Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Easy Bath Kneeler, Blue

Aquatopia Deluxe Safety Easy Bath Kneeler, Blue

Aquatopia deluxe safety easy bath kneeler makes you stay safe and comfortable during bath time with the extra large, deluxe, anti slip cushioned pad for your knees and extra padding for your elbows. It is easy to use. The kneeler unfolds in seconds. It is made from water friendly neoprene and it has pockets that are perfect for soaps and shampoos, keeping everything you need close at hand. The simple fold away design makes for easy storage virtually anywhere and it fits any standard tub.

Main features

  • EVA Foam, Polyester, Cotton
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Stay safe and comfortable during bath time
  • Fits any standard tub
  • Simple fold away design makes for easy storage virtually anywhere
  • Made from water friendly materials, it has pockets that are perfect for soaps and shampoos
  • Easy to use, the kneeler unfolds in seconds

Verified reviews


Nice but unnecessary

This was great when I first got it. But shortly after a few uses it got moldy and spotted. I’ve washed it in the machine several times with bleach and its still stained. I ditched the flap that goes over and into the tub and now just use the knee pad part. It does save my knees from getting bruised up on our tile bathroom floor. But you could just use a folded up towel.

Freida Enterprise, LA


Comfy but doesn’t stay in place. It stains and smells sour after seven months and washing it doesn’t solve the problem. I let it air dry after every use but the odor is permanent. It isn’t worth the price and now I have to find something else.

Amie Elgin, TN


This thing looks DISGUSTING now that we’ve had it for a while. I wash it all the time, but it certainly doesn’t look like it. The water stains won’t go away, & I’m embarrassed for anyone to even see it in my daughter’s bathroom! The suction cups have separated from the part that goes in the tub, & I can’t get them back in. Yes, it pads our knees but I’m looking for a new kneeling pad.

Angelica Hatton, AR

Save my knees!

I have not yet used this as I am hospitalized and ordered it while I was here. I can’t wait to try it out. My knees are always hurting at bath time and I think this will help.

Greta Antigo, WI

Great for knees and washable too

This kneeler has been a lifesaver! I really don’t know what I would have done without it. Best part is that it’s washable which is great because it does get a little smelly every few weeks.

Terri Emory, VA


This is the besst purchase I have made when it comes to bath time products. It is so nice to have padding on my knees when I give my son a bath. Before this my knees would kill me. I also love the pockets on this so I can put the shampoo etc in it and it’s right at my fingertips. Also love that it folds up for easy storage!

May Williamstown, NY

Serves it’s purpose! 🙂

We use this everytime we give our baby a bath. The padding is good enough since we only kneel on it for no more than 15 minutes. Babies are small… shouldn’t take longer than that to wash them up! I use it just for the kneeling part but I like how it folds up and has the suction cups for it to stay in place so I don’t have to constantly move it. It does get dirty pretty quick and I haven’t washed mine yet but it says you can throw it in the washer.

Angelina Irondale, MO

Nice kneeler!

This kneeler is definitely a nice cushion on my knees if they get sore. I like all the pockets to store random bath items as well.

Darla Myerstown, PA

Suction Cups Tore Off

The suction cups ripped out of the fabric of this thing within 2 weeks of use. The over the top section (it comes in two parts) is more or less useless and doesn’t offer elbow/forearm support like the picture implies. That being said, the kneeler itself is great and doesn’t slide, but you can buy a less expensive kneeler that does the same!

Kay Marshall, VA

great for baths

this is an awesome product i wish that i had sooner. it makes bathing easy on the knees and lower back. highly recommend this kneeler, it is easy to wash and best of all it folds nicely for storage space. it has pockets and the knee pads are removable for washing. great quality, not of cheap material.

Jeri Winona, OH

A knee saver!

We received this as a gift. It really saves your knees when hunched over bathing the lil ones. I like that you can separate the part that goes up and over the tub, which I think was unnecessary – and certainly in the way when the adults needed to use the bath.

Emilia Point Clear, AL

A knee-saver!

This has been great for bath time. It’s really comfortable on our knees. It also dries really quickly when it gets wet. It’s a bit of a pain to store because it’s a little big, but worth it because it helps make bath time more enjoyable.

Joanne Gretna, FL

Good quality, but won’t fit well on a shallow tub

The quality is good overall and the color is a little more muted than the picture, but I had to return it. I had to because my tub wasn’t deep enough for the elbow pad to sit in the correct spot. The cushy part ended up on the inside of the tub. The knee pads were great and so were the pockets. I just wasn’t thinking about the design of my tub when I bought it.

Eula Dexter, IA

Very nice product

If you’ve had to give a baby a bath you know how hard it is on your knees. This product makes that task way easier on you. And as a benefit it has pockets for things that might come handy during bath time. Definitely worth it’s price.

Audrey Camptown, PA

makes bathtime fun (i.e. comfortable) for parents

Really useful for bathtime. Kneeling pads are just right, and I love that this folds up for storage when not in use.

Chelsea Omaha, NE


Great padding and your knees will thank you 🙂 I love the extra pockets for having everything handy. My tub is a bit low so this is not a perfect fit but it’s workable. Also the padding for your elbows is great as well. Well worth it!

Ester Keldron, SD

knee saver

Knee saver! We have an older home and our tub is not high enough to accomodate this product completely but we make it work. We do not use the pockets (just keep all items in the water).

Cassie Gordonsville, TN

Big and cushiony

The thing I love about this bath kneeler is it’s bigger than others I’ve seen. Very comfortable. One thing to note: even though it folds up, it actually looks more attractive in the open position b/c it doesn’t lay flat in the up position, and the backside is not the nice aqua, it’s just white canvas. I don’t mind though because the aqua is so nice.

Heather Brush Valley, PA

I’ve been using this for several months and I love it. I don’t use the pockets but they …

I’ve been using this for several months and I love it. I don’t use the pockets but they wouldn’t hold much. I’ve also put this through the washing machine and it came out just fine. Perfect knee saver!

Inez Ashford, WA

Comfortable on knees but suction cups tore right off.

The knee cushion is comfortable but the suction cups that secure the mat over the side of the tub came off after about a month or so of use. The circle in the fabric they fit through just worked into a hole. So now it is just a mat that sits on the floor. Still worth it if you get it at a low price (the price if this time changes frequently).

Briana Okeana, OH


This is very nice, as it protects your knees and keeps everything you need where you can get to it. (and away from the baby)

Angela Crawfordsville, IN

Holds everything, looks good too

I like that this folds up and isn’t always "out". It also holds everything I need it to and is convenient to use. Doesn’t bother my guests with it on the guest bathroom.

Matilda Venetie, AK

Great for knees

This is an awesome product. My knees used to kill me when bathing my baby. I would definitely recommend this product.

Wendi Georgetown, MN

Like the product but it didn’t fit!

I quite liked this matt/pad when it arrived and think I would have been pleased with it, however, my tub is too low so it does not fit. The elbow pad area ends up in the tub and mesh ends up where the elbow’s should be, providing no padding/protection. It’s nice but check the fit before ordering.

Ellen Itasca, IL

Nice To Have

This kneeler is nice to have. Before my knees would start to hurt while bathing my baby. This kneeler has brought great relief to my knees. The part for your elbows seems to move around on the tub though but my arms are usually moving around so this isn’t a big deal for me. Overall, this seems to be a great product.

Pamala East Chicago, IN

its okay…

i think a garden pad that you kneel (whatever its called) would work the same, for less. i never use the pouch. the suctions cups tore off the pad, so it does not stick anymore. and it wraps into the tub…that is full of water…. So it is likely to mold. mine hasnt yet, but i am not going to wait for that to happen. i dont have that much patience. movign to a better product. great idea though. too expensive to have all the problems.

Freida Radom, IL

My knees are so grateful

This kneeler is great – especially if you have hard tile floors and a toddler that doesn’t like to take baths! My knees were killing me so I decided to purchase this. It is so comfortable and you can store the shampoo and body wash right in the pockets. It folds up and attaches with Velcro so you don’t have to worry about it taking up space on the floor when you are done. Wipes clean and absorbs water. Never had a problem with mold or smells.

Melisa Middleburg, KY

Works as advertised

This works very well at bathtime. The kneeling pads are comfy and it is easy to clean. The little pockets are nice for storing body wash, lotion, etc.

Pauline Bartelso, IL


I received this for my baby shower and it’s incredible. Not only will your knees hurt from kneeling during bath time, but I have really bad knees to add to that. This is so easy to use and I feel no pain when I bath my son. We also stick wash cloths and shampoo/wash in the pockets so everything is right there. you can hang it up to dry if it gets wet. I saw a review mention mold and we have not seen any yet (have been using it for 6 months) but I will be on the lookout for that. Highly recommend.

Jamie Lynch Station, VA

very good product!!

Great product. Really changes for me the bath experience. You can always fold a towel and put it on the floor, but this looks nice, is comfortable and practical. loved it!!

Paula Topock, AZ