Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Bath Thermometer Alarm, Green

Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Bath Thermometer Alarm, Green

Aquatopia deluxe safety bath thermometer alarm is the easy to use safety bath time audible thermometer and eliminates hazardous guesswork by constantly and accurately measuring the bath temperature every 2 seconds. The thermometer alerts you with an audible alarm if the water is too hot, above 100.4 degree F, and another alarm if the water is too cold, below 89.6 degree F. This battery powered and water activated thermometer automatically activates when placed in water and de activates when taken out. It is fully tested to meet all necessary safety standards and it also makes a great toy. It is easy to use with no buttons.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Easy to use, no buttons
  • Activates automatically
  • Reads bath temperature every 2 seconds
  • Alerts you with an audible alarm if the water is too hot and if too cold
  • Makes a great, fun toy as well

Verified reviews


Never used it to be fair

I guess I can not actually rate this product, because I never used it. I thought I would, but found it un-necessary to take the temperature of the water. Common sense worked for us! Ended up returning the item.

Nelda Syria, VA

Good while it lasted, but unneccessary.

As a first time mom I obsessed over everything, including bath safety for baby. Bought this and loved it the first few times I used. The only downside is that it would drive me a little crazy when the water would get a bit too hot because it would take forever to shut up while I added cold water (of course, baby was not in the bathtub while I adjusted the water temperature). The reason for a 1-star is that after only 6 baths, water got inside the digital unit and it doesn’t work anymore. I’d assume this would be the ONLY thing that the manufacturer should have figured out – how to use a bath thermometer in the bathtub without destroying it.Anyway, instead of gadgets, save your money and just stick your elbow in the bathtub. The inside of the elbow has very sensitive skin, so if the water is too hot for the baby you will know.

Anne Beallsville, OH


I loved this at first. The product itself works great and I love that I can check the temperature for my son’s bath. But, for some reason, they made the turtle’s head come in two pieces and after a short while of using this, the head now comes off and because it’s two pieces, they aren’t very big, making this a choking hazard for my son. Also, the piece that the head snaps onto is not good for my son to be putting in his mouth as it’s small as well and could break off. We have only used this in the bath and he rarely even plays with this, so it should have lasted longer than this.I’m very disappointed with this as otherwise it works great. Not sure why they needed to put small pieces for the head on this.

Helga New Meadows, ID


I know, you may be wondering what moron needs this, right?I take super hot showers and don’t even realize they’re hot. I only know they’re hot because I turn bright red afterwards and if my husband’s jumping in after me, he screams.So before our baby was born 7 weeks ago, I ordered this to finish off my baby registry (no one bought it for us probably thinking this was a needless gadget.)But they were sooooo wrong!This is an awesome baby bathtime invention!!! What I really love is that the whole gadget is automatic. I don’t have to turn anything on or off. I don’t have to push buttons or calibrate anything. All you do is put it into the tub and listen for the beeps or read the temperature.HOW IT WORKS:It automatically turns on when it hits the water… and automatically turns off when you take it out of the water (GENIUS!!)It beeps the first time to let you know it’s on.After that, it beeps if the water falls outside the range of 90-100 degrees.My only complaint is that it’s slightly bigger than I thought. I’m using it in theFisher-Price Whale of a Playtuband it fits into the bottom bigger portion without any problems (even with the baby in the tub).Besides using it to fill the tub initially, I also use it when I’m getting ready to rinse off the baby. I put it in the bigger part of the whale tub and before I pour the water on him, I know it’s a perfect temp. This set also includes a cute little cup that slowly sprinkles just the right amount of water to either rinse off baby or keep him warm during the bath.Even though the baby books and websites tell you to test the water temp on the inside of your arm, it’s tough to know if it’s too cold or too hot for baby. The reason I like having the exact temp is because I figure baby is 98.6… so if I make the water close to that temp, I know it will be perfect. The first time I bathed the baby, I didn’t use this because I was already overwhelmed with the baby and I think he was cold. But I now rely on this gadget and he’s been a happy bather ever since.

Elisha Bayfield, WI

Excelente para mamas primerizas

Es una muy guía para mamás primerizas como yo. La usas los primeros 3 meses y sí te da tranquilidad al meter a tu bebé a la tina. No es muy costosa y hermosa.

Julie Houlton, ME

Not worth the postage to return

This did well for 5 baths. The next 2 times we used it the alarm didn’t turn off after being removed from water and I had to unscrew 2-3 screws from the battery cover before it would stop beeping. I E-mailed the customer service address on the package and have gotten no response.Update: 6/4/12 The company finally responded to my E-mail. They are sending me a shipping label to return and sending me a new thermometer.

Tamra Portland, OR

Broke in less than 7 months!

Love the product but broke within 7 months! So, not recommended. Worked the first 6 months and made our life easy. HOW DID IT BREAK SO EASILY? I guess you only need the product to make sure the water’s not too hot for your guy. Loved knowing the temperature of the water. Oh well. Planned obselescence (sp?).

Enid Madison, IN


We had a lot of stress at bath time with our newborn. I was concerned about the water being too hot or too cold. This product solved our problems and relieved my stress, now my little one loves bath time!It is accurate, it floats and it’s durable!

Sara Carson, ND

Great product that will give you peace of mind

I was nervous about not having a water thermometer for our baby because I take hot showers. This thermometer is small and has an alarm that sounds when the water is too hot. It is not too loud and has been great!

Dessie Albany, OK

Really helps parents know right temperature

We absolutely love this because it is so hard to tell what will be comfortable for the baby. This takes all the guesswork out of it. Excellent item. I would consider it a top item for babies.

Eileen Tivoli, NY


We love our little turtle! Our son is only a month old so he doesn’t play with it but we use it every time to make sure we have the right temperature. Easy to understand and operate.

Rosie Merion Station, PA

Cute bath time thermometer

Has worked well for me, I have owned it close to 5 months.

Yesenia Brazeau, MO

Don’t know whats so much fuss about

Would be a great toy and a thermometer, but this beeping noise never stops unless you take it out of the water, but then whats the sense of all the turtle toy????!

Latasha North Troy, VT

Doesn’t last

I purchased this product to use for both of my children (ages 2 and 10 mos at the time). The thermometer itself is very cute, appears sturdy and well-built, and quickly gives out a temperature reading and even beeps if the water is too hot or too cold. However I am rating it so low because the thermometer stopped working after about 3 weeks of “normal” use. It did begin working again after resting for about a week (my husband used it, not knowing that it had previously stopped working), but then about 3 days after that it stopped working again. Luckily I had carefully read the reviews before purchasing and made sure I could return the item to Amazon since I purchased directly from them as a “prime” member. Thank goodness I took those precautions or I’d be out over $10 for a defective thermometer!!! I’d recommend not wasting your time with this one and get one that’s more reliable.

Angel Kodiak, AK

Works well for my 9 month old’s bath time

We’ve been using this thermometer for the baby’s bath since she was born. She is now 9 months old. It simply lets me know what the temp of the water is in an easy to read digital screen on top. It turns itself on and off when being taken in and out of the water. The baby plays with it now and likes to watch it spin as it sits in the tub with her. It has shown no signs of mold or mildew, but I do tap it on the tub when I have taken it out of the water to dry. It also beeps when it goes too low or too high of temperature. The quality is good enough that I expect it to last through our next child. Both baby and I are pleased.

Denice Columbus, IN

Must have for bath time!

I got this product 3 years ago when my daughter was born. I was afraid of burning her with too hot water. I have used this for every bath of hers over the past three years and now I use it also with my 6 month old daughter. It has held up really well and still works great after getting lots of use. We’ve only had to change the batteries one time. The one thing you have to be sure of is that you really get all of the water out of it when the bath is done. There have been some times that I haven’t shaken it out enough and I will hear it start beeping again when the water gets too cold. I feel lost without this thermometer and when the time comes that it doesn’t work anymore I plan on replacing it with another one. Another bonus is that my daughter enjoys playing with it in the tub during bath time.

Joyce Fairview Heights, IL

Cute bath themomether makes toddler bathing safe

I have used this bath thermometer since I brought my baby home from the hospital (he is 22 months now). This is actually my second one. I had to replace the first one because my little boy likes to play with it and is very rough on things. It is accurate and quickly gives a reading. It has an alarm that is clear but not annoying when the tempurature is to hot or cold. I have never had my little boy refuse a bath because of water tempurature since using this to make sure I have the tempurature right.

Tracy Vernon Hills, IL

glad we bought it!

we have been using this product for a month, we really like it. my husband and i always had different opinions on what was too hot or too cold, now we know. this is a little big for a baby bath, but will be nice when we have her in the regular bath tub.

Amalia Fort Sumner, NM


This is very helpful when drawing a bath for my little one. I always know when the temp is perfect.

Robyn Ancona, IL

Easy to use.

I never had any otehr thermometer, so I’m still questioning spending $15 on such a stupid small thing :))) But it works great. Very convenient. It’s beeping when the water gets too cold or too hot. Shows C , not only F which is great since I’m used to using C

Annie Woodstock, CT

To slow

It’s ok product. What I really hate about it that it is very slow, once u place it in water it warms up for a few minutes, it doesn’t give u result immediately

Mara Hindsville, AR

Quit working

This thermometer is cute, and a great idea to have for bath time…but ours quit working after 2 uses. And the times that it did work in kind of questioned its reliability. Perhaps we got a lemon but might be worth looking into something else from our experience.

Jesse Dedham, IA

Accurate, fast, and cute to boot!

This thermometer is the answer to one of a new mom’s greatest fears: too hot bath water. And it is oh so cute as well! The thermometer beeps continually if the temperature of the water leaves the appropiate temperature range–too hot or too cold. It’s great how fast it registers the temperature after it is placed in the water. It turns itself on when in water and off when out of water. Baby loves to play with it. Just have to make sure it is returned to upright position if baby tips it upside down. Simply a lovely bath safety tool.

Billie Redding, IA

great product

My sister recommended this to me after the birth of my daughter late 2012. Once we started giving her full baths this was a nice tool to ensure we kept the bathwater in the safe zone for a baby. It was interesting that what my arm was telling me felt good for me was considered to high for the baby – so even though using the inside of your forearm is good tool when you have no choice, I felt much better knowing that this was the safer way to verify temperature. The battery lasted a long time – it didn’t start act funny until almost a year after we bought it! I am going to give these as shower gifts to all my expecting friends and colleagues!

Kimberley Brimson, MN

Seriously best one!

I b ought this and you have to wait to make sure it isnt too hot. it wil beep when it is too cold. best one ever. I would buy it again and again. I use it nightly and my son is now 4 months old!

Maryellen Louin, MS


It does work fine but it has a very annoying beep when water is above a certain temp and it is pretty bulky/heavy

Willie Morganville, KS

good for peace of mind

Honestly after the first week of bathing my baby, I figured out the temperature that he like to be bathed at just by touching the water. It’s great for peace of mind if you’re a first time parent but it’s not a must takes a while for the temp to show up on the screen and it’s kinda hard to read.

Kathleen Roann, IN

Works great!

This works great right out of the box. It beeps every time the temp changes. It’s cute, it’s a good size, and the baby likes it. I hope it keeps working!

Jerri Dodge Center, MN

Works well

I have used this several times now and it is still working. It is very handy and I love it a lot.

Kathi Warren, IL

Flip it over to stop the beeping

This works great. It beeps if the water is too cold – below 89.6 I believe – or too hot – above 100. It takes forever for me to regulate the water temperature in my house so I want to know that the bath time temp is just right.As for the beeping when it’s out of the water, when I take it out of the infant tub that sits in the bathtub, I flip it over and put in the corner of the shower and it stops immediately. Maybe I’m just lucky but that’s worked for me.My twins are 6 months old and I think the battery needs to be replaced because it shut off in the water last night for baby bath #1 but came back on for baby bath #2. I just ordered a replacement battery from Amazon (free shipping with Prime) so if the new battery doesn’t bring it back to full life, I’ll come back here and update my review.

Cassie Raceland, LA