Arms Reach Co-Sleeper brand Mini Co-Sleeper Bassinet – Natural

Arms Reach Co-Sleeper brand Mini Co-Sleeper Bassinet – Natural

Baby will sleep more comfortably when she’s closer to Mommy in this award winning Mini Co-Sleeper Bassinet by Arm’s Reach. With no assembly required and easy setup, it fits all beds up to 24H and takes up only 20×24″ of floor space. Because no bumper pad is needed, it’s perfect for newborns up to 23 lbs. Features ventilated floor and sides, a large zippered storage compartment and 4 side pockets perfect for diapers, wipes, toys and other nursery essentials. When Baby gets older, the bassinet is perfect for additional toy storage. JPMA approved. Includes carrying case for travel and a 100% cotton fitted sheet with polyester trim. Sturdy steel frame weighs only 24 lbs. Leg extension kit (not included) increases height by 2″ up to 30″. Imported. 31Hx20Wx34L.

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Better sleep for baby & YOU

We had already debated the co-sleeper versus play yard decision & chose a play yard, reasoning that we would use it longer & that it wouldn’t be that big a deal to hop out of bed a few steps to grab the baby. Then I had a c-section & my husband ran out to get the co-sleeper after all. We got the mini because I just didn’t want to have to crawl all the way to the foot of my bed to get up like I would have to with the full size.I was just sure this would make night time breastfeeding much easier. (You know: grab the baby, latch her on & lay back & get a few more winks while she nurses.) If you haven’t yet had your baby & you share this fantasy: get over it. You won’t be laying down to nurse with a brand new baby. And if your baby is like mine (90% on the growth charts) she likely may have out-grown the mini by the time she can nurse successfully laying down.But I still give this 5 stars because it made life so much easier. We chose to have our baby sleep in our room until 3 months. All those crazy sounds that you’re not used to coming over a baby monitor from another room, mean you really won’t get any sleep because you’ll be trudging up & down the hall all night long, and not just for feedings. Likewise, a crib or play yard (even in the same room) has the problem that you’ll be getting up dozens of times a night to check on her. But with the co-sleeper, I just had to turn my head & see that she was fine. It’s a lot easier to get back to sleep if you haven’t had to get out of bed.We weren’t prepared to commit long-term to co-sleeping or “the family bed.” I always knew we would move her to her own room at some point. (It turned out to be 3 months, instead of the 2 I’d originally planned.) As a new, first time parent, I know I got a lot more sleep than I would have with any other set up. (And sleep is soooo precious in those first weeks!) By the time we were ready to move her to her own room, the mini was getting pretty tight, but it was just the right size for our needs & for the period of time we needed it. We didn’t need the ability to use it as a play yard later, like the full size can, because we already own a Graco play yard. But, honestly, we’ve never even used it.If you are planning to have your baby sleep in your room for 2 to 6 months, the mini co-sleeper will be perfect.

Rosanna Garfield, KS

Love this for breastfeding but……

I bought this after my agonizing for my first child born in February….it worked well for us and had her close without being in my bed ( not wanting to break that habit later of sleeping with us plus she was only 6 pounds at birth). I knew a bassinet would only last so long and was told to not waste my money by more experienced moms. This fit well in our room, washed well ( leakydiapers and spitup), secured to the bed and holds so much! I stored all of her bath things under the bed with blankets, onesies, and burp cloths. Diapers and wipes on the side with room left. Now that my daughter is in her crib at night I moved this downstairs to let her sleep in during the day. Just lifted it and took it downstairs! Only reason I did not give this 5 stars is I wished I had been thinking ahead and had gotten the original because I could have left it at Grandma’s for her to use as a playpen once she outgrew the sleeper part. This does not convert to a play area so if this is a future consideration then get the original. Best for small spaces, travel to family and in hotels, and roomier and appears safer than bassinet. Will use again for next child! 4 1/2 stars

Bertha Mount Carmel, PA

Keeps baby close by

We purchased the Mini Co-Sleeper instead of a bassinet or a cradle because we liked the idea of having our baby right up against the bed.The sleeper is very sturdy. It has 2 wheels and 2 stationary legs, so it can be mobile when needed, but stationary when baby is in it. It also has a strap that fits underneath your mattress and attaches on the other side, which would secure the sleeper to the bed. We didn’t actually use this feature because I wanted to be able to move the sleeper to get in and out of bed without crawling over my husband.One side can fold down or up depending on whether you want to use the sleeper as a free standing unit or attached to the bed. There is also a storage compartment that is great for storing extra sheets.My favorite thing about the Mini co-sleeper is the peace of mind it gave me. As a first time mom, I was a little nervous at first. Always wanted to check on the baby to make sure he was ok, hadn’t rolled over, etc. This way I could check on him without waking him or my husband.The only reason I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 is because of the cost of extra sheets. Mini Co-Sleeper makes their own extra sheets (one comes with the sleeper but you’ll need to buy extras). The special sheets have velcro on the bottom that stick to the bottom of the sleeper to keep it secure in place. The sheets are nice, but they’re like $12 – 14 each which is ridiculous. And they’re hard to find (not carried through Amazon). The salesman at the store told me that regular cradle sheets will fit fine. We use the Koala Baby sheets and they are a little big but they do work ok. We put a waterproof mattress pad down and the sheet on top and that seems to give the mattress a little extra cushion. Again, not perfect, but it’s still ok.Overall, I really feel like we made a good choice in getting a co-sleeper over a bassinet or cradle. My son is now 4 months old and has moved into a crib, but we will definitely be saving this for our next child.

Angelique Mammoth, PA

OK but has some issues

I registered for this when I was pregnant with my daughter believing that she would sleep in it next to our bed. Well, first of all, the “mattress” that it comes with is extremely hard and very thin. She did not like it at all. The first night we put her in it, she cried. Figuring that was what babies do, we continued to try to get her to sleep in it. She wouldn’t even nap in it. We ended up just using her crib and she is fine with that. I believe it was because the mattress it comes with is very uncomfortable. On the bright side, my cats loved to sleep in it. I am going to keep it because you are supposed to be able to use it for toys. So we are going to put her toys in it and leave it in the play room.

Briana Gradyville, PA

Love this Co-Sleeper

Good because:-It doesn’t take up a lot of space.-It’s the perfect size for a tiny one.-Great practical use. Once your baby doesn’t fit in it, you can use it to store baby’s stuffed animals or other things.I gave it only 4 stars because:-Weight limit is 15 lbs. and my daughter only fit in it up to 4 months.

Estella Middlefield, OH

Love the concept but don’t like the mesh

We love the idea of this co-sleeper and we’ve been using it for the past 2 months. It’s the perfect size for our newborn and I expect that she won’t grow out of it until she’s at least 6 months old (and we might anyway move her to her own crib by that point.) I love being able to see her while I’m sleeping, especially because she will fidget and move in her sleep and I can lean over and shush her or place a hand on her chest and she’ll go right back to sleep.I know that a lot of people complain about how lumpy or hard the mattress is but I don’t find it that much harder than any other infant-approved mattress. What I don’t like is that because the bottom is mesh, it is not even when we put in the mattress, so our baby tends to roll to the right. She wriggles while she’s sleeping anyway (even swaddled), so I have found her with her face wedged up against the unventilated side of the co-sleeper (against my bed mattress). Because I’m right there, I’ve been able to shift her back over to the middle but it worries me and we never let her sleep in the co-sleeper unattended.That being said, I think the co-sleeper has saved our sleep and sanity because we have a small bedroom and needed something to watch her at night.Two tips:1. There’s no need to buy any extra sheets for the mini co-sleeper. You can simply use an ordinary king-sized pillowcase which fits perfectly over the mattress.2. The Arms Reach risers are extremely rickety and I would not recommend them. We bought the Kennedy Black Bed Risers available on Amazon and they are awesome. The co-sleeper feels very sturdy on these risers and I would highly recommend them (and they’re cheaper than the Arms Reach variety, too.)

Jackie Isabel, KS

Better than a Bassinett!

This is better than a Bassinett for the following reasons – when you bring your newborn home… you want to keep an eye on the baby, every breath and noise your baby makes you want to be able to quickly look over to see whats going on. This co-sleeper makes that possible. I baught a bassinett first and the next day i made my husband get the co-sleeper. I was constantly sitting up (straining my fragile post-birth abs) throughout the night. It doesn’t look as ‘pretty and fluffy’ as a bassinett but it is the best purchase. We use the bassinett during the day in the living room or when I am up and walking around anyway. But for sleeping at night this is the BEST. Porta crib sheets fit right onto it too. It doenst come with music or anything but your newborn doenst need that for quite a few weeks. It has great storage underneath it aswell.

Trina Clermont, KY

Great for breastfeeding moms!

This is the perfect bed for us! I wanted our baby as close as possible, and would have liked to have her IN bed with us, but my husband was not comfortable with that. This bed was the perfect solution.The height is exactly right for our mattress on a regular bed frame, but someone with a “real” bed might need the leg extentions. The size of the mini is great for our small bedroom, but still plenty big enough. My baby is 3 months old and about 14 pounds, and I expect her to still fit comfortably in it for another couple of months.It’s very easy to put up and down, and we’ve taken it with us to my grandmother’s house. We found it more portable than the pack n’ play!My baby is about 6 inches away from me, so I can see her at all times. (which is nice at first, when you’re paranoid and you need to check to make sure she’s breathing every hour or so) I can reach over and touch her face to see if she’s too hot or cold, and I can see if she’s actually awake when she’s wiggling around and grunting. I’m a nervous mom, and she’s a restless sleeper, so I’d probably get out of bed needlessly about 10 times a night otherwise!But the best part is that when she really is waking up, I can just pick her up quickly and nurse her in bed without her ever having to fuss to get my attention! This keeps her from waking herself up too much, so she always goes right back to sleep when she’s done eating. I don’t have to get out of bed, so I can go right back to sleep, too. My husband rarely wakes up at all.The only thing I don’t like is the sheets. It comes with one, and extra sheets are around $15, plus shipping, because I never found a store that carried them. Plus, the one it came with was very thin, and shrunk when we washed it. However, rather than buying extras, I discovered that a king sized pillowcase fits the mattress perfectly! There is a lot of extra fabric at the end of the pillowcase, so I fold it under the mattress and I sewed snaps in to keep it in place. This is a cheaper and safe alternative to buying extra sheets for the mini co-sleeper.

Doris Godley, TX

Good concept, just know what you are getting

There’s a lot to love about the concept of co-sleeping, but definitely some things I wish were different with the Arm’s Reach Mini. I picked up the Mini Co-Sleeper Classic second-hand, and I’m glad I didn’t pay full price.After setting this up, I really couldn’t see myself taking this thing down often for travel, and luckily we haven’t needed to. It’s not hard, just awkward and annoying for me, but I thought Pack ‘n Play’s were annoying and it’s the same concept. We use this exclusively at our bedside. For the same weight recommendation in a sleeper, we got theFisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper, Yellow(except we got the cream colored split ring pattern exclusive to a retailer – much more ‘boyish’). The Rock ‘n Play is so easy to tote around the house, and to the grandparents’ homes. Highly recommended for travel!!!What I was picturing when I decided on co-sleeping was a flush mattress that was even with me and would be the next best (but safer) thing to snuggling together on my bed. In reality, you have a height difference where the co-sleeper mattress is 4 inches lower than yours, which is what is recommended for safety. The height of the co-sleeper worked fine with our king-size bed, but because we have side rails on our bed we couldn’t get a truly flush fit, so it’s best that the mattresses are not the same height anyway. It would be nice if the base of the co-sleeper were a little narrower than the bassinet to accommodate this scenario. I’ve seen some reviewers say that they just use towels or blankets to make the mattresses the same height, but that seems dangerous to me and is against the manufacturer’s recommendation.Because of the height difference, I was never able to just roll over and breastfeed, I always had to take Baby out of the co-sleeper to nurse. However, I did not have to get out of bed, which was very nice.In theory, the smaller footprint that will still accommodate up to a 5 month old is great. In reality, my 3 month old is scooting around and the co-sleeper is just too narrow for him now. He’s starting to kick at the sides. Now I get why the larger size of the original is still desirable.I wavered on purchasing the organic mattress, I really felt that it would be better for Baby, but instead I purchased an organic wool pad from PureRest that fits between the mattress and the sheet, likeArm’s Reach Co-sleeper / Sleigh Bed Moisture Pad – Organic. I saved myself about $100. (Note: I could not find the option for the mini co-sleeper pad on Amazon, I went direct to the manufacturer and they had it). I also purchased the organic cotton sheets from the manufacturer, they are much softer than the one that came with the co-sleeper. The sheets hold up well to washing, and I didn’t have any issues with shrinkage, although the fit is pretty snug with the wool pad. I do have to spend some time smoothing out wrinkles, but the mattress seems like it is much more comfortable than without the pad. One thing to note is that the mattress does seem to bow now that Baby is bigger (he’s up to 17 pounds at 3 1/2 months).I had to remove my nightstand so that I could have my son closer to where my head rests on my pillow, and so that I could get out of bed without having to scoot down toward the end. This meant no place to put a water glass and no lamp nearby to turn on if I needed to see. (I ended up using a clip reading light that I had for my Kindle, which worked well:Mighty Bright XtraFlex2 Clip-On Light (Kindle Version) Black. I also use a water bottle and stuff it in the pocket.It seemed great to have so much storage underneath, but really, all I have in there is spare sheets so I think the space kind of goes to waste. I have to get out of bed to get into the zippered area anyway, so no sense storing clothes or diapers in there. If I forget to zip it back up though, I have a cat that thinks it’s a fantastic hideaway.All in all, I can’t say I’m truly disappointed with the Mini Co-Sleeper, there were just some things I didn’t consider, and I will keep it for potential use with future babies. However, I will still think about going with the full size Original with Number Two. I’ve also seen some good reviews onThe First Years 5 in 1 Carry Me Near Sleep System, Cream, but there are no options to upgrade the mattress/sheets, etc. to an organic version, which is still important to me.

Michelle Albertson, NC

Versatile and good quality product!

I love my co-sleeper, my baby sleeps fine in it, and I don’t agree with other viewers about he mattress, which almost prevented me from purchasing this bassinet. While the mattress is thin, it doesn’t seem to be uncomfortable for her. I love the mesh, the lowering capability and the style. It’s a smart piece of furniture

Coleen Moscow, MI

One of our best purchases so far…

We bought this because we loved the idea of having our baby be able to sleep next to us in bed without the dangers of being in the same bed. This co-sleeper allows me to see and rub him if I need to without getting out of bed. The bassinet just seemed akward next to the bed. The co-sleeper has a siderail that can be lowered so it almost feels like your baby is in bed with you but it’s much safer. At first it was hard to put up/down and we thought it was broken but once you figure out how to work it it’s easy. I think whether you buy the mini or regular size just depends on personal preference or room size. I purchased the mini because I didn’t think we would have our baby in it for very long and the mini would be big enough to serve it’s purpose but my son is 8 months old and although he doesn’t sleep in it he still likes to sit in it next to our bed. The sheets are expensive ($14.99) but I bought the Koala cradle/bassinet sheets from Babies R Us for $6.99 each and they fit perfect! I’m so happy with this purchase and can’t imagine what I would have done without it.

Kate Cheney, WA


[…]I LOVE the MINI Co-Sleeper! I just put up my Co-Sleeper and I really have to say that it a GREAT purchace.I am a VERY fussy shopper….I do a lot of research on products and will return items that I am not satisfied with and this product is a winner!WHY I LOVE the Mini-Co Sleeper~It is:-Sturdy-Unique-Modern-Untraditional-(contrasting the bassinet)-VERY nice, soft material-Roomy-Perfect size for bedside in room-Husband loves it- loves the color too…I bought it in FERN-Like the Natural Color too…saw it displayed at Babiesrus-Roomy pockets on side for storage-Spaceous underneath compartment for storage-I also purchased extra sheets along with the mini Co-sleeper. I bought mine from which I researched as having the best price for the Mini-Co sleeper and sheets. $116.00 for the Mini Co-Sleeper and $13.89 for an additional sheet, and free shipping with purchases of $125.00 or more….So, If you get the co-sleeper and the sheet, you get free shipping which is comparible to all the other prices I have seen…All in all..**** you are ending up with the Mini Co-Sleeper and an extra sheet for the price of most websites and stores price of just the Mini-Co Sleeper alone!~The only downside…It is a bit difficult to put up….but I rather have a sturdy, dependable product rather than a cheap item that could fall apart….***ANOTHER GREAT BUY:I also purchased a PLAYPEN/BASSINET/CHANGING TABLE Called the “COMPASS P100” in Latte color from:[…]Price- $104.95, Free Shipping! Most playards are 28 x 40 – the Compass P100 playard is32 x 40 LOVE IT!!! It is a very roomy, comfortable, playpen/bassinet/changing table all in one. It comes with a bassinet sheet and a changing table sheet that are so soft and nice!Quality of product is much better than what is shown online.I heard some people say that they were dissapointed that the Mini-Co Sleeper did not turn into a playpen, The “COMPASS p100” in latte color is the best product that I found that solved this problem~Love Both Products!Sandra

Amelia Middlefield, MA

I like this product

I like this product but it is not as good as I thought it would be.I had visions of it being level with the bed, an extension of the bed that I could slide the baby across. Instead there is a lip to get the baby over. I am using this as I would use a bassinett; it is right next to my bed (not attached with the straps) but on an angle so I can get in/out of my bed. By the time you have your bedside table and the co-sleeper alongside your bed there is not much room! I can reach over and pat him or fish around to replace a dropped pacifier but to get him into my bed I need to sit up and lift him out.- The sleeping surface is not level as the base that the mattress sits on is only cloth so it sinks a bit in the middle, however, I bought it second hand so that may be the reason.- I agree with other reviewers that the mattress is hard but I haven’t done anything about that because my baby has not been bothered by it but I plan to pad it with a blanket as I have noticed he falls asleep on my bed or his soft changing pad pretty quickly in comparison.- It folds up nice and small so I can store it easily until the next baby comes along.- It is quite a good size for having beside a bed and it has pockets on the side so if I wanted to move my bedside table out of the way I could put a bottle of water, tissues and other bedside table stuff in the pockets.- This is only a co-sleeper, I think the larger version converts into a playpen. I probably should have gotten the larger one for it’s versatility later.

Dionne Dora, AL

Wish I had bought it sooner

We have a one (large) bedroom apartment so my daughter was going to be in our room one way or another. The bassinet we had was aweful and she ended up sleeping in bed with us all the time. I visited another new mom who had this product. What a great idea! I bought it the next day. My daughter slept in it! She is so close that when she starts to stir, I get to soothe her right way. No more getting out of bed to check if she’s breathing either (new moms know what I am taking about!) I wish we had it as soon as we got home from the hospital! One note: even if you don’t think you’ll need the leg extenders, you probably will.

Elvira Port Monmouth, NJ

Wonderful product

Bought with first baby and attached it to bed. It could’ve been a little lower so I could look in without having to sit up in bed. But we loved it, it was nice to have the baby close but not in the bed. It has some pockets for extras like diapers but I didn’t really use them.Now I have baby #2, and we used it again. Still love it, used the pockets this time. Wish they were deeper! It’s nice to be able to store extra bedding beneath the sleeper part too. Good buy!

Ruth Big Clifty, KY

This has been a life saver

We were having so much trouble getting sleep while tending to our newborn’s needs and this product really saved the day. This has worked great for us because it attaches onto our bed and I can put him into it after he falls asleep with minimal effort. I also feel better when I leave him laying next to me because the sleeper is there in case he all the sudden starts rolling. Little guy is 10 weeks now and we haven’t had any issues.You should know that you can’t just slide baby over into this because the bottom is not level with your mattress. You have to pick baby up and set him down, but at least you aren’t getting up. It comes with a sheet that fits tight with velcro and I really don’t think there is any problem with this sheet… when I was looking at reviews I found a lot of negative comments about the sheets, but honestly your baby isn’t going to know that it isn’t 400 thread count. I wish I would have bought an extra sheet because when we wash the sheet it’s inconvenient to not have a spare. I won’t buy one now because the baby is almost outgrowing the sleeper.I really like having our little guy so close because I can check him out by just lifting my head. It’s very reassuring for me and my husband to have him close to us.The instructions for assembly aren’t terribly detailed but it is pretty easy to assemble and disassemble. There is a trick to it that you really have to kick those bottom bars to get them firmly locked.The price on this one is very affordable but it is not cheaply made. It is a well constructed item.

Ashley Horseshoe Beach, FL

Piece of mind!

We love (!) the co-sleeper. Our 3 month old is getting a bit too big for it and I hate to move her into a crib; wish these ran in larger sizes. The co-sleeper links to our bed and I can easily see her at night, lift her up without getting out of bed, feed her and return her, all while sitting in my bed. If she cries I can easily reach and touch her without effort. I highly recommend the co-sleeper to any new parent, mainly for the piece of mind!

Kate Southmont, NC

Really good for co sleeping families

I recieved this before my daughter was born last Feb. It’s still set up in my room, and she’s almost 11 months old. I use it next to my bed as a buffer just in case now when I bring her into bed with me sometimes. When she was a newborn, she slept in this cosleeper daily. She slept in it until she was about 6-7 months old I believe. I only gave it 4 stars though because it wasn’t that great to try to transfer a sleeping babe back into this cosleeper from your bed…I always had to get up to do this without waking my daughter. Otherwise, I really liked this cosleeper and still use it just about every night…although now I use it to prop pillows so my daughter cannot roll/crawl off the bed.

Morgan Royse City, TX

Great for Newborn Period

I received this and set it up before the baby was born. I had a c-section and exclusively breast-fed the baby.Pros:1) I loved having her sleeping right next to me in a safe area.2) Breastfeeding was so much easier, I would just pick her up and feed her (normally wouldn’t just put her back though, because babies need their diapers changed A LOT at that age!)3) The mesh sides were great; for some reason baby loves sleeping with her face against something, so having the mesh there made me feel so much more comfortable that she was safe.4) Easy set up, and used the storage (still using it, even though she is sleeping in her own room!)Cons:1) I didn’t move my nightstand because I wanted easy access to the lamp and the notebook where I was keeping track of her feedings, so her head was lower than mine (I’d just scootch down and sleep face to face with her).2) Since the co-sleeper was lower, it was harder for me to get in and out of bed, especially with the recent c-section.3) Only really lasted for 4 months, because she moved to her own room at that age. I think any more than that and she would have been too large for it anyway.Overall I’d recommend buying this if you don’t want to co-sleep, but still want baby sleeping in your room with you.

Allison Lakeland, GA

Best money ever spent…

I am absolutely in love with this. I sleep better, my son sleeps better… I can lay, half asleep, rubbing his belly, helping him keep his pacifier in… and it is so nice to have him right there… I bought it when he was 4 weeks old and wish I had it from the beginning. Absolutely love it!

Tabatha Lakeside Marblehead, OH

That’s more like it!

I borrowed this from a friend because our son hated our very expensive bassinet. The first night that he slept in this went great. He went to sleep and didn’t fuss. He stayed in the same spot so I know that he was comfortable.The only thing I didn’t like was I couldn’t use it as a side sleeper because out mattress is to high. So if that is what you want it for you should measure first.I will buy this for my next child and the bassinet can stay in the crawl space!!!

Rosanna Bishop, CA

Awesome value!

This product arrives ready to use. It took me five minutes to unpack it and click the already-assembled bars into place. I am writing this review with my daughter sleeping safely next to me. I feel so much better knowing that I can keep her with me around the house and still get things done because I can wheel her around the house. I used a Moby wrap with my son, but he’s 4 now, and I need to be mobile with two children. So, now if he needs me to play with him or get him something, I can keep my daughter in the room with us, and keep an eye on her, and not worry. Since she does’t cry when she needs something, I don’t trust the baby monitors, I would rather have her where I can see her. This is the perfect product for just that, small, portable, and lightweight.

Lorie Franklin, KY

Really torn about this product

First, this product does NOT ship APO/FPO through amazon, which it states it does. We had to order this from an external website in order to get it shipped. I don’t understand why other places can ship this APO/FPO without a problem, but amazon won’t.Second, we like that the co-sleeper fits into our bedroom and does great next to the bed. However, we had to make several adjustments for our fussy baby. Our first adjustment was to buy a different sheet. We got an Eddie Bauer padded sheet, which was suggested by another reviewer. Otherwise the ‘mattress’ is incredibly hard and our baby hates it. Our second adjustment was to level off the ‘mattress’ with some padding underneath. The co-sleeper will bow in the middle, and our baby rolls towards one end of the co-sleeper, much to our chagrin! My husband stacked a few towels underneath to not only fix the ‘bow’ in the middle, but to slightly raise one end of the co-sleeper mattress so our baby’s head was slightly elevated while we slept.This co-sleeper does not allow you to tuck anything into it’s ‘mattress’, but we got around that by using a Miracle Blanket to swaddle our baby with. Since he’s a tiny newborn, we will have to wait until he’s bigger to use a sleep sack with. Although, in the end, he prefers to sleep in the Graco’s pack ‘n play ‘napper’ at the moment. He’ll reluctantly sleep in the co-sleeper.The pros of this product are: size (fits in our bedroom), can place next to the bed, easy to move around – it’s not heavy at all, and you don’t have to bend over to pick the baby out of.We just needed to make some small adjustments to this product, and we’re sure our baby will eventually get used to it as he grows, but right now it’s not the best.

Morgan Avoca, MI

too bad they grow out of it eventually – we love it

I love this product and feel lucky to have stumbled upon it. Like most people, I imagined that I’d have my baby in a crib, in his own room, from birth. My baby decided otherwise – even at the hospital, he was not content to sleep apart from us. The co-sleeper has not only made it easier to care for him in the first demanding weeks and months of life, but it has made us both happier and better sleepers.The co-sleeper attaches securely to the side of the bed. However, it doesn’t not have a flat connection – your baby is not going to roll into the adult bed. There is a bit of a ridge. With our high bed, it’s also a bit lower even with three sets of leg extensions added. My only criticism is that the mattress feels a bit hard – as hard as a pack & play. It isn’t as soft as a crib mattress. I know the professionals recommend hard mattresses, but I can’t imagine myself sleeping on something this hard. Still, the baby seems to have gotten used to it and doesn’t complain.Leg extensions are recommended in case you ever want to put the co-sleeper in an incline position, for GERD or nasal congestion reasons. Multiple sheets are also recommended for obvious reasons. We went through three in one of our first nights before we figured out that we had leaky diapers.I really like that I can easily pick him up and bring him into bed. I also like to be able to reach over, while still lying down, and pat him to comfort him. I’ve even fallen asleep holding his little hand. And yet I’ve never worried about rolling over him, or having him fall out of bed – things that one may worry about if the baby was actually in the bed. [And no judgement on that! Sometimes I’ve had the baby in bed with us for nursing or to console him, and slept … the co-sleeper attachment just gives some extra feelings of security.] Our baby seems very comforted seeing one of his parents near him, just inches away. We cannot put him down in the crib awake, but he will look at us lying down on the big bed next to his co-sleeper and feel safe enough to fall back asleep. Also, if he wakes in the crib, he cries – if he wakes in the co-sleeper, he tends to “play” or at least chill out.For myself, I do sleep better with him so close by. I know I will hear him if he needs me. I can sleep through the little night noises he makes, knowing I will hear any serious cries. We do not need a monitor, and with all the static on monitors, I don’t need that keeping me awake. Also, with the monitor (we do have one), I would wake up for every sound and want to go into the nursery to check. With the co-sleeper, I can just look over – and most of the time – I will sleep through the minor grunts and sighs that babies make in the middle of the night.

Nita Pointe Aux Pins, MI

A must have for breastfeeding mothers!

If I had to return all my gifts and keep one, this is the one I would keep. I got it as a baby-shower gift and have used it until my little one was ready to sleep on her crib at 3 months of age(actually, that’s when I was ready to let her go to her crib.. :-). The co-sleeper was very easy to put together and very simple to attach to our bed. It was great when my daughter would wake up for her middle-of-the-night feedings. I would pick her up, feed her and place her back to sleep without ever leaving my bed. The only thing I was not too thrilled about was the mattress it comes with. I found it to be a bit hard so I purchased a little pad and cut it to fit. It worked great! I highly recommend this item to all mothers, especially if you plan on breasfeeding! 🙂

Rosella Wilkes Barre, PA