Annabel Karmel Stackable Food Pots

Annabel Karmel Stackable Food Pots

Set of 6 food pots for your growing baby. These attractive, see through pots come in different colors and are safe to freeze and microwave. Pots clip together for easy storage. You can use these pots to store and carry your kids food where ever you go. Perfect for babies and beyond. Pots are BPA free.

Main features

  • Invidual portion sizes for growing baby
  • BPA free
  • Suitable for weaning
  • Suitable for freezing
  • Includes recipes to make your own child’s food

Verified reviews


Big disappointment. 🙁

The lids do not stay on. I would even put the food pot in a baggie before I put it in her diaper bag, and the lid would come off, causing a big mess in the baggie. I would not recommend these.

Susie Sharps, VA


These are ok, the lids have a tendency to pop off in the freezer. I probably wouldn’t buy them again.

John Erie, ND

Not travel friendly, practical for home use tho!

The lids POP OFF very easily, so don’t purchase these if you are looking for something to toss in the diaper bag and go. Right now I am using these to freeze uneaten baby food in, since my son is just learning to eat from a spoon and isn’t really eating a bunch of it yet. I try a new flavor for 2 days, and then dump it into one of these, put 2-inches of masking tape on one side of it and write in sharpie on the tape “peaches/squash – discard 11/09/11” or whatever. [fruits & veggies freeze for 2 months, meats for 1 month!!] So that being said, these are freezable, microwaveable, dishwasher safe, and like the name says, stackable, which is good for freezer storage, but NOT travel friendly. They come in 3 different sizes in the one pack too, and many colors.

Jean Pahrump, NV

Very Cute but lid is difficult to seal

I bought these because I thought they were cute and I liked that they could stack on one another. I really wanted to love these but the lids don’t stay on well. When I stack them on each other, the weight of the one on top can sometimes topple the whole stack.Overall, these are the perfect size for traveling (when the lid doesn’t come off) and they are cute. I give them 3 stars since the price is about right for what you get.

Stephanie Mayaguez, PR

good, but lids aren’t secure.

I like these food containers because they can be used in the freezer, microwave, and dishwasher, which not a lot of similar products can be. They also stack very well. They are small enough to stash away in random parts of the freezer, unlike some products where the individual food containers are all hooked together and so you have to make room in the freezer for a huge thing. The only problem I have with these is the same one that has been noted in most of the other reviews: the lids are not at all secure. So, they’re great for at-home use, but would be horrid for travel.

Bette Elkview, WV

basically useless after one washing – lids don’t seal

I bought these containers thinking they’d be great to supplement our OXO and Nuk baby food storage containers (we make and store our own baby food and bring it back and forth to daycare, so we use a lot of containers). And they were great — once. After one washing virtually none of the lids ever formed a strong seal on its matching container again. I’ve given them a few tries even after discovering that the lids don’t stay on — when all of my other containers are in use — and each time the result has been baby food or yogurt spilled all over the inside of our baby’s lunch box. I think the issue is that the cup units warp. Whatever the reason, don’t buy these. There are much, much better options out there.

Christian Gunnison, UT