Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Mini Bassinet, Natural

Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Mini Bassinet, Natural

Features.. * Mini Bassinet Co-Sleeper® offers a cozy environment, creating ease of nighttime nursing and comfort. * Easier to recover from C-Section, Mother rests in her own bed. * New streamline size (34″x 20’x31″) fits in smaller bedrooms. * Wheels on one end makes moving around the house and through doorways much easier. * Bassinet feature – Ideal for naptime as well as bedtime because it moves to the room you are in with much more ease. Can be used as a changing table as well. * One large storage space underneath the mattress offers secure zipper closing. Four side pockets for convenient added storage. * The liner inside the sleeping nest is built in. Very easy to assemble. The only separate parts are the mattress and the carry case. * Very portable at 24 lbs. including case. Great for sleep away at grandparent’s or hotels. * Ventilated floor to avoid heat build-up. * Comes with fitted 100% cotton sheet. * Leg Extensions and additional fitted sheets are available separately.

Main features

  • Co-sleeper attaches securely to the adult bed under the top of the mattress and fits all beds from twin to cal king, with a bed height of 24′, leg extensions kit will bring the height up to 30′ for higher beds and pillow top mattresses
  • Mini converible converts to portable playard, co-sleeper and free standing bassinet, includes polyester fitted sheet, mattress and carry bag, streamline Size (34′ x20′ x 31′) fits in smaller bedrooms
  • Unique design makes breastfeeding easy

Verified reviews


La super recomiendo!

Mi hija de 3 meses ha dormido en esa cuna desde que nació. Toma sus baños de sol y hasta la usamos de cambiador en una epoca. Le mandé a hacer un cojín a la medida para ablandar su fondo porque si se siente muy dura para los bebes. La super recomiendo.

Mina Salome, AZ

Very nice, but the sheet is terrible!

I like this co-sleeper. It fits perfectly in my bedroom and the baby sleeps well in it. I had my other children just in my bed, but decided to do it differently this time and not have the baby in the bed that way we could transition her into her own bed easier.I don’t like the sheet that came with it at all, it’s hard to get on and off. I ended up getting carters cradle sheets and they fit pretty well, and they’re much cheaper than the extra co-sleeper sheets.

Young Barnesville, GA

A GUIDE to make a decision

If you’re thinking about buying this co-sleeper, I’m writing this for you.
• Background:We wanted to have our baby in our room the first months knowing that most babies wake up every 2-3 hours and that getting up and walking to another room would be a killer (waking up is exhausting enough). I’m also breastfeeding so I didn’t need to get anything ready/warm out of the bed. But if you’re formula-feeding and you have bottle(s) and warmer on your night stand, you’ll also find this useful.
• PROS:- Convenient size. My 6-month-old still fits very comfortably lengthwise but she can touch both sides with her arms extended without being constrained.- Baby in the same room. The first days while you recover it’s the perfect companion since it doesn’t required you to get out. Even if your partner helps you at night, during the day if you’re home alone and resting (as you should) it’s great. Later is the salvation of the exhausted sleepless parents. You don’t have to go out to another room.- Easy to move. The co-sleeper is intended to be used exclusively attached to the bed and there are several warnings printed in the bassinet. But we took the decision of using it unattached the first months since I needed to get in and out of the bed comfortably and not getting almost to the front of the bed. The wheels makes moving it very easy. PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT THIS COULD BE UNSAFE FOR OLDER BABIES ONCE THEY CAN ROLL SINCE THE BARRIER THAT GOES AGAINST YOUR BED IS ABOUT 5 INCHES HIGH AND IF THERE’S NO BED AGAINST IT, BABY COULD FALL. WE TOOK THIS DECISION AND WE CAREFULLY SUPERVISE THE DEVELOPMENT OF OUR BABY.
• INDIFFERENT- There are big warning labels printed in the front and one of the headers that are deliberately not shown in the Amazon picture, this could be a aesthetic issue for some people.- Most american beds are high so you’ll probably need the leg extensions. You can used them without losing the wheels since they fit the extensions. We only used 2 of the pieces, since it’s what we needed and because more than that would’ve been unstable. I suggest that you fully assemble the co-sleeper before the baby arrives in order to check if you’ll be needing the leg extensions.- Assembly is not difficult. It can’t be assembled as a pack and play since this is a more complex bassinet. One of the sides goes down to go against the bed but can also go up to be an independent crib. A pack-and-play can’t do that, so the assembly can’t be as easy. I put it together while my husband was at work and I was 8-months-pregnant, it wasn’t difficult. I don’t consider this point to be a negative thing.
• CONS:- The mattress is thin and hard. We know that the recommendation is for babies to sleep in firm mattresses but this is way too hard. It has about 1 inch or less of padding in a hard base. I would recommend getting another mattress. We didn’t do it since our little one seem to be sleeping comfortable and I added a bit of padding inside the fitted sheet.OVERALL:We would definitely buy this again. It’s been a “life-saver” and a help in our sleepless nights. It’s worth the money and the best is that you can easily sell it after you’re done with it.Was my review helpful in taking a decision (to buy or not to buy)?

Sarah Yona, GU

Best Baby Item to date

We love this co-sleeper. Granted it’s a bit of work to break down. Once we get the hang of it it’s no problem. We’ve taken it on trips that are more than one overnight. We have not used it as a play yard yet. We have The mini (not convertible) for work and the bottom storage gets a lot of use. We have advised all of our friends to buy this item when co-sleeping!

Mellisa Martinton, IL

Excellent quality, intelligent design

Received this co-sleeper the other day. Absolutely beautiful durable nylon fabric and an intelligent design that allows you to unfold and collapse this thing without a single tool. It was a bit involved the first time, but I can see how it would get easier each time you fold and unfold it. The reason I am only giving a 4-star review is the cheap-quality polyester liner — I expected a cotton one. Also, the polyurethane foam mattress is totally unacceptable to me because polyurethane foam is quite toxic, and this mattress is surely full of toxic fire-retardants. I am planning to buy the organic mattress for the co-sleeper that ARC makes — but the price tag of $130 is outrageous, considering I already paid $169 for the co-sleeper with a mattress! Paying $300 just so my that baby can sleep next to me for five to six months on a non-toxic mattress?? That’s a little steep I must say! ARC should include a non-toxic mattress off the bat!

Sheila Glenwood, GA

Excellent for use instead of or in addition to a full-size crib

Our son slept the best with us in the bed, but knowing it wasn’t safe we wanted an alternative that he’d be comfortable with. We purchased this co-sleeper (used, from Craigslist) after cycling through a number of sleeping alternatives for our newborn: a big wooden cradle, a bouncy chair placed inside the big wooden cradle, and a changing pad stuck between us in the bed. The cradle (a gift from a family member) was too tall for us to reach into from bed in the middle of the night, so even when placed close by it wasn’t very convenient. This co-sleeper was smaller than a pack ‘n play so it fit inside our tiny bedroom, and it ended up being the perfect fit for our needs and our baby. With the co-sleeper side down and snugged up against our bed, my husband could easily reach inside and reassure the baby when he got upset, or hand him to me for feeding. If our son was really inconsolable, we could cuddle him in the bed and then ease him back into the co-sleeper for the rest of the night without waking him up. Now that he’s almost four months old, we’ve raised the side and moved it away from the bed into “bassinet mode” as a halfway point between sleeping next to us and sleeping in a crib in his own room. I know others have complained about the hard mattress, but it’s not THAT hard, and with the danger of SIDS you don’t want a big fluffy mattress anyway. We did get the extra sheets, though, which have come in handy in the middle of the night when he’s spit up on himself or had a blowout.

Jill Columbus, KY

Unique Solution To Common Problem

We love this bassinet. My wife learned about the co-sleeper shortly after having our third child. She wishes we would have had it for all thee. There are a number of good reviews, so I won’t go into the details about the product. The co-sleeper allows you to keep an infant close by, at basically bed level, without the risk of putting the in the bed with you. A traditional crib is too tall and requires a parent to step out of bed to access the child. The co-sleeper is right up against the bed and held in place with a strap and anchor that prevent it from drifting away. The mattress is sunk in enough from the lip of the bassinet that an infant will not be able to “fall” into the bed. Our experience is that the initial set-up was a bit difficult, the instructions were so-so, and the stability of the final assembly is very good. We have since converted the bassinet to a (small) play pen and it has handled three jumping kids/toddlers with ease.

Marissa Christine, TX

We can sleep again! Awesome as a pack-n-play for small spaces!

Before having our first child, my husband and I were under the assumption that we would have him sleep in his room (which is only steps from ours). After bringing him home, it was clear that we weren’t ready to be that far away! We originally got the Summer Infant Rest Assured Sleeper (;=36Q52IR3HUGGV&coliid;=I1ABRMQLV7DYNW) to use on mattress on the floor (Montessori style), so we decided to use the Rest Assured sleeper in our bed. While it was great having him so close, we were cramped for room in our queen sized bed. Enter the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper. This is an awesome alternative, and I love having him so close to us. We have an unusually high bed, so we used the extenders that came with the product, but still needed to purchase some risers (like for a bed) to make it tall enough. Even with the risers, the product is plenty sturdy, but then again our baby is only 3 weeks old so he doesn’t do much moving. We may have to readdress when he gets a bit older and more mobile.I read some reviews about the mattress being too hard. Maybe I’m just a jerk, but dude, it’s a baby. He’s only in there at night, and it seems plenty soft. If you’re really that concerned with the softness of the bed, you may not like this, but I didn’t find anything wrong with it, and our son sleeps very well in it.Overall, money well spent to have our entire bed back to ourselves!UPDATE: We’ve moved our son into his own room and adjusted this into a basinet and put it in our living room. Since we have a small house, this is awesome in place of our traditional pack-n-play, which we took to the grandparent’s house. He now has a place to play and sleep downstairs, safe from his four doggie brothers and sisters, but not overtaking our living space. Very happy with this product still!

Flossie Sandy Hook, MS

Very convenient

I would give it 5 stars but I gave it 4 only because I had to buy the leg extensions separately and because those extensions make the co sleeper a little wobbly and unstable. So if you have very high beds like mine beware. Otherwise, this is very convenient. The mattress is a little too hard and my preemie baby wouldn’t sleep it at first. I ende up putting half of a sleeping wedge underneath mattress to help with reflux and one folded baby comforter under the fitted sheet and she sleeps in it all night. I though the model I bought was suppose to have underneath storage and more pockets but I guess not. Still, this was a great buy. I feel my baby is safe and I love having her next to me but safely out of my bed. I highly recommend this.

Vilma Greenwood, MS

It really is “arms reach”

We selected the Co-Sleeper Mini Bassinet for multiple reasons, some of which, we actually realized. Your baby will really be within arms reach and not in danger of falling between the bassinet and your bed beacuse of how the two are attached (after we bought separate, $8 bed risers from Bed Bath & Beyond because of our high bed). We loved the end pockets for diapers and barrier cream. When our son was born, we were in a very small romm at my in-laws’ house and the Co-Sleeper fit perfectly into the small space. I never tried to move it from room to room so can’t comment on the use of the wheels. I did convert it to the free-standing bassinet just to see how practical it was; it was a tedious, but not difficult transformation. Once we were into our own house with a larger bedroom and my son was 4.5 months old and able to roll over onto his somach, we retired the Co-Sleeper and opted for the bassinet version of our Chicco Lullaby LX Playard until he gets his into his own room and a full size crib. We never took it anywhere while he was still small enough to use it, but it’s not too difficult to break down and fit into the carrying bag.

Robert Ghent, KY

Very heavy – not good for travelling

This thing was a beast. Very heavy and clumsy. I could see using it as a non-travel bassinet. It is difficult to collapse, fit in the perfectly sized bag, and on top of that, it is really heavy, like 30 pounds heavy. There is another review that is similar to this one.

Pearlie Penn Laird, VA

Great bed hard to fold up

This is a great co sleeper it is great to have my baby so close at night when having frequent night feeding in the first months. The only complaint is that it is very difficult to Fold it up for travel. Much harder than a pack n play!

Colette Centerville, MO

A real life-saver (or sleep saver)

When our little one was born, we set up a Pack n Play in our room for her to sleep in. Unfortunately, she was a picky sleeper and would scream nearly the instant we would put her down. We would then walk over, put a hand on her for a few minutes before she would fall back asleep. And then she would do that over and over again all night. This co-sleeper really saved the day. It was a bit of a pain to put together. We have a queen size bed and the adjustment mechanism is in-between the mattress and the box spring, so we had to adjust the straps, lower the mattress, lift the mattress and readjust the straps, over and over again until it was perfect. A slight redesign to put the adjustment mechanism at either end would make set up much easier.However, once it was set up, it was fantastic. When she would fuss, I could just put my hand on her. When she lost her pacifier, I could quickly reinsert it. When it was time to breast feed, I could just pick her up. When she was done, I could gently put her down. The co-sleeper made life much better by allowing us to actually sleep without getting out of bed all night to check on our little one. We only really used the co-sleeper for 2 months until she was ready for her pack n play, but our sanity and sleep was completely worth the price of the co-sleeper.

Lorene East Otto, NY

Good Product

I like that it also serves as a play crib once the baby outgrows the co-sleeper aspect. It is a relatively large unit, so be sure to take note of how much space you have beside the bed.

Cherie Kellogg, IA

Must have

worked out great for the first 3 months, after that I took him out of it.. must have for the mommys who love to check on their babies without getting out of bed,

Debora Dillonvale, OH

It serves its purpose but would not call this ‘convertible’ not to mention ‘portable’

I have to admit that for me having a co-sleeper is a necessity, especially for breastfeeding mums as it really does make your life that much easier during those first 4 months or so. My son was born in the 97th percentile for both weight and height, and we used this until he was 5 months old. Did he fit comfortably by the time he was 5 months old? No way!… But we were in the middle of moving from CA to NY and kept traveling from one coast to the other… So I bought it because it is meant to be portable and also because you can convert it to a playard. Not so… Let me tell you, we took this bassinet with us on several trips and no matter how many times we used it there was not ONE time that we felt was easy to assemble this or dissamble it. I found myself planning our arrival and departure times in a way that we would have time to deal with taking this bassinet in and out of its bag. Furthermore, in one of the trips we lost one of the hanger bars and believe me, CUstomer Service at Arms Reach was BAD. Bad to the point that I could never really get in touch with them and ended up buying a Baby Bjorn travel crib to solve my problem quickly. And that’s when I realized how expensive this thing is for what it caims to do. And also considering that you will need a second set of sheets and (like me) the extension leg kit… Oh well, it gets very expensive.Fast-forward a year and a half, I’m expecting baby # 2 and would like to finally get the replacement hanger bar kit. Guess what, the website shows that it is out of stock… And guess what, my several attempts to get in touch with Arms Reach Customer Service (phone, email, you name it) were (once again!) unsuccessful. I would give this 2 stars because of its price, lack of portability and because making you pay extra for the convertible aspect is not fair play (it’s a mini bassinet that is attached to your mattress! – shame on me for not being smart enough to realize that in advance), and also because of customer seevice (terrible!). The reason why I give it 3 stars is because as far as co-sleepers go, I think this is one of the best options out there.

Laverne Linwood, KS

Buy one NOW if you are going to keep your babe in room.

Makes life so much easier. I am so glad we bought this. Babe is right there, no need to wake up fully in the middle of the night for a feed. You can just reach over and pick the babe up. You don’t have to worry about rolling on to the baby though because the crib aspect of this prevents that.

Sharon Holly Grove, AR

Love love love this great co-sleeper

When I got home with my firstborn I made my husband go out and replace the cosleeper I had chosen as it was so flimsy. NO such problem with this – it looks stylish too, comfy cosy with quilted walls. Nice and light to move for new mums, and they proper sturdy too. Best kit I ever bought.

Mara Fairview, KS


this is a great bassinett. i wish i had spac for the larger size, so that i could use it as a good size playpin and bed. works great for my bed, and she sleeps great. I can easily grab her when she wakes up, without forcing myself out of bed to go get her and trying to find my way in the dark. It is anightmareto turn the light on when a baby wakes up in the middle of the night. then they will likely stay awake. /this way i never need a light. i grab her, and BF(breastfeed) her right then. when she is done, back in her bed she goes. Don’t lose the directions though. you will need them.

Luella Fajardo, PR

Love it

I love co-sleeper. It was easy to set up. It is heavy, but then, its not pack and go. Really sturdy, stable.I love having my baby right beside me but in his own bed. Perfect for breastfeeding. Doesn’t take up much space. On the other hand if you tend to have bigger babies you might want to look into full size. I had to go with mini because of the size of our room.My baby is 6.5 weeks old and sleeps in his bed from the day we came home from hospital.The only thing I don’t like is the pad/ mattress. It is way too thin for every day sleeping. Also it is folded in thirds (because of packaging). I just bought 1inch foam and trimmed it to fit. This way there is more mattress but it is not too soft.Also, the sheets for the sleeper are rather expensive. I found in other review that king size pillow fits just as well (jus tuck under one side).

Maricela Roscoe, TX


I started using this for my son as soon as we got home from the hospital. He is a couple months old now and loves his cosleeper.. and so do I. As a newborn, he was sleeping for about 4-5 hours straight and now it’s about 6-8 hours. I’m sure it has a little to do with his comfy bed 🙂 The pad that comes with it is too hard for baby to sleep on so I added about 4 soft blankets (unfolded) for softer cushioning (firmness is still there).Lastly, there were a couple clips missing within the box that were needed for assembly. My husband reached out to Amazon and they rushed out the missing parts.Overall, this is a great purchase. You won’t be disappointed!!

Jade Richland, IN

LOVE the cosleeper.

I was creeped out by the idea of cosleeping with an infant, both for emotional and safety reasons. After I had my son, I realized that cosleeping IS an okay idea for a little while, but still unsafe. With this bassinet, our household’s nighttime routine is a breeze! Baby sleeps well on the bassinet, and unlike a traditional bassinet that would be quite a reach in/out/down for a groggy, sleepy momma, this bassinet is right at bed-level, so I just reach over when I hear him rousing from sleep and pull him over to my side to nurse and slide him right back over to his own bassinet when he’s done. I can reach over and soothe him if he’s a little fidgety.. All the comforts of cosleeping but with baby in his own bed with no risk of rolling over or smothering him by accident. Wonderful!I read reviews that said that the mattress is not soft enough, but you aren’t supposed to have a soft, fluffy mattress under a newborn. I do find the mattress a little thin, but I’m not the one sleeping on it. My little one seems to like it just fine.Also, this thing is HEAVY. I guess that’s good because it’s sturdy, and at least it has wheels, but it is really heavy! I moved it from one room to another once and it was like a workout. 🙂

Gale Smith Lake, NM

Great for a baby raised with it

I’m sure this is great if it’s the bassinet your baby is raised with, but I transferred to it from the Fisher Price Rock & Play and compared to it, this is just ok. The mattress is very hard and my baby can’t sleep more than a couple hours on it without waking up. Also not as big as I thought it’d be, my baby is only 6 months and of average height and already about outgrown it. I will say that it is VERY easy to assemble. It’s the easiest bassinet/playpen I’ve ever set up and will probably be buying the full-size one for regular playpen use with the next baby.

Leanna Bamberg, SC

Excellent crib I would recommend to all moms

This is an excellent crib that we have used through our baby’s infancy as a co-sleeper crib, and then used as a sturdy little playpen after she outgrew it. It was a lifesaver when I was breastfeeding multiple times a night. We also loved having our baby right by us and know she is breathing and sleeping alright. HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS

Magdalena Birds, IL

Perfect for a newborn!

I love this co-sleeper bassinet! I bought the leg extensions because I had to raise it 4 inches to reach the level of my bed. Now that it is attached to my bed, I can see and reach my baby so easily in the middle of the night. I think this is a much safer alternative to having the baby in the bed, I would never do that. This is the next best thing. The only thing I’m not crazy about is the mattress. It’s a foldable mattress and I think the folds make it less supportive than I would like. But it’s not too bad. I bought the black/toffee color and it’s really nice. The picture here makes it look like the padding is white but it’s actually a dark khaki color. Much nicer in person. I was using a pack n play next to my bed initially and I wasn’t able to see my baby very well and I had to get out of bed to reach him. This is a much better alternative for me.

Christina El Prado, NM

Idea is good but baby hates it.

My baby hates this. I think its too firm because he cries as soon as he is set in it. I really wanted him to like it because it would work great for us. Luckily he will sleep in a rock n play which I feel is a much better purchase.

Anastasia Wimberley, TX

What a nightmare – missing parts, company useless

This item came missing an essential part. The lower latch on one side, which the upper bar of the bassinet connects to, was missing. The manufacturer made us take pictures and email them to prove it was defective. We also had to email our proof of purchase. You would think they would take something that involves infant safety more seriously.After all that, they couldn’t send us the replacement part because the frame did not have the holes pre-drilled. Then, they wanted us to package up and return the frame. I had to insist that they send a replacement in the meantime so we would have something for our baby. The next day, however, they called to say they no longer have that color in stock.In the end we had to mail them back the frame so they could repair it and then return it to us. All of that hassle and nothing to show for it except a repaired item that should have been correct in the first place.

Carlene Underwood, ND

Best of all worlds

It attaches to the bed so you don’t have to worry about it rolling away. Its a little different height than the main bed so the baby can’t roll onto it accidentally. Its nice for the baby to have its own space. A few times I fell asleep breast feeding and woke up to find the baby had rolled into the cosleeper. A much better alternative to the baby rolling on the floor. Its nice to be able to use as a stand alone bassinet now when we have company with babies over to visit. The downside is that it isn’t really easy to disassemble and reassemble so travel is an option but not super convenient. The mini is nice because it has a smaller foot print, but my tall baby grew out of it earlier than I would have liked.

Cheri Carlyle, IL

Great Quality & Design

This product was super easy to assemble, and I love that it converts into a play yard. It is portable, comes with its own carrier. I love this co-sleeper! The mattress it comes with is firm, not hard; it has a sturdy bottom to support itself on the frame. The only drawback I found to this product was that I had to purchase the extension kit, but now it aligns perfectly to my queen-sized 30" tall bed. I don’t fault the company though, because I’m sure 30" is not standard height for beds. I’m overall extremely satisfied with this purchase. This is definitely built to last!

Stefanie Center Harbor, NH

Cheaply made for a premium price

When I took this co-sleeper out of the box today I struggled to unfold it and lock all of the bars in place. One bar on the top would not lock in place at all, so our particular item is obviously defective. However, when I went to fold it down to return it to Amazon, the release buttons are so hard to push (and I am a pretty strong guy) that I can’t imagine how anyone who travels at all would find this to be useful.

Alyson East Hardwick, VT