Animal Planet’s Big Tub of Dinosaurs, 40+ Piece Set

Animal Planet’s Big Tub of Dinosaurs, 40+ Piece Set

It’s a simple fact: kids love dinosaurs. And this dino-packed set from the folks at Animal Planet delivers the goods. Various prehistoric critters roam this simulated landscape, which is replete with palm trees, ponds, and spooky-looking rocks. The set is even portable, so when you’re ready to reenact extinction, simply fold it and go.

Main features

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  • 40-piece set
  • Plastic dinos and accessories
  • Dinosaurs come in several shapes and sizes
  • Storage tub

Verified reviews


Really cute gift

Round about December 22nd, my three year old daughter started telling everyone she was asking Santa for a dinosaur for Christmas. This was a surprise because A- she’s the most feminine child ever, and B- I had long since finished my Christmas shopping and wasn’t planning on buying another thing. However, I didn’t want her to lose faith in Santa and ended up searching Amazon to see what I could come up with. This toy got my attention because it was a whole host of dinosaurs with a mat for them to "play" on. My daughter loved it! For weeks she would get it out on a daily basis to arrange the dinosaurs on their "terrain." From a girl’s perspective, it’s really cute in that there are small versions of the big dinosaurs included, so kids can group "mommy" dinosaurs with "baby" dinosaurs. She doesn’t get it out quite as often now that it’s been a few months, but when she does she’s every bit as delighted. And the dinosaurs are such high quality, I know my ten month old son will be enjoying it in no time.

Maricela Scranton, KS

$30 for 20 small to medium dinos, trees & small bin

2 stars for bad marketing & items missing. We received as a gift, so our annoyance is probably moderated. This review is for product misrepresentation.– Only received 1 out of 2 volcanoes.– Image provided with the expressive boy in red shirt is completely misleading. There is no “play mat,” but rather a thin piece of rectangular plastic that is more like an over-size disposable place-mat. Only large enough for half the pieces. The scene is completely different from that image. The real image has none of the detail.– “Rocks” are completely useless three-sided thin pieces of grey sides, thus no bottoms and sometimes missing a side altogether. Only received 10 out of 12, but not really missing them.Half the dinosaurs are very small (1-2 inches) and the other half are more medium range (3-6 inches). Some people commented of the usefulness of the names printed on the undersides, but we have encountered 2 other brands that provide the same labeling, so that appears to be a given with a variety pack.The use of the big names “Animal Planet” and “Toy R Us” should be a tip-off. Over-priced small dinosaurs, 6 trees, and a small plastic bin.

Corine Hampshire, IL

Fun but smells toxic

I got this set for my 4 year old and he loves it. The dinosaurs are colorful and there are a lot of them to arrange on the little background. I am happy with the number and look of the dionos, trees and volcanoes. However I give it only 3 stars because the background is small and very flimsy, and the set really smells bad. Every time we open the box there is a very strong unpleasant plastic smell coming from inside the box. Not sure if it’s the box it’s-self or the contents. I thought I would air it out a bit so I left the lid off over night, but when I entered the room in the morning the whole room smelled terrible from it. I really don’t like the idea of my kid inhaling the fumes of some unknown plastic chemicals each time he opens the set so it now stays open and stored in the garage. We play with them outside and they work fine for that.

Laurel Blackstone, IL

Cute, not too bad for a 3 yr old.

I bought this set for my almost 3-year old son. He likes them okay, I’m thinking we’ll get more play out of them later. The mat is pretty small, but cute (it’s just a plastic sheet), and the assortment of dinosaurs is adequate. I like having a storage container for the set so I don’t step on dinosaurs!

Lelia Beverly, MA

Great set!

I bought these for my 2 yr old for Easter, and he loves this set! It’s a great deal and comes with a ton of dinosaurs (and love that the name of the dinosaur is printed on the belly!). The "mat" that it comes with is a cheesy piece of plastic and not to scale, and we rarely use it, but a great value just for all the dinos and the storage bin.

Jocelyn South Waterford, ME

Great Toys For Learing and Imagining!

So the container they come in is a little hard to open and close for small children but no less the fact that it comes in it’s own organizational container is very pleasing. The bottom of each of the dinosaurs states what dinosaur it is a model of. I use a set of flash cards with information about the dinosaurs in combination with these dinosaurs to teach my son while we play. These are nothing more than dinosaur figures but they are very accurate with no odd color combinations like purple with pink spots or something silly like that. They are made of hard durable plastic. I think they are slightly expensive for what they are you can buy similar products at the dollar store but those products like the educational value of these ones. Overall, I would recommend these my son finds them fun to play with and they stimulate his imagination. I only give them 4 stars because they are slightly expensive.

Hallie Carlisle, MA

Perfect for little one.

Purchased for our 2 year old grandson and he loves the dinosaurs. He doesn’t have much use for the plastic play mat or the rocks, but plays a lot with the dinos and trees!

Theresa Bluff Dale, TX

3 yr old loves it

My son loves to play “dino world” just about every day!! The tub is great for storing the set & theres plenty of room for more things. We keep a bunch of blocks and small cars in there to add tothe scene and creative play. The mat it comes with is kind of a joke , lasting maybe one day. But that’s no reason to not buy this.Like others, we purchased thise elsewhere for MUCH less than the 60-something Amazon is currently selling it.

Theresa Bonita, LA

Awesome tub of dinosaurs for all ages!!

Comes with 20 dinosaurs, 12 small rocks, a large volcano, a medium sized volcano, 6 trees, and a play mat. This set is great. I would prefer more dinosaurs and less rocks, but oh well. It is still great. My three and a half year old loves playing with this set. The play mat is actually pretty cheap, but my son doesn’t seem to care. It is made of really thin plastic and doesn’t stay open all the way since it has been folded. Once you put all the dinosaurs on it, though, it stays down just fine. All the rest of the stuff is high quality and the tub is great for keeping everything together. Just for size reference, the brachiosaurus is 6 1/2 inches tall, and this is the biggest dinosaur in the set. I’m really happy with the size of all the dinosaurs. I was worried that they were going to be kind of small, but they are a perfect size.

Lynette Raceland, LA

doubt i would have bought if seen in person

The tub of dinosaurs and trees are pretty cool and abundant. For some reason i thought the floor lay out jungle would be something more than cheap plastic similar to a disposable childs bib.

Jewel Wellsville, NY

Great set, but playmat is already in the garbage

As I am wtitng this review my 5 year old son just re-discovered this set, since I had it at the top of the closet. He can play hours with this great quality dinosaurs he got for his b-day. He had a few more, big and small ones that he just added to this set, so it is pretty amazing what he does when he’s playing with all of them. The quality of the mat is awful, but you really don’t need the mat for this set.

Kate Mechanic Falls, ME