Animal Planet Neck Support Pillow, Perfect for Car Seats and Strollers, Plush and Soft, Machine Washable, Lion, Brown

Animal Planet Neck Support Pillow, Perfect for Car Seats and Strollers, Plush and Soft, Machine Washable, Lion, Brown

Animal Planet Baby not only embraces the incredible bond between baby and animal, but ensures future generations the same opportunity by donating a portion of all purchases to R.O.A.R., Animal Planet’s non profit organization dedicated to helping make the world a better place for animals around the world. Great way to teach your children how special animals are, and what we need to do to protect endangered species.

Main features

  • Designed to comfortably support sleepy heads
  • Perfect for use in car seats, strollers and more
  • Soft and plush fabric and it is machine washable
  • Intended for children 1 year and older
  • Makes naptime fun

Verified reviews


Not what I needed

This is very very cute but it just doesn’t fit my daughter’s neck. She was very uncomfortable and wouldn’t leave it on for a second. She’s small for her age and is only 2 1/2 so I would recommend for at least a 4 or 5 year old. It is also a nice quality. Not too much fluff and not too little either.

Juliette Woodinville, WA

Not worth it

I was bummed but this product did not work at all. The mane fell out all over the place. The back was too thick so my daughters head was forced forward in a bad position.

Rosanne Chatham, NJ

Very cute, a little too big for my child

We got this for my then 13 month old for a trip to Florida by car from NJ. It wound up being too bulky and firm to put behind his head. When he gets older, I can see that it would work nicely for use during long car rides. It did serve a nice purpose of entertaining him and giving him something to play with during the car ride. He also like snuggling with it in his car seat. It is very cute and is nicely made.UPDATE – 1-14: As my son is now 2 1/2, this has come in handy for some long trips in the car. It supports his head well and makes me feel a lot better than seeing him back there without his head drooping and bouncing around. On shorter rides, it continues to amuse and entertain him from time to time.

April Quakake, PA

It’s like a baby Boppy Pillow for tummy time!

I wasn’t looking for neck support for my 2 month old, I was looking for a little floor pillow to use with his playmat for tummy time. This thing is PERFECT!!! I bought him the Animal Planet Elephant. If it doesn’t get good ratings for neck support they should change the use of it! It’s soft and cushy and holds baby up to play with toys and see himself in the mirror. It’s also not too much stuffing and they can fall asleep comfortably on it. LOVE this item for tummy time! Change your marketing strategy, other moms will buy it for this purpose!!!

Joann Pella, IA

Well Made and Soft Feel

My son is glad to have this item in his stuffed animal collection (which seems to be getting bigger by the day!) It is soft, has held up well and hasn’t caused any allergy issues. As a traveling pillow though, he wouldn’t leave it in place for very long.

Aida Deposit, NY

Nice neck supporter

I got the lion and noticed how the hair tickles my daughter’s neck and face. The threads came off after a week of use. The material is very soft and cozy, the idea is great, only if the execution were of great quality, too.

Luisa Painter, VA