Baba Buddy

Baba Buddy

Originally designed for mother’s of multiples and now it’s every mother’s helping hand. Use it in the car, high chair, stroller, bouncy seat, in restaurants and around the house. Machine Washable/ Hypo-Allergenic/ Polyester Filled. Adult Supervision Required

Main features

  • Originally designed for mothers of multiples, now it’s every mothers helping hand!
  • Use it in the car, high chair, stroller, bouncy seat, in restaurants and around the house.
  • Machine Washable / Hypo-Allergenic / Polyester Filled.
  • Adult Supervision Required.

Verified reviews



This product could very well be a choking hazard. If your child is left unattended with a bottle propped up in his/her mouth, the child could choke and it would at least take you a few minutes to remove the product and the bottle as well as pick up the baby. Not to mention holding your child while feeding him/her is a great way to bond with your child. I would never buy this product.

Irma Ash Flat, AR

Great invention!!

I’ve had this for months now and it hasn’t torn apart and i use this everyday. I’ve had no issues with it whatsoever and everybody is interested in it when they see it and wish they had one. Thanks for coming up with this idea.

Ora Warden, WA

ehhh. rarely used

It works, I guess, but my kid never really took to it. As soon as he turned his head, the formula dribbled across the cheek and he never got reoriented.

Nikki Dayton, MT

Must have for multiples!

I love this product. It is a must have for moms of multiples. The VentAire bottles do not work well in this at a young age, I switched to Dr. Brown’s and it is much better. It has held up well after several washings.

Luisa Verona, VA

perfect when you need an extra set of hands

I don’t know how I would have survived having twins without these. My girls used them very well, usually laying in a Boppy pillow. Initially I was worried about them getting dirty quickly, its a non issue and, they wash up really nicely in a front loader like I have. If you have twins this is a must. Usually I tucked a burp cloth under the biggest part of the pillow as it seems they need a bit more angle (when they are small) Stopped using them around the 7 month mark as my girls hold their own bottle now. Oh, another concern was that this would cause them to learn to hold their bottle on their own later. Nope. They are great bottle holders right on track, if anything, I think it intrigued them and caused them to learn earlier! Great product, maybe a bit overpriced but worth it.

Marci Marinette, WI

A Must Have!

The item is just as described. Very soft fabric and I used it the same day. My baby liked it alot he was holding on to the sides and drank his whole bottle without my assistance. I’m very satisfied with it. It really is a lifesaver and gives me a few minutes to myself. Very Happy!

Mallory Helen, WV

I have a singleton and I love it!

I’m really tired of "holier than thou" mothers shaming other mothers for doing things that are unconventional but extremely convenient. I looked up bottle propping on some mommy websites and all I saw was opprobrium towards other mothers that may use bottle propping as a way of getting through life. I used to try to prop with my baby’s blankets, but that just made a gross, sticky mess for everyone involved. Then I purchased the Baba Buddy, and it honestly is my savior! My baby only uses it under my supervision, but it allows me to lie down my child without him screeching for a bottle or demanding to be held. He normally uses it in the swing and I’m usually trying to frantically vacuum. I’ve also noticed that it’s light enough so he can just fling it off him when he’s done with the bottle (it always ends up on the floor). He has never choked. I have seen him purse his lips and pop it out of his mouth, even when he just wants a breather. I certainly don’t think it should be used as a faux mother, but for those times you just have to get things done (near the baby), but your baby is crying for a bottle, it’s a wonderful solution.

Aurelia Riverside, MO

Didn’t work well

The idea is great but it sat up so high my baby couldn’t see over it and didn’t like that. I still had to prop this with a receiving blanket. A better buy is the Podee bottles. They work great.

Marisa Nora Springs, IA