Arm & Hammer 10-Piece Nursery Fresheners

Arm & Hammer 10-Piece Nursery Fresheners

This handy 10 pack of Arm and Hammer Nursery Fresheners harness the power of baking soda in a portable freshener that can be used just about anywhere. These ten deodorizing discs that are filled with odor eliminating baking soda and scented with lavender are great for diaper bags, diaper pails, changing tables, hampers, and more.

Main features

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  • Deodorizing discs filled with odor eliminating baking soda and lavender scented
  • Great for diaper bags, diaper pails, changing tables, hampers and more
  • Baking soda provides safe, effective and natural odor elimination

Verified reviews


Wrong Scent

Even though the description from the seller stated these would be lavender, all 10 that I received were citrus instead, which is not what I wanted. Put one at the bottom of the diaper pail and couldn’t smell it all, even though there were no diapers in it yet. Disappointing.

Latonya Little Creek, DE

Does Nothing for Our Diaper Pail

These fresheners help very little with anything we’ve tried them on and certainly appear to do nothing in regards to our diaper pail. It still stinks continuously as soon as a dirty diaper goes in it. We’re very disappointed.

Betsy Nebo, NC

mild scented freshness

i have bought several sets of these over the past two years and have even recommended them to friends.while i have seen reviewers complain that they aren’t as high scented as they expected i am happy with the mildness and my husband totally loves the scent that stays with the clothes- yes i put them in our drawers too because once you open the pack they all come open (they are not individually wrapped)- which is really a down side to the packaging if you are only intending to use them in your nursery/diaper bin. but for the price you can go ahead and scatter them in all your drawers too.

Anita Munnsville, NY


Bought these for the inside of our diaper pail. What a waste of money; they don’t help at all. No fresh scent, no masking stinky scents; absolutely no difference at all. Very disappointing. Don’t waste your $ on these.

Kathy Mount Pleasant, PA

Handy and effective.

These discs work pretty well. We used them in our diaper pail and didn’t change it for about 5 months. Of course at a certain point it was less effective but still better than nothing.One batch of our toddler’s clothing had rotten milk somewhere in it which apparently spread to a lot of other clothes in the laundry. When his clean clothes sit in his drawers some of them start to stink like milk again. We ordered these for each drawer and will return after a few months with an update.

Ma Eastern, KY

Smells good for a long time

They’re smaller than it seems in the picture.Good enough to place one in your diaper bag and a couple inside your diaper pail. You can also place a couple in your bathroom.It’s been a month and a half since I used this and the scent is still going strong.

Sherry Clarkston, UT

They’ll do.

I like that they have a lavender smell – not to strong, but enough to dent the poo cloud in my toddlers room. I have one in her munchkin diaper pail, one right above it for when I have to open said pail, and when they’re no longer strong enough for her tiny room, I throw them in under our kitchen sink, because that’s where the trash lives. I don’t like that once you open the 5-pack, the other four start absorbing odors, but I put them into a ziploc baggie and throw them in her sock drawer. That way, at least her socks smell good, and there is only so much stink to absorb in that location through plastic.

Milagros Sumner, TX

paying for packaging – short usefllness, but does work

as a new parent, but many an uncle – I do see the usefulness of these, but I hate the expense. they help keep the odor down to a tolerable limit near the changing table/diaper pail – but the useful life of one of these is barely 1-month.I have a hard time believing someone hasn’t come up with a better, more fiscally and Eco-friendly responsible answer to the stink…

Ada Sheridan, TX

Meh…it’s ok

Similar to other customers, I found that these didn’t really combat the stink of the diaper pail quite as effectively as I’d hoped. They do smell nice, though.

Gertrude Olmstedville, NY

Love These!

I really like the different smells that come in the packets, the lavendar is great as well as the citrus. They do help in my Arm & Hammer diaper pail, and I have just started using them in drawers. Only a few made it to my daughter’s drawers because I have some in the linen closet as well as the coat closet.

Carly Rolfe, IA

I can’t tell if its working…

These seem great in theory but I honestly can not tell if they are working or not.The fact that I don’t notice a big difference makes me think we would be fine with out them.

Arline New Lisbon, IN

Best for small spaces

I bought these for our diaper pail, and they do a decent job there. Not awesome, but decent. But they are excellent in smaller spaces, like drawers, closets, or in the car. I don’t know air fresheners, but I don’t want a smelly car. I put two of these in the car (under each seat) and it just freshens the whole thing up! I have also used them in the drawers of an old dresser which had a musty smell and they were excellent.

Elva Sardinia, SC

Smells fresh, keeps diapers at bay

Been using one in the diaper pail (cloth diapers) for a month. Smell just barely starting to fade. All in all, a great purchase. Scent is fresh but by overpowering.

Elisabeth Casper, WY

They Work!

These really do work! My husband was skeptical but after placing two in the bin, the next morning you could not smell the diaper pail when entering the baby’s room. We use the Diaper Dekor Plus.

Ramona Erie, CO

Not horrible, but won’t be buying again.

It’s not a horrible product by any means, but definitely not strong enough for our diaper pail, which is why I bought them. One thing I definitely do not like is that they are not individually wrapped. I don’t necessarily want to use all 10 at once and feel like the others are wasted and/or I’m forced to find ways to use them even if they’re not needed anywhere else. I will not buy these again, but maybe they are good for someone else.

Sandra Pamplin, VA