B Kids Watch Over Me Dream Station

B Kids Watch Over Me Dream Station

The Watch Over Me Dream Station uses 5 phases of light and sound to create their Smart Sleep Program. Place your baby in the crib and activate Watch Over Me. As the paddles begin to sway, gentle music and soft projected lights help to calm baby down and prepare them for sleep. As the Smart Sensor detects less activity by the sleepy baby, lights, movements and music are made quieter and calmer to help ease your baby into sleep. Once the Smart Sensor detects no sound or movement, the motion, projected lights and music are replaced with soothing mood lights and white noise. The Smart Sensor waits in standby and continues to monitor your baby throughout the night. It will offer mood light to keep your baby calm if he or she wakes up. Once the preset time (4/6/8 hours) completes its cycle, Watch Over Me will turn on the light and begin playing soft music. The motion and light show will gradually encourage your child to wake up. This will put your baby in a happy mood to start his or her day. Please keep out of baby’s reach. Remove mobile from crib or playpen when baby begins to push up on hands and knees.

Main features

  • Helps your child sleep through the night
  • 18 soothing melodies chosen by sleep experts
  • Melody mood selector allows you to choose what’s best for your baby
  • High quality speaker for superior sound
  • Universal crib mount

Verified reviews


Wish it was better

I bought this with the hopes that it would be great but sadly it did not live up to my expectations. You can only set it for up to 8 hours which means it will wake your baby up if they are still sleeping after 8 hours. Something most parents don’t want! Never wake a sleeping baby right?!?! Also, I thought the music selection was horrible and did not sound very soothing. The little mobile pieces kept falling off too. The only think I did like about this product was the light feature. Its a great idea in theory but the actual product was not so great.

Kristin Palo, MI

Awesome, but just be aware of the age limit of this product

I ordered this item because of the glowing reviews, and let’s face it – it looks awesome! My 10 month old was having trouble sleeping at night and I wanted to test it out. Unfortunately, nowhere in the listing or anywhere on Amazon could I find the info that was on the box when I got it, which was that it was for ages Birth – 5 months. As soon as my son got in his crib he was ripping the little shapes off and throwing them. Also, the first stage of music, (the lullabies) I found was EXTREMELY loud, even when in the quietest sound position. I tried putting tape over the speaker, but then you couldn’t hear the quieter sounds, like the white noise in the next stages. Again, for a young baby who likes loud noises still, it probably wouldn’t be a problem. I ended up returning it because my son was more interested in playing with/attacking it than sleeping. Might try it again with my next baby since it was a really awesome product.

Evangeline Hay Springs, NE


Out of the box, I was irritated that this didn’t fit my crib properly. My crib bar is too wide at the top. You need a narrow crib bar at the top for it to fit properly. So mine is jammed on. It stays in place and is difficult to pull off… but still. Not so great in my eyes.I got this for my twins when they were about one month old. I was drawn to the idea of the projector helping them sleep because the one I got for my one-year old turned out to be a life saver. My twins cry when I put them in the crib. If they’re asleep and I get them down, they last for 5 minutes. I have also had no success getting them to sleep in swings, bouncers.. etc. They do sleep in the boppy pillows on the sofa… Or on my chest.. but I really need an overnight solution.Anyway.. this machine wakes my kids up. And if they were sleeping and wake up, it goes off and they start screaming. My one-year old shares the room and it wakes him up too. All of the crying is a bit overwhelming. I was really upset by the outcome given the price.Never say never though. It didn’t work for us, but it might work for you. Ever child sleeps differently. My one-year old was a champ in the crib at this age.

Patti Oak Hill, AL

Does not make baby sleep

This product is super cute but in no way makes my baby sleep. The changing colors and music all do a great job of keeping him up and interested –not at all sleepy. It is a very cute item to keep in the crib and turn on when you need ten minutes without the baby in your arms though.

Kenya Needham Heights, MA

A skeptic converted!

I have to say I was pretty skeptical when I heard about this product. But the reviews intrigued me and the price (lighting deal) helped so I ordered thinking I would be returning. But I was desperate for more sleep from my 6 month old. The first few days it didn’t seem to really help. I kept the box and thought, “here we go.” But…. a week of consistent use has made this one of my favorite baby products! It works!! The mobile has a jingle that it makes when it turns on and my son immediately turns over and starts going to sleep. Then it goes into the 5 cycles and he is out within minutes. The mobile turns on soothing lights and music in the middle of the night if he wakes. I’m waiting for that to make a difference, so far it hasn’t. But I am a very happy and better rested customer!

Glenda Coffeeville, MS