Animal Planet 2 Count Strap Covers, White Tiger

Animal Planet 2 Count Strap Covers, White Tiger

These cute, animal themed strap covers protect the child’s neck and chest from being uncomfortably rubbed by the seat belt or carrier straps. Your purchase of this product benefits R.O.A.R, Animal Planet’s project to help make the world a better place for animals.

Main features

  • Lighly padded with soft cozy fleece fabric
  • Protects child’s neck and chest from being uncomfortably rubbed by the seat belt or carrier straps
  • Velcro closure makes it easy to adjust and/or move from stroller to carrier
  • Made of washable material
  • Your purchase of this product benefits R; O; A; R, Animal Planet’s project to help make the world a better place for animals

Verified reviews


Three Stars

My son (13 months) can too easily take these off. Wish they came with snaps instead of velcro.

Olivia Chandler, AZ

Poorly crafted

These are kind of cute, kind of creepy. The elephant heads are poorly sewn on and I am just waiting for them to be pulled off. The material they are mounted on is really soft. The width is alright for most car seats and strollers but I tried them on our ergo carrier and they were much too thin. The price was nice but its almost worth paying a little extra for better quality.

Bobby Letart, WV

Cute Strap Cover

Very cute strap covers, bigger than most strap covers that come with the carseat or stroller, soft and comfy, my only complaint is that the velcro is not one long piece. Instead it’s two small pieces which make it come loose from time to time.

Amber La Mirada, CA



Mai Fergus Falls, MN

Works well!

The velcro isn’t the best – it’s small so a little tricky to line up and easy for a 2-year-old to mess up and pull off on her own, but we really like these. She never kept the Britax ones on her straps, but would wake up with a dent in her neck from naps. These, she loves and gets very excited to have them on her straps! Soft and cuddly.

Imelda Zimmerman, MN

Didn’t know it was for 1+ years

I had no idea this was only for kids 1+ years old. Wanted to use for my newborn (coming soon) guess I will have to save them for later. Very cute tho and good price

Joni Sandy Hook, CT

Looks wierd

I purchased this because I liked the colors and thought the elephants look nice in the picture but was disappointed when I received it. The elephants basically look like little rats and the colors are not as nice as they look in the picture.

Cara Oakland, MI

Easy to pull off

The Velcro strips are very small and are no match for a 6-month old who likes to grab and pull things. The lions are cute and the fabric is soft, but we only use these when our other strap covers (which have a full strip of Velcro) are in the wash. I recommend the Eddie Bauer monkey strap cover over these.

Dixie South International Falls, MN

Love the elephants

My 15 month old loves these on her car seat straps! She kisses them and makes elephant noises. It helps entertain her while we’re driving.

Taylor University Of Richmond, VA

Not for newborn

These are nice but not to use when you have a newborn. They’re pretty long so it won’t fit in the straps of newborn seat belts. They are really soft looking forward to using them when my baby is bigger.

Daphne El Reno, OK

Cute, but not high quality

We got these to go on the 2nd car seat we finally caved and bought… They are cute but the ones that we got at target for the first seat were better quality and had velcro that ran the full vertical length of the strap cover. these just have one little square at the top and one little square at the bottom. The material is pretty thin too, but luckily these don’t take a lot a heavy wear so I think we’ll be ok!

Jeanine Mccurtain, OK

So Cute

I bought these for my daughter’s new car seat. I love them. They are so cute and I love the white tigers. They go on easily and stay one. I would def buy again.

Iva Marathon, IA

We love these…..keeps babies head up

I have used these with both of my kids. It helps to keep the car seat straps from rubbing on their neck/shoulders and provides extra support for new babies. My newborn son’s head would sometimes fall forward because of the way his seat fit into our car. We could not do anything about how the base fit, but these provided enough support to keep his head back in the seat for a few weeks until he got stronger! I recommend car seat straps for kids newborn-2!

Aileen Barnum, IA


These are cute and soft! They do work to protect baby’s neck, however the Velcro tabs that are sewn on are pretty weak and not attached well. Within a week of wiggling and putting the car seat straps on the Velcro tabs have fallen off rendering these useless. I could sew some more Velcro on but that was the point of BUYING this item.

Angelique Attalla, AL

Cute looking covers

It looks really nice on the car seat straps. very soft. Only prob would be that once my baby is bigger, he will pull the covers off easily. The velcro straps on it are very small. To remedy this, one can easily stitch more velcro on it.

Christine Timber Lake, SD