Arm and Hammer Secure Comfort Potty Seat, Assorted colors

Arm and Hammer Secure Comfort Potty Seat, Assorted colors

The Arm and Hammer Secure Comfort Potty Seat by Munchkin features a snap in deodorizing disc with the odor eliminating power of baking soda (refills sold separately). The easy to clean potty fits most standard toilets and is contoured to securely hold child in place. Easy grip handles add stability and a non skid edge prevents the seat from moving around. Potty includes a built in deflector, backrest for added comfort and feet for easy stand up storage.

Main features

  • Polypropylene
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Powered by odor eliminating baking soda
  • Includes snap in deodorizing disc
  • Non skid edge so seat doesnt move
  • Contoured to securely hold child in place
  • Colors may vary, you may receive either of the following colors as blue, green
  • Colors may vary, you may receive either of the following colors: blue, green

Verified reviews


Great for boys

I bought this for my son who, since birth, has HATED dirty diapers. We’re trying to get him used to using the toilet and wanted a seat to fit his petite size. The front piece is generous for boys who haven’t figured out how to aim while sitting. The inside piece also extends down into the toilet enough to have the urine go into the toilet instead of all out the front.

Mellisa Pevely, MO

Doesn’t fit our round or oval toilets

I bought this because I liked the idea of the handles and I thought… well… we have two different shaped toilets in our home… it’ll at least fit one. Other reviewers mentioned that it worked on round toilets but it didn’t fit any of our toilets. Our oval toilets are new, and we also have one round toilet from the 80s that it doesn’t fit on, either. Bummer. We ended up buying the Prince Lionhart weePOD, Basix and it is such a better product! It fits on both of our toilets, is easy to clean, lightweight, secure, and super cushy/comfortable. My daughter loves to sit on it.Prince Lionheart weePOD Basix, Ash Grey

Brianna Highlandville, MO

Good for boys

I tried this and the baby bjorn potty seat for my 2.5 yr old and this is a much better seat. The pee guard doesn’t stick up as high as BB so I don’t have to worry about my son getting up and out of it on his own. Also he loves the little handles for steadying himself. As far as fit, we live in a new home so we have the elongated toilet and this fits very well.

Vivian Eupora, MS

I really wish this seat was adjustable!

My two year-old seems more interested in using the “big potty” than her small, stand-alone potty chair, so we recently purchased 3 potty seats for the two bathrooms in our house: TheBABYBJORN Toilet Trainer – White/Black) andPourty Flexi-Fit Toilet Trainer, White/Blue, both of which are adjustable, and this Arm & Hammer Secure Comfort Potty Seat. After a couple of days experimenting with all 3 potty seats, we discovered that my daughter prefers a potty seat with handles because it helps her to feel more secure (against the concern about falling in) when she’s sitting on the large toilet. She was actually able to relax enough to urinate in the toilet while on this seat, as opposed to the Baby Bjorn and Pourty potty seats, which have no handles.However, the major down-side of this seat, at least for us, is that it doesn’t fit securely into either of our elongated toilet seats. Our toilet seats aren’t excessively long, but they are oval-shaped, in contrast to standard round toilet seats. As a result, whenever my daughter tries to sit on this seat, it slides back away from her bum towards the rear rim of the toilet seat. The grippy plastic rim around the edges of the potty seat isn’t sticky enough to prevent the seat from sliding back. So I have to readjust the seat every time my daughter uses it, sometimes more than once during a single potty session. Not only is this inconvenient for mom & dad, but it will also make it difficult for my little-one to use this potty seat independently, because she will always need an adult to adjust it to ensure that it’s sitting securely under her bum.Unfortunately, I have no choice but to hang onto this seat and make the best of it for now, since it’s the only one of its kind that has handles, which my daughter clearly prefers. Based on my extensive research, there don’t seem to be any adjustable potty seats with handles. The Baby Bjorn and Pourty potty chairs adjust to fit my toilet seat perfectly, but they don’t have handles. Of course, there’s no point in having a potty seat that fits like a glove if your little-one isn’t comfortable using it, so those two seats are being shelved until my daughter gets more experienced at using the toilet and feels secure on the potty seat without using handles. Most of the other potty seats I could find with handles are the “cushy” ones made of PVC (vinyl), which is a deal-breaker for us given its toxicity. Plus, they’re not adjustable, so I’d probably run into the same issues with them sliding all over our toilet sets. The only promising exception that I could find wasThe First Years Soft Grip Trainer Seat, Blue, which is made of the same non-toxic plastic as the Bjorn and Porty seats, but also has handles. It’s not adjustable, but the reviews here on Amazon have been positive as to it not sliding around on a variety of sizes of toilet seats. So I’ll be trying that next.Another minus of this Arm & Hammer potty seat for us is the air-freshening disk that comes pre-installed at the back of the seat. We tend to steer clear of synthetic fragrances because of chemical sensitivities, and because these mystery-fragrances usually contain phthalates, which are particularly unhealthy for young children. According to Arm & Hammer, the scented disk has a lavender fragrance, but I couldn’t confirm that it’s naturally-derived (which usually means that it’s synthetic), so it was a no-no. Fortunately, the “odor-eliminating” disk is removable, so we just took it out and discarded it before trying out the potty seat.Grade: C

Latonya Goldvein, VA

perfect fit

Best thing I could have bought for my toddler girl potty training. SEALS THE SEAT – daughter holds onto the handles naturally. Doesnt fall of or rock or twist. Its just a perfect seat – I will let you know what toilet seat I have when I get home to help other parents out there.

Dorothy Winterset, IA

Great for potty training with boys

We used this (and subsequently bought another!) for potty training my son. The little lip in front is KEY for making sure their little boy parts aim down and get the pee actually in the bowl. I don’t know that the air freshener in the back is necessary, but hey, can’t hurt right? This seat fit our standard sized toilets perfectly and the little handles on the side were a good place for him to put his hands while he was up there.

Lauri Gayville, SD

Great for toddlers

I bought four of these, one for each bathroom in our house. They are wonderful and so easy to use. My son just potty trained and he really prefers these over a stand-alone potty for kids. They fit perfect on a standard oval shaped toilet seat. I also have a smaller potty with a circle seat in the kids’ room and while this fits on it, it is not a perfect fit bit gets the job done. I also like the air freshener built in the back. It is a gentle smell and not overwhelming at all.

Dina Rayne, LA

Great for a boy

My son wasn’t interested in the little potty’s so I purchased this after reading reviews – this is great for boys! The splash guard helped at first but he has it all figured out now – I’m still glad it’s there though! The arm and hammer freshener hasn’t been necessary yet – honestly I didn’t know what it was or that it came with it but perhaps it will be useful later

Frankie Newfane, NY

Great for Potty Training Boys!

We purchased a potty training toilet for my son, but he had no interest in using it. He wanted to use the big toilet my mom and dad. I bought one of these potty seats for each of our bathrooms, and they work great. The splash guard helps prevent urine from spraying all over the bathroom, and the handles help my son steady himself.We have an oblong toilet, and this potty seat fits it great. I think it actually fits our oblong toilet better than the round toilets at my parents’ house.

Darlene Grandview, IN

Works well for a girl, not sure about boys

This potty sits very snugly on our toilets (standard but slightly older models) and the handgrips are a nice touch. I like the fact that the plastic design makes it very easy to clean in case of messes. It is important to check the underside where there are ‘shelves’ that needs to wiped out every so often.We do have to be careful about positioning our daughter upright in the middle and making sure she keeps her legs straight down. If she is too leaned back, the pee sprays out and if poop is involved, the seat can get messy. Our friends used it for their son and hoo boy, that required major cleanup – the pee just seemed to fly everywhere. The only other issue we’ve had is that if the potty session is prolonged, then the hard plastic leaves red marks on our toddler’s bottom. But overall, we’ve gotten much further along with potty training using this seat than the Bjorn standalone – I think it’s because it allows our daughter use the ‘grown-up potty’ and she seems to like that.Definitely worth a try if you have a girl. Might need some trial and error with positioning if you are using for a boy.

Deidra Stark, KS


This potty seat is very convenient to use. It fits my 1 year old’s little bottom well and there’s some room to grow into. I can take it off and put it on the toilet very easily. It is very easy to clean. I don’t use the deodorizer; I just don’t see the point in it. We have taken it to many relatives houses and it fits every toilet we have put it on. It’s just a great potty at a great price!

Tamika Bloomburg, TX

Fits in every toilet i’ve tried. Awesome product

Love this seat and we have 3 of them. Two for home and one to travel with. Wherever i’ve gone, i have been able to fit it on every single toilet. I don’t understand the people who say they couldn’t.This is the best potty seat on the market

Lessie Hartshorne, OK

Fits, but doesn’t stay put

It fits my toilet seat, but if you have a squirmy toddler, the potty seat wouldn’t stick to the toilet seat quite as well. Maybe this is the case for all potty seats, I don’t know. The rubber helps with the adhesion, but not much. Don’t get me wrong, it does the job it’s supposed to, but there’s always room for improvement. I’m still working on potty training my son and haven’t used the Arm & Hammer odour eliminating baking soda yet.

Blanca Kenner, LA

Suits old style toilets – too small for elongated seats

I have both this toilet seat and also the Baby Bjorn one. If you have a standard round seat, then this potty seat is fine. If you have an elongated one though, this one – while it “works” – it sits loosely on the toilet seat, which might be a problem for some kids. The Baby Bjorn one is more expensive, but if you have any elongated seats in your home, then it’s worth the extra money.

Brittany Laketown, UT

Very good fit, lightweight, built in odor controller, good value.

I assume we have standard size toilets because this fit like a glove. The fit is great, it is nice and stable. It also has handles, an deodorizer in back, and handles. The price is also very reasonable. It would also be easy to pack for any trips. We bought 2 for our house and will probably by more for relatives to have on hand. Highly recommended.

Isabel Warren, NJ

Fits American Standard circle toilets perfectly, Forget the odorizer…

This is probably one of the best values in potty training (~$8.50/each). The seat fits our toilets perfectly. They are sturdy, comfortable, and EXTREMELY easy to clean. In fact, I like these seats better than any others we have tried, including the Baby Bjorn potty trainers (mainly for the fact that it’s better to have your kid poop into the toilet then a separate bowl that you then have to clean out!). The only caveat is that your kid has to be capable of hopping up onto the toilet via step stool if you want them to go independently. Also, I’ve never seen him pee out/over the front guard.The odorizer disc (the toilet seat comes with one), is a pure a gimmick in my mind. They just want you to keep on buying replacement discs (reminds me of ink cartridges). You don’t need them at all to have a great functioning potty trainer.

Bridgett Alvin, IL

Loved this seat

I have the arm and hammer and munchkin potty seat and love it but wanted a better seat to set on toilets. This fit that need. It fits snug and doesn’t slide and my 11 month old can sit on it easily. Its also small enough to tuck in my diaper bag to travel with.

Patti Motley, MN

excellent value!!

i have yet to find a toilet this dowsnt work with and my daughter loves the handles – great for grabbing the potty seat themselves wothout touching the germy parts of the seat and also good for hanging it up. the shape is also perfect for giving them stability. we have bought the same seat for all three bathrooms! love it.

Adrienne Mancos, CO

Why spend more?

It does a great job, fits my boy perfectly, prevent messes and much cheaper than the competition. Not sure about the arm and hammer odor part….as its no match for what my son can do…but i bought it to place on the potty and not let him fall in and keep what he produces in the bowl…and it does that, no complaints.

Antonia Greenport, NY

Great little potty training seat

This is a great little potty training seat. My daughter definitely thinks it’s a comfortable place to hang out and "read" (she learned that from her daddy, I suppose). My only complaint is that it fits onto the toilet seat so snugly, that if my daughter leans forward too far on it, the back pops up out of the toilet seat.

Ronda Baldwin, MD

Does the Job

This does the job like it should. It’s not my favorite one in the house (we have two), but the kids do like the handles and it’s not uncomfortable for them. It fits an oval seat, so be aware that if you have a round seat it will not work as it is not adjustable.

Neva Hampton, AR

Does the job

Perfect for my 2yr old. Fits easily on the toilet, although was a bit small.Love the handles on the side! They provide somewhere other than the toilet seat for the kiddo to place his hands.

Jennie Loco Hills, NM

Didn’t fit my toilet seat — too bad

I really liked this seat and all the positives about it that have been mentioned in other reviews are true. It’s a great seat and easy to clean and use. However, it didn’t fit our toilet seat (our toilet seat too round, too small?). I didn’t think our toilet seat was weirdly shaped at all (we’re in an apartment, so it’s a standard there), but this seat is too big for i and won’t nest in the seat. Tried it on the bowl itself with the seat up and that doesn’t work either. We’ve been using this for a few months by putting it in there offset and having our toddler sit on it, but since it won’t seat securely , he doesn’t feel secure on it and I don’t blame him. After months of trying, we’re giving up on this seat and trying a different one that says it fits ALL sized seats. I’m disappointed cuz this is otherwise great. Just think people need to know it is NOT one size fits all toilet seats.

Carla Browns Mills, NJ

Does not fit all toilet seats

We were able to use this with our round bemis toilet seat, however once we switched to a new toilet (Toto round) with a smaller opening this seat is useless. I bought the potette plus which is smaller but that did not fit well in the Toto round. The arm & hammer seat seems much more comfortable for at home use. The seat that fits our round Toto seat is the padded Sesame Street one. The padded sesame street seat had a small tear in the seam which caused it to spoil and there was no way to wash the inside. Had to finally throw it away. Using Dream Baby Soft Potty seat which is the best so far and no padding that can get contaminated and it fits a round toilet!

Angela Williams, CA

Fits perfectly, but splash guard could be a little higher

This is very well made (especially for the price) and fits nice and snug in the toilet. The handles are great to give them a little more stability. My only complaint is that for boys I have to push their junk down towards the water or pee ends up getting everywhere. My son has quite a stream. Don’t have this problem with other training potties that have a higher guard.

Augusta Buffalo, MN

better than a cushion seat

We have 2 training seats in our house. One is this one and the other is a cushioned seat. My 2 year old daughter prefers to sit on this one for some reason. I think it is because it is more sturdy and shaped to their little bottoms. Great seat and easy to keep clean.

Gloria Skykomish, WA

love it

love it, fit great, comfortable, my toddler loves it, and smells good .great quality for the good price .

Dora Waring, TX


i cant get my son to sit on a potty if i taped it to him!!! he had even taken to using the potty as a hat once when i turned my back! (thankfully it was empty)so the fact that he has been sitting on this seat for a clean 10 mins at a time since it arrived says a lot.although he fidgets and twists and turns it has never once slipped. and he finds the handles quite entertaining too.i am 100% sure that this is a comfortable seat for little bottoms because in the past i noticed that once my son sat on his potty (for abt 30 seconds!) he would rub his little bottom when he got up-as if he was so branded. lol..but with this seat he is all smiles.i would definitely recommend this seat to any new parent.

Aurora Fredonia, AZ

pretty good

this potty does what should. easy to clean and hang when not in use. handles are good and it seats fairly well in our home toilets. it could fit just a little better and this isnt necessarily something the manufacturer can fix due to wide range of options. our 15 month old did lean over a little to far,fell off and the potty insert went right with her! regardless i was going to purchase again for a second toilet but the price went a fair amount in just a month or so. i purchased another brand nearly identical in concept for a better price and she hasn’t fallen off that one yet!

Lynne Oakland, MI

Nice seat, good for boys, round toilets beware

This is a sturdy, slip-resistant seat with a good front shield that extends a good inch down into the bowl to prevent splatters. My only caution is that if you have a very round toilet seat, it may not fit– the same splatter shield goes almost all the way around the hole. This is awesome for keeping things clean and also helps prevent the seat from moving, but it did end up being too long to fit into the hole on our downstairs toilet. I used a saw to cut the back inch off the shield; now it fits, and the function of the seat has not been compromised. All in all, I’m happy with it. I’m pretty sure the little baking soda pellet thing is useless, but the seat is nice.

Eugenia Watson, MO