Arm’s Reach Mini Co-sleeper 100% Cotton Natural Sheet

Arm’s Reach Mini Co-sleeper 100% Cotton Natural Sheet

Cambria Fitted Sheet, Natural, 100% Cotton

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • 100% Cotton
  • Sheet size 19″ x 33″
  • Machine Washable

Verified reviews


Not so great

The velcro that attaches to the mattress does keep the sheets snug, but getting the sheet off requires some force and can pull too […] the seams of the bed. I don’t trust that no damage is going to occur.I bought the expensive organic sheet from Arm’s Reach for the mini co-sleeper, and I like it because the velcro does not attach. Maybe that’s a flaw, but it is so much easier to get on and off (and avoid damaging the bed), and it’s plenty snug. Plus, no pesticides used with it.

Dolores Lovelaceville, KY

Why are these so expensive?

Arm’s Reach really knows how to rob people. These sheets are ridiculously expensive – especially considering how low the thread count feels on them. I appreciate that they have velcro in all the right spots and are designed with the cosleeper specifically in mind. But considering that this is an item that you’ll need more than one of due to the occasional night-time diaper leak or spit-up, it pains me to pay full price for them. The washing label requests that these sheets be air-dryed (possibly b/c of all the velcro?). I’ve accidentally put mine in the dryer a few times with out shrinkage. But, if you’re the type of person who does everything by the book, the air drying can be inconvenient if you don’t have another clean sheet on hand.

Carly Onalaska, TX

I love this sheet! I’ve always dried it in the dryer.

Great sheet. I know that the label says not to put it in the dyer but I’ve always dried it on high heat. I’ve even washed it in hot water and thrown it in the dryer. There is just no way I would always remember to line dry it. It still fits my mini co-sleeper perfectly. I’ve always found putting the sheet on to be quite easy. I like how this sheet fits the co-sleeper perfectly. You won’t have to worry about it coming lose. It’s not super soft but I actually like that.

Melody Puryear, TN


It is a good product and is comfortable for the baby sleep better. I like a lot and use again for my next baby!

Charity Utica, PA

snug fitting bed sheet

We ordered this to use with the co-sleeper. The color matches exactly the sleeper,we ordered the toffee, but its kind of a dull color, the green would have probably been nicer. The sheet fits snugly and is easy to get on and off and once washed it soft and not to chaffy for the baby. Overall a good product.

Ann Greenwood, LA

Great fit but not soft

I like this sheet- it fits perfectly but it is rough and not soft at all. I put a waterproof pad on top to make it more comfortable for my baby.

Rachael Wellington, CO

Fits a Bit Snug

Nice quality sheet, but you really have to wrestle with it to get it to fit onto the Arm’s Reach mattress. Strongly suggest NOT washing it with hot water or drying too long.

Dale Jamestown, NY


love this sheet the Velcro on the bottom is neat holds it on the mattress and then the mattress down in the bottom of the bassinet. Great product.

Maxine Lexington, SC

Not as advertised..

This product says 100% cotton right at the top in the details, but it is not!! I ordered it just for that reason and was disappointed to find that it was 60% polyester, 30% cotton… I returned the item and received a full return in about two weeks. Was kind of a hassle though, wish it was advertised correctly!

Darcy Minotola, NJ

Good Product

This sheet washes and dries well in the dryer. No issues with the item. Our daughter sleeps on this just fine.

Estela Fox, OK

Tough and scratchy

Not crazy about this product for a lot of reasons. The fabric is scratchy and threadbare, and fits the mattress poorly.

Tia Cora, WV

Nice thick sheet

It is just an extra sheet for the co-sleeper, the exact same one that comes with it.It fits nice and tight around the pad.It really helps to have this extra sheet, so when the baby has some serious spit up, you can have a clean one, and wash the other.I would advise getting a waterproof pad for under the sheet.The co-sleepers are pretty expensive, and if you keep them nice, you can sell them when you are done with them

Beth Redway, CA

you need a spare…

If you have the Arm’s reach, you will need at least one spare sheet so you don’t have to worry about getting the bed changed in the middle of the night after a leaky and/or blown out diaper… My only complaint is that you must stick the velcro to itself when washing or it will stick to everything else!!!

Helene Douglass, TX

Good but we like the plush one better

Maybe this will be better come warmer weather but the plush sheet set we got for the co sleeper is much nicer so we use that much more often. Nothing wrong with this and I imagine in the summer this will be used much more but compared to the plush it is just sort of "bleh"

Desiree Koppel, PA

sheet fits snug though seems expensive

what can i say about a sheet?it fits snuggly, which is ideal. it has a great deal of velcro on the underside to ensure it stays in place. seems well made i guess, though a bit expensive. i feel trapped as no other sheet would likely fit right, but $20 for a baby sheet that is simply thin white cotton seems excessive, especially since i likely need more than complaint is i got white when i ordered light brown

Haley Minco, OK


I was nervous that this wouldn’t fit my Arms Reach ClearVue CoSleeper… but it does, perfectly. It has the Velcro on the bottom so it can’t slide around! Perfect!

Marcy Buckland, OH

I don’t like Polyester

Just received my mini co-sleeper sheet. Will return it. I did not notice but it’s 65% polyester. I myself would never choose to sleep on a poly sheet. Why should my baby? Hardly anything could be better than cotton for a baby’s sheet!.

Colleen Goshen, CT

Great sheet not scratcy and Washing Instructions

I’m glad I didn’t listen to those reviewers that claim the sheet is scratchy or hard to wash.The sheet is sturdy which I appreciate when baby’s diaper leaks. Its true its not the softest sheet but it is fine and after using it for 3 months it does soften in the wash over time. It has Velcro strips along the sides that attach to the mattress so As for washing what has worked for me is simply: take the sheet off and stick the Velcro strips together then for added security from it attaching itself to the other clothes in the washer i throw it into my lingerie/hosiery net bag. For drying I just hang it doesn’t take long to dry at all, and p.s. there been more than a few times it has accidentally landed in my dryer and the sheet still fits.

Antonia Julian, WV

thin material

I bought this because the co-sleeper mattress is hard to fit. It’s very thin material. The plush sheet is much better.

Adriana Chula Vista, CA

Fits perfectly

This sheet fits just as snuggly as does the original sheet that came with the sleeper. The cotton is not as soft as it could be but seems to be fine. My baby (now a month old) is very content to sleep on it, and I’m glad I bought it. When he wets the bed in the middle of the night you need extra sheets.

Jordan Preston Hollow, NY

Perfect fit!

Needed sheets for my cosleeper mattress. Beige color very nice, neutral. I think I need to order one more. A little pricey, but if you have the arms reach Co-sleeper seems like the only option.

Heidi Odessa, TX

Tight fit, no worries

When I first saw this sheet, I was rather surprised by its design. Instead of the typical elastic that goes around a cradle sheet or at the corners of a crib sheet, the cosleeper sheet has specially tailored corners that conform perfectly to the shape of the cosleeper mattress. This makes for a super-tight fit – no fear of having the sheet come loose in the middle of the night and tangle up an infant. It does make putting the sheet on a little challenging, but I’ve found that if I pick up one end of the cosleeper mattress (very easy to do as the mattress folds for storage, so I just pick up the end “flap”) and put the mattress all the way on that end, then put that side down and repeat on the other side, it makes the job very easy. I’ve washed and dried the sheet several times (cold water wash, medium drier setting) with no shrinkage problems. I don’t have this color sheet, but the ones I do have (natural and fern) have held up well with no noticeable fading. The only real downside is the price of the sheet, but since one is already included with the cosleeper I only purchased one separately so I’d always have a clean one handy. All in all, it’s worth the investment.

Selina Smithville, GA

Five Stars

Great product. I dry it in the drier and the sheet still fits the co-sleeper mattress.

Frances Luning, NV

Nice sheet, soft, fits

It fits the mini co-sleeper. Its soft. It fits well. Its pretty much what you would expect. You need at least two sheets for a baby bed so you have to buy at least one extra.

Luz New Zion, SC

Great fit

great fit for the co sleeper that i have for my son to come. I washed them and they are ready to go.

Karina Pultneyville, NY

fits perfect

It fits perfect. Good quality sheet, since all it is is a sheet there isn’t much more to say about it!

Sally Flat Rock, NC