Annabel Karmel Masher and Bowl

Annabel Karmel Masher and Bowl

Mash and serve bowl.Mash up fruits and steamed veggies easilyIncludes a masher and serving bowlEasy to cleanDishwasher safeBPA free

Main features

  • Mash up fruits and steamed veggies easily^Includes a masher and serving bowl^Easy to clean^Dishwasher safe^BPA free

Verified reviews


Just a little chunky.

This masher is awesome. Well made and comfortable to use with non-slip grip on the handles and bottom of the bowl. I love it, I wish I’d bought it a month ago. Gets used twice a day sometimes. I was using the green sprouts travel masher before, and it’s great for on the go and getting a really fine mash, but for larger amounts of food it’s just too tedious.I use it on fruit- apple, blueberries, mango etc. Cucumber is a little difficult, you have to cut the harder stuff up into little pieces and rub the masher back and forth (horizontally) across the vertical lines on the bowl. Still took less than a minute.I use the beaba baby cook for veggies so I’m not sure how it would work for them but I would guess it would do well since the cucumber is more firm than my cooked veggies.The catch- you won’t really get a smooth mash with this, so it’s best for babies who can handle food that’s not completely smooth. I wouldn’t call it chunky, the pieces are hardly worthy of chewing- even for an 8 1/2 month old who started solids at 6 mos – you just can’t get store bought or food processor smooth.

Vonda Mazeppa, MN

One of the most useful things I’ve bought ever since I had a baby!

Simple and practical, this is just a must if your baby is starting solid foods. I’ve mashed all kinds of fruits and vegetables, as well as tender chicken and ham. It’s easy to handle, does a good job and is easy to clean. If the designer ever reads this, there is only one thing I suggest and that is making a lid for it, so that leftover food can be kept in the same bowl.

Jerry Springfield, SD

Great addition to my baby food equipment collection!

We are just beginning to intro solids and I’ve found this to be VERY useful – make smashing up bananas quick and easy! And it is so easy to clean and feed from. Very glad we found this and I know we’ll use it a great deal! It is very sturdy and a great deal for the price and extremely functional!

Roberta Parkman, OH

Must have!

This item would be on my list of “Must Haves” for baby. I just bought this item and used it with my one year old. When it comes to feeding, simplicity is key for me. I can serve my son what we are having for dinner, mash it and feed him with the same bowl. It washes up easily. Viola! I wish I had this with my older two.The bowl has a nonskid ring on the base, and ribs in the bottom of the bowl help smash the food. It has a good handle on the side which makes it easy to hang onto while working with it.

Melba Foster, WV

So easy to use

This makes mashing food up for baby so easy! Now that my daughter is a little older, I don’t use it as much, but when she first started solids, I used it all the time. Mashes bananas, avocados, etc… into the perfect consistency for baby’s first foods! Not to mention it’s easy to clean, BPA free and microwave safe. No complaints!

Jami Orange, NJ

Adorable set but its a slip’n’slide for foods

This is a great bowl&masher; but be careful with fruits like peaches, mangos, and any food that has a “slip” to them because the inside of the bowl is a slip’n’slide. There will be small bits of food that the masher won’t be able to mash properly so that was a bit of a bummer but you can mash them again on the side of the bowl with a regular spoon. You’ll only be able to mash up maybe at most 3,4 portions of food but I would rather feed fresh baby food to my son than make a huge batch.The handles on the bowl, masher and the bottom rim have a rubber grip to them so it won’t slip when you hold them and will not overheat if you decide to heat it up in the microwave. The simplistic design and colorfulness of the bowl&masher; will interest older children too(my youngest brother is 4 years old and was very eager to help me mash and make baby food. I also caught my 14 year old brother mashing up bananas with ice cream with this masher set). It’s child friendly and there are no small parts to it. You can throw this bowl&masher; into the dishwasher which is nice but using a regular sponge with a bit of dish soap and hand washing it isn’t bad at all.Overall I think it’s a great buy and would be a cute gift to give to a new mom. You can’t make a whole lot in one batch but I prefer to make fresh baby food rather than stock up on them.

Misty Custer, SD

Mashes only very soft foods – a fork works just as well.

I was disappointed in this masher and bowl. The masher is plastic – don’t expect to mash anything with skin (beans) or meats either. It works fine for bananas, avocado, etc., but I’d rather just use a fork and my own bowl (that has a lid – this one doesn’t). The holes in the masher are very small and far apart, so the food just gets kind of pushed around rather than broken up. It would be much more useful if it was metal.The non-slip bottom on the bowl is nice, but the side grip is small and further impedes your ability to really mash things up. The design is cute too. Overall, though, it just didn’t work for me.

Leeann Roopville, GA

Quick and easy!

This masher has been perfect for making soft fruit purees like bananas either at home or on the go. The ridges on the inside are ingenius, the rubberized handle and bottom rim make for easy handling and tabletop use making mashing food fast and easy. LOVE this product! And the price!

Nita Columbia City, OR

I was ok while it lasted then it broke

I used it and it was ok kind of hard to smash food well but it was good for on the go cause I traveled a lot at the time. And it gets kind of hard to travel with baby food. But the bowl eventually broke maybe 1 yr later…Idk my wear and tear. I think it was work it for the time I used it.

Kristine Woodworth, LA

Daily staple in our household!

I love this bowl and masher. We use it everyday for my now 9 month old son. It’s practical and stylish. I love the colors and the feel of bowl itself. The non slip bottom is a great bonus too. I recommend this for any Mom of an eating baby!

Sherrie Sapelo Island, GA

Makes single serving meals so much faster!

I have been using just a fork to mash up bananas and other fruit for my little one, but was having problems getting it as smooth as I wanted… and it took a long time! I saw this in my local baby store and decided to order it from Amazon. I am so glad that I did! It makes short work of those bananas and smashes them much more uniformly. Yes, it is yet another item to have to wash and store, but it makes my life just a little easier. Can you just use a fork? Yes, but when you have a screaming child wanting to be fed, well….

Cathy Tunica, MS

Love it…I bought another

This is an inexpensive way to mash up food for your baby. It allows us to mash up fresh banana and avocado. It’s easy to clean and allows us to vary the consistency of our daughter’s food.

Savannah Alliance, NE