Anti-tip TV Strap, 2 Count

Anti-tip TV Strap, 2 Count

KidCo Anti-Tip TV Strap KidCo Anti-Tip TV Strap prevents flat screen televisions from tipping over and causing accidents. The pair of straps can be screwed to the wall or furniture to ensure that the TV remains stable. These nylon straps easily blend with most home furnishings. KidCo Anti-Tip TV Strap is a must have for homes with kids. Features Strap keeps TV from tipping over Can be attached to the wall or furniture Made from nylon Helps prevent accidents Straps blend easily with most furnishings Includes Two black straps One screw mount Product Dimensions: 5.1 x 10.2 x 15.2 cm

Main features

  • Prevents a Flat Screen TV form tipping over
  • Nylon straps help secure TV to wall or furniture
  • Screw mount
  • Package contains 2 straps
  • Black

Verified reviews


Works fine for our purposes…

This TV strap was a breeze to install with our 40″ Samsung LCD TV. I see other reviewers here saying that they don’t think it will hold up if a kid is hanging off th TV, and that may be so. However, we have one of those Superyard XT gates up around our TV stand and only put this strap on the TV in case our son somehow managed to barrel into it and knock the TV over.If you think you’re not going to be able to stop your kid from hanging off of your TV (!!!), then maybe this product really isn’t for you.

Berta Fuquay Varina, NC

Great Product – I feel Safer

We just bought a bigger TV and I was worried about our baby and his walker and the chance he may bump the cabinet causing the TV to fall. The straps are heave duty, and the kit came with the mounting screws necessary to secure the straps on one end, and the other had anchors with some crazy-strong adhesive. Very very easy to install, only took a few minutes. I did not have to find a stud in the wall or buy crazy anhor bolts and do a ton of drilling. The was virtually tool-less other than the screwdriver for the bolts. Great product.

Wilda Clio, SC

Save your child (and your money)

I don’t usually write negative reviews but I felt obligated to let people know about this product. There are not many choices on the market and this one looked okay on the website, so I gave it a try. There were several problems.1. The screws that came with the package that were supposed to be used to attach the tethers to the tv were not long enough. My husband was able to find the right size at the hardware store so this was not a deal breaker.2. The clips that hold the tether to the wall or tv stand are made of cheap plastic. I have NO confidence that these would not break under the weight of the tv or even a good tug. It was difficult to tighten the straps because the clips continue to bend to the point of breaking.3. When we decided to disconnect this, three of the six screws actually broke (and not under extreme pressure, just typical unscrewing. This only happens with extremely cheaply made screws. We now have three broken screws stuck in the back of our tv stand. I didn’t mind having holes in it if it would protect my little ones from the tv but it now has ugly holes with no protection.I think it’s terrible that a product designed to protect children would be made with the cheapest possible materials. This is not some novelty item but an item that is meant to prevent serious injury. The design team who created this should be embarrassed.I will continue to look for another product and would be happy to pay much more for something that will actually do the job. We watch our children carefully but wanted something to at least buy a few seconds should anything happen when we turn our backs. I don’t believe this product would even do that.

Darlene Fremont, OH

Lasted 1 year, if that.

We installed this on our 32″ Samsung in July 2012. My husband said the installation was straight forward and easy. We were very happy with the product and I’m pretty sure it stopped our TV from falling over a few times.In August 2013 we moved to a new house and when we went to move the TV we found one of the plastic connectors had snapped in half and the strap was no longer connected to the back of the entertainment center. Needless to say we are unimpressed and are looking for another strap kit.

Sierra Medford, MA

Fast installation, invisible behind TV

It took only a few minutes to install these safety straps to our 46″ Sony Bravia LCD and to the oak stand on which it sits. They are virtually invisible behind the unit and the screws provided were high quality [not stripping].

Lucinda Altoona, IA

A necessity if you have toddlers, and easy-to-install.

The Kidco Anti-Tip TV strap works like a charm on my 42″ LG plasma television. There are screws for many different sets and the ones that fit my LG gave me no issues. Installation was a breeze, taking roughly 20 minutes to install both using the method where you basically anchor it into your furniture (as opposed to the studs on a wall). After installation (and tightening the straps adequately), I put it through its paces and I’m confident that this TV is going nowhere. While it’s true that the ends are open-ended (as many have noted), it’s hard enough to get the straps off of them when they’re hanging loose. When it’s properly tightened, it’s near-impossible (in other words, it’s not happening with the situations that this is made to protect against). I have a two and a half year-old and two one years-olds who are now pulling up on everything, so this gives my wife and I a lot of peace of mind.

Glenna Trujillo Alto, PR

Check the back of TV before ordering

I ordered the strap assuming that there will be a spot on the TV to anchor it to. But even though the TV is just two years old, there isn’t an anchoring spot. Therefore, it will be a good idea to check that before ordering.2 stars because they should clearly specify on the product description.

Gussie Wildwood, NJ

Junk. I’m off to find a better product. Don’t waste your money on this.

First off, the package comes with a variety of different sized screws to match to your individual tv set. Mine was missing the second to largest size that the packaging listed, but luckily, the pair that fit my tv was included. Okay. That’s irritating, but ultimately didn’t affect me. Next, I found the actual product, to be incredibly flimsy. The plastic brackets that screw into the back of the tv are secure enough, but the wall brackets that are mounted with wood screws into the studs in your wall or onto the back of your furniture are terribly, terribly weak. I am a female of average strength, and just pulling the strap with several pounds of force caused these particular plastic brackets to bend significantly. They are designed in kind of a sideways U shape to allow you to easily slide the straps off and on(in the event that you want to move your tv or whatever). So, this product, which is primarily intended to safely protect your child, is designed more for ease of removal of the straps, rather than for securing a tv. I’m doubtful that these brackets would hold the tv up if it were to fall forward. My last complaint is about the wood screws included to mount the wall brackets. They are junk. I drilled two pilot holes in the wall stud, and using a screwdriver and my own average strength, proceeded to get a screw in three quarters of the way into the wall before it broke – leaving most of the screw stuck in the wall. Soooo annoying! As a busy parent, especially one who has little time around the home to get a million things done, this was a frustrating waste of money.

Twila Churchs Ferry, ND


We attached this to the back of the furniture that the TV sits on, and it holds it securely. These two straps make a very big difference in safety.

Leticia Coos Bay, OR

Kidco Anti-Tip TV Strap

These are great product that have standed the test of a 18 month old daugher. She has become facinated with all daddy toys and none of hers so these straps have kept the TV from moving as she climbs and touches everything.

Latisha Leeds Point, NJ

So Far So Good

We used this to tether the TV to the wall. So far so good! I just hope that we never "really need" to see if this lives up to its strength/purpose.

Coleen Underwood, ND

Works well.

My husband installed these on our and my parents tv’s. Works well and helps us feel secure when toddler pushes on flat screen tv

Arlene Wadsworth, OH

Wish the included screws fit the TV

This is a great product to keep my tv secured to the wall to prevent my twins and my kitty from knocking it over, however as many others have noted, the screws are no where near long enough for my Samsung LED TV. I figured that since it was a new TV, that it would be a standard dimension and work with the included screws, but I was wrong.

Maude Whitlash, MT

Solution for keeping kids and expensive TVs safe

Easy to install and seems to be made well. Must have for keeping your children safe as well as keeping your expensive HDTVs from smashing to the ground.

Alicia Winchester, OH

Must have product

I would recommend these for all tvs. They are well put together and rather sturdy. A must have in my opinion.

Dona Nashville, KS

peace of mind

Everyone needs to secure the tv to the wall if any kids are ever in their home. This has helped me have peace of mind while my 3 year old plays in the playroom. Easy to install.

Abigail Reddell, LA

Easy to install and seems very safe.

We have a 52" flat screen TV and wanted to mount it when our son started being more mobile, scooting and crawling around. We have a glass TV stand. The straps hook to the back of the TV and you have the option to hook them onto a wooden table (if it’s on a wooden table) or the wall. We hooked them to the wall since we have a glass TV stand. It was easy to hook up and I pulled on it and it did not move an inch. I hope everyone who has children straps their television! I have heard too many scary stories. Better to be safe than sorry.

Lou Johnson, NE

Very good and useful but low quality hardware

Everyone with children should use these if they have their tv on a media console. My 3 year old is very active and I am always scared he may tip the tv over onto himself.The install is very easy but it loses a star because the screws they give you to attach this to your furniture are very low quality. 2 of the heads broke off when I was installing it. If you use a drill with a lot of torque, take and your time and slowly drill the screw in.Also, this will only work if you have a modern day tv that has the vesa standard on the back of the tv to mount the tv to the wall.

Pauline Elberfeld, IN


I did a bit of research before buying a tv strap. Found this one to be well made and works great! Like all the other reviews, I too found the screws to be too short so I simply got longer ones. Works great. Very happy with it.

Helena Fluker, LA

Great safety item

Bought one for the bedroom tv’s to prevent tip overs with out Lillte one. We chose to drill into the back of the dresser they are on top of instead of into the wall in case we move furniture around and it works perfectly. Nice and tight.

Courtney Chino Hills, CA

Great and easy to install

The perfect anti-tip TV straps on the market. looked at several at the baby stores but this one is the best out there. Easy to install and works perfectly… haven’t had to test the durability and hope I never have to. But I will buy this product again for my next flat screens and recommend this to all parents who do not wall-mount their tvs.

Nikki Elysian, MN

Great product

Very easy to use; we wound the extra strap length through holes in the back of our entertainment unit. Super easy to install and rI have completely forgotten to be freaked out about our kids playing around the TV.

Ina Saint Benedict, LA

Did what it says it does

These worked great, and were super easy to install to the back of our tv. It is a bit trickier for us to install into the wall, because our house is all either concrete or metal studs – which all require a concrete drill. So i needed an expert to do that end. But that’s not a product issue, since any straps would be the same.

Madeline Davidsonville, MD

Good sturdy product

Used it to secure our very large and heavy plasma screen tv to the wall. It’s so heavy that we havent mounted it but wanted to make sure it wouldn’t tip over on our small kids. This product quickly and easily secured it. It seems pretty heavy duty. We didn’t feel we could anchor it to the wall securely enough so we actually attached it to the back of our entertainment console which is really heavy and won’t tip over. It was convenient that it attached to the TV where a traditional mount would.

Jane Harwinton, CT

Inadequate hardware

Honestly, these looked like a good solution. However, the hardware is fairly cheap. The TV screws were not long enough and I had to find longer ones – this is tough to do.The wall screws are too long and thin for wall studs and my impact drill stripped some of the heads even with fairly large pilot holes. The wall side is also very flexible and bends easily when the TV moves. It might hold but it’s hard to say.If you want to buy this, get the Safety First Wall Straps for the wall side of the installation. They are much easier to attach, stronger and have better hardware. If the Safety First straps were long enough and had TV screws, I would have just used those.

Adriana Lemoyne, OH

easy to install

We have our TV stand and Large screen tv gated off however we installed the straps as a precautionary for our twins. They were easy to install

Kari Herod, IL

Works fabulously

These have been fabulous, very strong, a bit tricky to attach to the back of the tv but once you get it, you realize it is so secure you don’t have to worry about tipping.

Mai Ahwahnee, CA

Good Product

We decided to purchase this product after reading about the dangers of large screen TV’s. We are so pleased. Keeps TV in place.

Jewel Gypsy, WV