Annabel Karmel Fill and Freeze Puree Pops

Annabel Karmel Fill and Freeze Puree Pops

Fill & freeze puree pops.Set of 4 single-serving, multi-colored mini popsicle moldsIdeal for making frozen treats from pureed fresh fruit and pure fruit juiceAlso great for helping soothe sore gums when your baby is teethingEasy-to-hold handle for babies and toddlersMade of BPA-free plastic; dishwasher safe

Main features

  • Set of 4 single-serving, multi-colored mini popsicle molds
  • Ideal for making frozen treats from pureed fresh fruit and pure fruit juice
  • Also great for helping soothe sore gums when your baby is teething
  • Easy-to-hold handle for babies and toddlers
  • Made of BPA-free plastic; dishwasher safe

Verified reviews


Perfect size for momsicles

EACH POP HOLDS 1oz.I’m a mother of three and one is a baby. I use these pops everyday for “momsicles” (frozen milk in pop form). It’s difficult to entertain a baby all day long and she will sit for 20 minutes TOTALLY happy with one of these twice a day (7 months now and has been using every single day since 5 months). I have used them for milk pops mostly, but also freeze food for her to eat too.They don’t leak at all when filling and they don’t leak when the baby sucks on them because of the nice large rim around the bottom. I have been worried that the bottom holder will crack, but it never has, besides I usually freeze them apart anyway. I never separate these when they are frozen; if you plan on separating them, do it when they’ve defrosted. Another reviewer didn’t like the rim around the bottom because she says it traps mold. I have not found this to be true at all. We put our parts in the dishwasher and no other cleaning is required… in all the months we’ve owned them.Update: We’ve now had these pop molds for 1 and1/2 years. One of the pieces did break a few months ago (because i tried to separate while they were frozen). All of the pieces are still in perfect condition (aside from the cracked “teeth”) and have no other sign of wear and tear. I still give these to the “baby” who is now about 2 and it entertains her for approximately 3-4 minutes FLAT! Not as much time as it used to. She has recently stopped having momsicles because she’s a “bigkid” but LOVES frozen water pops! 🙂 Still no complaints about leakage or drips, or mold. We still wash them in the dishwasher with a regular cycle…

Kathi Columbus, KY

Hard to release popsicles

The size and shape are great for toddlers, but I found it very difficult to pull the popsicles out once they were frozen. One went flying across the room because I tugged so hard, smashing the frozen juice all over the place. Next time, I’m going to run a little warm water over them before I try to pull them out.

Jeanie Pegram, TN

My Kids 2 & 8 LOVE these!

I got these because my son loves popsicles and I wanted to make healthy ones for him with fresh juices & fruits. These are so easy to use and make, and have to say that they work really well for us and product is very durable! My son enjoyed these so much that he got his big sister into it too – she enjoys making them herself with her friends! I also give them to my nephew when he visits – which he loves because his is teething! Highly recommended for all ages!

Melody Hebron, NH


Saw this item in a children’s catalog and thought it would be good to use with my daycare kids. We LOVE them!!! Great size for little kid’s hands and mouths. Much safer than the traditional large stick popsicle molds. Even easy to use with my infants and sooths with teething discomfort. I plan to purchase more of these when the summer months come around, so we’ll always have frosty goodies in stock!!

Rosario Mill Springs, KY

Yes, it breaks easily 🙁

Great concept but bad execution.Even though some people complained this product broke after minimal use, I bought it anyway because it really is the perfect toddler portion size (1 oz). The handle on each pop is big enough for my 19 month old to grip comfortably and the lip is wide enough to contain any melted juice (hence the 3 stars). HOWEVER, the teeth that keep the four molds together are VERY fragile. Remembering the other Amazon complaints, I treated the molds with kid gloves. I was extra careful washing and assembling the mold before filling. But when I CAREFULLY tried to pull a frozen pop mold away from the other three, one of the teeth snapped off and sailed into the air. 🙁 UGH! Yes, I can still use it, but I won’t take the chance of remove a single mold to run it under warm water–kind of defeats the purpose IMO. For the price paid, this is extremely disappointing. The plastic is much too brittle once it’s been in the freezer and I cannot see these molds lasting longer than a summer without the help of a lot of crazy glue.I say skip the Annabel Karmel fill and freeze pop molds and buy theTupperware Ice Tupps Popsicle Makers Freezer Molds New Colors2 oz molds instead.

Lynnette Butternut, WI

Great product, very easy to use

I purchased these to make our own popsicles from homemade smoothies and both my 4 yr old and 2 yr old absolutely love them. Great product, high quality materials, very easy to use.

Robin East Leroy, MI

GREAT for toddlers!

Thank you annabel karmel! These are great for the toddlers! I run an eco-friendly home childcare, so these BPA free pop holders were right up our ally to make homemade organic juice pops or smoothie pops. I bought a different set and the children couldn’t hold them! These are great. The tray of 4 comes apart for easier storage and takes up less space, although sometimes is breaks apart when trying to get them out, I still like that you can toss one single one in a cooler bag for a trip to the ice cream store for mom and dad (or teachers) and also to take up less space in an already too crowded freezer. The handles are perfect size for little hands, are fun colors, and even have little grips on the inside for ease of holding. The pop size is also a great portion before the major drips and mess start! Would recommend for any parent, teacher, or caregiver!

Germaine Cottage Grove, OR

I love this mold.

My 10 month old daughter is a picky eater, but eats the entire popsicle when I make them. I make mine out of pureed fruits, with no added juices or sweeteners. It’s been a great way to get her to eat, and they are the perfect size. I do get a little nervous b/c her face around her mouth gets super cold and red but I guess if it bothered her she wouldn’t eat it.

Kristen Solomon, KS

Love love love these!

These Popsicle molds are just the right size for my 12 month old twins. We make smoothies each morning and put the leftovers in these pops for dessert later. Because they’re small, they freeze quickly. I didn’t have any trouble with them breaking as other reviewers mentioned, and actually love that you can snap them apart and back together again. Serving size is about 1.5 ounce per pop.

Ida Monument, CO

great, no breaks like other comments

this is perfect size for my 2.5 year old. we fill these with berry yogurt as a treat and she loves it. the size is not too small for children under 5, in my opinion. also, i’ve read complaints about the molds breaking, i haven’t had any problems. i do not, however, have all four pops attached/connected to each other as we only use one ‘pop’ at a time and therefore avoid the twisting action which is probably what causes breaking.

Geneva Bismarck, AR


My toddler loves these. They’re just the right size so that he doesn’t get bored in the middle and put it down someplace and make a mess. I’ve used it to freze milk for my baby to use as a teether, which he loves.It is super convenient to have te base come apart. It makes washing the pieces a breeze, since we don’t have to wait for the whole tray to empty before we can refill. Everything goes through the dishwasher with no problem.I came here today to try and buy some more for a friend. I hope they get more in stock soon!

Eileen New Holland, SD

Dinner-time POPS

We love these pops. I use everything from yogurt to pureed baby food to juice in these, and my kids LOVE them. They are the perfect size for baby’s mouth. Our girls get these as treats for finishing their dinners, and they are a hit every single time. Yes, I did have a few of the plastic snaps break, but it still works so far. And if you have trouble getting the pop out of the container, you just have to run more warm water over it. It is frustrating to pull out only the handle, but that means you didn’t warm it up enough to loosen it to release the pop. I have fixed this with a little warm water on the handle and then refreezing it so it sticks again, then ensuring to warm them enough to pull the pop out. I’m going ot buy some more of these soon. They are a great idea and design!

Dianne Lexington, IL

Perfect for making popsicles

We purchased this item a few months ago. We had been using one of those mesh feeders to give our baby “momsicles” and frozen fruit, but this looked like a much better option. Our girl is 11 months old now and we like to freeze both fruit purees and fruit/veggie blends in these ice pop molds and give them to her at the end of dinner to keep her occupied so that we can finish our own meals.They hold 1 oz each. They are easy for a baby or toddler to hold and are surprisingly un-messy. We make pops on a weekly basis in these molds and have not had any issues with them.

Angelica Lamona, WA

Perfect for babies and small children

I have two of Annabel Karmel’s cookbooks and I really like them, so when I saw that these were offered by her I ordered them without hesitation. I am so glad that I did because we love them!! I have used these molds to freeze juices and purees and my kids enjoy them so much. Initially, I ordered these for my 8 month old baby, but my 7 and 4 year old saw them and were excited to try them too. I now use them all the time to give my kids a healthy treat. They are so easy to use and they will occupy the baby for a while in her highchair. She is teething now so they are a perfect treat for her. The handles are the perfect shape, so they are very easy for her to hold. She will almost never drop them. I like that the base can come apart into four singles pieces. I simply snap them apart and run the popsicle under warm water for a few seconds to loosen the popsicle out of the mold. The only thing is, after you snap these apart they do not stand up in the freezer unless they are all connected. You cannot just pop one or two in the freezer and expect them to stand up. This does not bother me though because my kids go through all of them right away and then I immediately make more. Also, the tops snap in really well so there has never been a leakage problem in the freezer. They freeze up pretty quickly too. The handles and base are dishwasher safe so the clean up is very simple. It also takes me two seconds to clean the cavities out by hand in the sink if I am going to refill it immediately. My kids and I love these so much that I think I may need to order another set!!

Paula Washburn, ND


It’s 3,5-4 star product. It’s cute and makes cute popsicles.Pros:- big handle for little hands – easy to grip and hold,- popsicles are small – think it’s great size for infants / toddlers,- except for one attempt when they were not frozen all the way through, it’s not to hard to take them out of the forms,- washing is a breeze.Cons:- filling them is a little messy,- big part of the frozen mush is stuck under the handle part, making i hard to get out (had to use pointed steak knife…)

Pansy Oakland, MS

Good idea but yea, mine broke, too! Uggg!

Ok, so I read the reviews and still ordered this product. I thought I’d be gentler on these and thus they would not break. Ummm, well, they broke! That said, they still are really cool. I love the concept and the shape of the handle because it’s super easy for my baby to hold onto, even when he was just 6 months old. These were great to put fresh fruit purees in and I could give him one while I got his bottle or meal prepared. I still use them but they don’t click together anymore. I think they broke the second time I used them, which is pretty lame quality-wise, and they don’t stand up in the freezer unless they’re linked together. This product needs some adjusting and it has the potential to be great.

Barbra Healy, KS

great for teething

I used this in the summer and for teething. My baby loved the cold when she was hurting. I could also use anything I wanted, so less or no sure- coconut water, apple juice, plain water, etc.

Lois Orwell, VT


My kids love these. I would put juice and sometimes fruit in these and the kids loved them. I just needed to buy more than one, since they eat them all up.

Nan Homeland, CA

Love this!

I love these! They are the perfect size for my sons 17 month old tummy, and they are very sturdy and well made. I make fruit smoothies with frozen strawberries, frozen blueberries, orange juice, and a banana. A glass for me and a glass for him and there’s just enough left over to fill these up and stick them in the freezer. So much better than store bought “fruit” (aka: sugar) pops!

Grace Jefferson, ME

love it

I had a set of 4 but could not keep them frozen quicken enough for my little guy he would eat one right after another. I needed to order another set. I wish I would discovered these sooner. They would work great for a teething baby. You can put water in them or I use baby food. My son is 2yrs and loves them. They fit his hand great and they are small enough he eats it all gone before it melts everywhere.

Alberta Glen Burnie, MD

Love them so much, I’m ordering a second set…

I recently bought these popsicle molds for my 10.5 month old daughter. I tried using regular popsicle molds before, but they were much too large and she gagged herself. These are a perfect baby/toddler size. They hold 1 oz each, and the “stick” part of the handle is only about a half inch long, so she doesn’t gag on it.So far we have only tried a mango smoothie mixture, which is a blend of frozen mangoes, whole milk yogurt, and coconut milk. (Check with your pediatrician before giving a baby coconut milk.) The molds only hold a few spoonfuls, so I drink the remainder of the yummy mixture myself.Our only problem is that 4 popsicles are not enough. She loves these so much that she cries for more after she finishes the first one. Since she eats 2 at a time, we only get 2 servings from the tray. I am ordering another set so I can make and freeze more at a time.

Hannah Destin, FL

Good product. Wish they had a larger size.

Really good for babies and small kids. The handles are great, catch drips easily, and are fun colors. For really young kids (up to 1 year maybe), the 1 oz size is perfect. I really wish they made a 2 oz size as well. As it is, I just always expect to have to give my 2-year-old two of them. Also, I experienced the problem mentioned several times before, that if you separate them while frozen, the pegs that hold them together will break.That all being said, these are still the best pop molds I’ve been able to find for little kids. I’m sure in a few years we’ll graduate to Tovolos, but for now those are way too big for my kids.

Susana Spencer, IA

Perfect for tiny 14-month old fingers

Reasons these are the perfect toddler pop molds:1. The handle is the right size and weight for little ones to grasp onto2. The popsicle stick has holes so that the ice freezes through the handle (preventing the pop from slipping off of the stick)3. They freeze within about two hours4. The popsicles are easy to remove from the tray, just run under warm water for 30 seconds5. Can remove one at a time or all four, the tray separates for your convenience6. Eye catching colors, fun for kids and easy to distinguish which child has which color7. Dishwasher safe8. There is a small reservoir to help hold the drippings9. The child can rest the unfinished pop on a table, the handle allows the popsicle to be propped up away from the table surface10. No ten, but the list can’t just end at 9- that would be crazy.

Loretta Rising City, NE

Broke after 1 use!

I should’ve read the other reviews more carefully before buying. I’m surprised there aren’t more 1 star reviews! Like many other reviewers, the teeth that hold the four molds together broke off when I tried to take them apart, even after I was supercareful and gentle! AND, the stick broke off when I tried to take one of the popsicles out of the mold! So now I have 3 molds that don’t snap together and therefore no longer stand up. It’s unfortunate because the size was perfect for my 22 month old, and she loved the first batch I made. It doesn’t spill either when she’s eating it. However, some of the popsicle is stuck at the bottom where she cannot reach it with her tongue, so I have to scoop it out with a spoon. Off to try something else…

Vanessa Goodspring, TN