Ba Baby Bottle Holder, Green

Ba Baby Bottle Holder, Green

The Ba is simple in design and function and helps babies as young as 3 months to hold their own bottle. It’s a bottle holder and toy. It just makes sense. Fits standard baby-bottle sizes. Approximate size: 4.5″ x 5.5″. The Ba is made of FDA approved silicone and is BPA free. It’s also phthalate, lead and PVC free.

Main features

  • The Ba is simple in design and function; Helps babies as young as 3 months to hold their own bottle
  • The Ba is made of FDA approved silicone and is BPA free; It’s also phthalate, lead and PVC free
  • Fits standard baby bottle sizes

Verified reviews


Better as a toy than a bottle holder

My baby is 9 months old and I am desperate for her to learn how to hold her own bottle. I saw this product in Parents magazine and thought I’d give it a try. Unfortunately it didn’t work as well as I’d hoped and I am sending it back. Not worth the money for something that is essentially only going to be used as a toy around here.Pros:–Fits Dr. Brown’s wideneck bottles–Adorable light pink color–Safe silicone without BPA and other chemicalsCons:–My baby was more distracted by the “toy” on her bottle and just wanted to chew on it, throw it around, etc. She couldn’t seem to grasp the idea that it was meant to be a bottle holder. It was just a huge distraction and none of the bottle was eaten.Overall I think it depends on the baby, and this could potentially be a life-saver for you and its definitely worth a TRY with the free return shipping–you really don’t have anything to lose by giving it a trial run. I wish it had worked!

Augusta Darien, IL

Coolest Baby Product

We use the Playtex Drop-In System and this fits right over the 4oz and 10oz bottles with no problem. My 5 month old may not be able to hold his bottle by himself quite yet, but he is really trying. Another great thing about it is when I need both hands for a sec I can prop the bottle under my chin and re-position myself or baby easily. It really is one of my favorite things.

Kimberley Winona, MS

Love love love

OMG, when I saw this product online, I needed to have it, uhum, I mean my baby needed to have it 😉 All joking aside, besides the fact that this is an ingenious idea, it really works. I bought this when my baby was 4 months old. She had been a boobs-only baby to this point, and it turned out that the key to getting her to take the bottle was allowing her to hold it herself. That’s where the Ba came in. She immediately caught on and was able to feed herself! We use it with the Tommee Tippee brand bottles, and it fits perfectly!

Earlene Moorefield, WV

Liked it

Flexible rubber and it was easy for the 3.5 mos old baby to grab onto – tried it with a 4oz bottle and it works but the bottle didnt come through the bottom so it had a eggplant kindof shape – with an 8oz bottle it would probably be even better. Recommend it, just remember that they can hold the bottle there but it’s easier for them to pull out too. Might work better in a month or two…

Jennifer Nicktown, PA

Only for larger bottles (6-8oz ish)

We use the smaller (4 oz) glass avent bottles at home for bottles and sippy cups, and wanted to use this to help our son learn how to hold them on his own. It does fit fine around the neck of the bottle, and works alright … but it’s just too tall for the shorter bottles. This would probably be perfect for the larger (6-8oz or so) glass bottles. I wish there was a "petite" version for the smaller bottles so that they could stand up without wobbling over.

Hannah Admire, KS

Unbelievable! Love this item

Your child will love this bottle holder. It really helps them learn how to hold their own bottle. My son is only 4 months and loves to help hold his bottle while I feed him. I don’t let him use it alone just yet but I know very soon he will take control. This is also an awesome gift! I asked for it for Christmas but didn’t get it so…. I bought it for myself. Now I will get this item for any/all Baby Showers I attend. LOVE IT!

June Inez, TX


For myself a mother of a special needs baby who doesnt eat anything orally and has no idea what a bottle is or how to use one. This is helping to teach him how to hold a bottle (for future use..) he can get his tiny hands and fingers wrapped around the super soft yet strong holder and he can bring it to his mouth. its been great for helping us to help him learn.. makes a great soft ball too

Yesenia Moss, TN

Good Product but does not fit all standard size bottles

The product is good for wide bottles. I have Gerber baby (standard size), Playtex wide mouth, and Evenflo bottles. This kind of them but not perfectly. Evenflo bottles tend to slide out when my baby is drinking from it. Gerber baby bottles are not round shaped and have to stick out more than half way before it holds them. Playtex fits better. My baby loves it though. She plays with it. She is teething and she even bites on it. Overall I think that it is a good product.

Lynda Monroe, WI

Bottle holder and fun toy

It is a little soft and stretchy for a bottle holder, but that could just be my baby’s lack of coordination. He does use it as a toy all the time though! It is really fun to play with (even for an adult) and works well as a teether also.

Frances Ballico, CA

Good Choice

Absolutely perfect for helping baby prop his bottle by himself. He was able to grip this better than around the whole heavy bottle. It fit our angled bottles because this isn’t a ridgid plastic (even though it is supposed to be for straight bottles), it fit our needs.

Melva Pilot, VA

Resembles a Toy

I thought this would be a great product to encourage my daughter to hold her bottle. She seems more interested in the shape and texture of the Ba Baby Bottle holder rather than using it for it’s intended purpose. We haven’t owned this product for very long, so there is still hope of it working for her 🙂

Renae Windsor Mill, MD

Ok but kinda disappointed

I use Medela bottles the 5 oz size. It does not fit as pictured. I have to slide the ball into the middle of the bottle. My little one does not like to use it like this. She does like to play with it just likes ball. She can hold it and move it around. So I got a toy instead.

Elaine Mabscott, WV

Works great with AVENT or Playtex Drop-Ins bottles!

If you use wide top bottles like AVENT or 4 oz Playtex Drop-Ins bottles. I use both of those with this holder and it fits great. My 4 month old can hold this fairly easily and feed herself in the morning while I’m getting the other kids ready for school. It’s squishy- not rigid plastic, so it has a gummy texture that’s easy for a baby to hold. It doesn’t hold the bottles completely upright, so it will take some skill on the part of your baby. My daughter is better at it now that she’s 5 months. Everywhere I go shopping or to the park, people ask me where I got this. They are surprised to see my baby drinking her own bottle while I push the stroller. Keep in mind that if your baby isn’t strong enough to hold up a bottle, this isn’t going to work, but my baby is 15 lbs and loves her bottles- so she has figured out how to tilt it up to self-feed. It might not work for everyone, but it works well for me! Good buy!

Angel Carrboro, NC

Love this

My 3 month old picked this up quick! The only downfall is when he isn’t really hungry he uses it as a toy and the formula goes everywhere… He loves to play with it even when there isn’t a bottle in it. I bought this for my cousin and her daughters bottle was too skinny for the small hole so it isn’t for all bottles…I use the tommy yippies and it fits perfect!

Maribel Otwell, IN

Smart product

This product is great for teaching babies how to hold their own bottle. They need to make it for all types but easily fits into the wide mouth avent bottles.

Hazel Schofield Barracks, HI

Won’t fit Avent bottles

This doesn’t fit my Avent bottles, so it doesn’t work in the way that I wanted it to. For that, I would give it two stars.However, my son loves to play with this as a toy, so that bumps it up to 3.5 stars.

Frances Gregory, AR

Great baby bottle holder.

I just got my order in today. I have no complaints with this product. I saw it all over in every baby store in Canada and didnt think that it was something I could use. Was I wrong. My 3 month old son loves to grab toys and hold things and take it to his mouth. I said I wander if he would be interested in this, let me tell you, he grabbed it like a pro. A must have in every home with a baby.

Sonya Royal, IA

Not for small short bottles, didn’t work for me

Great product idea, however, it’s quite large. I purchased this for my 6 mo old who was learning how to grip and hold things. This bottle holder seemed like it would be great to help him hold his bottles. It is well made (out of rubber), but quite large, like a round ball. It doesn’t work well with short bottles, there’s too much room around it and the bottle doesn’t seem secure. The product picture shows a taller bottle and the bottle holder is stretched up a little. The taller bottles are too big, and too heavy, for my 6mo old right now. Since it is like a ball, he’s playing with it like a toy. Maybe I’ll try it again later when he’s ready for taller bottles, but then he probably won’t need any help holding them. Seems like a great product, but it didn’t work for me.

Tamika Somes Bar, CA

so so

Bought this for my son who has developmental delays. Seemed like a great idea to help him hold bottles himself. Kinda hard to put on and didn’t work for 4oz bottles, only the bigger bottles.

Susan Ettrick, WI

Not as great as expected…

Even though the product description says that this will fit Tommee Tippee bottles, they BARELY fit. It is a struggle to get the bottle in and out of the holder. I was a little disappointed. 🙁

Beulah Stanaford, WV

It’s a good idea. However

It’s a good idea. However, I though the holder would be more sturdy/plastic. It’s actually a rubber material that moves and isn’t very sturdy for baby to get a hold of. She did like having her hands on it while I held the bottle at the proper angle, she’s just not able to do it herself.

Reva Wattsville, VA

it works kind of

my son can kind of use it but not 100%. we have those balls that have the holes and he can hold on to them better than this. this is silicone so its bouncy, and its actually a bit thick so its not super easy to hold on to. also since its bobbly if you have a heavy bottle, like 8oz of milk, its not the easiest to hold without it wobbling over. but its good practice.

Fay Gladstone, VA

Don’t know why I bought this?

I think this was more of an impulse buy than a real necessity purchase. My baby is breastfed, but we give him bottles for daycare. I guess I thought this was a necessary item to help teach him to hold a bottle, but he doesn’t need it. So it was a waste of money, but I’m sure it would do the job if I actually used it.

Aurelia Maple Heights, OH

Too loose and too bulky

I thought this fit a standard dr browns but it did not… returning… opening was too wide and overall it was bulkier than anticipated.

Alexis Walworth, WI

Doesn’t fit!

Good idea, but I was disappointed to find it didn’t fit my Medela pump bottles [150 milliliter/5 ounce], nor my wide mouth Brestflow 8 ounce bottles.

Leanna Montrose, AR

Didn’t work for us

I liked the idea behind this but it didn’t work for us. The bottle holder just collapsed around the bottle and my daughter didn’t know what to do with it.

Mellisa Richland, NY


Not only does this not fit every bottle, it doesn’t even fit ANY bottle (of the many different wide and regular neck that I own). Baby also just thinks its a toy and it distracts her from eating. I will just stick with straight breast feeding haha no clean up, or hassle, necessary!

Mandy Parshall, CO

For babies over 6-months of age

I tried this at earlier months but it didn’t seem to work until my daughter turned 6-months. Now she can hold it and feed herself. It is simply amazing.

Jewel Mercury, NV

It doesn fit the playtex bottle very well

It doesn’t fit the playtex bottle. Its a little to floppy and not so steady. Not something I would recommend. I would wait for the sippy cup and I will be putting this in my garage sale.

Cara Orchard Hill, GA