Athena Nadia 3 in 1 Crib with Toddler Rail, Cherry

Athena Nadia 3 in 1 Crib with Toddler Rail, Cherry

The Nadia 3 in 1 convertible crib is made of solid wood with a beautiful, glossy non toxic finish. Wavy undulating panels provide ease of access. In addition, this unique look is a great centerpiece for your nursery. Paired with our Nadia changing table or 3 drawer changer, the Nadia crib is a great way of expressing yourself. It converts to a toddler bed with included guardrail and a full size bed, conversion rails sold separately. An adjustable 4 level mattress height support adapts easily with your child’s growth. The Nadia’s simple stylish design is perfect for any type of nursery.

Main features

  • Includes toddler bed rail to convert to toddler bed, full size conversion rails not included
  • 4 level mattress spring adjustment to adapt to child’s growth
  • Made from sustainable pine wood
  • JPMA certified; Meets and exceeds US federal safety regulations
  • 1 year limited manufacturer warranty

Verified reviews


Very nice, takes time & patience to assemble, but ultimately worth it.

This is a really nice crib. I love the design, it is flattering to look at and provides lots of space for baby. I must say it is difficult (at best) to assemble and I cant imagine it taking any less than 2 (3 or 4 would be better!) people to assemble it. It is sturdy once its up for sure, just getting all the bolts in is an ordeal. Give yourself several hours (if not an entire day) to complete the aseembly! There isnt enough space between bars to turn the hex key all the way around, thus partially why it takes so long to get everything in place. I dont know how easily it will convert either. But, as said, overall, we do love the crib.

Graciela Barboursville, VA

Unique and Sturdy

We have had the Nadia crib for over 2 years now. My daughter is still using the crib function, since she seems content with staying in a crib despite the fact she is two.We recieved it as a shower gift and my MIL insisted that we put it together at her house first. Then it was partially disassembled and put in the back of a van, reassembeled in our house, and lowered 3 times throughout the last 2 years. It took us about an hour initially and still took my husband considerable time (45-60 minutes) to pull it apart alone and lower it. Then he got an attachment for the drill and used that to remove the bolts the next few times.I don’t like the sticker on every side that says to watch for falls (or whatever it says) and it was a pain to try and get off, so it is hanging half on to this day. I think some goo gone would get rid of it.My daughter is always rolling around and has scuffed it in 5 or 6 places, but that doesn’t seem bad for something we have had for 2 years.I like the wavy sides, they make it stand out and look creative. One problem though is one side is really high and the other a couple inches lower. Overall, we like the crib and it has help up well.

Crystal Calvary, GA

Good quality, good bargain

We have been using this crib for a little more than a year without big problems. It looks nice, it is sturdy, and it has a non-toxic finish, which was very important for us since our boy is a chewer.We bought it in cherry color and it looks beautiful, but unfortunately our son started chewing the rails so we had to buy some crib protectors pronto — we chose Trend-Lab wraps (both for thelongandshortrails. I think they were worth it, he was really scraping off a lot of finish with his new teeth.Our son is also a climber and he doesn’t take “no” for an answer very well, so when he started climbing over the top at 18 months, we had to make what we felt was a too-early conversion to a toddler bed. The toddler guard rail protects him from falling out of the bed very well, considering it only actually blocks half the length of the mattress. Now that he can get out when he wants, he sleeps well in the bed and he actually likes it very much.This crib rates a solid four stars, and probably four and a half. My wife doesn’t care for the curled top design. Although it looks pretty elegant, she said it was difficult for her to reach into the crib where the rail is higher, and she is not really short at about 5’4″. Also the construction is fairly bulky, so be sure you choose the room where the child will be sleeping very carefully — as we discovered you’ll have to disassemble it to move it through a doorway.We found an even better deal on this crib at another big store’s website, with a free mattress thrown in as well, so you might want to shop around just in case. However, overall for the price it is a very nice crib, well worth recommending.

Denice Oakhurst, NJ

Best quality for price.

We’ve had this for almost 3 years and have just re-assembled it for our second child. It has held up so well with our very active daughter. I’ve looked at and felt many different cribs and not found any in this price range that feel nearly as sturdy. Most seem to have thinner slats that feel plasticy and shake and wobble a lot. This is all wood and does not have that cheap, wobbly feel.

Shannon Prescott, AZ

Beautiful and good quality crib

We bought this crib because it matches our IKEA kids furniture , it has a unique design and its inexpensive. Took about 1 hour to put it together, and it is beautiful. Giving it 4 stars only because of the paint/chemical smell when it first came out of the box, we had to air it out prior to putting it together but we expected this based on previous reviews. So far so good!

Tasha Brownville Junction, ME

Looks nice for the price but with some cheaper issues to consider

We were looking for an inexpensive toddler bed for our second that looked nice so this works. It does have exposed screws and warning stickers on the front that we still haven’t managed to get off. So it won’t be furniture store quality but for the price it is nice.

Tami Noblesville, IN


This crib is gorgeous! I love it, and I can’t wait to have my baby to put her in it. My husband put it together easily and we are excited to be able to use it as a toddler bed later. We decided to install the sides so that the curves of the rails are opposite, and so far, it seems like it will be easy enough to get a child in and out of it. I love the look of this crib and would recommend it to anyone, as it seems very durable and well-made.There was a bit of a chemical smell when it arrived, but we just aired out the room and it went away quickly. It wasn’t overly strong to me at all, but it was definitely there. Also, the warning stickers are affixed to the wood and do not easily remove – we just left them on. It doesn’t bother us that much. This is a fantastic crib!

Nora Dougherty, OK


I love this crib! I’ve only set it up and not used it so I’ll update review eventually. Me and my sister put this up in a night by ourselves. Did take some serious effort and time but it is a very sturdy, beautiful crib. The espresso color is even nicer in reality than in the picture.

Susanne Hetland, SD

Attractive, functional, and safe!

This crib is one of the more creative ones I’ve see. I love the wavy rails which look good as it converts to the toddler and fulls sized bed too. This is one of the few cribs that comes with the toddler rail (some you have to purchase separately). It does lower with three different settings and is pretty straight forward when it comes to assembly. I do wish it had a drop gate because as we lowered the crib to the lowest setting, it was hard to put a sleeping baby into the crib.If you’d like more reviews on what baby items you MUST HAVE vs. what you could live without (and save money), visit the website and look under ‘baby gear essentials’. It’s also got great tips for new moms on what to bring to the hospital, what you might not have expected about childbirth/recovery, and even a full on stroller shopping guide.

Christi Crockett, CA