Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Mini Bassinet, Tan Gingham

Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Mini Bassinet, Tan Gingham

The arm’s reach mini co-sleeper bassinet sleeper infant bed is a unique creation that allows you and your baby to sleep comfortably next to each other from the moment the baby arrives. The co-sleeper enables you to reach over and draw your baby close for comforting and bonding. Unique design makes breastfeeding easy.Offers a cozy environment, creating ease of nighttime nursing and comfortNew streamline size (34’x 20’x31′) fits in smaller bedroomsWheels on one end makes moving around the house and through doorways much easierOne large storage space underneath the mattress offers secure zipper closing, four side pockets for convenient added storage

Main features

  • Offers a cozy environment, creating ease of nighttime nursing and comfort
  • New streamline size (34″x 20’x31″) fits in smaller bedrooms
  • Wheels on one end makes moving around the house and through doorways much easier
  • One large storage space underneath the mattress offers secure zipper closing, four side pockets for convenient added storage

Verified reviews


My Favorite Piece of Baby Gear

We bought this for my second son and it has turned out to be a lifesaver. My son was 5 weeks premature and had some feeding issues that required me to wake him often to eat when we came home from the hospital. I don’t know how we’d get any sleep without our co-sleeper. It has made night time wakings so much less painful than with my oldest. Instead of walking down the hall or over to a pack and play, the co-sleeper has allowed me to replace a pacifier or get my son out to nurse without getting out of bed each time. It has several large pockets that allows additional baby items (extra nursing pads, a flashlight, burp diapers, etc to be within reach without compromising the safe sleep environment by placing extra items in the crib.The only negative comment I have is that the extra sheets are a little pricey and a little bit of a pain to wash and change because of the velcro. We’ve been putting a waterproof lap pad down to minimize the frequency of sheet changes.I wish we had purchased one when my oldest son was born. This is the most useful baby item we’ve purchased.

Janell Dillingham, AK

A fail in our house!

Sadly I had very high hopes about the co-sleeper and it just did not deliver. Now I will say that every baby is different and yours may love this type of sleep arrangement but mine just did not! She likes to be snuggled up and cozy and this just did not fit the bill for her. She much prefers the bassinet option in our Graco Pack N’ Play. The quality of this is great and if you want to co-sleep without baby in your bed it may work for you. We now just use this as a changing table/ storage table in our living room. 🙁

Carrie Marydel, MD

This was perfect for us!

I LOVE this thing. It was such a happy time in our lives when our baby transitioned from sleeping on me or in our bed to sleeping beside me in this thing. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a co-sleeper. It was exactly what I needed, she loved it and I was sad when she started rolling over and out grew it!! It’s one of the few early baby things I’ve kept just because it feels wrong to give it away, I love it that much!

Jeannie Nocatee, FL

Good first start, no frills.

We’ve had this now for about two months. Originally we intended to use a pack and play for cosleeping, but turns out baby didn’t like that. The cosleeper has been great in general though there are a few quirks about it.General Observations: Pro or Con depending on how you look at it.1. Height – so the standard height it comes at seems to work for traditional beds on shorter metal frames. But for our pillowtop beds, its a few inches short. You can buy extensions, but I recommend getting regular bed risers. They’re cheaper and we found a set at bed bath that fit the feet of the cosleeper exactly and brought the height right to our pillowtop beds.2. Portability – it does fold up small and everything packs back into the bag. I’ll say though it is a bit heavy for its size and the buttons to initiate the folding are behind fabric sleeves so it’s easy to miss them even though the fabric has markings that say push here. Also you have to do the fold in a special order (bottom first) or it won’t work. Bottom line is practice about two or three times and you’ll have it down.Pros:1. Smaller size is great as our rooms aren’t that big so it makes it easier to get around it in the middle of the night.2. Storage compartment underneath is awesome can take tons of stuff. Just make sure you don’t put things in there you need to access often.3. Wheels, the wheels on one side make it easy to move around the same floor, but if you’re moving it to another level you should fold it or it’s a two person job despite the size. The wheels also lock so no worries about its rolling around on its own.4.Adjustable heights – you can adjust the hight at each of the four corners and we used this to tilt it slightly to help with baby’s gas issues. This might not be a good idea once he can start rolling around on his own.Cons:1. I guess you can’t use it that long, but do you really want baby right next to you forever?2. It ain’t that good looking, but then neither are you with a baby waking you up constantly.

Belinda Altenburg, MO

Not durable, not convenient

I got a very gently used one from a friend. It had been used for 2 babies, so about 6-7 months total, and my baby is now almost 6 weeks. The cloth platform that the mattress rests on is sagging like mad and lets my baby slide towards the open side. That is absolutely unsafe as there is no mesh there and she could suffocate. It was never “stored”, it was just closed up and left in the front hall closet, so it’s not like it was exposed to extreme temperature changes or abuse.There’s also a gap between it and the bed. Due to the gap there’s really no simple way to reach over and pull the baby in; you still have to sit up or at least prop yourself up on an elbow and be kind of unsteady while you pick the baby up. Plus, to be honest, you have to change baby before and/or after a feeding, so honestly, you’re getting up anyway.So, I guess if you’re only going to use this for one baby for a few months… and have a ton of money to burn, this is a great item.If you’re going to use it for multiple babies, I cannot recommend it.It’s not really portable up and down stairs, either. It’s not hard to set up but it’s time consuming, but it’s nothing you’d lug around the house with you all day. If you have a one story with a fairly open floor plan, this would probably be fine, but in a real house with rooms and hallways, it’s not convenient.

Rita Macks Inn, ID

Still Satisfied after Seven Months

My husband and I just retired our seven-month-old son’s Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Mini Bassinet (in solid toffee). After using it since our son’s birth, I can vouch for its sturdiness, durability, and ease of use over those first few months. We used the co-sleeper exclusively as a bassinet, next to our bed. The height was a perfect match for our bed (leg extensions can be purchased separately for custom heights). Since it’s outfitted with two wheels, the bassinet is portable and easy to move from room to room. An extra feature (albeit, perhaps, not an intended one) is the bassinet is not too rigid or heavy that it can’t be easily (and gently) rocked so as to put Baby soothingly to sleep. Aesthetically speaking, its simple, fabric-covered rectangular design is less fussy and more streamlined than most of the bassinets (with all their ruffles, layers, and attachments) one usually finds at baby stores. One complaint: The mattress, which other reviewers have complained as too flimsy or hard, is indeed pretty thin and hard, so we bought a Pure-Rest Organics Wool-topped Mini Co-Sleeper mattress that worked perfectly with the bassinet (yes, it was almost as expensive as the bassinet itself, but worth every single penny!). I should add that the sheet that comes with the mini bassinet is pretty awful too, so we also bought alternative softer sheets. Even with these additional purchases, I wholeheartedly recommend the bassinet. Our baby was pretty fond of it too!

Kristen Chandler, AZ

Loved it!

perfect for what we were looking for. I had borrowed a bassinet from a friend, but it bothered me I had to get up to be able to see my baby. This co sleeper has the open side therefore makes it easy to see if your baby is sleeping and breathing. As you can imagine being a new mom you feel a little uneasy the first few weeks. I liked the size and color. Reading other reviews I heard the mattress or lack there of was an issue. I just threw in an extra changing pad cover I had and put a pack n play sheet over it.

Erna Nikolai, AK


I bought this used and I love it. Get the organic mattress for it – the original “mattress” sucks (folded plastic thing???). Also, the people we bought ours from had cut a piece of wood to fit under the mattress – genius, do it! Makes the whole thing sturdier and the mattress firmer. If you want to use a movement sensor, you have to do that anyway. I love having my tiny baby close enough to keep one hand next to her without worrying about the risks of actual bedsharing.

Dianne Lansing, MI

The best baby item we purchased

This item has been fantastic for us. It provides a safe place for my baby to sleep, while also providing closeness and easy access for breastfeeding. I found the recessed mattress to be a little low, so I put the mattress from my pack-n-play folded in half inside. That raises it up about 2 inches, which is perfect. It’s simple to assemble and it secures very safely to our bedframe. It has a little wiggle to it so I can easily jiggle it to soothe the baby back to sleep (but if you get too enthusiastic about jiggling, the side rail can become unhinged and start to fold down. It’s not dangerous but you have to pull it back into place).The size is just right for 0-6 months. My 4-month-old is above the 95th percentile for length (27.5 inches) and is starting to outgrow it. He’ll be too big at 5-months, which is just fine since babies shouldn’t be in this past 5-6 months anyway because it’s a fall hazard for babies who can sit independently. I wouldn’t want a bigger one because it would make getting out of bed difficult.I love this product! It has given us many nights of excellent sleep!

Katherine Oxford, NC


We bought this co-sleeper based on the reviews so I wanted to add mine. My daughter is still sleeping in this and she is 7.5 months old. We will probably be getting a crib soon because she learning to pull herself up. The one problem I have with it is that she sleeps on the side closest to the bed so the fabric hammock is sagging on that side. I suppose we could switch what side of the bed she is on but I’m not motivated to move it EVERY night.

Rachelle Wrightstown, NJ

Works well for what we need it for

We wanted an inexpensive bassinet for our bedroom, and this one is compact enough and has great storage. The baby sleeps well in it. However, the sheets are expensive and it only comes with one – and it’s not super soft.

Delores Farner, TN