Angelcare Bath Support, Blue

Angelcare Bath Support, Blue

The Angelcare Bath Support takes the worry out of bath time. This is the new way to wash and pamper your baby. Designed for comfort and safety, the bath support assures that your child’s hygiene is maintained with a clear water and easy to rinse bathing process. No baby should have to sit inside a tub of used water, with this new product we can provide a supply of clear water to wash and rinse your child with a worry free bathing process.

Main features

  • Hygienic and Mildew-Resistant – The mesh material allows water to drain easily from the bath support and dries quickly
  • Use Directly in Bath Tub – Easy to use on daily basis, you can place it directly into your bath tub
  • Ergonomic Design – Ergonomically designed for your baby’s comfort and safety, with soft-touch material that is gentle on baby’s delicate skin
  • Easy to Store – Includes a loop at top so that you can hang it up for convenient storage
  • Durable, Lightweight Plastic -Designed to keep its shape over time

Verified reviews


Not deep enough

We tried to utilize this bath support to bathe my infant twin grandchildren, 8 lbs and 12 lbs. My daughter-in-law will not use it after discovering it is not deep enough for her to feel that the babies are securely held, and it holds very little water. She ended up buying another mfr’s brand that cradles the baby much better. This is advertised up to 30 lbs, but I am skeptical that a baby that size would even fit.

Caroline Antimony, UT

Great Bath Support!

The Angelcare Bath Support is really a nice support for baby. It has a very lightweight, yet sturdy design that doesn’t feel flimsy. The base has a non-slip ring around it to keep it from sliding around, even in tubs with no mat or strips. The way it holds baby is fantastic, the mesh is firm, yet soft, so you won’t have to worry about pressure points making the baby uncomfortable, and the mesh makes sure that baby doesn’t sit in any pools of water. There isn’t else to say abouts it, it’s a great design and there’s nothing not to love about it.

Gussie Corinna, ME

Perfect Fit

Over the last 4 months I have been looking for the perfect bath support or tub in preparation for our little girl. I came across this product in a magazine and after reading positive reviews decided it was worth a shot. Although she’s only had 4 baths and we are new to being parents, I couldn’t imagine a better product for bath time. The mesh is great for quickly rinsing all of the soap off of her, and she seems very happy and comfortable with the feel of it on her back.I did see one review where someone was concerned with their baby falling off of the support, and I have to say I could never see that happening. There is quite a nice pocket in the mesh for baby and it is soft and flexible, also the lip at the bottom holds baby in even better. Very nice product!

Kristin Avinger, TX

Safe and durable

We have owned several baby bathers and this one I like the best so far. My biggest issue with bathing and bathers is safety, and I absolutely love that this bather feels very safe. The baby craddles securely in the blue mesh area, with his or her bum nestled down and the gently raised area in the front securely keeping them from sliding out. The base is large and sturdy and the angle is just right so that their body can be at least partially submerged without the fear that the head could get submerged. Overall, I find the bather to be very well designed, with both safety and comfort in mind.

Antonia Raritan, NJ

Baby approved!

Our 3-month old had outgrown his in-sink tub, so we decided to try this in our regular sized bath tub. The first night we used it, he was all smiles! Importantly, I also feel that it is safe yet allows him to kick around and splash a bit, so he seems to enjoy it more than the sink tub (Puj tub). Plus, there is enough room for one parent to get in the bath with him if desired. Storage is easy by hanging it from the hook on the back, and it dries quickly. It’s well made and isn’t as large and ugly as other infant bath items. Wish I had this when he was just born! It will likely last until he is 6 months.

Laura Rogerson, ID

Pretty good seat

I really like this seat, it seems comfortable for my son & mostly I like that you don’t have to worry about a mesh material smelling like mildew after its dried. It has a hook so you can hang it on a shower caddy or door hook & doesn’t take up floor space when not used.My son loves that his feet are in the water & he kicks & splashesThings I don’t love which can’t really be fixed:The rubber material gets cold when it gets wet before baby goes in, it’s always a little shocking for him but I quickly warm him up w the washcloth, or you can lay them on the warm washcloth.I find it hard to wash baby’s bum, if I pick his legs up to get to it, he slips down, I lean him forward over my forearm to wash, now that he has control over his neck & head.I prefer it over the mesh seats!

Lauri Union Star, KY

Super amazing for 3 months to 6 months

Our son uses this in the bath and everywhere else. On the dining table top and our office living room, backyard outdoor sofa. he sits with us everywhere we go. Other people’s children’s tried it they enjoyed it. This is all around best supporting product for a our son so far.

Sydney Goldfield, NV

Love it, especially if you bathe with your child!

I purchased one of the highest rated baby baths on Amazon that has a cloth “adjustable and removable” swing (I’ll let you use your imagination as to which one it is!), and I hated it. The cloth never dried fully, and to be honest, my baby pooped on the cloth and it was really gross–it stuck on the cloth and floated in the isolated tub. YUCK! Although my child can still poop in the tub, it can float away in the adult tub and is easily cleaned off the plastic Angelcare (which for some reason he hasn’t done…yet). I sit with him in our tub, and use the Angelcare to hold him, while I take care of his bathing needs. It works out perfectly. I have also used it without me sitting in the tub, and again, it works wonderfully. He loves it! He’s to the point that he wants to roll and explore the water. I don’t let him go too far, but it gives him just enough freedom that he can explore the tub. One thing to think about: my baby has very strong legs, and can kick the bottom of the tub and the tip of the Angelcare to the point that he has the ability to fling his body up and over the top of the bath support. Just something to watch out for. Otherwise, it’s the only thing I want to bathe my baby in.

Aurora Waterford, CT


This is the best bath ever.We had the kind with the hanging canopy for our older daughter, and I always had to have a hand on her or she would have fallen off. This is great because it is so sturdy, but also very comfortable because the blue part has some give. Our baby loves bathtime, she is so happy and comfortable. She gets to be in the water as much as is safe at this age and is very happy there. I think when she is older it will also allow us to bathe our two girls together because we can have the water high enough for our older daughter. Perfect.

Katina Marshville, NC


Love this tub. I have always used the whale tub but now that I have this I would never go back. If you need space then this is the tub for you. It is compact, modern looking and works like a charm. I have a toddler and newborn and need to bathe them together and by myself. I fill the water to the water limit line – it is lower than my two year old likes but it still is plenty deep. I put my toddler in the tub first and then my I put my newborn in this anglecare tub. It holds him so securely – he doesn’t slip down and you don’t need to hold him in place. Its the perfect tub. It is on the smaller size so I definitely think he will grow out of it around 5 months or so, but until then it is wonderful.

Anita Sebastopol, CA

Too low for bathtub!

I was so excited about trying this, but it only fits in our tub. The angle is awkward and we only use it when both of us are able to hold her and wash.

Marquita Union City, OK

Nice bath, wish I could use it longer.

So far I like this bath support. The main reason for four stars is that it says it supports up to 24 inch babies. Well, my little man was born at 22 inches and was already 23 inches less than a month later. It seems like it would support him well past 24 inches but apparently not, so I don’t expect to get much more use out of it. I like that it has a water line to prevent overfilling in the tub, and I like the material. It’s a little difficult to get him out of the support though.

Holly Gilbert, IA

LOVE this bath support!

We have had two other infant bath seats, both were horrible compared to this. I really wanted to put my kid IN the bathtub, not have a separate gigantic bucket to bathe them in. This seat is so perfect. The padded one mildews easily, and, as any experienced mommy knows, warm water relaxes our sweet babies and they inevitably poop in the tub during bath time.Well, poop just rinses right off these! they are non slip so baby stays in place well, you dont have to worry about mildew, and it is light! And much smaller than those big old tubs they sell. We love it, my babies love it. Totally worth the price!

Sadie Lipan, TX

i love it.


Florence Mount Pleasant, TX

Started Amazingly

I really loved this when my son ( now 9 weeks old) was born. We put him in here right away and he never slipped, was very supportive, easy to clean, dried quickly. My son reached 24 inches at 6 weeks though and he definitely does not fit any longer. His balls are totally squished but he’s only 9 weeks and doesn’t sit up on his own so I think I just have to hold him in the bath until he can :/

Lillie Stoneboro, PA

Love it

Practice and comfortable!!! It’s the best idea to your baby in the moment that he or she needs to take the shower and help a lot when he or she is your first baby

Shannon East Williamson, NY

Buy this instead of infant tub!

Wish I would have bought this instead of infant tub. Perfect for newborn up to sitting. Our 7 month old still uses in tub because he’s not quite sturdy enough to sit in tub. Selling infant tub, keeping this for next baby. Highly recommended!!!

Amy Laneview, VA

easy to use

easy to clean, easy to use. it even has a safety line so you don’t overfill the tub with the baby in it. you could easily hang it up with a suction cup hook on the side of the tub. the blue "mesh" is a nice hard plastic, but it is soft and covered in a slip-resistant coating so baby doesn’t slide down too much. i am impressed with it because you can use it in the sink when the baby is a newborn and then for many months in the tub

Daisy Hopkins, MI

Perfect bath solution

This is the perfect bath solution if you want something that holds baby but lets him be immersed in the water. I didn’t like how hard the Fisher Price bathtub was once you take out the newborn sling and it kept a lot of him out of the water. He’d always try to roll out of it to get in the actual bathtub. So when I found this, I thought JACKPOT! And it’s been great. He’s now 9 months and 22lbs and he still fits in it.

Rosalinda Oil Trough, AR

Momma’s Helper

I love love love this bath support! Our daughter is now 5 weeks old and takes baths daily. We first used it when her cord fell off at one week old. Although she has a very stable head this bath support would be great if her head is still wobbly as the curve of the tub cradles her head. She was also 22.5 inches at birth and there is still plenty of room for her to grow and use the bath support. She sits right in the bottom of the support and her legs hang off the bottom. In our tub, which is standard, the support fits width wise across the bottom of the tub. This helps so that baby can see momma while bathing. She feels 100% secure in the tub and is happy at every bath time. I am happy too knowing that she is not going to slip and knock her head if my hand is not on her at every second. This support has been heaven sent since I can give the baby her bath without an extra pair of hands. That is probably the biggest sales point of this product!! Instead of a huge production number to give the baby a bath, especially in the early months where they cannot sit on their own, one person can bathe the baby by themselves. Love it!Some of the positives I found:-holes in the back allow for water to drain leaving baby pretty dry at the end of the bath-holes in the back are smooth and do not mark the baby’s skin-rubber along the bottom of the support prevents it from slipping-hook at the top to hang dry

Mavis Sweetwater, OK

You only have baby bath tub issues if you buy the wrong baby bath tub!

We got this as baby shower present and it’s been fantastic! It’s the only bath object we’ve used with our now 4 month old. I’ve never had to deal with slipping or other baby bath issues. Other mom friends are now on their 3rd or 4th bath item (first they used the sink flower thing, then the infant tub, etc etc). Once my daughter’s cord fell off, we went straight to this and she’s loved it. It’s supportive and looks comfortable. It also dries quickly so I have zero concerns about mold or mildew. She is 96th percentile in height so her feet reach the ground now and she can place them flat and push on them, squirming around. But we’re planning to keep this until she can get out of it or sit up unassisted.

Raquel Turkey, TX

Holds the baby nice, but doesn’t fit in my kitchen sink.

This holds my baby nicely and she doesn’t slip. The bottom has some rubber, so it is not slippery either. It’s design allows for quick drying and easy cleaning. It is light-weight, and can easily hang on a hook. The only downside is it doesn’t fit in my large kitchen sink, which would make bathing easier. I think it is easier to use for a not newborn baby. When my baby was very new, I did not like to use this product; I preferred to give her a sponge bath.Unlike other baths, you have to give your child a bath in a tub. I like this, since it has other benefits. The portable baths are much larger, heavier, and harder to clean.Overall, it is nice.

Annette Lake Bronson, MN


This support is really comfortable especially for the wiggly babies. I wish it had something to keep a little bar of soap on the side, though most people might have body washes for the baby.It has a rubber line all around the bottom to help keep it steady. I have an old tub that tends to be too slippery sometimes and this bath support (since it is not really a tub) didn’t slide.I was concerned about the `anti-slip guard’ being too rough on skin but it is not. Also, it is very easy to clean. After the baby is bathed and dressed, just rinse the bath support with warm water and be sure there is no soapy stuff in the holes of the guard. Using a baby body wash might help keep it clean easier since the soap can get into the perforations building up scum.The support is a bit higher than the average baby bathing tub (near 9″ tall), but like any others, you use it for a while and then store it for the next one. It has a little loop in the back to make storage easier but I really don’t have a nail just for this.Overall is a good idea, good design, but a bit on the pricy side for what it is. Hope this review helps.

Ada Mascot, VA

Awesome Product

This item was purchased for a baby gift it was highly recommend by a friend for the mother to give a baby a bath safely in a tub.

Ines West Chesterfield, MA


This bath seat is so comfortable. My little one loves sitting in it and loves bath time. As some other reviewers suggested I purchase a command hook to hang it in the shower. It hangs so nicely after bath time so I don’t worry about it getting mildew.

Loraine Underwood, MN


I was so nervous to bath a newborn but this has been a dream. After one bath my 3 week old loves bath time!!

Rosemary Fort Washington, MD

You won’t regret buying this

I love this seat. So does my baby. I like I can use it in a big bath tub. Instead of those tubs that hold water in the seat themselves. Easy storage, I hang it on a hook in shower. Easy cleaning. If I have another baby I can reuse it. No foam or any material that will collect mold or mildew.

Willa Shawnee, OK

Wish I had gotten the 1st Years Tub…

I put this on my Amazon registry based on all the wonderful reviews. However, I wish I had gotten the 1st Years tub as it seems it would last longer, it’s cheaper and uses less water. I have to use this in a large clawfoot tub which uses a lot of water to fill it up, plus bending over to reach my baby is hard. I also don’t feel like my baby is very secure when she is in it.

Jennifer Tarlton, OH

Works great and baby loves it!!

This tub does its job wonderfully and is well made. Baby likes it and it is great fro sink or tub washes! Recommend to any new parent in need of washing assistance for their little ones!

Vickie Arendtsville, PA


This bath support makes bathing my baby really easy. It is simple to keep clean, and he is able to stay warm while in the tub. I would definitely buy this again.

Janna Jefferson, PA