Avent Orthodontic Translucent Silicone Pacifier, Clear, 0-6 months 2 ea

Avent Orthodontic Translucent Silicone Pacifier, Clear, 0-6 months 2 ea

Avent Translucent Clear Newborn Pacifier Description: Two pack of silicone translucent pacifiers The perfectly symmetrical design ensures the natural development of palate, teeth and gums Each soother has a snap on protective cap to keep it sterile until ready for use Each has a safety ring handle and come in pairs in an attractive carrying case Made with a smaller nipple and face plate for newborns Made of silicone and are taste and odour-free Vented so that they can be steam sterilized

Main features

  • 0-6 MONTHS
  • Philips AVENT Classic Pacifiers

Verified reviews


pacifiers for recent born

i think itll be good, these are very tiny, ill be able to say when my baby starts using them. i think the idea of the case is very good and very handy.

Young Cannel City, KY

Good Deal

I ordered these for my newborn but when the package arrived it was marked as 3-6 months. However I received the exact same brand as a gift in the 0-3 month size and I have to say I can’t tell them apart. I put all three next to each other and couldn’t tell there was a size difference at all. They are hard to see when they fall on the floor but we keep it attached to a paci clip so that hasn’t been a big issue. Overall I’m very pleased.

Dorthy Jaroso, CO

Get the colored ones

I’ve tried a few different brands of pacifiers and these were hands down the best. I tried the NUK type and they kept flying out of my baby’s mouth. She has done well with these since birth (she is now 9 months). She had some of the clear pacifiers and they were so hard to find if they fell or got misplaced. Try the colored ones. I highly recommend them!

Maryellen Baker, MT


My baby is obsessed with this pacifier now that she is a little older, she always took it but now it’s like she prefers it. If she likes it then I love it!

Eunice Montoursville, PA

Looks nice and works well.

I definitely love that it is clear and not tacky. There’s a plastic ring/hook on the front. I didn’t understand why it was there, but it is a great feature! I use it to hold it so that I don’t touch the nipple part. So convenient. I docked one star for the shape/design of the plastic part. I’m sure it all depends on the baby’s chubbiness and shape of the mouth and chin, but the pacifier pressed against my baby’s chin and left a sort of reddish mark each time he used it. I tried the MAM pacifiers as well, and those were a better fit for my son. I use this and the MAM ones. I also tried a Soothie, but my son wouldn’t take it. It is either because the Soothie is shaped differently or because the nipple on it is much smaller than the avg pacifier.

Sofia Harrison, NY

Only Pacifier Our Baby Will Accept

My daughter is exclusively breastfed. She rejected every pacifier offered to her, including the soothies used in the hospital. I thought that I had a baby who just would not take a pacifier. I went to the OB/GYN for my post-partum check up, and there were samples of these pacifiers in the waiting room. They were free, so I thought, “Why not?” Lo and behold, my baby loved these. If you have a breastfed baby who isn’t interested in pacifiers, you should give these a try.

Margery Branson, CO

Great Paci

My baby enjoyed these very much. The only pacifier she would take. I like the clear because it goes with everything. But it is hard to find sometimes because it doesn’t have color. We wasted precious minutes trying to find it when baby was crying. I still liked the clear, its unique. Would buy again!

Katina Wynnewood, OK

Why doesn’t everyone else make pacifiers with caps?

We have gone through many different pacifiers given to us from the hospital, as gifts, and ones we bought and all I can say is that if your baby will take this one it is the best if for no other reason than it has a snap on cap to keep it clean.before this I had to carry a separate little box to carry the pacifiers. When it is needed, I have to dig through the bag to find the box, open the box, and then take it out. All the more difficult if you are carrying the baby in the car seat at the time. With this one, the protective cover snaps on securely enough so that I can keep the pacifier in my pocket but is easy enough to “pop” off with one hand.As I said before, if you are going to give your child a pacifier, try this one first, if they take it it will make your life easier

Lola Buckley, IL