is a life saver. I can easily monitor my babies room temperature and listen to make sure she is sleeping fine. I would recommend to anyone

Hilda Blanco, OK

Finally no crackle!

We’ve tried the Safety 1st and Fisher Price baby monitors. Both were either full of static or actually crackled and popped during the night. The Anglecare is clear as a bell and only turns on according to the noise sensitivity we set it to. The temperature indicator, which is also the indication the base is in contact with the receiver, has been accurate to the degree.Pay the money and get this one, it really is best one out there.

Deanne Springfield, OH

Works great!

We bought this to replace a Fischer Price monitor that worked for about 1.5 years and then started having static all the time. It is GREAT! I am not a monitor super user per say but I do use it twice a day (nap time and bed time) and have been so pleased. No static, the battery always stays charged, looks nice, easy to use, etc. We went from 2 monitors to 1 and I thought I would miss the second one but I don’t at all – the battery never runs down on the first one. I would purchase this again in a heartbeat.

Ruth Center, TX


We love this monitor. It WORKS. It never fails unless your baby changes the channel when you aren’t looking like ours has a few times. 😉 he is about a year old though so he is old enough for that kind if mischief. 🙂 We highly recommend it! The clip works great on my pocket or whatever and we like the night light feature once in a while when it’s just too dark. Really, no complaints! Bonus feature: our son LOVES to wake up from his naps and mosey on over to it, turn the night light on and off and babble into it. It’s so cute! 🙂

Shanna Kingston, WA

not bad for the money

Needed a (relatively) cheap audio only monitor for the Mother-In Law’s house. This fit the bill perfectly. You can adjust the sensitivity of the sensor base (the part that stays near the baby while they sleep). Once the baby’s cries are louder than your setting, then the speaker activates on the receiver. Nice nightlight function. I like that it also has a switch to turn off the "out of range" alert. Belt clip is useful.Just as a notice though – there is a recall for the version of this that comes with the baby mattress pad movement monitor.

Noemi Killarney, FL

Gives you a little freedom!

Great product, the range is good as I use it when I need to walk out to the garage (unattached). Them temp is a great feature.

Caryn Plattsburg, MO

Crystal Clear

I haven’t had this unit for long, but I can honestly say it works great. I popped in the batteries as instructed, turned on and I was all set. No complicated setup. The default channel worked fine for me and was CRYSTAL clear. No static. No interference. Just clear sound. I tested it by placing the monitor at one end of my house and walking with the receiver to the opposite end (outside really). Still sounded great. The night light is easy to turn on and off and isn’t overly bright. The receiver comes with rechargeable batteries and the monitor is primarily powered by a wall outlet. However, you can put standard batteries in it in case the power goes out and the unit will switch power sources.Overall I am very happy with this unit and now I can get things done outside and around the house while my niece is napping without worrying about not being able to hear her.

Melinda Southampton, NY

Nice monitor

I have been using this monitor for a year. It has a good range. Sometimes I get interference but I just turn it off for a min and turn it back on and it works fine. I love the fact that is state the temperature because in my son’s room it gets colder than in mine so I know if it gets too cold there.

Gina Yukon, WV

Great monitor

Even in our small home where the baby’s monitor and ours aren’t a far distance apart, I’ve rarely heard static. It has a sensitivity dial for the microphone that allows you to hear more or less of baby’s movement. I also like having the thermometer to be able to make an objective decision about what the baby may need clothing wise. I have been very pleased with this–nearly all the monitors I’ve used in the past off the shelf from Target or Babies R Us have been junk so I’m glad I did some research and went with this one.

Tameka Montesano, WA

Best baby monitor I have ever used.

We live in an apartment building in the city so my child sleeps with white noise. I love that this baby monitor only transmits sound when there is a change in the volume so I don’t have to listen to her white noise all night long. It has pretty good range, lots of channels and you can change the sensitivity. I also love that it is rechargeable and it displays the temp of baby’s room.

Leanna Northford, CT