Aprica Presto Stroller, Metro Orange

Aprica Presto Stroller, Metro Orange

Presto, ready in a Flash. You’ve got places to go – and Presto wants to come along. With a sleek, ultra-slim profile, ingenious folding design and amazing maneuverability, this stroller will take you anywhere you and your baby want to go. Comfort features include; high seat position for easy lifting and leg room for growing babies, canopy sun visor provides extra shade for baby and built-in seat ventilation panel helps keep baby comfortable. For extra comfort the stroller includes four-wheel suspension for a smooth ride and a cushioned 5 point harness with 3 level adjustments. Convenience features include a foam handle for easy grip, self standing for easy handling and storage, double front swivel wheels for ease and maneuverability. An easy one hand recline system and roomy basket give parents all they need to keep baby moving. A convenient carry strap is integrated into frame, great for quick travel. Care is easy too, as the seat pad is removable and washable. Rain cover included. Best of all you can use the Presto until a child is 70 pounds.

Main features

  • High seat position for easy lifting and leg room for growing babies
  • Built-in seat ventilation panel helps keep baby comfortable
  • Holds child up to 70 pounds
  • Super-slim fold and self-standing for easy handling and storage
  • Four-wheel suspension for a smooth ride

Verified reviews


Lots of measurements = not for tall kids!

I’m going to give you my initial impression. We will not be keeping this stroller b/c it is too small for our 3 yr old (whose head hits the canopy top).Seat – The seat bottom is 19″ off the ground. The seat back is 18″. The maximum seated bottom to crown (top of head) height for your child to comfortably sit in this stroller is 21″ – which our average sized 3 yr old is larger than. Seat width – 13″. The main complaints from our children trying this out were the seat angle, which cannot be brought upright beyond approx. 45 degrees (although it can be laid down more flat for younger babies). NOTE: THE MANUAL STATES THE MAX CHILD HEIGHT FOR THIS STROLLER IS 45″ (obviously people vary in where they carry their height but our kids tend to have very long legs and shorter torsos and this still didn’t work for them, though they are both under 45″ in height). The extreme 70 lbs weight limit doesn’t matter when our 35 lb toddler is too tall to fit under the canopy (and no, we do not have freakishly tall kids – very average).Removable padding – The mesh contains foam {heavily offgassing fumes – it scares me to think of the chemical content and flame retardants used in this model}. There are 2 pieces, one for the head and down the middle back, the other for the seat bottom. The back piece is .5 cm thick, the bottom piece is 2 cm thickness. The nice part is that these are REMOVABLE and there is a standard nylon/polyester stroller fabric underneath with built-in padding. If I were to keep this, I would toss out the offgassing extra padding.Canopy – It folds out into 3 sections, one of which you can peel back to view your child through a mesh fabric layer {much preferred to the traditional toxic PVC window}. The drawback is that the canopy resembles something out of alien vs. predator {or in toddler talk – a rolly poley}. You cannot pivot the canopy forward as it is anchored in the back by T strap and connects to the seat back with a mesh fabric – allowing plenty of ventilation (which you will need with the aforementioned offgassing foam padding). It locks on either side to retain shape and the 3rd section folds back and under the canopy much like Maclaren or UPPAbaby.Wheels – The wheels are larger than comparable umbrella strollers, but are smooth with no ridges for traction. I did notice wobble slightly in comparison to UPPAbaby which stayed grounded on turns and swiveling.Appearance – I want the photographer who took the manufacturer images to do my glamour shots! LOL In real life this fabric does not have anywhere near the satin sheen that it shows in the photos posted. It is closer to the texture of the airline pillow covers (yes, the disposable ones) rather than like it appears online.Footrest – The footrest is flexible rubber, always hard to tell by photos so…Reflectors – Straps and light reflectors on sides of the stroller are great for evening strolls.Storage – Holds medium sized bag, the cross bar supports above it restrict size, but it is sturdy material like Graco offers. It is also removable with snaps. The maximum bag size to fit down there is about 15″ x 12″ x 8″ and you have to squeeze it in from the side – there is no back access to the storage.Weight – This feels similar when lifting to a Graco Metrolite, though the pull behind and stand upright alone features are improvements in helping to transport.Raincover – IncludedCup Holder – NONE.Parent storage – NONE.Overall, I cannot recommend this stroller because it is NOT going to work for your child as long as you will need a stroller and that’s really wasteful. Unless you are going to have a very short, petite child or one that is going to walk hours and miles on end before age 3…you will end up tossing this one and buying another one. Based on length of use and reviews, I would recommend the UPPAbaby over this Aprica. Same price, better functioning, better longevity based on reviews, and our 5 yr old can sit comfortably in the UPPAbaby just as much as our baby and toddler. Think LONG TERM and go for specs on height (not weight), sun protection, and MAYBE reclining (depending on the baby, our kids never cared to recline past 3-4 months of age). This just isn’t the “one” for us. Hope this helps you! Good luck!

Edith Morton, WA

I’m returning mine…

I am a first time mom and this was the first stroller I purchased. Like many amazon parents, I research almost everything I buy here. My main goal was to find a product that was easy to manuever, had good basket storage, a cup console for me, lightweight, & easy to open/close. What drew me to this stroller was the storage basket, high profile, canopy, lightweight, small profile, self-standing, and durable material that previous reviews indicated. What Aprica got right on this model were the materials used throughout the product (breathable & easy to clean), easy to manuever, decent storage basket but there’s criss-cross beams over it so it can’t hold large solid items, canopy size (its large with a pop-out visor – nice!), the handle bars are comfy but a little shakey, high profile is excellent even for someone 5’2″ (which I am), the wheels lock/unlock with ease, the 5-point harness design allows you to remove your child without manuevering their arms through the straps, includes reflectors on the side of frame, solidly built. I was extremely hesitant to spend $160 on a stroller but thought it would be money well spent due to the weight limit and the fact that I walk on a regular basis. I have not even owned this product for 1/2 a day… I took this for one walk and I know I will return it based on the following: #1 complaint – the wheels make this stroller appear & SOUND cheap, #2 – opening/closing is not easy. I found myselft constantly stepping on the back wheels, there’s no parent cup console and it was a little heavier than I expected but wasn’t bad. Maybe I’m just weak but really, you need to exert a lot of force to push the lock down which twists and turns. Pushing down on the wobbly handle is tricky & irritating to someone with arthritis, plus the angle at which you must do this isn’t the greatest. The seat in the highest position is ok, could be better. Although the canopy is great, I often felt I would break it when pulling it out but I could live with this. Some strollers have a bar between the two back wheels so making it up over the curb is easier; this one doesn’t. I wouldn’t consider this an all-terrain stroller and the one I tested didn’t have much of 4-wheel suspension – it was not a smooth ride but did roll over cut grass fairly easily. I understand there’s no perfect stroller but I would assume for the money it would have better (quieter) wheels, better suspension, and not require so much force to lock into place. Are my expectations too high? All in all, the overall layout was well planned and is why I gave it 4 instead of 3 stars; it just needs some fine tuning to become the perfect stroller.

Juliet Wellington, KY

Sturdy, light weight, nice features

Becoming a grandparent has opened up a wide variety of products that are built quite differently than when I had kids. This stroller has nearly everything that you might want: place to put stuff underneath, easy to move bonnet to keep the sun out, super easy adjustable seatback, and a piece of cake to push – especially with front wheels that lock into a straight ahead position for gravel, grass, etc. It is not an umbrella stroller, but it light enough to match up against that type.Cons: It does fold, but not as totally or easily as I’d like.This is a middle of price range stroller; I like this product very much and would highly recommend it.UPDATE: After nearly one year of use, this is still a solid product and works as nicely now as it did at the beginning. The wheels have held up an and so have all of the material.

Rochelle Mount Wolf, PA

love it!

It comes in a long narrow box and I thought it couldn’t be much if it was that small but when open it up, you are surprised. Good quality product, snaps open with a breeze and I love the color. It’s not quite a neon green but almost. At least people will see you coming and not run over you. I do wish they would put bigger wheels on all strollers as they would roll better on rougher surfaces if they did, but if you are just strolling on pavement or a sidewalk, these will work fine. Easy to clean too and it doesn’t feel like it’s going to tip over even though it is lightweight. Easy to fold back up and stick in your vehicle too. You do need to wait until your baby can hold it’s head up alone though before using this though.

Araceli Arlington, VT

Easy to use and very sturdy

This stroller was pretty easy to set up right out of the box. It took me a couple of minutes because I am not the most mechanically inclined person in the world, but after a couple of false starts, I was able to get it set up with relative ease.Unlike other strollers which require you to bend over almost to the ground, the seat on this is higher up, so no need for deep knee bends while you are strapping in your little one. The harness is easy to use and it took just a moment to snap in my wiggling 8 month old nephew. The ride was smooth and the stroller was easy to maneuver. The sun shade actually folds down far enough to actually be useful and not just decorative.The really winning point was that my 6’5″ tall husband did not have to hunch over to drive it. It was tall enough for him to feel comfortable with it and actually seemed to enjoy it far more than expected. The only thing he didn’t like about it was that there was no spot for him to put his water bottle up top. But the carry spot underneath did have plenty of room and was easily accessible.

Madge Montgomery, TX

Excellent stroller

I have a double jogger and the Britax Blink single umbrella. My wife and I were looking for another umbrella type because sometimes we are going different places with one child each, or sometimes it’s just not convenient to take a double jogger (e.g. on the NYC subway).This stroller has a solid frame, much better than the Britax we own. However, the Britax has better rolling wheels. It also seems more solid than some of the Maclarrens (sp?) my friends own. This stroller is awesome if you are taller. I’m only 5’9″ tall, but I can push this without hunching over. Of course, it’s still not as great as our jogger’s adjustable handlebar.The basket is generous for an umbrella and the height of the seat makes it easy for your child to reach the table (e.g. wheel up to a cafe). The hood is also generous for an umbrella, and the stroller comes with its own rain cover in a zippered pouch. This alone is a great touch because you get ripped off with accessories with other companies (ahem, our Baby Jogger).The fold isn’t exactly one handed because it’s a little tricky, but with practice I learned how to do it with one. The harness, while comfortable, is not a one piece strap. Those of you who have high chairs with that set-up will know what I’m talking about (it’s not a one piece strap). The wheels are large, but cheap plastic. I would also liked a zippered pouch in the back to hold sunglasses, keys, etc. These four. minor faults makes me give it a 4/5.Bottom line, it’s a great stroller if you want a great umbrella for the car and shopping trips. If you are a heavy stroller user and daily walker/jogger, go with the BOB or Baby Jogger.

Chrystal Destin, FL

Stability vs Portability

While this is an umbrella stroller, this is a much larger and more substantial umbrella stroller than I’m used to seeing. It is very sturdy and will give your child a sense of security and stability that a smaller umbrella stroller would not. Of course, the trade-off for the added size and stability is added size and less portability. Luckily, Aprica has a plan and is prepared. The stroller has a shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry even for me. (I’m just under 5′, so I sometimes struggle with toting around larger items.)The assembly was done by my husband, and he did it quickly with no big problems. All you really have to do is add the wheels and hook on the canopy. The canopy is great, it has a latch on each side so it’s easy to retract and expand.The best advice I can give in regards to this stroller is to practice opening and closing it a few times in the comfort of your living room. Once you get the hang of it, opening and closing the stroller is simple. However, it is not terribly intuitive and it can be frustrating for your first few attempts.Overall, I’m very pleased with this stroller. My husband likes the tallness of it, making it more comfortable for him to push and the higher seat requires less bending.

Ladonna Mill Spring, NC

Great umbrella stroller!

I wanted a lightweight, good quality umbrella stroller that had a high weight limit since my son is in the 97th percentile for weight. The seat seems comfortable for him and it’s very easy to push. The big canopy is a real plus and the basket storage is usually big enough to fit my diaper bag, and is easy to access from the side. I love the hinge free fold as a safety feature!I do wish the handles were adjustable because it tends to feel a little short (I’m 5’6″). The wheels seem a little soft – they showed wear from our very first outing. I do think they are plenty sturdy, just that they don’t look new for long. The fold can sometimes be a little stiff, but I’ve found that if I push it up against a solid surface (wall, car tire) it’s a lot easier.Overall I’m very pleased with my purchase!

Keri Magnolia, NJ

Still getting to know it but love it!

I must say I was scared after reading some of the reviews but I searched high and low and test drove a few other models at stores. This stroller is great! I was so excited to get it and was greatly surprised when it arrived and my hubby assembled it. It just needs the wheels and canopy added and he said it would have been super easy if he had read the instructions first! I love the color and it definitely gets people to look (so guy did a double-take today from his car!)I will say that it is hard to open and close and does require some practice. I have only had it for three days so I know I will get better. IT IS NOT AS HARD AS SOME REVIEWERS ARE MAKING IT! I don’t mind it at all really and had no trouble today on our trip out to the store. I could see the people running to catch a bus and trying to fold it and struggle with a little one having issues but that is not my case. I can see my hubby getting frustrated with it but I find it so much better than the push, twist, fold thing we have now.It handles great! My hubby and I both pushed little one around in the store and were able to use one hand. It is smooth! It doesn’t have a cup holder or storage area like my old stroller but we purchased a caddy that should work great. The basket isn’t that small and I can almost shove our large backpack diaper bag into it. I figure it is time to downsize the diaper bag and hope to find a smaller one just for diapers and food. We could also hang the diaper bag off the back of the stroller and with no little one in the stroller it did not tip so that was promising. So far our trips out have been small so no diaper bag was needed.My little one likes riding in it, which is a plus. I need to pin the buckle cover like some other reviewers suggest but other than that it is great! HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!!!

Gabrielle Wicomico Church, VA


I have been researching for lightweight strollers for over a month. We wanted to buy a sturdy stroller that was comfortable and could be carry anywhere. We found it!Pros:lightweighteasy to cleanhigh chair which made my baby extremely happy because she felt part of the worldgreat underneath basketsuper easy to maneuverI can put my dogs leash in one of the handle and the 3 of us can go for a strollit closes flats and it standsit has a handle to carry (I’ve used it several times!)Awesome canopy!!!I don’t get my fingers stuck or pinched when opening or closing it.Cons:Need both hands to open and close but I think after awhile I will have it down.The pros outweigh the cons by a lot!!!

Kara Bronson, IA

Great Beacause It’s Taller

Pros- Taller! No stooping here! No kicking the wheels.Great lookingLike the orange color- stands out and very safe in street traffic.Super basket underneath holds a full size diaper bag and is easy to access because the seat is so high.Nice hood.Cons-The seat doesn’t sit fully upright and seems a bit shallow. It’s fine now in the toddler size, but was a bit awkward when my daughter was smaller.The straps are a bit fussy to do and too easy to get out of. (Although sometimes the easy out is great like at the zoo.)

Jodi Winchester, VA

URBANITES BEWARE biggest downfall: breaks prevent hiking up/down stairs!

overall this stroller is nice. trendy looking, huge canopy, nice under basket, but the downsides are as others have stated: difficulty maneuvering (cannot push with one hand for more than a few seconds at a time or it veers; terrible if you’re trying to hold a drink, or a phone), tough two-handed fold/unfold (i’ve had for a year and it never gets easier), but as annoying as all this is, by far the biggest downfall for me is that you cannot hike it up or down the stairs with the baby in it (wheel-to-stair). for many suburbanites this would never be an issue or something that was ever noticed, but being a new yorker having to travel through the city up and down stairs to our row house, up and down stairs on the subway, etc, not being able to clink up and down a stair or two with the baby in it is a HUUUUGEEE downfall. huge. had i know this before i purchased, i definitely would not have. although i love the easy breaks when using them as breaks, they’re simply not made with urbanites in mind. because of the way the breaks are positioned, tilting the stroller to roll up or down a stair is literally IMPOSSIBLE because the break is there sticking out. if this is your city, you would be best finding something different. now my only options are to take baby out, have him stand there (and not run off?) while i collapse with both hands, and carry up, OR carry up baby in stroller together (at 13lbs + 25lbs + diaperbag, this is NOT a fun choice).

Karin Gurdon, AR

Nice compact stroller but a few issues

We were looking for an compact umbrella stroller for short trips but were very leery of the $20 ones we had seen in the stores. We went with the Aprica Presto based on all the positive reviews. Overall, it is a much nicer stroller than some of the death traps out there. However, there are a few things that we’ll have to get used to:1. Not easy to open and close, as some reviews mentioned, will have to practice to perfect.2. The crotch pad keeps coming off.3. Having to insert the shoulder plastic tabs into the chest tabs every single time can be quite annoying.4. The seat in full upright position is still too reclined. Maybe as our 14 month old daughter gets bigger, it will become more comfortable, but for now she keeps trying to sit up straight… I guess she’ll have really strong abs.We have been using the Orbit Infant and Toddler stroller as our primary stroller and will probably continue to do so until our daughter gets taller and fits more comfortably in this one. I still like the stroller though, it’s well made, looks good and has more features than other umbrella strollers.

Kayla East Candia, NH