B.box Essential Sippy Cup in Blue – 6 Oz

B.box Essential Sippy Cup in Blue – 6 Oz

The B.box Essential sippy cup – Blue 6 Oz features an innovative straw technology that moves to the liquid whenever the cup is tilted, allowing the child to sip to the last drop. The cup is designed with a simple integrated handle and lid to eliminate lost parts. The handle, lid and base are made of polypropylene while the straw is made from food-grade silicone and stainless steel weighted ball. Kids love it! Weighted straw moves with the liquid, whatever angle the cup is tipped Designed to increase independence with its easy grip handle Leak Proof Dishwasher safe BPA, Phthalates and PVC free The perfect cup, at home or on the go measures 4 1/4″L x 3″W x 5 1/2″H

Main features

  • 9+ months
  • Unique Straw technology that follows the water
  • BPA & Phthalate free
  • Easy to open and close lid
  • Integrated top and handle

Verified reviews


Not as good as the Zoli bot-straw cups

We decided to try this Bbox sippy cup because we were told it is identical to the Zoli bot-straw sippy cup. We have been using the Zoli bot-straw sippy cup for over a year now, and we absolutely love it. When our Zolis got beat up or lost, we started looking for replacements and found these Bbox cups. While they are certainly very similar to the Zolis, these Bbox cups leak a lot more than our Zolis ever did. I’m not sure what the problem is, but it is very difficult to get a tight seal between the cup and the top on the Bbox cups. The Zolis also leak if the top is not put on exactly straight, but these Bbox cups often leak even when the top is on perfectly straight! Next time, we’ll go back to our trusty Zolis if we can find them.

Joy Sweet Home, AR

It leaks

I love the idea of the weighted straw but unfortunately this cup still leaks. We still use it, but it’s not a cup we travel with or put anything but water in.

Helene Roebuck, SC

Awesome product

These are sturdy products that my twins have easily taken too. A total lifesaver since they couldn’t figure out other kinds that you have to tip back to get any liquid. I did have problems with them leaking sometimes, but like another reviewer posted, if you screw it counterclockwise to make sure the threads line up first you’ll have no problems.

Gladys Moundville, MO

Would not stop leaking

This cup states it is leak proof, but my son could not even drink out of it without it leaking horribly. He was not turning it upside down or anything crazy, just tipping it slightly to drink from it- immediately a fairly large stream of water would leak out from where the lid and cup screw together. I thought surely I just had the lid on incorrectly- but after repeated attempts and using this cup, it continues to leak horribly. I am returning this today.

Beatrice Copperopolis, CA


My daughter uses the Tommee Tippee bottles, so we started her off with the Tommee Tippee sippy cups. After talking to our pediatrician, she mentioned that studies have shown using a straw helps strengthen muscles in the mouth – which in turn helps with speech. She mentioned that the transition would probably be difficult though.After researching several options, I decided on the Bbox BOT in “red”. From what I can tell, this is the same sippy cup as the Zoli BOT. This one is priced slightly cheaper, so I decided to try this one.We gave this to my daughter (9months) with some water. She played around with the straw a bit – and in about 10 minutes, she had figured it out. She still tilts the cup backward like a bottle – but I guess the sucking motion is the same, so the transition was pretty simple. If she is not super hungry, she will use the cup, but you can tell she definitely prefers the bottle for milk / formula.Cons:The color is pink / fuchsia not red. Not really a con – but something to note.The straw takes a little extra time to clean, but I think you need the Zoli Straw cleaner for best / faster results.Pros:Straw is holding up well even though my daughter chews on it. She has also started banging it on the floor / table – and it is still in tact!Leakage is very minimal. I was surprised at how well it keeps the liquid contained even though it has a straw.The weighted straw is a big help.Handles make it easy for children to grab and hang on.We are very pleased with this cup and are ordering more.

Dayna Martinsburg, PA

LEAKS! My 4 am Review

It’s 4 am, I have work in the morning, but I’m here on Amazon writing a review for B.box.It’s my fault. I knew this cup leaked. We have the Zoli cups, and they don’t leak and are great. But I had gotten one of these B.box cups and even though it leaked every time I used it, I reached for it tonight. My daughter was crying in her crib for water. I got the b.box and somehow convinced myself that all the other times it leaked, it must have been user error. The Zoli’s were all in the dishwasher, so I convinced myself the b.box was ok. I filled it and sealed it very well. I made sure the cover was perfectly screwed on tight and correctly.Well, all I can say is that an hour later, my daughter’s crib mattress is completely soaked and the cup is empty, even with the perfectly screwed on lid. So we’re up now. I have no place to put her. She’s won’t actually sleep in bed with me. So we’re awake and I have work in the morning.I’m writing this whole story because sometimes a leaky cup really can be a huge pain. And B.box really, really leaks.

Margo Burlington, CT


Brought it after reading the recommendations. My baby boy loves this and enjoy fresh juice and milk in it with little assistance

Shelley Florence, SD


What a fabulous idea! The soft straw is perfect for my little guy, and I love the way the top slides over for travel. The weighted straw means it’s super easy for your child to get every last drop.

Kenya Vardaman, MS


I have the Zoli and wanted to try this. It leaks everywhere, I can’t even carry it in my diaper bag. I may have a defective cup.

Gayle Greene, NY

great cup, EXACT same as Zoli Bot straw sippy cup

I do like this sippy. I like the weighted straw and the non-filtered straw that is easy to sip from. It is a bit expensive, but I like knowing that my son is not wasting the last bit of milk. It hasn’t really leaked yet (maybe just a little). I don’t like that the straw doesn’t come out, it seems that it won’t get as clean that way. And it didn’t come with a straw cleaner. Luckily I have one from our Lollacup. UPDATE: The straw lasted about 9 months (with 6 of these in rotation). Then the top started tearing. However, you can order replacement straws.In comparison to the Lollacup – the Lollacup is even more expensive, but not as good. The Lollacup can leak worse if the lid isn’t on exactly correct, doesn’t have ounce measurements, the straw stained orange after using with spaghetti, and the handles are unwieldy. And the weighted straw doesn’t quite work as well as this one.I do also want to note that the B.box is the EXACT same as the Zoli Bot Straw Sippy Cup. I bought both to compare. Some reviewers who had both at one point even noted they liked one over the other. But I don’t see how that is possible, because they are seriously the exact same in every single way, same construction, dimensions, straw, quality, everything.

Emilie Bowdle, SD

Just didn’t work for our daughter

I started my daughter out on the Nuby Super Straw Easy Grippers and I think she was so accustomed to those, that this was too difficult for her to use. Maybe if I started her out on this, she wouldn’t have had such an issue.

Mitzi Yigo, GU

Received it today, returning it tomorrow!

This is an awful product! To begin with, it did not come with assembly/disassembly instructions, so I had to look it up online. I found a video by the manufacturer, but their idea of "firmly pull" and the extreme torqueing it took my husband to get the straw to come loose are two very different things. Apparently, you have to really push it sideways to get it out, which it did NOT mention on the video. The straw, itself, feels very frail: I was afraid to really pull on it for fear it would rip. Next, cleaning: the cup and lid seem very dishwasher friendly. The straw? There is no way on God’s green earth that a dishwasher will get that clean! The holes are super small (my Dr. Brown’s straw cleaners wouldn’t even come close to fitting). Unless you are planning to use it for only water and only for a healthy child in a completely clean/sterile environment, don’t even bother!Do I have to list pros? The color is nice, although lighter than expected from the picture. The weighted straw is also a nice touch.

Amie Downey, CA

Great cup, minimal spills

This is great cup with minimal spills. I wish it came with a cleaning brush for the straw, though. I’m using one that came with a different cup, and it’s not quite right.

Sandy Sheldon, MO

Best straw sippy cup I have found!!

I have tried over 10 different kinds of straw sippy cups for my 15 month old. This one is hands down the best. The only minor draw back is the amount of liquid it holds. The best parts are that it doesn’t leak and the child can drink the glass dry not leaving some liquid in the bottom. The pickup at the end of the straw moves to wherever the liquid is in the cup. Great design.

Carolyn Clarence, MO

Exactly like the Zo Li but cheaper!!

After having two kids, almost feeling like the perfect sippy cup is like a unicorn, I finally found something almost perfect in the B-Box, and the Zo-Li. We just got it a couple of days ago, and today is the first day my kids get to try this cup. It is easy to clean, easy to put on and DOESN’T LEAK!!!! The best part is that they like drinking from this cup.Like some reviews said, this is exactly like the Zo Li Cup, but cheaper!!!!My son is four, he’s been drinking out of regular glass for a while (we gave up on searching for sippy cup after he turned one). But since my daughter can stroll around the house and usually grab his glass to take a sip, accidents happen all the time. Also because we recently threw out the i Play cups, my daughter no longer have a sippy cup to drink from, I decided to buy one Zo-Li and one Bbox due to overwhelmingly positive reviews. I have also considered buying the Lo La cup too, but overwhelming number of customers said that they break from normal drops, so I don’t want to bother trying such shoddy product.Both my son and daughter love drinking from this cup. I wish that it comes in bigger sizes, so it would be more perfect for him. I like that the straw is weighted and even if she tip it upside down the weight straw would follow where the liquid is and she still gets a sip. And best of all, no leak no matter how she tip it. And they dropped it several times already while holding them (from 1-2 feet) and no break no spill.So why only 4 stars you say? The reason why it’s NOT perfect is because the liquid from the straw will squirt in your face every time you open the lid to get a sip. It’s only a small problem, my kids thought it is funny when that happened. And maybe there is no such thing as the “perfect cup.” For now I can rest easy with the Zo-Li and Bbox because they are sturdy and dependable.

Leonor Sabin, MN

It really does leak!!

I brushed off the complaints that this cup leaked. It does. Not through the seals, but up through the straw. This cup leaves a ring of milk wherever you put it down. And a light suck on the straw can bring a rush of liquid into your mouth. The extra cost for a weighted straw is just not worth this mess.

Nell East Arlington, VT

Cute but pricey and tricky to clean

I bought this for my 12 month old daughter in a quest for BPA free and easy to use sippy. I like this cup but due to price and tricky cleaning of the weighted straw I wouldn’t buy another. I do like that she can drink more from it because of the straw design but that isn’t really worth the steep price tag for a cup.

Libby Lakeland, LA

Top of Straw needs to be firm

I ordered 4 of these cups and absolutely loved them. The reason for the 3 star rating is due to the top of the straw. If the manufacturer could somehow make it firmer then this would be the perfect cup. Our daughter managed to bit through the top of the straw with all four cups and then I just gave up after that and switched to Tommy Tippee cups which have worked out just fine.

Margret Bethune, CO

Straw was sealed closed

This was my 7th sippy cup purchase and I was really looking forward to trying it out with my son. I had the milk in the cup ready to go and handed it to him and he tried to take a sip and nothing happened. The milk didn’t come up the straw and he ended up throwing it on the ground. I tried to get some milk out and even I couldn’t the liquid out. After further inspection I saw that the straw was completely sealed shut. I took the whole thing apart, tried pulling the straw through thinking I was missing something. Finally I cut the tip off so we could finally get some liquid out and now all it does is spill all over the place. I paid more for shipping than I did for the cup so in my mind this was waste.

Hazel Husum, WA

Expected it to be better.

I love the concept of this cup! My daughter can drink out of it, however it takes a lot of get a little out of the straw. For the price tag I expected it to be better. It does leak..and is hard to clean. the straw doesn’t remove at all and is attached to the lid at all times making cleaning it very difficult.

Sydney Marienthal, KS

Nice cup, leaks a little.

The 8oz. doesn’t leak, so buy that one instead. The first day we had it, our little guy dropped it from his high chair onto a hard tile floor, and one of the handles broke off. It still has one, so that’s fine, and the 8oz. really really doesn’t leak. I can’t say that about any other little sippy cup or straw cup or anything that we’ve tried.

Mari Britton, SD

Straw broke and the logo rubbed off in one day!

My son actually loves this cup and wanted to carry it around with him everywhere. Unfortunately he also loved chewing on the straw which ripped open at the top after just a few days of use. I’ll admit that my son is a chewer but I think if the quality of the straw material had been made more durable, it would have taken him much longer to wear it down. Aside from the straw issue, the logo on the cup began rubbing off after just one hand washing. One other thing that bugged me was that the hourglass shape of the cup actually interferes with how the weighted straw works. When the weighted part of the straw slides backward as the cup is tipped, it can actually get hung up in the middle of the cup where that indentation is, making it difficult for the straw bottom to reach the pool of liquid. So, I’m pretty disappointed and will be trying the Zoli cup.

Lidia Huger, SC

handle broke 10 minuets after using it for the first time!!

I’ve tried about 25 different sippy cups. BUT I thought I’d give this one a chance because of the weighted straw feature (and how it supposedly helps keep the flow of liquid continuous b/c the weight of the straw is always where the liquid it). BUT I will never know if this feature holds up to its reputation, because literally, 10 minutes after giving this to my 9 month old, she dropped it on the floor (not a hard throw, but just a drop from the high chair) and the handle broke. The cup is heavier b/c of the weighted bottom. Ironic, isn’t it? So I believe this is why the cup handle broke (it had happen to fall on the thin small plastic handle). For this price, this cup is NOT worth it! I’m going back to my first child’s Nuby No Spill double handle sippy cup. My first child used this for 2+ years with a LOT of abuse, and it held up very well. So disappointed. take note: very thin handles = easy to break, which mine did. AND it wasn’t a ‘clean break’, nope jagged plastic piece still welded on, while the other part broke off. What a waste of money!

Katy Arthur, ND

Favorite sippy cup

Easy to twist together. Works really well with the weight on the bottom of the straw. Wish they did not cost so much or else I would have a lot more.

Maricela Dietrich, ID

Great training cup

I love the product actually does what advertise. All the liquid is sucked out the cup but the cup will leak if laid on the side or turn upside down.

Angelita Waverly, PA

This cup has changed my life!

I love this cup, I ordered two of them and plan on ordering more! I have a 2 year old son with Down Syndrome and it has been very difficult for him to drink out of a straw cup and because of these cups we no longer need bottles, YAY! I would totally recommend this cup to anyone, it doesn’t spill and because of the weight at the bottom of the straw it eliminates the air he possibly could be sucking in! Love, Love, Love this product!Melissa Gallagher[…]

Zelma Luckey, OH

One of our favorites!

These cups are wonderful. The straw is connected to a round ball that stays at the bottom of the cup. making it easy to get every drop. The top slides to hide the straw when not in use or out and about.

Barbra Anza, CA

its okay

i bought this cup for my 2 yr old instead of the zoli bot cup bec of the design,at first we were very happy with it but just few days later both handles came off, this cup cleans better then the zoli cup, but im not sure if it pays bec of the handles, but overall still using the cup and not leaking.

Angelita Woodville, VA

Hard to Clean and Leaks

This cup is very hard to clean and it leaks. I have a standard straw cleaning brush and I can’t fit it down this straw. It’s a great concept but not executed well.

Shanna Slate Run, PA

Identical to Zoli

There is no difference other than the name. I love them both. If you put milk in them and the milk starts to warm it will come up out of the straw and make a mess, so unless baby is actively drinking I’d store in the fridge or on ice (which you probably should anyway, because its milk and all haha).

Gretchen Addison, AL