Annabel Karmel Freeze Cube Tray

Annabel Karmel Freeze Cube Tray

Freeze tray lets you freeze and store your freshly prepared baby good.Includes (9) 1 ounce food spacesEasy pop-out designDishwasher safeBPA freeIncludes recipes to make your own child’s food!

Main features

  • Includes (9) 1 ounce food spaces
  • Easy pop-out design
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


Nice Tray.

From the picture it looks almost like a see through green tray for the bottom. It isn’t which to me is good. It is more of a rubber product that makes it easier to pop out your cubes of puree. The only thing is that there isn’t a line inside the product to let you know where to fill it to, but I assume it should be 3/4 full to allow expansion. The top is a hard plastic top so that you can stack these in your freezer. Very helpful. I did wash in the dishwasher, and put it on the top shelf. It doesn’t specify if you can put on the bottom shelf, but I didn’t want to chance screwing something up. The container and top came out fine. No shrinkage or warping. Very happy with the product.

Gayle Stephenson, VA

Msut have…so easy to use

I simply love this item. I make my own organic vehhies and fruit mixes. Currently we mix veggies, fish and rice or potato, in the blender it goes. I own theHamilton Beach 54615 Wavestation Express Dispensing Blender with 48-Ounce Jar, Blackand poor the food right in the cubes and in the freezer they go. They come right out the next day. Very easy to clean. I bought a second one to make fruit as well. I initially purchased theVital Baby Press ‘n’ Pop Mini Freezer Pots, Orange, 1 Ounce, 8 Pack, they are a pain and only make 1 oz. These are a gem and a must have. By the way, did you know that babies that are fed store bough jar food become the most picky eaters, because they are watered down so much, the poor kids are not use to flavor.

Winifred Moscow Mills, MO

Hard to remove when frozen

I bought this tray because it’s cheaper than the Beaba brand tray. And the reviews made it sound like the food easily pops out. After freezing some pureed peas in it, I had a really hard time getting it out of the tray. I thought the food would come out easily, but no such luck. I had to run it under hot water until the edges defrosted a little and then push the frozen puree out by turning the tray inside out. Wasn’t as easy as I had anticipated it to be and my hands got really cold from dealing with the frozen tray for some time. I popped out all the food and stored them in a plastic bag, like ice cubes. There was no way I could get just one out at a time.The cover doesn’t seal like a Tupperware would, where you would feel confident that if it dropped or fell over, that the cover wouldn’t pop off and the contents spill out. The cover is pretty solid, so you could easily stack a few of these trays on top of each other. That wasn’t a big deal to me though. But if you’re concerned about odors getting into the food, then it’ll probably be a problem for you.I’m actually really disappointed in this tray, although I’ll continue to use it because having frozen cubes of food on hand is still convenient.

Cheryl Eckman, WV

Freeze Cube

I LOVE this cube. I wish I bought this when I first began to make my twin girl’s food. The cubes were a bit difficult to get out at first but you just have to wiggle it around to get it out. I highly recommend it to any mom who wants to make their babies food ahead of time. I only wish it had more than 9 cubes and I had bought more than one.

Dorothea Santa, ID

Great for making baby food in larger portion sizes

I love that these trays make the bigger size portion, closer to the size of stage 2 or 3 jars. I got these once my baby got bigger and I didn’t want to use multiple cubes from the ice cube size trays. I find them easy to use, as far as removing the cubes once frozen to store in freezer bags. I just press the bottom of the cube, and out they come:)

Tameka Summerfield, OH

So useful and convenient!!! Takes the stress out of freezing infant food.

These are so great! I have 4 of them and use them all the time. I was freaking out about making/storing my own baby food, but these nice, bendy trays made life a lot easier. They have a tidy, attractive, compact appearance that make them fun to use and easy to stack in the freezer. Also, because they are kind of bendy, it isn’t as hard to get out a single serving as I was thinking that it would be (if that makes sense). The serving sizes are huge for a baby just starting solids (like mine) but I think that they seem to be about equal to a jar of baby food. I recommend getting a book of simple baby food purees and a bunch of farmers market veggies, then freezing away!

Nell Ruthville, VA

Not practical

I totally agree with the prior reviewer (All Aly). This product is very cute but not at all practical. I have been making food for my baby for months now. I ordered this product several months ago because of the BPA free feature. I wanted to very much to love this product. I have used it several times but every time it fustrates me. The cubes of food would not pop out easily, even after running under warm water. Also the lid fits poorly, does even have a decent seal on the product. Definitely not worth the price. I tried the covered OXO Tot baby food freezer tray and found that much more convenient. It releases the food cubes esily. I like to transfer the frozen food cube into freezer bags for easy storage and it works really well for me.

Michaela Fremont Center, NY

good for its intended purpose

I was looking for a non-plastic option for freezing my babies’ purees. I wanted to have silicone with a lid to keep food from sloshing around while it froze. This silicone mold worked perfectly and for a better price than the beaba system. Food pops out really easily if you run the bottom of the mold under a little warm water. The only thing that can be improved is the lid could fit better. The lid definitely does not seal, but for my purposes, it worked ok.

Adriana Driftwood, PA

Love love love love

I can’t say enough about this wonderful product. I bought 4 of them, and they are fantastic. I’ve frozen pureed squash, green beans, applesauce, carrots, and other vegetables. They freeze perfectly, pop right out of the molds with just a small amount of bottom pressure, and the lids are perfect for allowing stacking. I will recommend these to every mom I know that plans to make her own baby food.

Alisa Adams Center, NY

Very difficult to pop

I froze rice porrige in this tray, and it was almost impossible to take it out! Not only the frozen liquid stuck to the silicone, due to the soft material, the frozen liquid buldged in the middle of the tray, making it impossible to pop it out. The only way to take the frozen food out of this tray was by flipping the cup inside out, which took a considerable amount of force and time! I wanted to like this product because of the safe material that is free of bad chemicals, but at the end of the day, it has to be practical too.

Terra Farnam, NE