Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Original Bassinet, Natural

Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper Original Bassinet, Natural

This original co-sleeper by Arm’s Reach keeps your newborn snug as a bug and close to you. Ideal for nursing and all those times you’ll want to check your baby’s breathing during the night, the award-winning bedside bassinet is recommended by Dr. Sears for its safety and benefits for both parents and baby. It attaches securely to the top mattress of any adult bed from Twin size to California King. When you’re ready to move Baby into her crib, it may be used as a changing table—and soon after, a play yard with ventilated sides. A must-have for moms recovering from C-section. Comes with a 100% cotton liner and fitted sheet. Fits all adult beds with a bed height up to 24″. Leg extension kit (not included) increases height in 2″ increments up to 30″. Built to last, it’s made of sturdy steel tubing. Ready to travel, it’s lightweight and folds up into an included nylon carrying case. Natural-colored cotton and nylon fabrics. Wipe clean; machine wash sheet and liner. For newborns up to 30 lbs. Imported. 31Hx40Lx28W”.

Main features

  • The co-sleeper attaches securely to the adult bed under the top mattress and fits all bed from twin to cal king, with height of 24″
  • Original bassinet offers a cozy environment, creating ease of nighttime nursing and comfort
  • Includes fitted sheet, mattress and carry bag
  • Size 28″ x40″ x31″

Verified reviews


Hard to assemble but still perfect baby bed for master bedroom

I have the Original Co-Sleeper and love it despite a few issues.
• I’ll admit it was difficult to assemble (but I did it by myself at 9 mos pregnant so it can’t be THAT hard). The directions were a little unclear and the buttons for the bars were difficult to find.
• The “mattress” that came with it is thin and very hard. Other people have complained about it, but I just purchased a portable crib mattress and put it on top of the co-sleeper mattress. It works great.
• It is hard to get out of bed with the co-sleeper beside you. I had to scoot down to the foot of the bed if I needed to get up.
• When I converted it from co-sleeper to bassinet, I had trouble raising the bar to the top slot.Despite these issues, it has been the perfect bed. When my son was very new, I used it as a co-sleeper right beside my bed. However, I did not use the recommended straps to secure it to my bed because we have carpet (not slippery hardwood floors) andthe thing is so heavy, it wouldn’t budge even when I tried to slide it around.Eventually I got tired of trying to get out of bed by climbing around the co-sleeper, so I raised the co-sleeping bar and slid the bed into the corner of our master bedroom. My son is still very close by, but I don’t have to climb over a huge baby bed to get up. The co-sleeper is also the perfect height. I don’t strain my back getting my son in and out of it. My son is now 4 mos. old and still sleeps in the co-sleeper just fine, but I will have to change his sleeping arrangements when he begins pulling up.It may not be the easiest to put together or convert, but I would definitely recommend it.

Lindsey Logan, IL


This co-sleeper is the best!! If you are thinking of getting anything other than this (i.e., bassinet, `cradle) don’t!!! Get this. Item give baby enough room to grow and move. Waking up every three hours is hard enough! With this co-sleeper, you can omit having to leave your cozy bed (if breastfeeding). Just reach over and pick up your baby and feed. It sits right by your bed and is safe!!

Bertha Newton, GA

Love the co-sleeper

I researched sleeping options a LOT before my baby was born. I came across arm’s reach and decided this would be the way to go for us. My baby took to the co-sleeper immediately…only to hate it a few days later. I completely gave up hope on the co-sleeper, hoping it wouldn’t be a complete waste seeing as I could use it as a play pen. At about 4 months, my little girl decided she liked the co-sleeper after all and she has been sleeping in it ever since. I love having her so close to me and night time feedings are a breeze.Just because Arm’s reach talks about easy night time feedings does not mean that your baby is going to magically appear by your side everytime you have to feed. You obviously have to lift him/her out of the co-sleeper to where you are sleeping. So, people looking not to move a muscle at all to get your baby fed at night will have to keep looking. For others, this is SO much better than dragging your groggy self to the crib and lifting the baby out. I absolutely love the arm’s reach co-sleeper and will be keeping it after my baby’s done with it for when I have my next!pros:1. Having baby close to you, knowing she/he is safe and only an arm’s reach away.2. Feeding in the night. You don’t have to get out of bed AT ALL.3. Waking up to that beautiful sleeping face in the morning, nothing beats that!4. Can be used as a stand alone bassinet and changing table, too.5. Converts to a play pen for when baby grows out of the co-sleeper position. (holds up to 30lbs as a co-sleeper and up to 50lbs as a play pen)cons:1. The terrible sheet. Coarse and thin. Instead, I use Eddie Bauer’s playpen sheet.Eddie Bauer Quilted Playpen Sheet – EcruThey fit perfectly, wash really well, are soft, thick and cheaper than the co-sleeper sheets. To keep baby safe, I also added the basic comfort sleep positioner. Basic Comfort Sleep Soundly My little girl stays on her back through the night and I sleep with peace of mind.2. Yes, it takes up quite a bit of space next to your bed, making getting out of bed a little bit of a challenge. I had quite a difficult time maneuvering myself out of bed every morning right after the delivery but I’d definitely choose that over getting up and walking, on very little sleep, to baby’s crib everytime she cried or wanted to be fed. It just depends on what’s more important to you. After a month or two, I got used to it.3. Packing it up into its bag is a huge struggle.Update (january 2012): My now 4 year old used the arm’s reach as a co-sleeper and then as a play pen, which held up very well. After she outgrew the play pen, we packed it in. We’ve now hauled it out of storage for baby # 2! It is still in excellent condition. I’ve now boughtAmerican Baby Company Organic Interlock Pack N Play Sheetto use with the arm’s reach. The sheets are soft, of good quality and a great price!

Geraldine Moody, ME

Thought I’d love it more than I actually do…

I thought I’d want my baby right next to me when we went to bed but unfortunately that only lasted one night before we put him next door in his crib because he is such a loud sleeper we were up literally all night. I like the fact that I can still use the co-sleeper when he’s having a rough night or while I’m getting ready though. I would have preferred the mini-cosleeper (whcih wasn’t out yet when I registered) because I have to scoot down to the end of the bed to get out of it and that was more challenging than it sounds for the first few days. We also got the extenders because we have a deep mattress and it was a necessity – don’t forget them if you have a deep mattress!

Ana Callaway, MN

Fantastic alternative to a traditional cradle

This review is for the Universal Bedside Co-Sleeper, which is exactly the same as the Original except it’s sized for beds that are 18-24 inches tall (the Original is sized for beds that are 24 inches tall and taller).After only a few weeks of using a traditional, high-sided cradle for our baby (who gets up to nurse several times in a night), we decided that we needed something to make moving the baby between her bed and ours easier. We chose the bedside co-sleeper and we haven’t been disappointed.The low side of the co-sleeper is level with our mattress, and the mattress of the co-sleeper is about 4 inches lower than that. This means that when my baby wakes in the middle of the night to nurse, I only have to lift her four inches to get her into my bed. I don’t even have to sit up to manage this. Plus, since there are no bars or slats between her bed and mine, when she’s fussy at night I can easily reach out a hand to soothe her or find the pacifier she’s let slip from her mouth. The four outside pockets (one on each short end and two on the long end) are convenient for holding burp cloths, extra diapers, baby wipes, etc – everything I need for late-night feeding and changing.Some reviewers have complained that the mattress is too hard. Actually, I found that the mattress is padded but lumpy. This is because it’s designed to fold up (so the co-sleeper can be portable and fit into a travel bag). I solved the problem by putting a Quilted Multi-Use Pad on top of the mattress underneath the fitted sheet. The quilting helped smooth out the lumps and make the mattress more comfortable without making it so soft that I’m worried about a smothering hazard. Also, the pad is good protection for the mattress in case of nighttime accidents, since the mattress is made only of cloth with no plastic cover (unlike typical cradle mattresses). Be sure to buy at least one extra fitted sheet when you purchase the bed (one is included with the bed itself) since regular crib or cradle sheets won’t fit.My only complaint so far is that the solid fabric sides of the co-sleeper prevented me from hanging my baby’s crib toys on the bed. Otherwise, I’ve found this bed to be an absolute lifesaver and the only kind of infant bed I would recommend.

Ashley Dubach, LA

Fantastic idea, cheap implementation

The design of this cosleeper is ideal for anybody who wants to cosleep and is afraid of crushing the child, does not have room in the bed, or wants a system that will make it easy to “wean” the kid off the bed in small steps.The problem is the implementation is so cheap and shoddy, it is not worth it.The structure is rickety at best–and this without using those wobbly leg extensions other people have complained about. The cosleeper is too low for my bed as well, so I have to break my back and arms to get the kid out at night. I won’t risk making the cosleeper even MORE rickety by using those cheap plastic extensions.What is with the metal bars? the metal bar on the side that you can collapse is low enough that the kid can eventually bang his head on it–and it is barely covered with the thin fabric with which you cover the entire structure to keep it together.The mattress IS very hard, as other people commented. My problem with it is not that it is so hard but that its waterproof cover is so unpleasant and squeaky even with the sheet on that my child hates being on it. Cannot blame him. I have put more than one sheet on the mattress so it does not make that nasty plastic sound or has that plastic feel.And yes, the ridiculous sheet that comes with it! It is so scratchy you could sand your house with it. But that is not the worst–it does shrink so badly when you wash it that it won’t fit on the mattress–it will squish the mattress both at the head and the foot of the bed leaving gaps of over one inch at each end. THis is ridiculous and unsafe and so easy to fix.All in all, it is clear that this brand, in spite of charging a hefty amount for Ikea quality stuff (bunch of metal poles and fabric with velcro, is all you’re buying) does not hesitate to save an extra cent by giving you scratcy shrinky sheets that will make the crib unsafe for your child.As I said, great idea, terrible implementation. Get something else if you find it.

Michele Candler, NC

We love this!

We were given this co-sleeper by a friend and absolutely love it. The baby is close by and it makes night time feedings go much smoother.

Claudette Gordon, TX

Okay, but a little large for an infant

I think this is a great quality product, and I love the idea of it. However, I find that my son whose 7 weeks old is just not comfortable in it. It’s not very soft and it’s just so big for him right now. I can get him to sleep in it only if he’s completely zonked out beforehand.I think the mini co-sleeper might have worked better for us in the beginning. The original might be better as he gets older and can use the play pen part of it.I do have to add that directions were somewhat difficult to understand without going over them many, many times.

Sofia Nokomis, FL

Terrible to assemble

After my husband and I put this together using the TERRIBLE directions, we’ve been using this as a free-standing bassinet for the past 5 months (not attached to the bed, as some people do). My daughter has been sleeping in it just fine. However, we attempted to fold it up to take it with us on a weekend away from home recently. What a nightmare to collapse! Again, the directions are of absolutely no help. It was impossible to get the whole thing into the carrying case and get it zipped up. Also, this thing weighs a ton. I now realize I need to buy something else to use when travelling. How annoying. Bottom line: if you’re going to set this up and never take it down, it’s fine (once you initially get it put together, that is). However, if you think you’d like to use this on an occasional overnight trip away from home, forget it!

Charmaine Leeds, UT

Does what it says

This product does what it says – it remains by bedside – is sturdy – saves you getting out of bed when feeding and is comfortable enough for my baby who has been sleeping there for over three months. It is a little short but this is OK and is still safer than a normal bassinet.

Chandra Bradyville, TN

Great Idea, but with drawbacks

We have had the original Co-Sleeper for 2.5 years. Our first son slept in it for 2 months and then refused to sleep in it. Our second refused to sleep in it period (even padding it with a small quilt). I assume that they make it completely uncomfortable to help prevent SIDS (your baby might has well be laying on the floor because it is not padded very well at all). The fitted sheet cannot be dried in the dryer, which is inconvenient. Most of all, I hate assembling and disassembling this thing. I never complain about assembling toys, gadgets, playards, etc…but this thing is horrible. I actually beat it with a hammer when I took it down after my first child quit using it. It is now put away and I will never put it up again. The only good thing I will say about it is that it’s extremely sturdy (probably why it’s a pain to assemble). I would suggest scouting ebay, yard sales, and second-hand stores instead of buying a new one. It is not worth $200.

Glenda Baudette, MN

Nice to have

Love this product. My son is 3 weeks and preferred our arms at first but now sleeps in the co sleeper. My only negative is that it is large next to the bed especially if you have a nightstand at the head of the bed and then the co sleeper. I was pretty mobile after giving birth, but getting out of bed every two hours to feed him was hard because I had to scootch down the bed to get out. I would probably get the mini co sleeper if I chose again. We haven’t packed it up (I bought the original to try and save money by not having to buy another play pin) but we bought a used play pin so we don’t have to take it own and set it up multiple times if we visit my parents. All in all I like it.

Juliana Kearny, NJ

Best bassinet — great if you have room in your budget, but not a must-have

I had a hard time figuring out how to review this. The bottom line is that it is sturdy, allows my son to sleep right next to me safely, seems durable, and is attractive. The pockets are great. My son still sleeps in it at seven months old, though our co-sleeper days are numbered due to his steadily increasing mobility. He still sleeps swaddled, so it still works for us for the time being.Unfortunately, the co-sleeper didn’t serve the purpose I bought it for. When my son was a newborn, he would only sleep while being held, and I ordered this in a sleep-deprived haze hoping that it would help. It didn’t. While this does allow you to comfortably sleep and rest with a hand on your baby’s back, count on your baby being one or two feet away from you while in the co-sleeper. For those facing similar struggles, I would see if your baby will nap while lying one foot away from you on a regular mattress before buying this. The co-sleeper didn’t help us through my son’s exhausting first couple of months. Of far more help wasThe Happiest Baby on the Block: The New Way to Calm Crying and Help Your Newborn Baby Sleep Longer. I bought it used for a few bucks — money well spent.By the time my son was ready to sleep in this, he was done with the frequent night feedings and willing to sleep in his crib, so in that sense the co-sleeper ended up being superfluous. And when my son is crying because he wants to be held, he doesn’t care that I’m just a foot away — he wants to be held. The co-sleeper has, however, provided us with some extremely happy nights and mornings. My son has torticollis and it’s best if he can sleep with his head tilted a certain way, and this allows me to check his position whenever I happen to wake up during the night. And it is just wonderful to fall asleep while watching my sleeping baby, and so much fun to wake up next to each other. For these reasons, I LOVE the co-sleeper. But is it a must-have, especially if you’re on a budget? Probably not.As for the pack ‘n’ play function, it’s a sturdy and solid pack ‘n’ play. Assembly and disassembly really is tricky, though, so much so that we left this at home when travelling recently. The joints on the pack ‘n’ play tend to stick, and we always end up needing to really wrestle with it. When we are done using this as a co-sleeper, I plan to leave it out permanently as a playpen in our living room — we will only break it down occasionally, and the neutral colors will be nice. But a replacement for our super-portable Graco pack ‘n’ play, which sets up and breaks down in minutes? For us, definitely not.Two more quick notes. Pack ‘n’ play sheets fit the co-sleeper mattress just fine, in my opinion. I actually have our Graco pack ‘n’ play bottom with a quilted sheet on top of the Arm’s Reach mattress, adding a little softness (though the Arm’s Reach mattress is OK) and bringing my baby a little higher and closer to me. Also, I debated whether to buy the Mini Co-sleeper when I bought this, and I’m glad I went with the full-sized version. We wanted to keep our son in our room with us for at least the first six months of his life, per AAP recommendations, and it was helpful to us to have this in our room instead of the big crib. I definitely would not have felt good about having my son in the Mini for more than a few months. The full-sized co-sleeper is truly the size of a pack ‘n’ play, which means it takes up a lot of room next to the bed, but that also provides plenty of room for the baby. My son is a big guy, and he will definitely outgrow this in terms of his mobility before he gets too heavy for it.I hope this review is helpful. We are on a budget and have made extremely careful choices, so I would never have purchased this if I had known how little it would help us during the newborn stage. I don’t think this is a very good value — our Ikea crib is rock-solid, highly rated by Consumer Reports and Baby Bargains, will last until my son is a toddler, and cost 2/3 of this co-sleeper. The fact that the playpen assembly is so cumbersome is very limiting. On the other hand, it’s hard to put into words how wonderful it is to have my son nearby, now that he’s willing to sleep there. If you have a newborn who is willing to sleep in it, this would be so helpful during those early months. If you have room in your budget, it is really wonderful to have. I hope to use it for future babies and feel confident enough in the product that I will probably loan it to friends, because I think it will hold up really well.UPDATE: Just transitioned my 8.5-month-old son to a crib full-time, with little fanfare (knock on wood). I’m leaving up the co-sleeper in case there are tough nights in the very near future, but his gross motor skills are developed enough now that he needs to be in something with higher sides. My son still sleeps tightly swaddled; otherwise we would have had to have moved him out of the co-sleeper earlier. When I first posted this review, I wrote that my son has finished the late-night feedings, making the co-sleeper feel superfluous. As it turns out, though, the co-sleeper has been extremely helpful for the last few weeks — teething, his first cold, and ramping up solid foods have caused his night sleep to be disrupted, and having him nearby during these stages helped us both get more sleep. I am pleased that we were able to use the co-sleeper for this long, and pleased that it still looks almost brand-new.

Dianna Stanley, WI

We love our Co-Sleeper!

We love using our Co-Sleeper. We were not comfortable having our baby sleep across the room in a crib, and I was initially worried about having the baby sleep in our bed. The Co-Sleeper lets our baby sleep close enough that a paranoid mom like myself can hear him breathing in the night, and can reach him quickly when he wakes up. I also love that it is easy to pull him into our bed for nighttime feedings.

Rebecca Cascade, VA

A Must Have!!

I received this as a shower gift. I loved the idea of being able to get my daughter for night feedings without getting out of bed. This worked wonderfully! I loved the fact she was right next to me in arm’s reach all night long. <br /><br />The only difficulty I found was getting in and out of bed with it there, but that was minor. The construction and detail that this possesses suggests a mother designed it. Everything is secured including the mattress pad in both the bassinett position and the playard position. It is well worth every penny!!!

Kelly Houston, DE

A Necessity for Breastfeeding Moms

I bought this co-sleeper on the strong recommendation of a friend – a lactation consultant – who used it to make midnight feedings easier on herself. The sleeper makes it so easy to reach for baby in the middle of the night, nurse, burp and lay baby back down without ever leaving the comfort of the bed and certainly without having to walk down the hall. This ease is particularly important for breastfeeding moms as late night feedings are not a task that can be shared with your partner and the late night feedings are often what break the will of moms to continue breastfeeding since every night – night after night, multiple feedings – mom has to get up to attend to baby. This co-sleeper made the task bearable for me while ensuring that I was able to get full sleep when possible by not having baby actually in the bed with me. The closeness helped me to be able to stop baby from escalating to a full cry with a quick touch or hear her spitting up and make sure she was not choking without a second’s delay.There are side pockets to hold everything you need from diapers to wipes and burp cloths etc. and once baby outgrows the bassinet, you can convert it into a playpen. The natural color fits in with most bedroom decor without clashing and the dropped side is just about flush with the bed so you don’t have to worry about accidentally banging baby’s head against it in your sleepless stupor. (Some of the other cheaper co-sleepers that sit in your bed and have sides raised above the height of the bed have this problem.) My complaints about this one are that it isn’t tall and if you need to change baby on it often while you are standing (it happens if you don’t want a second changing table in the master bedroom) it can strain your back. Further, the co-sleeper only comes with one sheet and replacements are expensive. I got around this by purchasingAmerican Baby Company 100% Organic Cotton Interlock Fitted Pack N Play Sheet, Natural. They fit the co-sleeper perfectly and cost less than those offered from Arm’s Reach.**UPDATE 12/01/2013** Baby is now a year old and we are STILL getting great usage out of this. While we no longer have the co-sleeper attached to our bed, we converted it to the playard and keep it in our room for early morning times when she is up and wants to be in the same room with us but we are showering and racing around getting ready and can’t be watching her very closely. She gets to play near us and see/hear us but be safe so it works for all.

Elvia Akin, IL

I love this cosleeper

This is a must-have if you want your baby to sleep in your room but don’t want them in your bed. The first thing I should point out – it is huge. I have a queen size bed and it is over half the length of it. It does making getting in and out of bed kind of difficult. The angelcare Angelcare Baby Movement and Sound Monitor, Blue sleep monitor does work with it as well.Note this is a heavy co-sleeper. ‘you could use it as a travel yard but it’s way too heavy.

Aisha Henning, MN

Not sturdy, short useful life

We bought this to take on vacation but didn’t realize that it shouldn’t be used once your infant can crawl out of it. It’s also pretty rickety with the extra feet to bring it up to the level of the bed at the hotel, and one of the sides fell down when our son pulled himself up on it.We ended up bed sharing with this sidecarred to the bed “just in case” our son rolled, but there was no way he’d stay in it.Personally, I don’t see how this is better than having a pack n’play next to the bed in bassinet position. Once your babe can crawl, you are supposed to lower to playyard level anyway!

Johanna Lyoth, CA

a crib for babies turns into a pack n play when older

during those early months it is so nice to have the baby safely sleeping next to you in the co sleeper. it is of good quality and converts into a ‘pack n play’ when your baby gets more mobile/crawling. we use it as a crib, still next to our bed, even in the pack n play mode. our son loves it still, at 8 months old. the attached side pockets (3 of them) are great for storing blankets, pacifiers, burp cloths, etc. the only downsides are the same with all ‘pack n plays’: they are a pain to break down and put back together. after doing it for the 10th time you get the hang of it, but this is the case will all play yards. if you are using this exclusively as a crib for you baby but would also like to go places and take a pack n play, i honestly recommend getting a cheap/used pack n play for travel so that you dont have to do this with ‘their bed’ every time you go somewhere. we are very happy with ours and will use it for future babies as well. p.s. purchase pack n play waterproof covers for the mattress to protect it from diaper leaks, etc! 🙂

Elba Red Banks, MS

Very Nice Co-Sleeper

We looked around quite a bit before ordering a co-sleeper, and eventually settled on this one because of its rating and the fact that its max weight is higher than that of any other co-sleeper we saw. We checked it out at a local baby store first and definitely examined it pretty well, comparing the size and checking how supportive it was before purchasing it here (we definitely found the best price here). It’s definitely a good sized co-sleeper, so if you’re looking for a more compact one, this wouldn’t be the one for you. However, since we’re planning on using it for twins, it’s a great size. The assembly was straight-forward, in the sense that it was similar to any other pack and play, but putting the co-sleeper support on top was a little confusing. However, it really didn’t take too long to figure out what was needed and all in all, it didn’t take that much time to put together. The co-sleeper support seems very strong, and there’s no obvious dips or flimsiness anywhere, unlike some similar products we looked at, so I think it will support our twins nicely. The materials seem very durable and look quite nice and of good quality. We’ve heard that king sized pillow cases work great as covers for the sleeping pad, and are cheaper than the fitted sheets that you can get, so we’re definitely going to go that route for extra sheets. We’re still a couple of months from when our twins are expected, so we haven’t tested it out yet, but we think it’ll be a great product for those first couple of months, especially while nursing.UPDATE: Our twin daughters are now about 4 months old now and we’ve been using the co-sleeper off and ever since we brought them home from the hospital. At first they preferred sleeping a little sitting up (and spit-up a lot if they weren’t a little upright), so they mostly slept in their little Fisher-Price newborn rock n’ play seats (also from Amazon, and highly recommended). Having twins, the first several weeks were very rough, so the only way for Mom and Dad to get sleep was if we could sleep in shifts, so the girls continued to use the rock n’ play seats so that the other parent could sleep in the bedroom without disruption (since they were up every 2-3 hours for feedings and changings). However, once the girls were sleeping mostly through the night (only waking up once, or twice on occassion), they started sleeping in the co-sleeper full time again, and have still been sleeping in it nightly for over 2 months now. I must say that now that we’ve used it as long as we have, I really love it. It is so convenient to just reach over and grab a baby when I need to nurse in the middle of the night, and I love knowing that they’re right there. There is MORE than enough room for both girls, and when swaddled they don’t move around much, so there hasn’t been much issue with them rolling into each other. The girls are starting to move around a bit more in their sleep, and are getting big enough to where we’ll probably need to transition them to their cribs soon, which is heartbreaking to me, but all-in-all, I think it was an awesome purchase. We’ll probably slowly transition the girls over the next few weeks, and then just use it as a playpen in our offices and/or living room. I think we’ll keep the mattress nearby to use as a quick diaper change station too. Overall, I really loved this product, even if it is a bit on the big side (makes it great for twins though) and I think it was a worthwhile investment. I think it’s great with twins, and even better with singletons, since it’ll be longer before they reach the weight max. It’s definitely been one of my favorite baby purchases so far (along with the Fisher-Price newborn rock n’ play seats, and the MamaRoo infant seats).

Tamra Lambert, MS

Love-Hate Relationship

I loved the idea of a co sleeper. The closeness and ease of having your baby right next to you with out having them get used to sleeping with you.True enough it was exactly what I wanted. It was amazing seeing him right next to me all night. It was the perfect height for my bed. It was easy to get him in and out during the night for feedings. When I pushed it away from my bed the wall was easy to put back up to make the fourth wall.I ran into all my trouble when we went to move it into his own bedroom. First, it did not fit through any doorway, that is fine I understand. For the life of me I could not break it down to get it through the darn house. The instructions are on it and I understand how to do it, but executing that procedure frustrates me to no end. I had to get his father to do it. They have trouble doing it as well, my dad and the babies dad.The next step was transforming it into a playpen. I again had the most difficult time. The fabric piece that makes it a bed is attached to one side in a way that forces you to once break the thing down. You can not however simply do one side, daddy had to do the whole thing in order to get it off. Unfortunately we have bent one of the bars in this process and it now looks funny.It wasn’t all that stable to begin with, I actually used that to my advantage while rocking him in it sometimes. It swung as much as a rocking bassinet. But it held weight just fine…we tested it…Basically I loved it as long as it didn’t need adjusting. Which as you can see only happened a few times. A few frustrating times.

Araceli Dupont, CO

Didn’t work for us.

I wanted this product to work for us, but I think the baby has slept in it only for a few hours here and there. We’ve finally converted it to an independent unit/play yard and it’s in the living room. It’s a useful place to put the baby to play every now and again, but that’s it. I think it’s a good idea, it just didn’t work for us. My main complaint though is that it was one of the most convoluted things to put together!!!!

Natasha Berrien Springs, MI

I do not like it

We got this and a chicco play yard and my son does not like this as much as the chicco. The chicco appears to be softer to sleep on.

Shelia Adams, WI

I love it already…

My baby is due in 8 weeks and I just set up the cosleeper by myself. It was relatively simple, and I love it already. I can already tell that it will serve it’s purpose perfectly! We already have a 2 year old son, and he has slept in our bed from birth–hated his crib! Our queen size bed is getting crowded so we thought we’d try the cosleeper this time. It is a nice size and the versatility of the product is great. I love that it is portable, it can convert to a freestanding bassinet, also serve as a changing table, and later a playpen! Great functionality! Also, I love all the side pockets! Great for diaper storage and such. A fitted sheet for the cosleeper’s “mattress” is included, and it is quite soft material compared to other sheets on the market.If you are tight on space in your bedroom, I recommend the mini version. It also has most of the same great features.My only dilemma is we ordered the leg extension set because we have a pillowtop mattress, making our bed rather high. I am having the hardest time installing the darned things. It might just be my protruding belly and waning strength though…. I plan on calling the company for some tips in the morning.

Ines Bailey, TX

Easy to assemble

This review is strictly about the assembly and sturdiness of the item. I haven’t delivered our baby yet so I can’t comment on the use…This product was very easy to assemble. It took all of about 20 minutes from beginning to end. It is also very sturdy, we are pleased so far. We have a pretty tall bed so the leg extensions were are must for us. I am very happy with the product overall. Excited to start using it =)

Nichole Arcadia, CA

A Good Compromise

As with many things, when my son was first born I didn’t see the real value of this. I wished I had gotten a cute little bassinet. This is not cute. At all. They do have cute ones, but for some reason this is the one I got. Despite its lackluster appearance, it works quite well. People have complained that the mattress is uncomfortable. My son doesn’t seem to mind it at all. I use the fuzzy arms reach sheets, and he seems quite snuggly. Granted, when I pull him into my bed to nurse, he wants to stay there all night, snugged up to mom. I think that would happen regardless. It’s nice being able to reach over so easily and just comfort him/myself. I have a small bed, and other co-sleeping arrangements won’t work, aren’t safe. This keeps him super close to me while also keeping him safe.I also like that it’s quite large. I think he’ll be able to stay comfortable for a good long time. Of course, it is too heavy and big to really use as a playpen or to make it portable.My bed is quite tall, and we just use regular furniture lifts which are much less expensive than the extenders that arm’s reach sells. It is quite sturdy and safe.

Meagan Carlisle, MA

Love it!

I knew a cosleeper was a must when I found out I was having twins. I talked with many other mom’s of twins and they also confirmed that a cosleeper was necessary. I followed other people suggestions and used the directions on the website to put it together and it was pretty easy. I put it together by myself and I was 8 months pregnant with twins so that’s saying something. I looked back at the directions that were included in it and it would have been much more difficult. It is sturdy and exactly what I imagined it to be. It is a tad heavy to move around and so I wish it was a little lighter. Overall, I am totally happy with it and would buy it again.

Karyn Quogue, NY

ended up returning

I am still waiting for my baby to arrive but I have pretty good idea about this. We got both mini and the original, and we thought we would keep the original. Ended up returning because it’s bulky. We fly abroad a lot, and this one will not fit in any baggage.The baby likes it or not, that’s another story. I am disappointed by this product as we had to return two items because they were defective. To unlock a stuck button both my husband and I, we spent more than an hour and ended up with numb hands. We expect more considering what it’s worth. Folding and unfolding was way easier than what we expected tough.I don’t know why people suffered that much.We are into safe co-sleeping, so ended up keeping the mini, thank god it was not defective. But be aware, convertible mini won’t really serve as a playpen in the future, it’s tiny. You can benefit maybe for a year or so. You can still use the bottom of the convertible mini as a storage, and put items you won’t need immediately as it doesn’t come with a zipper on the side.UPDATE AFTER A YEAR: We received a non defective one in the end, and we used it for approximately 4 months. Our son is huge, he outgrew it. Even at 4 months, he could barely fit. It’s compact, we could carry it in a luggage to Europe. The concept is nice, the baby is within the arm’s reach. However, it’s not easy to go in and out of the bed. You can simply put a pack and play very close to the bed, it will be the same without the hassle. And accessories will be a lot cheaper. Although I had a good experience with this sleeper, I wouldn’t buy it today.

Hattie Walcott, ND

Some problems, but over all one of the best baby products we bought

From crazzeto’s wife:Over all, I really like this as both a bassinet and a playpen. Unfortunately, the instructions were extremely difficult and confusing and we never actually did figure out how to turn it into a cosleeper as we had intended. I think it sat half-assembled in our bedroom for several weeks until we could get over the initial frustration and give it another go. We never did figure it out fully, and as it turns out we couldn’t have even used it as a cosleeper anyway because our bed was too high and we never got the attachments to raise it up so we just shoved the bassinet version up against our bed and made the best of it. The baby slept soundly in it, though, and we never had an issues with the mattress. We didn’t think it was too hard or lumpy the way others have.After our baby outgrew the bassinet (you’re really not supposed to keep them in any bassinet once they become even the least bit mobile, so take the reviewers who say their baby flipped and kicked and rolled their way to a dangerous position with a grain of salt) we turned it into a playpen. The biggest problem with it as a playpen is that the foldable mattress folds over the bar running down the middle and basically forms a mountain range that divides the playpen in two and makes it uncomfortable for your baby to play in. My baby never fails to cry when I put her in it (mostly just so I can go to the bathroom – she hates being in there too much for me to just let her play there). She also figured out she can step on the lining that runs from the bottom of the playpen to about 6 inches up and peek her head over the top of the railing. She can’t currently get out but she’s trying, and I think the way it’s designed it’s only a matter of time before she manages to topple out.One good feature is that it is very portable, more so than any other playpen I’ve seen. It folds into a very compact and sturdy box complete with handles. It came in very handy when we went on vacation a few months ago.Despite its problems, I would buy this cosleeper again and would recommend it to friends. You’ll never find a perfect baby product, but this worked well enough once you figured it out.

Laura Daytona Beach, FL


Love the co-sleeper. I have twins and both fit in it great. Our bed is an average height and the sleeper is still too short to be right next to it though. Wish it was just a little taller. The fitted sheet for the bassinet does stain easy, but overall, great product.

Gail Muncy, PA