Babe Ease Original Clean Shopper, Blue Zoo

Babe Ease Original Clean Shopper, Blue Zoo

The Clean Shopper is the original, tried and true shopping cart cover. It is designed to cover the entire seating area of the shopping carts including sides, back and handlebars and all corners, so babies’ mouths, hands and sensitive skin are not exposed to disease causing bacteria. The Clean Shopper comes complete with two handy side pockets for storing sippy cups, coupons, or keys, two loops for attaching toys or teethers, and a safety strap to help babies sit more securely.One piece design covers every possible surfaceIncludes two side pockets, a safety strap and two handlebar loops for attaching toysMachine washable and dryer safeAlso ideal for covering restaurant highchairsNew Eco-friendly PET packaging

Main features

  • One piece design covers every possible surface
  • Includes two side pockets, a safety strap and two handlebar loops for attaching toys
  • Machine washable and dryer safe
  • Also ideal for covering restaurant highchairs
  • New PET packaging

Verified reviews


Usable, but not entirely user-friendly.

I wanted one of these basically to keep toys close at hand and to give a bit of padding. I am NOT terribly worried about the germ aspect. So, here are the pros and cons I’ve seen so far:Pros?
• It keeps baby from nasty germs (if you’re one of those parents).
• It has rings to attach toys.
• It has enough padding.
• It has pockets.Cons?
• IMPORTANT NOTE – This does NOT fit the larger warehouse carts like […] and […]! I didn’t realize that when I put it on my registry – and it’s a MAJOR disappointment because I shop there the most!! That said, you can still use it in those carts, it just doesn’t have a custom fit at all.
• There must be a learning curve (or I’m just a moron) because it frustrates me each time. Or maybe I just don’t want to spend 10 minutes attaching and unattaching every piece of velcro.
• I can never seem to get it situated just right (probably because I don’t use the velcro) and eventually just plop the kid in and hope for the best. I fully admit that part of it might just be I am in too much of a hurry. But it is still frustrating.
• The leg holes never seem to be in the right spot and I usually have to pull the material one way or another to get it right.
• The included belt (which, as others have mentioned, is in NO WAY attached, so it’s easy to lose). You also have to remember to hook it behind/through the cart itself, otherwise it does no good.
• The pockets, while neat, have not been useful to me. (Who is ever shopping long enough to use pockets?)Overall?Usable, but not entirely user-friendly.

Antoinette Middlebury, CT


I am not a germaphobe, but I do go grocery shopping a LOT, and want my baby to be comfortable and happy while I do it. I just used this for the first time last night as Zoe is just now sitting up, and I LOVE it! It is SO easy to put in the cart, and the leg holes matched up perfectly (at Super Target) and the little velcro stayed fastened. She looked so happy and I wasn’t worried when she started sucking on the hand bar thing – because it was covered! By the way, I read another review that complained about the strap not being attached and another about this being so bulky. I threw this in the trunk of my car and I usually park by the cart return thing, so I just grab a cart and put the pad on, put baby in and go! Not so hard and I’m not lugging around anything. And I did have to thread the strap through the 2 slits initially, but it stayed so it’s not as if I have to do it every time. I don’t think that’s a problem either!UPDATE!!! Okay, now that I’ve had some time to use this more and baby is getting older and moves around more – I WISH I had spent a little extra money and gotten one of the covers that has elastic around the whole thing so that it’s a tight fit. My baby wiggles and tries to stand (she’s now 10 months old). The few places where there is velcro comes undone. I see kids in the nicer ones that conform to the seat area TIGHTLY – and I’m sad that I got this one. 🙁

Erna Blue Creek, OH

Wow! Lasts! Multi-use, holds up, cute, and just plain awesome!

This was one of my BEST finds on Amazon! We got the Funny Farm version. It fits on grocery carts and in most high chairs. SOme of the newer high chairs at restaraunts are smaller and plastic, so not as easy.I have washed this over and over and it holds up. So well made! The velcro holds around seating areas. There are two little pockets on the inside to put things and two hook/loops on the top where the childs hands go. My now 1 year old son loves this and sits/fits comfortably. His hands AND my hands stay clean.WHen we go out to eat, most of what he eats falls into this and we shake it off once outside. The boy is messy!But, for the price, I still cannot believe what a great find this was. I searched and searched and came across this one at a point I was ready to give up.Hopefully it comes back for others to buy it.

Ines Saddle River, NJ

Just as good as the expensive ones

I bought this shopping cart cover because it was cheaper than the other name brands out there that was $45! It works just as well. The only little complaint is that the sides are not elastic or secure onto the shopping cart so sometimes it flips up. Often times it’s just fine and works very well! There’s two little side pockets, but don’t expect to put too much in it. It will only fit a small bottle.

Sasha Little Falls, MN

A Happy and Clean Baby!!

The first time I used this shopping cart cover my daughter fell asleep (need I say anymore)? It fits nearly every shopping cart, it’s easy to fold and unfold, and it gives me the peace of mind knowing that all of those shopping cart germs aren’t coming home with us! Well worth the extra peace of mind it gives me.

Jeannie Holland, NY

Love this!!

I originally got my son a 20 dollar infantino cart cover from walmart. I was very unhappy with that product. It was not easy to put on the cart and Just seemed cheap so I passed it on hoping someone else might like it. Since then I was very cautious as to what I got him for a seat cover. After him contracting RSV from a restaurant high chair I decided he had to have one for our trip out of state. I didn’t want to spend alot incase I didn’t like it and thats when I found this one. I love it. I can put it on a shopping cart while holding my son. He is easily placed in the cart and we are off to go shopping. It does not have padding but is thickly quilted. It has two loop holes on the front at the handles to attach toys and two stretchy pockets on the sides of the inside seat area for bottles or whatever. it velcros underneath to attach it to the seat. Definitely worth the price.

Melisa Adel, IA

secure, easy to use, roomy cart cover

I purchased this after having used an Infantino cart cover that I was dissatisfied with (too small – didn’t cover cart sides, to many attachments and difficult to use one-handed).This cart cover is huge and will even fit Sam’s carts just barely. It works great on the average grocery/Target/Walmart cart etc. It has lots of strong velcro pieces to adhere it back to itself and keep your baby from pulling it off. you can loop the seat belt through the back of the cart seat for safety. For fast storage I just fold it in half and then roll it up and buckle the belt around it. I find I can shake it open and place it in the cart one handed, slide the baby in and then adjust it, add the belt and velcro it in place.

Lucy West Newton, PA

Works Great!

was this supposed to be one hand usable? I don’t think it really is. I also don’t really bother to roll it up between uses. but I like it and it fits shopping carts and smooshes into restaurant high chairs. It has a toy loop and little pockets. You do have to remember to buckle your buckle so you don’t lose it, but that’s easy enough to do. I’m happy.

Elvira Rolette, ND

little shopper

Theres not much to say about this. it keeps her safe from any sharp edges andits easy to wash when you need to wash it.toy can attach toys to it but my little girl just likes to be able to look around then be in that newborn car seat that you can take ever were. Im glad I got this. it will last as long as she is in the buggie.

Margo Fulks Run, VA

Exactly what I was looking for!

I wanted a shopping cart cover for my baby. Not because I am a germaphobe; I just wanted something softer for him to sit in since he’s only 8 months and just mastered the whole sitting up thing. If he suddenly flopped over, I wanted him to have cushion there. Anyway, today was the first day we tried using it. Up until now, he was just in his infant carrier, which I put on top of the shopping cart. Well, he is just so heavy, I no longer feeling like carrying the infant carrier around anymore (he’s just under the weight limit for it).This cover was so easy to put in the cart! Took no time at all. He sat in it just fine and looked so comfortable. He was happy to be sitting upright looking around the store. I had a different cover with my first born (I think it was by Sassy or Infantino) and it didn’t wrap over the whole seat area of the cart and it was a pain to get hooked up. This cover- totally different. I just popped it in, fastened the velco, slid in the seatbelt, done. Maybe 15 seconds.I recommend this cover to everyone.

Lela Greenville, SC

Good product, but not perfect

My son is 7 months old and just started sitting in high chairs at restaurants and shopping carts. So far, the Clean Shopper is working pretty well for us.The fabric is thick, so it doesn’t make a tiny package. It also doesn’t fold up neatly, so you have to kind of just wad it up. It isn’t cushioned, but if it were it would be huge, and I have enough issue trying to carry my son, a cart cover, my purse, and whatever else I might need. Besides, he doesn’t really need cushioning. Even at 7 months, he’s perfectly comfy on the thick bedspread-like fabric.The Clean Shopper comes in a thick plastic bag (the sort of thing bedspreads or other linens come in) that zips closed. It’s a snug fit to get in there because of the wadded nature of the bundle, but it works fine. The handle is short and taut, so isn’t of much use. A longer strap so it could be shoulder worn or hung on a stroller would be better.The loops work well, and it’s a relief to have a clean place my son can sit and play with anchored toys. He can’t throw the toys in the floor, and he stays entertained.There are velcro tabs on the front that can be fastened around the front of a shopping cart or high chair. This keeps it in place better. The leg holes don’t match up exactly with whatever he’s sitting in, but it doesn’t cause a problem.My main problem with the Clean Shopper is that the belt strap does not attach to the seat. It’s a completely seperate piece. Unless you are careful to snap the belt clips together, looping the belt around a part of the seat, you will end up losing the strap. Somehow I’ve lost mine after only a few uses. I kept it rolled up inside the thing when I removed it from a cart, and it probably fell out in a parking lot somewhere. When handling a baby, your purse, whatever is in your cart (or trying to eat at a restaurant), it is very easy to overlook such a small item.Since the website sells replacement straps, it seems they are aware of the issue. It’s a shame they don’t have velcro tabs that stick it to the back of the shopper, making it harder to lose the strap. I’ve ordered two replacements in black, so I can see the strap more clearly against my blue Clean Shopper. I will also make certain I buckle the strap clips.It’s a good seat cover overall, definitely worth having. Just be careful of the strap!

Keisha Bellevue, OH

Very Handy Item

I have used this for my little girl 2 times and she likes it alot, very soft and comfy for her. she liked the pockets on the sides for her bottle and snacks. she actually fell asleep. easy to wash and its super cute. i bought the pink pinstripes

Jeanne Verner, WV

Love This Thing!

I love this thing more than I expected. We were slow to start using it, but my son has been at the age for awhile now where he MUCH prefers to be high up in a cart rather than in a stroller, and he’s just too heavy to carry around. Yet, he’s been teething like crazy and wants to put his mouth all over everything, to include the shopping cart if we were to let him. This thing takes seconds to put on the cart, and gives him a soft, clean place to sit, especially nice on days when the shopping carts have gotten wet. Now, it will fit a standard cart, and while it is not big enough to fully cover a Sam’s club size cart, I still use it even there. I just use it to cover the half of the cart he sits in, attach the velcro as best I can, and sit my purse next to baby so he’s not trying to slide over on to the uncovered side. It’s better than nothing. I don’t use this for high chairs in restaurants, I just can’t imagine it fitting that well, but I guess it might be worth a try for someone who really feels they need it. We use this a lot, the print is cute, and I am not worried about losing the simple “lap strap” that comes with it. You COULD potentially drop the strap since it’s not attached, but I keep this cover in a plastic zipper bag (I believe it’s the bag it came in, but can’t remember for certain) and have had no problems. I just make sure the cover goes right in the plastic bag WITH the strap immediately after every use -this keeps it clean in the trunk and ensures I don’t lose the strap. Worth buying, I really love this thing and have gotten compliments on it as well.

Summer Mitchell, SD

Great! Keeps it clean…

Very practical because we shop a lot – groceries, etc. Baby (9 months+) likes to sit up and watch around her. With this, she stays clean. I keep it in the car.

Dona Mc Cormick, SC


Was really debating between this cover and a more expensive brand. I decided to go with this one and am SO glad I did. It’s cute, goes on quickly, and covers everything! Yes, the strap isn’t attached to the cover, but I actually like that it isn’t. I wrap the strap around the cover when storing so that I don’t risk losing it. I’d buy another one in a heartbeat!

Kitty Andover, OH

Germaphobe Approved!

Let me start off by saying I am probably one of the world’s biggest germaphobes when it comes to public places! My baby is 9 months old and has recently graduated to a convertible car seat, which I can’t carry and snap onto shopping carts like I could with her infant carrier. So I purchased this for her because she chews on everything. Well it is FANTASTIC! It fits all carts I have tried it in (Walmart, Fred Meyer size carts) and it takes seconds to set up single handed. It’s very colorful, baby likes it and I especially like that MY hands don’t even have to touch the cart anymore! Would be nice if it had more padding but my baby flopped over in it and didn’t cry, so whatever it does have works. Definitely worth the money when you consider how many people touch a shopping cart, after sneezing in their hands, picking their nose, handling money and bloody packages in the meat department. This cart cover makes it so I have one less thing to worry about, which is great. I also don’t think it’s too bulky as other reviewers have said – this can be rolled up and fits easily in my diaper bag or trunk.

Natalie East Bernard, TX

Does the Job!

It does what it exactly says. There is not lots of cushion but it prevents the baby from sucking the filthy handle on shopping carts.

Sonia Waldron, KS

Would be better if the leg holes were bigger.

I ordered this for our 2nd vehicle and it served its purpose well, except for the fact that the leg holes are are too small. I ordered it because of the low price, but paying a little more for bigger leg holes may be best. It was always a struggle/hassle to get my son’s feet/shoes through them or out of them. After only 2 weeks of having it, we were ready to buy a replacement like the Bright Starts Comfort & Harmony Cozy Cart Cover, Calypso Blue cover we already had. It usually took 2 of us to get his feet in/out. He’s 22 months, so maybe this works better for younger kiddos. Needless to say, we lost it while on vacation (it must have fallen out of the trunk while pulling out the stroller), so I’m ordering a different brand today.

Anita Sagamore, PA

I don’t leave home without it!

I started using this when my daughter was 10 months old and now she’s 14 months old. I don’t spend alot of time making sure all the velcro is attached and I never use the seat belt since my daughter is not a wiggler and I never leave her unattended. I love the 2 little tabs where toys can clip on. I have 2 special toys that I only let her play with while we’re shopping, so she’ll fiddle with them during the whole shopping trip. Almost every trip she’ll lean over to put her mouth on the cart, but she has to chew on the cart cover instead! I’ve washed this several times and its still in great condition.

Caryn Bloomingdale, NY