Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Bassinet Leg Extension Kit, Natural

Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Bassinet Leg Extension Kit, Natural

Arms reach co sleeper leg extensions for both original and mini bassinets.

Main features

  • The leg extension kit will raise the co sleeper from 24″ (normal bed height) to 30″ (pillow top bed height) in 2″ increments
  • We recommend you not extend the unit over 32″ in height
  • Elegant liner designed with coordinating fabric, venttilated side panel, four wheels and handle for ease of moving, delux sleeping nest of matching minky dot fabric
  • Converts to free standing bassinet, removable fabric liner for laundering

Verified reviews


A necessity if you have a thick mattress

These are absolutely necessary to get your co-sleeper to be level with the bed if you have a thick mattress (which most of them are these days). I used every single one of them. They seem like they wouldn’t be very sturdy/stable, but once the co-sleeper is strapped to the bed, it doesn’t move at all.

Linda Willard, NC

Wait and see

We didn’t end up needing these, so I highly recommend you wait and see if you will even need the height. We have a relatively high bed, which is why we thought we would need them, but the unit is higher than you think it will be on its own.

Verna Mc Lemoresville, TN


So there are a lot of reviewers unsatisfied with the price. I agree that it is expensive, and it’s sadly a common practice among manufacturers to make accessories that appear exhorbitantly priced. However, we used them like many others to bring the co-sleeper level to our bed to help facilitate night-time feedings. And honestly, it works. Ours is a little wobbly, but I’ve tried to make it fall (of course without the child in it) and really couldn’t do it. Even so, we keep it strapped to the bed and it’s as stable as without the extensions.The fit, color and function were all adequate. It was a little costly, but then again, what is a better night’s sleep and routine worth? As with most things, it’s just a compromise. Also, I think perhaps there are other things more worthy of our scrutiny and criticism.Mom is happy + kid is happy = dad is happy. All for about $20.

Miriam Hampton, MN

Raises to the right height but not very stable

We searched all over for these extensions and settled for this color since we can’t find the Espresso color anywhere. The extensions raise the bassinet to the right height but the stability is compromised. The bassinet just doesn’t feel too stable and if you move it, you better double and triple check all the leg extensions because these pegs tend to dislodge when you move the bassinet. Our newborn doesn’t weigh very much or move around much so I don’t see the bassinet toppling over while he’s in it. We’ve secured it to the bed for safety. But if you should use it away from the bed, then take the extensions off. It’s just not stable enough to be freestanding with the extensions on.

Marisol Chinook, WA

Higher but not so sturdy

I had to use all of the extensions to fit the height of our bed and it made it quite unstable and hard to move back and forth on carpet. I really wish they including additional wheels just for this reason. I ended up never moving the co-sleeper next to my bed because it made it so difficult to move back and forth. Still love the co-sleeper but wish the extensions we stronger and included a second set of wheels.

Sheri Lenox, GA

co-sleeper extension legs

These are helpful when you have a high bed. It worked well to increase the height. It makes the co-sleeper more wobbly and when you pick up the co-sleeper, the extensions can fall off so you cannot place it down without it being re-built. Would still recommend if you needed to increase the height.

Marguerite Anahuac, TX


I bought to raise the Co-Sleeper to a better height with my bed, it does seem like the bed does become "wobbly" or unstable when raised but if the bed is secured to your mattress as instructed by the Co-Sleeper manufacturer then the bed isn’t going anywhere.

Diana Piedmont, MO


These extensions are sturdy, and they work quite well. They do not come apart too easily, which ensures that the co-sleeper is stable. However, they come apart well enough to not be a hassle. I actually have the dark brown co-sleeper. Therefore, I do not know if the color perfectly matches the toffee colored co-sleeper. I could not find the extensions that match mine. The color difference is very noticeable.

Josephine Harrison, GA

Serves the purpose

I agree that this product is grossly overpriced for what it is. These are just plastic pieces that snap onto the legs of the Co-Sleeper bassinet to raise it higher. But, they do the trick. The directions state that you are not supposed to use these extensions without securing the bassinet to your bed. Otherwise, the bassinet would not be stable at all. But when it is attached to the bed, it is very stable. I had to raise my bassinet 4 inches so I used two of these for each leg. I love the bassinet now that it is at the same level as my bed. I can so easily see and reach my baby at night. I think these should be at least half the price that they are, but I wanted to get the part that actually went with the co-sleeper rather than parts from another manufacturer.

Karla Hoodsport, WA

Gets the job done

Our bed + mattress is pretty high and I needed the extensions to raise the cosleeper to my level. I tried the cosleeper without it for a week and it was breaking my back to dip down to pick up the baby to breastfeed at night.Giving birth naturally injured my back/hip. It took me 2 months to fully recover. So having the cosleeper at my level really helped me. Plus having the baby within my arm’s reach to soothe also added more hours to my sleep, which I desperately needed since I was the only one at home to take care of the baby (hubby had to go back to work after the first week).Adding the extensions does make the bed more shaky, but it’s not going to collapse or tip over, especially when the cosleeper is right next to the adult bed.

Bobby Waltham, MN

Great item

These are great! I found them to be sturdy and provide exactly the right height adjustment to the co-sleeper. The pricing is same as in stores – not getting any great deal here but the benefit is you can get the exact color match you want. We have a toffee colored sleeper and upon trying to locate toffee legs – we found ourselves frustrated. Local stores seem to only carry the almond/white color to go with the sleeper they have in stock (which is typically almond/white)

Geraldine Morrison, TN

Perfect height

The extensions themselves were a must for us, as we have a pretty tall bed. Made it a perfect height for our need.. My only concern is the ability of them to hold up to the weight for prolonged use.

Aline Mooresboro, NC

Stands up to a Tempurpedic

Purchased these for my little one’s mini convertible co-sleeper, but I was worried that they wouldn’t be high enough to reach a good height next to my raised tempurpedic mattress. Worry not, they fit perfectly and make reaching your baby in the middle of the night easy and comfortable. Would definitely buy these if what is provided in your kit doesn’t work for your mattress height.As a side note, I bought the black because they were the only ones that shipped with prime even though my co-sleeper is natural colored. You never notice the color difference. And I have had NO stability issues.

Kelli Millington, TN

Makes it taller, but feels a bit less sturdy

This definitely heightens the bassinet and it fits along side my bed nicely. It feels slightly less sturdy with this added legs, but I still feel secure in using all the legs with the baby. I wouldn’t go taller than these extensions as recommended on the product card.

Isabella Gays, IL

Does the job but a bit overpriced.

Does the job but a bit overpriced. Each set of 4 adds about 2 inches to the height, so it could add a total if about 6 inches.

Doris Manchester, MA

Stable and easy to install

These leg extensions lifted the bassinet to the perfect height for my wife to easily roll over and either grab or console our baby. The bassinet does not feel less stable with them on.

Sandy East Brunswick, NJ


No matter how tall or short your bed is, these leg extensions worked like a charm. They were super sturdy and did exactly what they were supposed to do.

May Greenleaf, ID

Right one

I wish I did not have to buy these. It is what I needed but now I have too many. I see how Arm’s Reach is profiting…

Sheila Pelion, SC

Pure price gouging…as mentioned by other reviewers.

I can’t help but agree with other reviewers who call this item out for what it is…pure price gouging by Arm’s Reach. Leg extenders should absolutely 100% be included with this product, not sold separately (especially for a price of $20+). I’ll also be buying a more reasonable, sturdy alternative.Also misleading is the fact that co-sleeper instructions (I have the “mini” model) state that the unit as packaged is adjustable for beds up to 24″ in height. This really only means that the top of the co-sleeper frame is 24″ high, NOT the mattress platform. Be aware of this when purchasing. If your bed is higher than 23-24″ and you want your baby sleeping at the same level as you…you’ll need to buy extensions, whether you choose to purchase from Arm’s Reach or not.

Jodi Richards, TX

They do their job….

…of elevating the co sleeper properly. Beware of using too many to bring the co sleeper up higher because you will lose stability.

Selina Limestone, TN

like these but wobbly

I like these and I am using them since I have a tall bed… but yeah co sleeper is wobbly with them. Hasn’t been an issue yet with my 3.5 month old. But I get nervous when my toddler tries to hang on the sides to see the baby.

Teresa Queen Creek, AZ

So nice to have!!!

This leg extensions are so nice to have and so worth paying the extra money for… They raise the co sleeper up to the level of (2 to 3 inches below) but it is so much easier in the middle of the night when he’s not so much lower – I have a very high pillow top- these are a lifesaver!

Lakisha Garrison, TX

It Works

This product works to lift the sleeper higher, but comes off any time we want to move the bed. What can I say. If you don’t mind leaving the sleeper in one place. buy this product.

Clarice Lake Grove, NY

co sleeper

have not put to use. baby not here yet but have attached and set up. seems to work well with original co-sleeper. appears sturdy. raises bed to good height. quick, easy and shipped fast.

Adriana Britt, MN

Raised the cosleeper to the perfect height

We have a really high bed and this put my baby right in my reach. We used the stabilization strap included with the cosleeper that goes under the mattress. I don’t recommend using these extensions without stabilizing with the strap.

Jeanette Stafford, KS

No muss no fuss

Yes they are expensive, but they do exactly what they are meant to and they are safety tested. Snaps right in to our cosleeper and made us and our baby sleep a lot better. Would recommend.

Mallory Erwin, TN

Does the job

I have a higher than average bed, and we had to stack all of these up to bring it to an inch or two below the bed. If you have a really high bed, you might have to look for other ways to highten your cosleeper.

Helen Neosho Falls, KS


I needed the extensions for my ideal cosleeper. Works perfectly. I have a bed height of about 32 inches. Totally keeps my twins at arms reach. Which it’s perfect through out the night

Natasha Bennington, KS

tried to get around buying these

Looking for a less expensive option I purchased bed risers at Bed Bath and Beyond. They only forced the co-sleeper further away from our bed and created a dangerous gap in between. I wish they had been included of course, but in the end was glad I sucked it up and ordered them. I had to use all of the extenders to achieve the correct height and the c0-sleeper is now flush with side of our bed.

Rosie Tuckasegee, NC


perfect to get the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper up to the height of your bed. No issues with quality at all.

Bonnie Vaiden, MS