AppleCheeks One-Size 2-Layer Rayon from Bamboo Inserts, 2-pack

AppleCheeks One-Size 2-Layer Rayon from Bamboo Inserts, 2-pack

Two layers of ultra-soft 70% bamboo/30% organic cotton fleece give you the ultimate in comfort and absorbency! Fold this approximately 12″ x 15″ insert into thirds and you get six layers in the soaker zone.

Main features

  • Two layers of thirsty 70% Rayon from bamboo / 30% organic cotton give you absorbancy that can’t be beat!
  • Fold this approximately 12″ x 15″ insert into thirds and you get six layers in the soaker zone.
  • Rayon from bamboo is perfect for the heaviest wetter as it retains twice as much moisture as cotton alone for its weight.
  • Bamboo’s antimicrobial properties make it the healthy choice for your baby’s bottom.
  • Use this insert in an AppleCheeks Envelope Diaper Cover or with the pocket diaper or diaper cover of your choice.

Verified reviews


A little pricey, but worth it!

I was skeptical about these inserts, but they live up to the hype. I use them on top of the Applecheeks diaper, and reuse the cover if they don’t get soiled. The first time I used them, I was surprised at how much moisture they held! Awesome! My son is 4 weeks old, and I use these at night–he sleeps 2-4 hours at a time, and I haven’t had a leak yet with how much newborns pee and poop. He can sleep a good stretch and not wake up with a leak. When he grows out of his newborn prefolds, I definitely plan on getting more of these.

Goldie De Land, IL

Incredibly Soft and Absorbent!

I love my AppleCheeks bamboo inserts even better than my traditional cotton prefolds because they are actually more absorbent AND much softer AND less bulky. The bamboo/cotton fabric is silky smooth and pliable – almost like a a soft old t-shirt. And they stay this way wash after wash. I reach for these inserts more than any other and my little girl loves them, too. Bamboo is not just really soft, it’s also naturally antimicrobial. The AppleCheeks inserts measure about 12×15 and you can fold them one of two ways, depending on your baby’s size, so they have a very versatile fit. My 2 year old and 10 month old both use them with equally great results. I would have a stash made entirely of these if they just didn’t cost so much. But still, I think the cost is worth it for the ones we’ve bought because of the premium features.

Opal Mokelumne Hill, CA

Expensive burp clothes

Not sure how these are used as inserts. I was NOT impressed and my petite baby leaked each time. They are now floating around my house as burp cloths or just to clean up mess. I was not thrilled with the diapers either.

Josefa Richland, IA

Best insert I have!

I have a diaper addiction… LOL I think we have everything on the market and use many different brands. Many are good, some are terrible but AppleCheeks are awesome! These inserts are amazing. Combined with the covers by the same manufacturer, they create a very dependable, trim diaper system. Love them!

Anna Selma, IN

Just ok

I was looking for something to add to my diapers to boost them up over night. I wanted to like these but the shape is not great. They are too skinny to fold in half one way and too wide to the other. You basically have to fold them in thirds which is pretty bulky. Plus they are not as absorbent as the hemp inserts I bought from babykicks which I like much better. They are soft though.

Aileen Sabetha, KS