Arm’s Reach Mini Co-Sleeper Bassinet – Natural

Arm’s Reach Mini Co-Sleeper Bassinet – Natural

Arm’s Reach Mini Convertible Co-Sleeper BassinetThe same wonderful benefits of the Original Arms Reach Co-sleeper in a new streamlined size (34 x 20 x 31 inches) to fit smaller bedrooms. This model converts to a changing table or bassinet. An added bonus with this Convertible Co-Sleeper is its ability to convert into a playard. Wheels on one end of this co-sleeper make it ideal for naptime because it can be moved to the room you are in with ease. Very portable at 24 lbs. including case, it is great for sleeping away at grandparent’s or hotels. The frame is made of steel tubing and the liner is made of cotton blend twill. Comes with one 100% cotton fitted sheet.

Main features

  • This model converts to a changing table, bassinet, or playard
  • New streamline size fits in smaller bedrooms.
  • Wheels on one end makes moving around the house and through doorways much easier.
  • One large storage space underneath the mattress offers secure zipper closing
  • The liner inside the sleeping nest is built in

Verified reviews


NOT great for women who’ve had a C-section

I don’t know why they make it a selling point that it’s somehow beneficial to post-op mommies. For me, it was much harder to sit up, twist at the waist and lift my daughter up out of this than it was to just get out of bed. And that’s the other thing- if this is attached to your bed, you have to scoot down past it just to get out of bed- not at all easy or enjoyable if you’ve had a c-section. Aside from that, I will say that as a free standing bassinet, it’s sturdy, cute, and great for people with a small bedroom. Folds up compactly for travel although it is a tad heavy.

Karen Pernell, OK

Excellent breastfeeding aide and product

I used this product for about 7 months with my second daughter, and I have to say that I liked it so much that I am only sorry that I didn’t have it around for my first.For my first daughter, we slept her in a graco portable crib/playpen with the bassinet insert next to the bed. It was fine, but it was huge – we had to rearrange our room to make it fit next to the bed, and when I got her to nurse at night, I had to get up and get her in and out. Being an anxious first-time mother, I was also constantly sitting up to check on her whenever I awoke to her movements in the night.The mini cosleeper fit easily right next to my bed and attached tightly and safely to it with the included bedplate and strap (attaches to the cosleeper and runs under the mattress and pulls firmly against the far side with a plastic plate). I could see her while I was lying down, which was great, and when she woke up, I was able to just bring her to me and lay her back down without actually getting out of bed. It was wonderful.The mini cosleeper has its own special sheets (additional can be purchased) with lots of Velcro to attach the mattress firmly on the underside of the mattress to the frame. This is what is recommended for safety purposes by Arm’s Reach. Standard elastic bassinet sheets do fit the mattress as well, and we chose to use these even though it is not recommended by the manufacturer. Height extenders are also available for the legs, so that you can make the product fit a higher mattress.We got our mini cosleeper mainly because I expected my older daughter to want to come back in our bed, at least temporarily, when the baby was born (I figured, who wants be the only one sleeping alone!). Since it’s not safe to cosleep with a baby and an older sibling (the heavily sleeping child can overlay the baby), and big sister was too young to sleep between my husband and the edge of the bed, I thought this would be perfect. Also, I believe heavily in swaddling (see my article on Swaddling Your Breastfed Baby), and I’m not personally wild about cosleeping with a swaddled baby. Ironically, our older daughter never did return to our bed, but the baby slept SO well swaddled in the cosleeper (a 6-8 hour stretch, almost right away), we stuck with it. It was great having her so close with the feeling of being with me in my bed, while still having some space to stretch out and roll around.The mini cosleeper comes in a range of colors and patterns and range in price from about $130 to $160, although more expensive styles are available. You can get them in the traditional fabric/netting style, or splurge for natural wood slat or other more custom looks. They are even now making a product that converts to a lower crib, rather than having the storage underneath. If that had always been available, I would have never bought a full-sized portable crib, since the playpen function is not important to me. The mini provides more than enough room to sleep until your child is old enough to sleep in a regular bed, or alternately a mat, cot or sleeping bag of some kind.Additional features and benefits of the mini cosleeper include the easy transition from the lowered side to a regular bassinet (seems tricky to figure out, but easy once you’ve got it down). It’s also easy to disconnect from the bedplate (two squeeze latches) and then you can roll it from room to room since (unlike its full-sized counterparts), it’s small enough to fit through standard doorways. It’s so much smaller and lighter than the full-size portable cribs, that after years of traveling with those, it was a delight to travel with the mini. They also have pretty good resale value, selling at the time of this article, between $50 and $100 on ebay and Craigslist – neutral colors are a better buy for this purpose than a pink or patterned look.After using a range of products, and finally coming to the mini cosleeper, I can’t recommend this product highly enough.

Hester Speer, IL

Perfect portable bassinet for small apartment

I use this as my baby’s only bassinet, and move it from room to room (and around the living room) to keep the baby close to me. Unlike the Graco Pack-n-Play, it’s much smaller, lighter, and fits through narrow doorways.I originally imagined that I would use it as a co-sleeper. However, after getting the baby home from the hospital I found him too noisy to have in the same room, so I detached this from the bed, set it up in free-standing mode, and moved it into the main living space (in a small apartment).The cloth sides make the bassinet fairly attractive. The product is very sturdy and well-designed, and the extra pockets and bottom-storage space are quite useful. The mesh on the sides makes it easy to see the baby from a chair.Note that most mobiles cannot attach (since there are no slats), so I recommend the “JL Childress Crib Mobile Attachment Clamp, White”.Since this product will only be used for ~1 year, I recommend looking for a used one on craigslist (like I did)!Note: you don’t need to buy the expensive matching sheets. A large pillowcase will do the trick, or waterproof mats/sheets.

Sophie Leitchfield, KY

Perfect for us

We just retired this after 4 months of use. Our baby has outgrown it and stopped sleeping when we try to put him in it. But for your reference, he is 97th percentile height, so although he is not yet rolling or mobile at all, he just seemed to be getting uncomfortable with his arms constantly hitting the sides and waking him.What I loved:- How secure I felt he was in it. We attached it to our bed from day one, I couldn’t imagine not doing so.- It is a sturdy product. We just finished using it constantly for our big, heavy baby and are storing it in case he has a sibling in future. I am confident that it will last though another and beyond.- Having him in his own space right next to me so I could respond & soothe him quickly. So, so convenient for night nursing and just a really lovely way to get used to having a new baby.- The handy pockets at either end for diaper supplies etc- Space for storage underneathWhat was less than ideal:Though advertised as such, this is not something you would likely travel with. It is easy to put up, but it is a total pain to take down and it’s heavy. Another post mentioned the release buttons, they are indeed tricky so unlikely something you would want to battle with on a regular basis.I would have liked something that was a bit more appealing to look at, this is not a pretty piece of furniture.Overall I LOVED having this co-sleeper. It was exactly what I wanted for my baby and me and it did the job wonderfully well. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is I thought it did not quite live up to the advertised portability. But it was perfect for our family.

Faith Fort Thompson, SD

Not a convertible mini!

The product I received was the Mini Co-sleeper…NOT the convertible mini! The product description is misleading.Here is the link to Arm’s Reach Mini:[…]Here is the link for the CONVERTIBLE Arm’s Reach Mini:[…]They are not the same!

Elsie Careywood, ID

Essentil for Co-Sleeping Families

We wanted to co-sleep with our baby, but knew would sometimes not want her in our bed. This co-sleeper is a nice compromise between a separate crib/bassinet and always having the baby in your bed. It is so easy to reach over to soothe her, talk to her, or pick her up and bring her into bed or vice versa. It also gives baby some practice sleeping on her own before we move her to a crib.

Jayne Fertile, MN

Helpful for the first few months

Our baby hated his crib, and as a consequence slept in our room/bed/bassinet for several months. This co-sleeper was helpful for those first few months, but it always felt a little unstable.Pros:- Keep baby close by, makes it easy to breastfeed in those early weeks when baby wakes up every two hours. I always felt more rested having him right there rather than getting up to get him- Baby slept better in the co-sleeper since he could always be touching me- Safer than baby sleeping in the bed with us.Cons:- Slightly unstable – this co-sleeper always felt like it would tip over easily if the dogs decided to get curious about it. Also, one of the sides would rarely stay in the locked position- Co-sleeper mattress is about 4 inches below the side that connects to the bed. This always made it harder to move baby into the bassinet if he fell asleep while breastfeeding, since you had to pick him up and lower him into the co-sleeper.- After the first few months, baby will outgrow it. It is a lot of money to spend on something for 3 months. However, at the time I don’t know what I would have done without it.

Vonda Avondale, WV

Indispensable for those first few months

We borrowed our friend’s Arm’s Reach Mini- Co-Sleeper for our first born and used it for the first three months or so after his birth. It was SO convenient to have him sleeping literally right next to me in bed but without having to sleep “in bed” with me so I didn’t worry about rolling over on him. I could check that he was breathing and if he got fussy, I could roll over and pat him back to sleep without having to get out of bed. When it came time for the middle of the night feedings, it couldn’t have been easier to just sit up in my bed and lift him out of the co-sleeper and feed him and then, if he fell asleep during a feeding (which happened often), I could just gently place him back into the co-sleeper — all without having to leave the comfort of my own bed!The co-sleeper gave us incredible peace of mind to be able to have him so close to us during those first few months. The convenience is unsurpassed. The reason I didn’t give it five stars is for the assembly/disassembly. It was a rather difficult task and even after looking up the instructions online, it still took Hubby a few tries to get it to collapse all the way to fit back into the carrying case. Also, from what I understand, the sheets for the co-sleeper are fairly expensive and I don’t think you can use any standard crib or pack-and-play sheets, so you are forced to pay the premium for their sheets. And with infants, there are always accidents, so it’s always good to have at least pair of sheets.The storage underneath the co-sleeper was useful. We kept extra sheets and a few change of clothes down there for those middle of the night changes that are inevitably after an accident or a spit-up. We used the height extensions but because our four-poster bed is fairly high off the ground, the co-sleeper wasn’t exactly level with our mattress, but it still worked really well side by side.

Della Great Bend, ND

LOVE this bassinet!! The best thing we bought!!

Love this mini-co sleeper! I spent days, hours looking for the “right” option for us for our first baby. We live in a 2-story home, we don’t like a lot of clutter and wanted to have a bassinet option for our son to sleep him for the first few months.After seeing our friends standard size co-sleeper (same company) we decided that was WAY to big for us and would totally take over our master bedroom (we already had to make room for a glider that we bought). The mini-sleeper is great! We never did hook it up to my bed. Just rolled it right up next to my side of the bed (mesh side) so I could hear my son breath etc (you know how you check your newborn every minute to make sure they are alright).The pros:-like the wheels and the fact that they lock ( I could wheel him in the bathroom when I showered when he was really little and my husband went back to work)-mesh side so you can peek right in without getting up out of bed-pockets on both sides of sleeper (we stuck binky’s and also the sound generator-we took it out of our sheep)-the zipped storage on the bottom for blankets, jammies etc-high enough so that our large mix labs could see and smell baby without “touching” him-waterproof pad (we still tucked a nice blanket over the pad which worked fineCons:-it’ not the easiest thing to put togetherMy son is now almost 4 months. It’s amazing how he’s grown but he’s stil sleeping in his mini-co sleeper in our room. We are transitioning him to his crib this weekend (not because the mini is too small).The best thing we brought for our son to sleep in!! We are hopefully planning to have #2 and this will be perfect again!PS: I did breastfeed my son but just found it easier to keep it as a bassinet rather than attaching it to the bed. Easier to get in/out of our king bed withOUT the mini attached to the bed. And it’s like 1/2 a step to get up and grab them from the mini sleeper to feed him.

Natasha Clifton, NJ

Ugly but super functional

I searched long and hard for a co-sleeper that actually LOOKED good, but I don’t think they exist if you don’t want to spend a fortune. This sleeper is extremely convenient and functional and was worth every penny. The mini is great if you don’t plan on using it past 5 months or so, but I think a bigger one would be extremely bulky. We moved our daughter to a crib after 5 months, which was the same time that we stopped swaddling her. Once she lost the swaddle the co-sleeper was too small for her to roll around. It also easily folds up and is super easy to travel with in a car. I have since loaned ours to friends and will use it for future kids.

Erna Gibson City, IL

Love this thing!

I originally wanted this when my daughter was born but didn’t wanna shell out the money since we had a play n play. My son was born 7 weeks ago and he’s been a very fussy baby, he does have a little reflux . I’ve tried every baby product under the it feels like to get him to sleep..the rock and play, swings, positioners. What worked the best was him in our bed, I loved it since he was close by and easy for me to breastfeed. Poor hubby slept on the edge of the bed..guess we were bed hogs lol anyways our bedroom is small and the pack n play is just too large. I happened to find this on clearance at babies r us for $60.xx yes you heard me lol so I couldn’t pass it up. Let me tell you it’s the best 60 I have ever spent. I love that my son can still sleep next to me and it’s easy for breastfeeding. The mini is perfect for small bedrooms, I love the storage underneath it…I currently have the rock n play, bumbo, and some other random baby stuff shove in it lol. I read another post saying their baby almost suffocated, my son moves around a lot I find him in some random positions, he’s not once had an issue in this. I don’t think I would use it past 4 months though due to it being on the smaller side and it’s not high enough for babies who are pulling up.Overall i would recommend this. Oh and It’s a quick set up too took me less than 5 minutes to pop up. My only draw back is I wish it had 4 wheels so you could move it around. It comes with two that lock but I would have loved it with 4 just so it’s easier to roll to rooms.

Kimberlee Ashton, NE

safe and nice looking

I love this co-sleeper because I have a one-bedroom apartment and I prefer bedsharing to a crib. The co-sleeper is great for my daughter to sleep or rest in. She’s always close by because I can wheel it around the apartment. and it has tons of storage, which is also a huge help. It’s extremely portable and fits into a small bag. It’s easy to assemble and take apart. And it has excellent safety features. I’m going to keep this stored in the closet to use with any more new babies we have.

Lynette Berrysburg, PA

Great idea…needs a little tinkering.

I love this bassinet and so does my baby. It keeps babies handy so you can reach them if they fuss in the night and creates more of a family bond than having them down the hall in their own dark, cold, painfully lonely little rooms…not that I’m biased or anything.A few notes:1. I had a C-section, and this worked just fine as long as I didn’t lunge to the side to pick up the baby. It was painful lifting that much weight, but it would have been painful in any other bassinet or crib, too.2. I used this with the Angelcare Bebesounds monitor, and had a couple of false alarms the first night because the canvas sling that holds the mattress upright would sag and set the alarm off. A square of common CDX plywood under the monitor sensor did the trick. You do have to thread the wire through the canvas very carefully, through – otherwise the baby will play with it, which is dangerous.3. The mattress is pretty darned firm. Since I was obsessive about back-sleeping, my baby developed a bad case of flat-head which I’m sure would have been less prominent had the mattress been a little softer. That said, it’d definitely NOT recommended for infants to sleep on super-soft surfaces, so it’s just something you can deal with by always keeping your baby upright or on a side or tummy during the day.4. A large baby would outgrow the Mini Co-sleeper fairly quickly, but it’s sure a handy product and well worth the money. We’ve used ours for almost 5 months.

Leslie Janesville, IA

Great…. BUT!!!..

I really like this bassinet. But my baby always scoots to the side that’s towards the bed and that side is not ventilated… so I’m always watching him and making sure he doesn’t suffocate on the material that’s folded there from the “drop side”. It would be safer to have a baby in a crib away from the bed that’s meshed all the way around. To ease my mind I just bought a Snuza. I had read a review on here where someone found their blue baby that almost suffocated because of that. That’s why I gave it a 4. Just be careful. Othe rthan that… I enjoy having my baby.. an “arm’s reach” away.

Harriet Livingston Manor, NY

Good for 1st few months

I love the idea of the co sleeper, so I got one I was very happy with it but then when my son hit 4 months he got too big for it, I wish it would of lasted longer, when he out grew the co sleeper i purchased a crib and decided to side-car my crib so it would have the same concept as a co sleeper, and now I wish I would of done this from the start, if I would of know I could of saved on a co-sleeper.Dont get me wrong if you have money to spend on both why not, but I wish I would of just got the crib and side-car it from jump.

Antionette Cibolo, TX

Great Idea

I bought two of these for my twins and I have to say it was so nice to have. I used this in the living room and also along side my bed and it has so many nice features. First of all, it is so sturdy and accommodates quite a bit of weight (22 pounds I think) and it is quite large so you can actually get alot of use out of it. I packed mine away at about 7 months when babies were sleeping longer and in their cribs and starting to pull themselves up. I had a hard time putting my tiny babies in their cribs but sharing my bed with them was difficult and not too safe so this worked wonderfully to keep baby near while still in their own safe sleeping space. There are some drawbacks though such as cleaning is difficult but armsreach said to use rubbing alcohol to clean with a cloth. Also the sheets are pricey but I found that larger standard bassinet sheets worked in a pinch. The co-sleeper is kinda hard to collapse but just be patient and you’ll get it. I did not breast feed but I can see how this would be wonderful for that and several little pockets along the side make it easy to store diapers, wipes and birp cloths plus there is storage below for blankets etc. Overall you will get quite a bit of use out of this bassinet and if you are breast feeding it will be wonderful but still nice even for bottle babies.

Sheree Hughes Springs, TX

Great for a new mother

I recently purchased this for my daughter’s new nursing baby. It is perfect for placing beside the master bed. Mother can sleep comfortably while baby is sleeping close beside her. My daughter mentioned today how much she appreciates it and how convenient it is for her and her baby boy.

Callie Lynden, WA

Best purchase I ever made!

I’m so happy I bought this bassinet. It’s just perfect. It’s not huge like the regular pack-n-plays you can buy in the store. It’s a nice small size (not too small-just right) that can easily fit in your bedroom without it feeling like it’s taking up the whole room. I love the fact that there is storage on the bottom, pockets on the sides, soft fabric covering all joints, and the wonderful fact that your baby can sleep right next to you without having to get up from your bed in the middle of the night! I also love the fact that you can easily fold up the bassinet into a compact form and bring it with you wherever you need to go. It’s going to be nice to be able to leave my baby with family for a night here and there and know she’s in a well-protected, safe sleeping place. I would highly recommend this to any new mom, I wish I had it with my first baby!!

Jody Redwood City, CA

Great product!

Love this! I don’t know how I parented at nighttime without it. However, the baby mattress is not flush to our mattress, lying approximately eight inches below the edge of our bed. This can be a bit of a pain to lift the baby out in the middle of the night. Otherwise, it’s lovely.

Marjorie Brookhaven, PA

Good idea but a pain to “disassemble”

I bought this before our baby was born just because we could fit it with our bed. Luckily for our little queen bed its level was just at the right height for Mom to easily get to the child. For a normal King size bed with box spring this bassinet is wayyyy down.Also it is a pain to “disassemble”. There are two joints in every horizontal “pipe”. Although there are buttons that are supposed to make them loose. But typically one joint would get loose but other won’t. I was relocating and I decided to took this bassinet with me for the baby during our stay in the hotel. It was a real struggle to get it to “disassemble”.You can get cheaper “pack n play” that would be a lot more convenient than this.

Hattie San Luis Rey, CA

The best thing after having your baby actually in the bed with you and keeps your mind at ease regarding baby’s safety.

I wish I would have known about this with our first two babies. This is one of the best things we’ve ever bought, in regard to baby equipment.I waffled back and forth about how I felt about baby sleeping in the bed with me. While I wanted them right next to me for attachment parenting purposes, I was always a little wary about it for two reasons.1. I could never fully banish the fear that I would fall into a deep sleep and accidentally suffocate a tiny baby right next to me. I never thought I’d roll over one, but there were a few times that I woke with a start, only to realize that the covers were over baby’s head, as he’d wiggled down, or that he had moved under the end of my pillow, etc.2. I am aware that having your baby sleep with you in the bed means that they wake up a million times more often than they do when they’re not with you in the bed. My first three babies slept through the night from the very start, so I hated to mess this up by having them sleeping right there in the bed with me.However, I also know that cosleeping is much better for the baby than sleeping in their own bed, and it also works wonders for establishing really good breastfeeding (as I discovered with our 6th baby, who would NOT sleep apart from me most of the time). So, I wanted them right there. I also wanted the assurance of being able to just reach out and check their breathing right next to me and not having to get up and out of my bed to get them when they needed me in the night.I tried this with baby number 3, and fell in love with it!! It is the best of both worlds! The baby is literally less than an arm’s length away…right up against your bed (when they roll to the side attached to the bed, you can literally sleep about 2 inches away from him). There is a little ledge on the side closest to your bed that keeps the baby from actually rolling into your bed, but it is low enough that you don’t even have to really lift your head up off the pillow to see your baby. They are close enough to smell you and hear you, and you are close enough to put your hand on their back anytime you need to, to check them. If you need to get them out to feed them, you don’t even have to get up…You literally do not even have to sit up! It’s wonderful!Another thing that is great (and one of the most important to me) is that they do not use toxic chemical finishes and flame retardant toxins on the fabrics. At least, they say they don’t. I guess there’s no way to really ever know for sure, but they put it in writing for me. I didn’t want any of those sorts of things offgassing where my baby would spend hours breathing right up against it. It brought peace of mind to know that they don’t use these things in this product. All babies we’ve used this with have slept wonderfully…even the one who wanted to be on me constantly…she was able to be tricked into thinking I was right next to her. The only reason we stopped using it is when each would get big enough to sit up and pull onto the sides…I was then too worried that they would accidentally fall out of it when I was asleep. That is really the only drawback to this – it’s really expensive and you can really only use it for about 6 mos. 9 mos at a push, if your baby is slower to sit up and pull up on things…The under bed storage section on here was never really a draw for me, as we really only used it to store things we didn’t actually use. And, we only occasionally took it into other rooms of the house, but when we did, it was really easy due to the caster wheels on the one end. Also, it clips onto the bed with no problems whatsoever, and when you tighten the straps, it is really snug against your bed, so there is no chance of a gap between baby’s bed and yours.I cannot recommend this highly enough…for those wanting to remain close to their babies, you will not regret purchasing this. I recommend getting this sized one, not the big one, because there is very little difference between them, other than the size. This is plenty big enough to hold your baby until they are too old to be able to use it anyway, and it is cheaper, while also taking up MUCH less space! We tried the other one too, but it is huge compared to this, and sort of defeats the purpose of keeping your baby right there by you…this would even very easily accommodate twins for several months with no problems.

Penny Rhinecliff, NY

Good quality and does not take lots of space!

This co-sleeper is great quality and I like that it does not take lots of space. I like that you can attach it to the bed and the side bar goes down. I love the storage on the bottom and I would use it again when I have another child. My baby does not like it BUT that’s because he does not want to sleep anywhere but our bed! Therefore, it’s not the co-sleepers fault. Amazon had the best price and it was shipped quickly!

Deborah Hazleton, IN

So far so good

I just got the co-sleeper after a lot of deliberation and I’m really happy I did. My reasons for hesitating were because of the standard complaints in reader reviews–if you have read the negative reviews then you know what they are. But I wanted a bassinet that could accommodate a larger/older baby and this was the only product I could find that did so decided to take my chances.But it appears that Arm’s Reach has made some improvements to this product, which is great.First of all, the mattress is waterproof, not cloth. The store model was cloth but the model I have will be easy to clean. Also, the mattress doesn’t seem to be any better or worse than popular playards.Second, it did not come with a sheet, which disappointed me till I realized the standard sheets I bought for my playard fit it perfectly.And, I really had no trouble setting it up at 8.5 months pregnant. It took me a second or two, but no longer than it took me to figure out my second-hand playard. It seems really portable and I don’t think folding it up for travel will be hard at all.One thing I really like about this product is that the mattress seems to sit really firmly in place with no sagging. When I set up the bassinet in my playard it sagged so badly in the middle that there was no way I was putting the baby in that.My only wish is that more of the height extenders were included with the product since I have a tall bed, but I guess that would be wasteful. So I won’t be able to use it attached to the bed till I order them, but at least I have a usable bassinet in the meantime.All in all I am very happy with this product.

Luann Bovill, ID

Love it

Looks nice and fit well in our room. We had to buy the leg extensions as our bed is high; and actually took off the wheels for a bit when our daughter was having a lot of problems with reflux, so she slept on an incline. Love that we can travel with it, comes with a great cover. Mattress is firm, much firmer than her crib mattress. Love the pockets as well, kept extra blankets, wipes, burp rags etc in there.

Rita Red Bay, AL

love it! but ya not too crazy for its mattress

I recently got the mini co-sleeper and I’m very pleased with it, however I wasn’t crazy over it’s mattress pad (parts of it seemed harder than others especially in the folds) so I went to babies r us and found a bassinet pad that fits and it’s waterproof. I’m really happy with the combo![…]

Goldie Stuart, IA


this is a very smartly constructed bassinet/cosleeper. we like it a lot.only minus i could mention is that you cannot wash the cloth material on it.

Cheryl Trail, OR

Easy Set-Up, Sturdy, Well Designed

After reading other reviews I was anticipating a difficult set-up, but I found it very easy to get in place for baby. The set-up was similar, but easier than our pack n play. It comes in a similar format where you need to puch down in the middle of the edges until it clicks into place. Once it was snapped together we found it to be very strong in construction. It attached to our bed with no problem. We did push a small pillow between our bed and the co-sleeper simply because our mattress likes to shift a little causing a gap (to no fault of the co-sleeper).There are several compartments which we have found handy for pacifiers, extra bottles and burp clothes. I would buy this again and recommend it to any parent who wants their baby close by but in their own, safe environment.

Clare Bradley, SD